Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 6

Ch. 6

Hermione Granger was sitting next to the open fire; near a ridge that overlooked the valley bellow, as she was hearing the Dwarf history from Balin. Who was talking about the dragon overthrowing the Dwarves homeland and then them going to Moria; where they had faced a pale orc, who was after Durin's kin. She could hear from Balin's voice of pain and suffering that he had endured during that lost battle, but turned to respect when talking about Thorin, being the leader and king of the Dwarves.

She turned towards that said king and saw many of the other Dwarves standing up and facing him with the utmost faith that have shown onto him. Something that Hermione has never seen; not even when people would rile up to stand beside Harry, and facing the evil like Voldemort and his Death Eaters. No; she had never seen such things like this back home.

Then a soft voice then again, "The pale orc, what happened to him?"

Thorin answered Bilbo Baggins, "He died from his wounds long ago," and walked away and into the darkness.

Hermione glanced over to Balin, who was looking at Gandalf; which Hermione saw that neither of them believed that such a creature/person had done what Thorin believed had happened to the pale orc. She was starting to feel an unearthly chilly feeling going down her spine; for she had a suspension that she would be facing something like that orc, soon.

Hermione pushed herself up and made her way to her tent; when someone stepped in front of her, who she had found out to be Kili. "Tell us Lady Hermione; what is going on between you and my Uncle Thorin?"

"What do you mean," asked an unsure Hermione. She never could understand peoples need to know what is going on in other people's lives.

Fili stepped in and stated, "You must understand Lady Hermione; before you came alone, Uncle Thorin would not talk any of the women, because of his need to win back his homeland. What we would like to know is why are you so special that our uncle would take the time to talk to you or allow you to ride with him?"

Gandalf barked out with is mighty powerful voice, "That is enough you two. Miss Granger has no idea what you're talking about. You may as well talk to your uncle before asking her such questions, or have you forgotten that she is new to this world. To her; Thorin is nothing more than someone that she had just met, like yourselves for that matter. Now; would you allow the young lady go, and let her get some sleep."

"Yes Gandalf," said the two Dwarves that were picking on Hermione, who reminded her of the Weasley twins back home.

She gave the two Dwarves a small smile before going to her tent and entered it for the night. She gave a big sigh before fishing out her hand bag and sat down at the table that sat in the middle of her tent, and sat down. She then went into her bag and brought out the hand held mirror.

The voice of her old professor said, "I have heard what was said, so don't bother to retelling it to me; but tell me how Thorin reacted to the story, because I hardly heard what was said."

The young witch sighed, "He believes that a creature known as the pale orc had died from his injuries from the battle, but the look that I saw from Dumbledore and the Dwarf that told the story; they looked like they believe that he is still alive and waiting to kill Thorin."

Severus Snape had looked like he was thinking for a moment and then said, "I want you to keep on your guard Miss Granger; from my experience with the wizarding world has taught me anything, is that you expect the unexplainable."

"You mean from your time as a Death Eater?"

"No; my time as a spy, Miss Granger; I was no longer a Death Eater after Lily Potter died."

Hermione gave him a questioning look, "What do you mean, professor?"

Severus sighed, "One of the reasons I went into the Death Eaters was to protect the love of my life; Lily Evens-Potter, who I had lost to James Potter. All because he made a fool of me in front of Hogwarts and Lily tried to save me, but I said something out of pain and she would not talk to be again."

"Mudblood," asked Hermione.

With heat from his eyes; Severus spoke out in anger, "I don't want to hear that word from your mouth again, Miss Granger."

"Nor do I," said a deep voice from the entrance of Hermione's tent.

She turned around and saw Thorin stomping towards her. She squeaked, "What do you mean?"

"I don't want to hear that word either, Lady Granger."

Hermione gave him a puzzled look and asked, "How do you know of it?"

Thorin glared into her eyes, "Last night as you slept; I saw the word engraved into your arm, and then I had to ask Gandalf of what it met and ever since then, I don't want to ever hear that word spoken again. Not from anyone, especially from you."

Severus glared at Thorin and asked from his mirror; which Hermione was still holding onto, "Why do you care so much about Miss Granger; Thorin Oakenshield, Durin's kin?"

Thorin glanced over to the man within the mirror and spoke, "Because a strong woman like Lady Granger shouldn't have to hear such words spoken towards her, nor should she be fearful because she was born different than anyone else. From what I have seen of Lady Granger; I would have to say that she is mightier than any magic weaver that I have ever known, and what do you have to add to that, wizard?"

Severus Snape gave his non-expressional look and asked, "Is there something that you are not telling Miss Granger? Something that even your own heart, is not allowing you to tell her?"

Hermione had lost the will to use her voice; she never had a situation to where two men were fighting for her wellbeing, and it being surreal about having her old Potions Professor being one of those said men. She had wondered that she would be dreaming about this other world and wake back in the nightmare of the war again. Hermione was hoping that if it were a dream; she would never have to wake up from it all, because the dream was better way of living than what she had back on Earth.

Thorin growled, "I had pictured Lady Granger to be a queen to my people. Are you happy now, wizard?"

Severus smirked, "Close, but it is a start."

This brought Hermione a whirl wind of confusion for her brain to keep up; she had never once ever pictured herself being anything other than a working woman, and now hearing a king wanting her to be a queen, it was a bit much for her. Lucky for her; she was still sitting in her chair, back when she was first talking to her old professor, alone.

"What else do you want of Lady Granger, besides being your queen and to rid your homeland of a dragon," asked the snarky man in black.

"I want her to tell me how she had gotten that word onto her arm?"

Hermione was still having trouble talking at that point.

Severus grumbled, "Miss Granger!" When she looked towards the mirror, Severus asked, "How did you get your arm scared up?"

The young witch sighed, "I got it from being on the run with my two friends. We were out in the woods and all a sudden; we were being chased by snatchers, who took us to Malfoy Manor. It was where we were brought before Bellatrix; who told them to send Harry and Ron to lock them in the basement, while she tried to drag answers from me. She had used the Cruciatus Curse upon me; to the point to where I would not say anything to her, not even crying out in pain like she wanted. That was when she brought out her cursed blade of a knife and carved that word into my flesh that I had started to cry, but I still wouldn't say a word to her."

"Miss Granger," whispered Severus Snape, "I wished I have done more than just sit back and watch as things happened, but I had to listen to what Albus had told me to do; and that was to wait until Mr. Potter was ready for the end."

Hermione knew that was the closest to a 'sorry' that she was going to get out of him, and she was somewhat happy to hear it, but yet leery of what it could also mean; like he was going to lose his mind or something of that nature.

Thorin sighed, "Be gone with you wizard, and let me talk to Lady Granger alone."

Severus glanced over to Hermione for a moment and said, "If you hurt her in anyway, you will find that magic from me is something to fear."

"Your threat is stately noted."

Once the wizard in black was gone from the mirror; Thorin walked over to Hermione and took the mirror from her hand and set it upon the table, and faced her. "Lady Granger?" Thorin saw that she was still in a different plan of existence from where he was, and she looked like she was not going to come back.

The great Dwarf warrior stepped even closer to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, to where he brought her body closer to him. He could feel her body small and firm. He brought his chapped lips upon hers, and felt soft velvet lips upon his own. Thorin moved his lips into a ruff kiss, to where she responded with deeper kiss of her own; which nearly brought the Dwarf king to his knees of such force and power that she had answered with.

Thorin then pulled himself away from the woman before him; who moaned in protest, "We need to stop Hermione, and we don't want to be too carried away before we face the dragon."

She sighed, but nodded.

He gave her a quick kiss upon her lips and said, "I'll see you in the morning."

With that being said; Thorin Oakenshield, left Hermione's tent to find a nice place to lie down for the night. While Hermione was still a little lost from her experience that she just had, and wanted to know where to go from there.

"To bed Miss Granger," yelled out the Potions Master; who had seen what had happened, he knew that he was going to have to act as Hermione's father in some way during the journey; but he did not know that he was going to have to be like most worried fathers.

"Yeah, bed," answered Hermione; as she made her way to her bed.

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