Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 7

Ch. 7

Thorin Oakenshield had woken up with a start; as he glanced around his company, he noticed that none of them were making the sound that he had thought he had heard. Then he heard that sound again and knew that it was coming from Hermione Granger's tent.

Thorin climbed out of this bed fold and walked towards the dwelling; he saw that there was nothing else going on, but wondered what was bothering Hermione. Once he had gotten to the tent, he pulled aside one of the flaps and walked inside; where he was able to hear screaming, and Hermione saying, "Let it stop!"

Thorin then knew that something was not alright and ran to where he heard her screaming, and found her in her bed, tossing and turning. He grabbed ahold of her and started shaking her, but still she would not wake up. Thorin was beside himself; he had never faced a person that would not wake up from their nightmares before, then he remembered the man within the mirror and went to him.

The mirror was lying upon the table, where he had last seen it and saw that the man in black looked worried; which told him that everything was not looking so good.

Severus Snape grumbled, "Why haven't you of waken her up?"

"I tried," answered Thorin, "but she wouldn't wake up."

"Have you tried kissing her? It sure kept her quiet all night long, until her nightmare that is."

Thorin glared at the man within the mirror, for he did not like being told what to do, but it was a better idea than whatever else he could have thought about; which could add more injury upon her person when she had woken up, and he did not want to add more than she had already had.

He then went back into Hermione's bedroom; he wrapped his arms around her for comfort for the both of them, and then he kissed her upon the lips. It was not like it was the last time, this time it had felt rushed and then he felt her responding to the kiss, to where he pulled away and saw her waking up.

Hermione with her tired looking eyes had asked him, "Thorin, what are you doing here? It isn't time to pack up yet, it is?"

Thorin smirked, "No, but you were screaming in your sleep."

"Oh no, have I awoken anyone else?"

"Just the man within your mirror."

Hermione then pushed Thorin away from her and climbed out of her bed and ran into her dining room area of the tent. When Thorin made his way back into the area that Hermione was in, he heard the man within the mirror ask, "Miss Granger; what were you dreaming that was so horrible?"

Thorin noticed her shaken hands as she was facing her old professor; if he had remembered right, and saw that she was having trouble talking about her bad dream.

"It was about your death, sir. It was so terrible; how that Dark Lord had ordered his snake upon you, and it was not right how your life had led you to be like this."

Thorin was surprised to hear about they had their own Dark Lord of their own world; for it had seemed that there were many Dark Lords within other worlds, and he hoped that he would not have to face any one of them.

Then he heard the man within the mirror say, "You're always the same Miss Granger, always worried about others than yourself. There is no reason for you to worry about someone like me. I am no longer hurting, but I will be trapped in here for all times."

Hermione sighed, "It still wasn't right how that snake just bit into your neck, and then have you bleed out."

Thorin could tell that the man in the mirror was on his last straw with Hermione.

"Miss Granger," Severus said with his dark velvet voice, "There is nothing that anyone can do now. There is no way to change the things that have happened. Just as much as you have liked; you couldn't go back in time to change the fate of Lily and James Potter for your friend Harry, for I have tried. Neither one of them wanted to hear what I had to say; even when they could tell that I was an older man, then what they have known. It's our human nature to change things, but fate has a way to keep the same events happen, no matter what we have wanted."

"What are you saying Professor Snape?"

"What I am saying Miss Granger is that it was fate that ended Lily and James Potter. It was fate that made Harry Potter to face the Dark Lord. It was also my fate to die during the war. It is also your fate that you have found yourself in Middle Earth, because of Ablus or Gandalf summoning you here. Fate is also something that no one should mess with, or it could destroy your live while you're at it; for I have done quite a bit of that."

Hermione wrapped her arms around herself as she talked to her professor, "I'm sorry for all the things that went on with my friends; Professor Snape. For you have done so much; trying to protect us; as much as you have."

Thorin then walked over to Hermione and wrapped his own arms around her, "Will you be able to go back to sleep, Hermione?"

She smiled, "I don't know if I could, Thorin."

"Was it the first time that you have seen death?"

She sighed, "No; it was the first time that I have seen death in action though. I have seen a dead body before, but I have never seen someone killing another person before. It was just something that I would have been happy to live without."

"Have you ever killed anyone?"

Hermione stepped away from him and then sat down at the dining table; facing him, "No."

Severus Snape then piped up, "That is going to have to change."

Thorin stepped closer to Hermione, "Yes it is going to have to change. There are creatures out there that wouldn't think twice about killing you, Hermione. Orcs and goblins would be the very first to come and do so."

Hermione then asked, "Are we going to start on that sword fighting lessons then?"

Thorin smirked, "Might as well; there is no way for me to go back to sleep now. I'll be right back with a couple of swords." Then he left the tent with Hermione and her professor.

Hermione glanced over to her old professor, "Is there something I should know?"

Her old professor smirked, "Just keep your feet moving; never stay in the same spot for long, it would mess up your opponent."

"Like dueling?"

"Just like dueling. I have wondered; how did you get better in your Defense Against the Dark Arts class?"

Hermione smiled, "That would because of Harry and then Professor Lupin. Plus reading the books from the Black library had helped a bit."

Severus grumbled, "I still don't understand; how you were the only person to enter the library, even I couldn't enter that room."

"There was a curse upon the doorway; only a person who would seek knowledge but not for themselves, would be able to use the library."

"Who put that curse upon the doorway; it sure wasn't Black's mother?"

Hermione giggled, "No; it was his father, he thought it would teach his wife from using any of those books against him or any of their family."

At that time; it was when Thorin had entered back into the tent, with two swords.

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