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Two characters from literature face off against each other in battle Hello Dear Reader! The world of fiction is home to many great warriors, and here you will see them face off! I shall take two characters from literature (though I may make exceptions on occasion, using characters from other media), research which would win in a fight, and pit them against each other for your entertainment! So sit back, crack upon a cold one (or hot one you sicko) and enjoy the show!

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Aragorn Strides Intl Fictional Fracas

When you're facing the forces of evil, the proper party is in order. You'll want burglars, warriors, a good wizard, an archer or two, and of course, a skilled ranger. And when it comes to rangers, you couldn't do better than Aragorn, aka Strider.

Aragorn was raised by the elves who taught him the ways of the ranger, but upon his 21st birthday, his true heritage was revealed to him. Strider was the son of Arathorn, and the last legitimate descendant of Anarion. After many years of questing, and a meeting with Gandalf, Aragorn joined the fellowship of the ring. Even though Strider was a human in a group that was made up of hobbits, a dwarf, an elf, and an angel, his skills still stood out. This was likely in part due to his Royal Dunedain, and Elvish heritage which grants him superhuman speed, stamina, and strength. He can run for days at a time, take hits from trolls, strike faster than most humans can react, catch arrows, deflect thrown knives, is considered as wise as the elves, and much much more.

Aragorn's physical abilities are impressive, but when combined with his weaponry, he's nye unstoppable. Due to his ranger training, Strider is quite effective with the bow allowing him to pick off foes from afar. While not as skilled with the bow as say Legolas, he still can shoot orcs through the cracks of a door. His hunting knives are perfect for both silently stabbing foes or throwing them at enemies out of reach. But both of those weapons pale in comparison to Aragon's signature blade Andúril: The Flame of The West. Forged from the shards of Narsil, and enchanted so that it would never stain or break, and that death would come to any who draws it other than Aragorn, and his direct descendants. Andúril is a terrifyingly sharp broadsword that Strider wields with stunning efficiency carving through orcs like they were paper. In cause his weapons, and skill aren't enough, Aragorn wears chain mill armor to protect himself.

With these weapons, and skills strider has accomplished many impressive feats. He's Held back The Nine Royal Kings of Men who transformed into The Ring Wraiths, slaughtered countless orcs, resisted the corruptive power of the One Ring, and became The First High King of The Reunited Kingdoms.

Despite all this Aragorn is still mortal. He can be killed like anyone else, and his impressive physicality has limits. But even with these weaknesses, Strider is as good as they get.

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