Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 8

Ch. 8

Thorin Oakenshield had just walked back into Hermione Granger's tent, after he had gotten a couple of swords for them; in order for him to teach her the art of sword fighting. He gave her the one that was a little shorter and much lighter than the other that he liked to carry.

Thorin said in his deep flowing voice; asked, "How long have you dueled with your wand?"

Hermione smiled, "Since I was about thirteen. Why do you ask?"

"Okay, but do you walk around your point as you fight?"


Thorin with a raised eyebrow than asked, "Have you dodged out of the way from a spell, or even block a spell?" He really was trying to figure things out to help Hermione to understand what he was getting at.

Hermione sighed, "Yes I have dodged from many spells, and I have blocked spells before."

"Good. At least I know that you have at least a few aspects of it already, but mainly it is a form of a dance."

Hermione asked, "A dance? How can sword fighting be an act of a dance?"

Thorin smiled, "Yes, a form of dance. As you fight with a sword, you have to keep your balance and it's a good idea to be light on your feet as you fight, because you will be able to fight your dueler more effectively than you would ever imagine. Plus it would be a great idea that whenever you fight, you would have to keep moving. You don't want to be an easy target for the other person, or they could hurt you or even kill you easily. You wouldn't want to have that happen, now do you?"

Hermione smiled, "No, I wouldn't want that. So what should we start with?"

"I want you to block everything that I swing at you."

And with that, was the start of Hermione's lesson. With every swing of Thorin's sword, Hermione would answer it with a block with your own sword, and then she would turn her body around to block another swing.

Once Thorin was pleased to see that Hermione was doing well with the blocking; he said, "Alright, now I want you to try to take a swing at me. I also want you to through your body into the swings to cause more damage if need be. Now, begin."

With that being said, Hermione brought up her sword and then swung her body into the flow of the sword, which hit Thorin's own sword, but she was not expecting that the block would cause her to fall back from the blow. This made her fall onto her butt.

Hermione found herself on the floor of her tent looking up to the ceiling. She thought, "Where is a book on sword fighting when you need one? How am I going to prove myself worthy to a king of all people?"

Thorin reached down and helped Hermione up to her feet. "Don't worry Hermione; it had taken me a while to get a hang of a sword."

Hermione sighed, "I'm helpless about doing new things until I have read about it before hand. I have a better understanding if I was able to read about it before attempting it."

Thorin sighed, "Not everything in life is experienced with books Hermione. Could one fall in love and have a well full feeling life, just by reading a book?"

Hermione stepped away from him, "No, but I have always had trouble making friends though. Books helped me when I needed them the most, and I loved learning new things and wanted to know more."

Thorin laughed, "Wow. A woman, who wanted to know everything, why did you want to know more than most people?"

Hermione then told him her time at Hogwarts, how she was degraded because of her born out of non-magical people, and how people would believe that she was worth the dirt from their shoes. She also told about how the Dark Lord of her world was trying to kill everyone that was like her, and who had no magical background.

Thorin sat down at the dining room table and thought about what she had told him, "Are you saying that he was willing to drive the people to inbreeding and in an essence of killing a race off."

"Yeah, it would of taken a few generations, but it would of come to that point," she smiled. "You know for someone who hardly knows the world that I have come from, you're really a smart man."

Thorin gave his dark smirks, "Thank you for noticing that I am a man and to tell you the truth, I am very smart."

Hermione was fighting the urge to kiss those rugged lips. The same lips that kissed her; what seemed like ages ago, but knew that she should not make the first move. It was not in her nature to make the first move, anyway. She was picturing the moment of their sword lessons; how he weld the sword to his bidding, and how the swords song to each other. As if they were singing for power, grace, and understanding of the people who were welding the might of the swords as they were colliding with each other.

As her mind went back to the moment of seeing Thorin and his movements; he was breathtaking to witness, and she could tell that he would be an unstoppable force when he was in a battle format. She wanted to feel is ripped arms wrapped around her again. She almost let out a moan as she was picturing him doing so.

What Hermione does not know was Thorin had wrapped his arms around her and guided her to sit upon his lap. Where he was studying her; as she was within her own mind, he could tell that wherever she went, she was enjoying what she was seeing. All because he could hear a small moan from her; of which, he saw that she was trying to keep quiet from using.

Thorin had noticed her dusted pink lips; lips that looked like velvet, and from his one kiss with her, they were indeed smooth. He leaned closer into her and kissed her even deeper than he had before with her. He felt her responding; he then knew that the first kiss had shocked her, but this kiss seemed to bring her to life.

Hermione knew from the pressure upon her lips; she knew she was not imaging it, for he really was kissing her. She brought her fingers into his hair, which brought moan from the man, who she was sitting upon.

As they moved away from each other; both of them thought, "What is causing me to want him/her, and how does this adventure end?"

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