Cases of a Different Kind

Chapter 9

The group stepped outside and the glass fragments on the ground refracted as Mai shone her light across the dirty ground and cracked gravel. Construction lights once set up to light the building lay broken in pieces in the ground as they carefully picked their way through the wreckage. The ground was still unstable near the crater of where the wrecking ball had landed and they were all in silent agreement that they didn't want any more major accidents happening anytime soon. But with SPR, they could only dream.

Masako gasped, her hand clenching Monks' shirt in a vice like grip as the group turned. Shining her light on the medium, Mai watched as the girl paled as her violet eyes grew wide, pupils dilating rapidly as she gazed into the distance... Or more precisely, the broken entrance to the decrepit hospital.

Following her gaze, they didn't need the torch to see what had drawn the Masako's attention. Standing a scant few feet ahead of them was a transparent, florescent girl. The apparition tinted green and sent shivers down the groups spine as she watched them from under her matted fringe. Long stingy hair clumped together and partially masked her bloody, torn hospital gown. Her lips, while shadowed, were twisted into a sadistic sneer before she laughed, a gurgled, twisted sound that would haunt them for the duration of their stay on the old hospital grounds.

"We have to go..." Mai whispered, seeing Naru nod stiffly out of the corner of her eye. But before they could do anything, the spirit drained the battery of Mai's torch and plunged them into darkness.

The chaos that insured... Was just that.

Multiple screams and yells were heard.

The only thing they could see was a flash of neon green before they were touched, pushed even thrown in Monk's case.

Sharp glass met skin and the last thing they heard before everything went dark...

Was Masako's scream die out and then the sound of shifting gravel... the sound of something or someone, being dragged away...

Groaning, Mai rolled onto her side, hissing when the feeling of something digging into her flesh shook away the fog of sleep that clouded her mind. Once she finally opened her eyes, she winced at the sun as it glared at her.

"What?" She asked, her voice husky for reasons that eluded her. "What happened?"

Turning to her side, she saw Naru kneeling next to her, his eyes scanning over her frame to check for... something.


Turning, Naru and Mai watched as Lin walked over to them, a cloth of fabric clenched in his hand.

"Yes Lin?"

"It was Masako. This is a piece of her kimono from last night. All tracks lead into the building." Lin told them and Mai had to blink before the memories from the night before clicked into place in her mind. Gasping, her eyes widened before she shot up and onto her feet, glaring at the building as if it was the sole cause of Masako's disappearance. Which, in a way, it very well was.

"Mai, we know you wanna go in there and get her back, but you know we can't. Even you said the place is crawling with spirits. Going in there is a death wish." Monk told her, taking her by the shoulder before she realised he was even nearby.

"But-", she started only to meet the eyes of a certain narcissist and she immediately went silent, all thoughts of defiance fleeing from her mind.

"We know Mai. But we have to think clearly about this. If that spirit took her with the intent to kill, then why not us? Even if it only wanted Masako, why not just kill her when she was with us? There has to be a reason."

With that in mind, the group went into the tent they had abandoned the night previous, taking various seats inside and finding a source of heat in the chilly morning. It was winter after all.

The day was spent thinking up plans before they found too many faults in them. As the sun rose higher in the sky, they all took turns going out in pairs to set up camera's around the perimeter of the hospital under the strict orders to not go anywhere near the building and to perish the thought of going in it.

Of course, knowing Mai, Naru made sure he was to be the one to go with her, but not even he could keep a proper eye on her. With the excuse that she needed some air after the events of the last few days, the members of SPR watched as the brunette slunk out of the tent, her shoulders slumped and Naru swore he saw a slight tremor in them.

Once she was outside, she took a deep breath and cast a fleeting glance to the cream tent before taking a few steps forward. She broke into a run when she heard movement and heard her name being yelled just as she crossed the threshold of the old, decrepit hospital.

Unaware of the terrors she would face as she continued on her way to finding her friend...

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