Summoned to Middle Earth

Chapter 9

Ch. 9

Once Hermione Granger and Thorin Oakenshield had realized what had happened; Hermione moved away from Thorin, as he was still sitting upon the dining room chair. She was pacing around her tent; trying to figure out, why she would have an issue of wanting to kiss the king before her. It was not like her; granted there were only a few guys that she had ever kissed her life, but never out right wanting to kiss someone so bad that it was hard to breath.

As she turned to face Thorin from her pacing; she had noticed that he was in own deep thinking, to where he said, "I think this was a bad idea. I can't tie myself down with anyone until my mission is over with, and I don't know how long it would be before things would start to wine down again. I don't know about you Hermione, but I don't want to take things further than what they have already had gone."

Hermione gave a smile, "I agree. I normally wouldn't just start kissing someone that I just met, not that long ago at least."

Severus Snape was watching them as they were talking with one another; he had fallen asleep when they were in the middle of their sword fighting lessons, not he had wished that he was still awake. He would have stopped them from even going into a kiss in the first place, but he was glad to find out that they were going to distance themselves until Thorin's mission to gain his homeland was fulfilled.

The professor rolled his eyes and grumbled out, "Are you two done with your planning and everything. I think that it would be wise if the two of you went back to your own beds and get some sleep. From now on; I will be keeping an eye on Hermione, and making sure that the two of you are no longer alone again. I will also be out of her beg more than usual. Miss Granger, you will have to cast a spell, so I could flout while you're on the move."

Hermione nodded her agreement.

The potion's mater went on to say, "And as for you; Thorin Okanshield, you will distance from Miss Granger, and I would like her to ride with Gandalf for now on." He saw that Thorin was giving a death glare, much more than he had ever received from his fellow Death Eaters. "I am not afraid of you dwarf, I have faced things that you would have called nightmares at some point in your life. Now get out of Miss Granger's tent!"

Thorin gave a dark look upon the dark professor, "With pleasure," and with that, the Dwarf King left Hermione's tent and headed for his bedroll that was out in the open air.

Hermione turned to her old professor with worry upon her face.

Severus sighed, "Don't worry Miss Granger. If it was meant to be, then you will find yourself with him in the end of this adventure."

"We shall see, Professor Snape."

"I should advise you that you should get some sleep, for it would be a long journey tomorrow, and I don't imagine that you would like to fall asleep while you are on horseback with Albus."

The image that her old professor had given her, was enough to give her the willies and found herself back to her bed, which had taken her a while to fall back to sleep.


The next was a long day for Hermione, Severus, Thorin, and Gandalf. Through some unexplained communication skills; Severus told Gandalf what had gone on the night before, without the whole company finding out about it. But there were a few Dwarves, who had expected that there were some things going on between Hermione and Thorin, but they could not figure out what it was. So most of the day; Gandalf told Hermione the history of the world, as they were trekking across the countryside on horseback.

She was fascinated from all the myths that she was learning, not just by Gandalf, but also Balin as well. Hermione was learning not just about wizards, Dwarves, and other humans, but she was also learning about elves. Which she had found out that they were nothing like the house-elves from her own world, but tall warrior type elves; which quite a few of them had magic of healing, while most had more knowledge than she could ever dream about.

What Hermione did not know; while she was learning about the elves, Thorin was watching her and he was growing angry from her expressions. He saw that her eyes were glowing from wanting to know more about them, and he was going to do everything in his power to stop that from happening.


Later that day; it was time to stop for the night, when they had stopped at a ruined farm house. Which Hermione had noticed was causing Gandalf from wanting to stay there, since she had noticed that no one was going to listen to him, she was willing to go with him.

Gandalf raised his hand to stop her from climbing onto top of their shared horse, "I need for you to keep an eye out, while I ride up ahead."

"You think something is going to happen, don't you?"

The old wizard gave an old weary look upon his face, "You never know what could be out in the shadows. Put up those shields tonight Hermione; the company will be wanting them, and please do what Severus Snape tells you to do."

"Yes, sir," and with that, Gandalf climbed upon his horse and rode off.

Severus with his floating mirror said, "Come Miss Granger, time to put those wards up. The sun is on its way down, and I for one don't want to find out what could be out in the shadows anytime soon."

Hermione sighed, but did what she was told to do. Once the wards were put around their campsite and where the horses were being put, was when she was able to find a place to put her tent. It had taken a little while for her set everything up. She had decided that she should start eating her meals in her tent from now on, and leave everyone alone at night time, for she did not want to have people come after her because of a kiss that she had shared with their king.

After a meal of stew; Hermione was sitting down to do some reading, when she heard a commotion from outside. She got up from where she was sitting and made her way to the entrance to her tent. Severus came flouting after her, he was making sure that she was not going to get herself in trouble.

When Hermione got to where everyone was at; she found that it was Fili and Kili, who had come back into the campsite and trying to talk to Thorin at the same time. "We told Bilbo about a campfire that we had seen off in the distance, and he went off to find out what it is. It is when we heard him scream."

Hermione gasped, "And you left him alone!"

Thorin grumbled, "Alright everyone, get your weapons and we will go and rescue Bilbo."

Hermione was fishing out her wand, when he went over to her and whispered, "You're not going anywhere."

"What do you mean that I'm not going anywhere? Bilbo is my friend and I will go where my friends need me."

Thorin growled, "No, you will stay here like a good girl and wait for us to come back."

The professor in black hung near Hermione's hear, "Let them go Miss Granger." When Thorin walked away to get his men together and moved into the deep dark forest was when Severus went on to say, "Don't worry; you'll save them from whatever it is in the dark. They will be needing you, here soon."

So Hermione sat down in front of the campfire, waiting for her chance to save the company.

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