Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 5

Ch. 5

Hermione Granger was on the road with a group of Dwarves, a Hobbit, and a grey wizard. She had found it hard to believe that she was sitting in front of one of the most breath taking Dwarf that she had ever seen in her years. Normally she would not like a guy with long thick hair like herself; nor long thick beard that he had on his face, but she could not see him as nothing else.

During her travels with the Dwarves; she was starting to see that each one of them had a job before becoming upon their journey. She could tell that some of them were toy makers, miners, warriors of their own, smithies, scalars of their history, men of science, and so much more.

As she looked around; she saw some animals that she knew as much from her own homeland of Earth, but there were many that she saw that were not like those of her home. She had also seen some animals that were somewhat close to what they looked like, but much different. She had seen scales larger of eagles that flew in the air. Elephants that looked miles taller than she had ever seen before, it was enough for her to become breathless of new found knowledge.

Thorin smirked as he had seen her looking around and seeing all the animals that roamed around Middle Earth, he could tell that she loved learning new things. He was going to have to ask Balin to teach her the ways of Middle Earth and many other things as well; like the history of his homeland and why Dwarves had been fighting for ages.

When it was time for them to stop for the night; Thorin had climbed off of the pony, he then turned around and helped Hermione down. She had found herself stumbling into him as she was trying to find her footing once more upon the unsteady ground. Hermione was still within Thorin's arms; which she had found the most comfort within a world that she had no understanding, and she felt that she would follow him anywhere and she would be safe, where ever he may go.

Once Thorin had made sure that she was upon her own two feet, he walked away and ordering his men to get things taken care of for the night. Like assigning a man to do the cooking, a few to go out and get the firewood and another to tie up the ponies for the night. The list went on.

Hermione had to smile; as she saw many of the Dwarves running around to get things done, when she could have waved her wand or hand to get those same things done in half of the time or even sooner. She knew that these men would not be happy about taking their jobs away from them, for they enjoy doing things the hard and rugged way of working.

As all the men had been assigned of what their jobs were to do; Thorin walked over to Hermione and said, "Have you packed something to be part of your moveable dwelling, as we travel through the countryside?"

Hermione had to smile; she still had her trusty beaded bag, which had her wizard's tent within. "Yes," she had given as a simple answer.

"I need for you to build your dwelling and for you to magic the area; I don't want anyone or anything to come after my company. Can this be done?"

Hermione smiled, "Yes it can."

As Thorin walked away; Hermione pulled out her bag from her pocket, and worked on putting her tent together for. With a wave of her wand, her tent was ready for her to live in it again. Once it was done; she looked around and saw Gandalf looking at her with a knowing smile upon his face.

She walked towards the aging wizard, "What are you smiling about, Mr. Gandalf?"

The wizard chuckled, "My dear Miss Granger; I would love to see what Thorin truly thinks about your tent, it may give him a bit of a shock."

Hermione glared at her old professor, "I don't think he would be going anywhere near it, for it would be such a fright for him," she then sighed, "It's time for me get the wards up, before night fall."

As Hermione walked around a big circle around the area that the whole company would be staying for the night, and she kept having this feeling that someone was watching her, as she set up the wards and many more that could help keep her new friends safe. Once she was satisfied that her wards were at their strongest and knew that nothing was going to get in; she turned around and was face to face with the leader of the Dwarves.

"Can I help you, Thorin?"

"I must confess; I have been watching you as you cast your spells, and I am still somewhat not trusting of those that can do magic."

Hermione gave him a questioning looking, "But you seem to trust Gandalf just fine, why should I be any different?"

Thorin grumbled, "All magical people within the world are all men or elves, and I have heard many things about Gandalf from my father and grandfather. As for you; Lady Granger, I don't know you that well to know that you wouldn't hurt any one of us with you magic."

She growled, "You seem to have a point, but how can I show you that I can be as trusting at the grey wizard?"

The prince from long ago; smirked, "You're going to have to talk to Balin more before I make any kind of judgment like that. He is one of the few people that I would trust so blindly. Balin has been there, while many have not."

Hermione had to smile; she was thinking about her two best friends, who were like brothers to her more than anything else, "Yeah; I can understand that."

Thorin gave a dark look upon his face but did not say anything, but led Hermione to where Balin was sitting next to the fire; where she learned the dark history of his life.

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