Cases of a Different Kind

Chapter 6

When the others arrived at the room, multiple things happened at once. Ayako screamed, Monk yelled at Naru for reasons Mai would never understand, while John had caught Masako as she fainted. Throughout this whole ordeal, Naru had been glaring intently at his now visible brother who sat with a smug smile on the couch opposite him. Mai tended to the narcissist's cheek that had started to swell.

"Naru... Mai? Would you like to tell me why Gene is currently sitting in our base?" Lin asked, breaking the tense atmosphere the room had taken. Gene just looked at the Chinese man and laughed.

"Hi to you too Lin." He joked, enjoying the look of surprise Lin sent at him.

"We don't know why he's here, but he is. He's solid too." Naru told him, ignoring how Mai started sniggering.

"He's solid alright." She murmured, smiling at the happier twin before standing from her place on the ground.

"Oh god!" Monk moaned, rubbing his head in frustration, "Now there's two Naru's!"

"I'm not like my brother!" Gene defended, standing up and walking to Lin. "You too Lin. You're not this quiet. I remember one time when-!"

"You're still the same old Gene too you know." The Chinese Omnioji told the now undead twin, keeping his hand firmly over the young boys mouth.

"Umm... Despite all this, it's good to see you again Mai."

Looking away from Lin and Gene, Mai drew her attention to the blonde exorcist who was standing in front of a dark haired, kimono wearing girl.

"John! Masako! Hey!" She called, ushering them across the room and laughing when she heard another person cough. "You too Yasu!"

"Yay! Mai cares about me!" The young man sang, bolting to her from the doorway and engulfing her in a hug. Her complaints after that were muffled in his shirt and he laughed, until his joy turned to pain as he coughed, dropping to the floor while cradling his stomach. The whole time, John and Masako watched as Mai huffed, straightening her clothes before turning to Lin.

"So, are we all ready to start?" She asked, adjusting her woollen trench coat, much like what Naru used to wear, only a whole lot more feminine.

"Well Naru?" Lin turned to ask the young man stand from his seat on the coach and glare at his brother while he replied.

"Well, Mai and I had an encounter with the violent spirit of this place... before Gene came, that is." Naru told them, holding his hand up quickly before anyone could interrupt him and pulled a map from his file on the coffee table. "We need a camera at these locations..."

After pointing out the areas, he sent Monk and John to set up the equipment while Masako and Ayako were sent to check the place out. John and Yasu offered to make lunch and left for the kitchen. This left Lin to set up the monitors in base with Naru reading his file, leaving Mai and Gene to sit on the couch in silence, until...

"So Mai? How's my future sister-in-law doing?" The question made Mai choke on her own breath and whip her head around. Even Naru snapped his file closed and slammed in on the table before spinning around in his chair, glaring daggers at his brother and wilted any and all flora within miles of the room.

"W-we aren't... I mean-." She stuttered, blushing several shades of pink at the insinuation made by the undead twin.

"Mai." Naru called, drawing her attention from the floor to his face. "Go for a walk. See what you can get and make sure to follow the cameras."

She nodded numbly, wanting nothing more than to get out of the room as quickly and humanly possible, fearful of incurring Naru's wrath.

-At base-

After the door closed, Naru let out a loud breathe and pinching the bridge of his nose . Eyeing the young narcissist known as his boss, Lin was undecided on what to do while Gene just smiled, examining the peeling paint by the fireplace that had triggered the ghosts appearance.

"So..." Gene started, mentally wincing when his brother turned to glare at him.

"If you value what's left of your spirit, you will remain silent." Naru hissed, taking a threatening step towards his brother.

-With Mai-

She wondered through the halls, carefully following the cables that supplied a direct signal to the monitors back at base, making sure to wave at the camera as she passed. Mai had already gone through the top level of the school and three of the four wings, currently, she was making her way towards the west wing where the most activity was supposed to be as well as the base.

"Well... It looks like the guys went back to base." She pondered aloud, jumping when she heard a familiar scream. "Masako!"

Quickly reaching into her jacket, she pulled a small 9mm gun out and bolted for the corridor her friend was in. She slammed her shoulder into the door, forcing it open before she leapt into the hallway, instantly realising it was the place Ms Ayaki had been attacked. The scene before her flashed quickly, changing to resemble what she had seen in her dream, however, in the place she had been, was a shivering Masako being held by a similarly distressed Ayako. The hallway changed back to what it looked like in modern day with blue walls, white ceiling and small, far between windows. Masako and Ayako in the same place as the vision only the creature was lurching out of the shadows from behind them.

"Look out!" Mai yelled, taking aim quickly and firing a few rounds, eliciting a high pitched scream from the disfigured monster and effectively drawing its attention from the scared women.

"Mai!" Masako called out, pushing away from the phantom while pulling Ayako towards the wall. "It's no use! You can't hurt it!"

The warning fell on deaf ears as Mai glared at the creature, shaking her head before focusing on the advancing beast. "Yes I can." She whispered before focusing her PK, like Naru's, into her gun and lifting the cross-hairs to be level with its head. Pulling the trigger, a lightly glowing bullet left the barrel and imbedded in the monsters head, causing it to stop before black, inky blood splattered on the walls before it dropped to the ground in a tangle of its own limbs.

Edging around it, Mai went to Masako and Ayako to make sure they were okay just as the other door burst open, revealing the males of the team.

"What happened?" Monk asked, rushing to the kneeling women on the ground while casting a quick glance at Mai.

"We were heading back to base when that thing attacked us. We could have been seriously hurt if Mai hadn't shown up when she did." Ayako told the bassist as he helped her stand. At some point during the beasts killing, she and Masako had fallen to their knees.

"Mai?" Naru asked, turning to watch the girl waver on her feet and place her hand on the wall beside her. "You didn't?"

The brunette just cast him a shaky smile as her skin paled.

"Is it dead?" Yasu asked, popping his head into the corridor before jumping as Gene's voice filtered through the silent hallway which had chilled and gone dark as the sun set outside.

"No. This is only the beginning..."

His warning was punctuated as the beast slunk into an upright position, his head snapping to look at the females with a sickening crack sound.

"Oh god!" John gasped.

Dark silhouettes of human shapes lined the wall behind it, accompanied by the sound of whispering.

"I think... Maybe we should leave?" Yasu asked, edging out of the hallway as quickly and quietly as possible.

"Yes. Everyone out!" Naru called, John and Lin helping Masako and Ayako through the doorway while Gene grabbed Yasu. "Mai!"

The said brunette was once again aiming her gun at the demon and tried to focus her PK through her foggy mind, earning a malicious laugh from the monster. The whispers of the shadow people grew louder with each passing second before one lunged at her, grabbing onto the arm she was using to stabilise the gun before another bit her wrist, causing the pistol to fall to the ground and let off a round into the wall. Crying out, Mai struggled against the dark beings as another wrapped its shadowy arms around her waist as the demon stood up.

"Nau maku san manda, bazaar dan kan!" Monk started chanting as Mai's struggles increased. The demon screamed as he fought the mantra and jumped at Mai, racking its jagged, sharp nails across her collar bone and ripping her turtleneck shirt. Her warm blood almost instantly being soaked into the torn, black fabric.

"No!" Naru yelled, bodily tackling the beast and sending it crashing to the floor. The shadow people became infuriated and threw Mai into the opposite wall and causing her head the hit the painted concrete. Rubbing his shoulder, Naru quickly rushed to the barely conscious girl and lifted her bridal style into his arms before running past Monk. It only took the bassist a few seconds to follow the young narcissist and ran to base.

Lin and John quickly slammed the door shut and held it in place as it rattled on its hinges as the demon tried to break in. Monk placed a barrier on the door and everything fell silent.

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