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(text from: the Titan's Curse, chapter 13)


Reincarnation is a funny thing.

You'd think that once you were reborn you wouldn't remember anything from your past life, wouldn't you? That your new life would make you a whole new person. That you wouldn't have any memories from your other life. That you would be entirely different. Fresh. New.

Well, that certainly wasn't the case with Bianca di Angelo.

Maybe it was true for others. Maybe other people who were reborn got the oppurtunity to be made new. Maybe they really didn't remember anything else from before their new life. Possibly they didn't even know their new life was new at all. Perhaps that was the case, and most truly did forget their first life, and the Fates had just made a special exception for Bianca, which wouldn't really be that surprising.

Or maybe everyone was supposed to remember their other lives whenever they were reincarnated, to help them learn from their past mistakes and to know how to live this new life better. That made more sense to her anyway.

Either way, Bianca was stuck with her old memories. Everything, from faint memories of Italy that had all since faded away but a few; the hazy, nebulous time period inside of the Lotus Hotel and Casino that had been like a dense fog; the wild, chaotic world of emerging out of the fog of the past and into the glaring light of the 21st century; the burning fire from within of being a Hunter of Artemis that had filled her with immense pride and happiness; the depressing, and, oddly moist sensation of dying and passing into the afterlife; and, most recently, the disorienting feeling of being reborn into a new life, which she had chosen. Eventually she hoped to achieve access onto the Isles of the Blest, but in order to do so she would have to be allowed into Elysium three times through rebirth. One down, two to go, she thought to herself morbidly.

As she scurried down the streets of New Rome, people bustling around the center fountain and shop vendors calling out allegedly low prices, Bianca began to think to herself of the odds that she would end up where she did. In a place where at one point she had been able to watch over him all day- NOPE, she would not think about him today. But she really was in a life not too different from the world she had discovered only a few days before her death. Truly, the world of the Roman demigods wasn't all that different from that of the Greeks.

There were definitely some major similarities. Both had camps that served as a safe haven for demigods. Both had gods (obviously). Both always seemed to be mixed up in some sort of trouble. But Camp Jupiter was entirely different from Camp Half-Blood, it seemed. The Roman demigods could live at Camp Jupiter for as long as they wanted and be certain of their safety from monsters, while the Greek camp was more of a temporary place for young demigods, as if nobody expected them to live long.

But perhaps no Greek demigods were expected to live that long because they didn't have a safe place to live like the Romans did. That was one thing that was definitely better about this place than Camp Half-Blood. Although, when Bianca had first been reborn, she had noticed a gaping hole in the perks of this place, one that had eventually been filled only to be unplugged just as quickly, almost as if the cork had been yanked out violently. That had been when- nope, she was NOT going to think about that today.

That had only been two years ago when she was reborn. Yet, somehow, she could remember being born, as if she had kept her brain from her life as Bianca di Angelo. Maybe that's why she was able to speak so well for her age. Most people were astounded at her vocabulary, though she tried to tone it down a bit so as not to freak too many people out. She even looked older: maybe five or six years old. Bianca guessed that she had grown a little faster than normal due to the fact that she was the offspring of a mortal man named Hank and Maia, the Roman goddess of growth. So at this point she wasn't really caught off guard anymore when people inquired about her age; after all, even in a world filled with demigods, fauns, and gorgons, it might be a bit disturbing to see a toddler that looks like a six-year-old.

Bianca's thoughts were shattered by a wooden cart cutting rapidly across her path: an excellent reminder to herself that now was not the time to daydream, and she needed to pay better attention to where she was going. She was already late for work since she'd overslept, so it'd be a shame to die so suddenly and not achieve Elysium just because her tired thoughts had been too jumbled to keep a vigilant eye out for the ordinary dangers of traffic. Bianca proceeded, though this time checking both ways before crossing to the other side of the street.

Once she was safely passed, she picked up her pace again and broke into a run, taking in the glorious sights of the city as she always did on her way to work. She offered a brisk "hello" to anyone she came across, often getting an equal verbal greeting, a smile, a wave, or even a nod. Bianca was known as a sweetheart now, always cheerful and chipper as a morning bird. It was such a contrast to the way she'd been in her previous life, so dark and moody.

Bianca recalled once again her transformation from the innocent and naive Italian girl growing up in Venice who used to love flowers, into the weird emotional girl who had long bangs and would always wear a floppy hat to cover her face, and finally into the strong, determined Hunter of Artemis that she'd been proud to be: courageous, excellent at hunting, and surrounded by a band of sisters that had immediately felt like family. Then all of it had ended when she'd sacrificed herself for the sake of the quest. For Annabeth. For her friends. For- nope, she was NOT going to think about that today, she reminded herself again. Why should she think about the past on a day like today? The past was dark and shaded in misery, while the present was lovely and cheerful. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining. And although it was extra hot today, the heat felt good for now. All was good with the world.

She was in an extra good mood today, because news had come through her mother (after all, a goddess is going to have connections, right?) that the Athena Parthenos had finally been retrieved. Bianca prayed that that meant both peace between Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter (the Roman and Greek camps rarely got along, and there were whispers from the gods that a war was coming eventually, a final showdown of sorts), and also that those who had embarked on the quest would be allowed to come home.

Bianca mentally scrolled through the list in her head, checking off the demigods one by one as she jogged through the marketplace: Hazel Grace- ooh, she's nice. I like her. Frank Zhang- I think he's the one that can turn into animals. Wasn't he a panda one time? she thought as she turned another corner, starting to huff and puff from the effort of running. Despite her heavy breathing, she continued though her list: Leo Valdez- Isn't he the one that started firing on New Rome? Hmm, odd that they'd let him go on the quest. Piper McLean- I don't remember much about her other than she's really pretty. Pff, Aphrodite girls. They're just a bunch of pretty faces. She immediately felt guilty as she thought of her old friend Phoebe, who, althogh being a daughter of Aphrodite, had joined the Hunt long ago. Look at her: she was the Hunters' most valuable tracker and healer. She really missed the other Hunters... She quickly turned her attention back to counting off the members of the quest so as not to become so depressed and distracted that she nearly get run over again. Jason Grace- Oh, I remember Jason! He used to talk to me on his way to the Senate. Well, before he disappeared for a few months anyway. Bianca frowned and once again forced herself to remain positive, although she could feel her happiness level dropping rapidly, along with her energy levels. The fatigue and frown only worsened further as she realized who was next. Annabeth Chase- I've never really been too fond of her. Too bad she didn't ever join the Hunt though. She would've been a good addition, since she's so smart. And... Percy Jackson.

NOPE! her head screamed at her, along with her burning calf muscles. Today is a good day, you will NOT think about him today. Not today. Not now.

But her heart wasn't listening. No pun intended, but Bianca's heart had a mind all its own. And right now, it was going to do what it wanted.

Bianca's post was so close that she could see it up ahead, but for some reason, her unexplained exhaustion and her stubborn emotions gave out, and she dropped like a rock, the bright sun overhead dimming rapidly as frantic voices around her began to spin into a memory.

"What did she want with you?" Bianca immediately demanded. Percy had just finished telling them about his chat with Aphrodite, and she was still seething. She didn't know why she was so mad; all she knew was that she absolutely loathed the idea of seeing the love goddess anywhere near Percy. It didn't feel right, and besides, she had heard rumors from the Hunters about the goddess's affection towards certain heroes. She didn't like what she'd heard.

"...I agree with Zoe," Thalia was saying. Whoa! The two of them agreeing on something? Shocker. "You can't trust Aphrodite." Hallelujah, was all Bianca thought.

Percy seemed nervous as he changed the subject. "So, how do we get out of here?"

Bianca, eager to impress him with her knowledge for some reason, tried to answer, but Zoe beat her to it, and she frowned in response. "That way. That is west."

"How can you tell?" Percy asked, and was answered with an impatient eye roll from Zoe.

"Ursa Major is in the north, which means that must be west."

"Oh yeah, the bear thing," Percy added, and Bianca fought the urge to giggle at the expression of disbelief on Zoe's face. It gave her an odd sort of satisfaction to know that, no matter how much the older obsessed about the son of Poseidon to Bianca, the two would never be on the same level of sincerity. In the end, there was no way it could work out, that she knew.

"Show some respect. It was a fine bear. A worthy opponent."

"You talk about it as if it was real." Again Bianca stifled a laugh as they neared mounds of...trash? Odd.

The mountain was made up of a nice variety of trash: statues, TV's, a bathtub, swords, shields, a refrigerator, and many more random things. Something glinted gold in the corner of Bianca's eye; a sword or armor, most likely.

Anxious to beat Zoe to the topic at hand, Bianca blurted out the first thing that came to mind, "Whoa. That stuff... some of it looks like real gold." She immediately felt like an idiot by the way she said it, slurred and obvious. She expected Zoe to perk up with some fact that would show her up, but was surprised that when the girl opened her mouth to respond, Thalia's voice came out instead.

"It is. Like Percy said," -Oh, thought Bianca to herself, so now we're repeating what he said to show we were paying attention? I see. "don't touch anything. This is the junkyard of the gods." Had he said that? She couldn't remember. Still, she found it odd that Thalia had piped up too. Was it possible that all three girls on this quest felt the same way about the same boy, who was obviously NOT Grover. No offense to him, of course.

As they group made their way through the junkyard, they seemed to split up at one especially large mound, Thalia and Grover going to the left while the other three went to the right. Bianca, knowing that now was her chance to show off a little for Percy, looked around the yard for something of interest. Down the hill a little, she spied something glinting silver in the moonlight. She immediately recognized it, and picked it up after she'd raced down to retrieve it.

"Look! A Hunter's bow!" she said, showing it to Zoe and Percy with interest. Already knowing what it would do when she plucked the bow string, she gave a little yip of amazement as it shrank down to a hair clip. Adding as much enthusiasm into her voice as possible, she showed it to the son of Poseidon, trying desperately to interst him in something. "It's just like Percy's sword!"

For a moment, Bianca thought she had him hooked. His eyes grew wide and his face lit up, but it quickly dimmed as Zoe decided to be an Eeyore about the situation, saying, "Leave it, Bianca." Why did she have to be like this?

"But-" she protested.

"It is here for a reason," the older girl stated bluntly, like a teacher lecturing a student on a simple matter. "Anything thrown away in this junkyard must stay in this yard. It is defective. Or cursed."

Reluctantly, Bianca obliged by setting the bow back down where she'd gotten it. Embarrassed, she slunk off in the opposite direction by herself. The others were already marvelling over other things anyway. Nobody would probably even notice she was gone. Especially Percy, she thought glumly.

She sat down with a sigh, dejected. The poor guy was so clueless, he couldn't seem to get the idea that she was head-over-heels for him. She'd done everything she could in the short time she'd known him, but she hoped she'd win him eventually. Looking around for something interesting, Bianca was surprised to see something else she recognized. It was one of those figures from that game her little brother liked. Mythomagic, she recalled. Forgetting everything else except her melancholiness, Bianca shrugged and slipped the small figurine into her Hunter jacket. She was filled with an odd sensation that she was doing something wrong, although she couldn't remember why. It was a bit like what she imagined shoplifting in a store felt like, though that was odd. She couldn't figure out why she had that sensation. Shrugging it off, Bianca stood up and rejoined the others as she spied them come around the side of a mound of trash.

They passed through most of the junkyard without further incident, so Bianca was surprised to see what looked like a metallic hill between the five members of the quest and the edge of the junkyard, the highway.

Astonishment was clear in her voice as she gasped, "What is that?" The image finally taking on some form in her mind, Bianca frowned. "They look like-"

"Toes," Grover interjected, to which she nodded.

"Really, really large toes." For some reason, Zoe and Thalia shared a look, and voiced their concerns over passing through this way, to which Percy and Bianca (mentally) protested. The two girls' paranoia only enhanced as Grover freaked them out by kicking one of the toes. Finally they left the creepy feet and the jumbo junkyard behind, much to all of their relief. Zoe voiced that feeling as their feet touched the black asphalt of he highway.

"We made it out. Thank the gods," she said. Amen, Bianca thought.

Apparently, the gods didn't like that kind of thanks, because suddenly there was an ear grinding sound that sent shivers up Bianca's spine, causing her to cringe and grit her teeth. Whirling around, she was horrified to see something that was similar to the monsters that haunted her nightmares. An armor-clad Greek giant, whose body seemed to rise up out of the junkyard like a ghost. Bianca thought she had just heard someone call it "Talos," although she couldn't be sure; her knees were too busy knocking against each other for her to pay much attention to what the others were saying. Were it not for Talos's terrifying height and his gnashing teeth that sounded like nails on a chalkboard, Bianca might have had the nerve to laugh at the words on his chest that read "Wash Me." The hundred-foot sword the giant pulled out of his sheath wasn't quite as funny.

"Someone took something. Who took something?" Zoe demanded. Bianca was too ashamed to answer.

Of course! That's what had felt wrong! Now she remembered Percy saying not to take anything, and Thalia, bless her soul, even repeating his very words. Her immense guilt weighed her down while the others began to attack Talos, Bianca herself only worsening her shame by hiding behind a chariot. She felt even more terrible, if it was possible, when Percy slid next to her.

"You took something," he said. "That bow."

"No," she said, the way her voice shook giving her away.

"Give it back! Throw it down!" he yelled, the tremor in his voice frightening her.

"I...I didn't take the bow! Besides, it's too late."

"What did you take?" he demanded. She opened her mouth to reply but was cut off by Percy's order. "Move!" he ordered, and she obeyed by tearing down the hill after him. They rolled to a stop, tumbling down the rest of the way, and Bianca was oddly reminded of the nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill." Bianca was thankful for Grover as he distracted the giant from Percy and her, because it gave her time to think about what she'd done. She needed to fix this. She ignored Percy, for once, when he told her to move again, instead drawing the Mythomagic figure out of her pocket to look at it. How could something this small cause a problem as big as Thalos?

"It...it was for Nico," she explained. "It was the only statue he didn't have."

"How can you think of Mythomagic at a time like this?" Bianca could feel her eyes brimming with tears as Percy scolded her. "Throw it down," he said. "Maybe the giant will leave us alone." She did as she was told, disappointment overwhelming her when nothing happened. About twenty seconds later, Percy seemed to spot something on the giant. He turned to her, a mischievous grin on his face. "Crazy-idea time." He stated.

Bianca gave him a small, anxious smile. "Anything," she promised.

He pointed to the maintenance hatch on the bottom of Talos's foot. "There may be a way to control thing. Switches or something. I'm going to get inside."

Bianca was shocked, and managed to stammer out, "How? You'll have to stand under its foot! You'll be crushed."

Percy got a look in his eye that Bianca had come to resspect and love in the short while that they'd known each other. It was a gleam that said he'd do anything to protect his friends. Even sacrifice thought of that happening was unthinkable, and she felt like her heart would burst. She would not let Percy die for some stupid mistake she'd made. She straightened up and clenched her jaw with determination.

"No. I'll go."

"You can't! You're new at this! You'll die."

"It's my fault the monster came after us. It's my responsibility. Here," she said, handing him the Mythomagic figurine. "If anything happens, give that to Nico. Tell him...tell him I'm sorry." Oddly, all Bianca could think about right then was how she always seemed to be such a stuttering and stammering mess around Percy. She turned around and ran toward Talos.

Despite Percy's protests, Thalia's distractions, and Zoe's arrows, all Bianca was thinking about was getting to Talos. She was faintly aware of ordering the older Hunter to get the giant to raise his foot, and then she remembered herself, jumping onto his feet and latching herself onto the maintenance door and catching one last glimpse of her friends below, helping her succeed. Percy, staring at her wide-eyed, willing to die for her if he had to.

But he wouldn't have to. Not right now.

Bianca was a whirlwind. Unlocking the door. Crawling inside. Throwing the hatch shut as the foot connected with the ground. Scurrying up the leg. Worming into the stomach. Operating the control panel. Sensing herself in freefall. Slamming into the ground. Dying.

And then Bianca di Angelo was no more.

Only a sense of fading into black...

...Now only a sense of fading out of black, into the harsh daylight of reality.

"I think she passed out."

"She must have bonked her head." Voices overhead were blurry as they worried over her.

"No, you idiots," said a familiar voice further off. "She fainted from the exhaustion of running here in the heat because she was late." Bianca sat up in her small form, feeling very cramped and crowded in this tiny body when only moments ago she had felt like her old self again. She looked to her right to see an armless statue staring her in the face, glaring.

"Julia!" he told her. "Get over here and do your job!"

Surprise! Bianca is Julia in her second life! Now, before anyone screams at me, I do know that Percy and Bianca were both 14 in Titan's Curse, and that Percy was only 16 in MoA while Julia looked 6. I did the best I could, honestly, and come on people: it's called fanfiction for a reason! Anyway, here are the shout-outs for Chapter 6:

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