Credits and References

Chapter One: Landslide by Stevie Nicks, sung by Fleetwood Ma

Chapter Two: It’s a Lesson too Late for the Learning by Tom Paxton

Chapter Three: Draggin’ the Line by Tommy James and Robert King

Chapter Four: Over the Rainbow (by Harburg and Arlen), sung by “Iz” Ka’ano’I Kamakawiwo’ole

Chapter Five: Poison by Desmond Child and John McCurry, sung by Alice Cooper

Chapter Six: Black Magic Woman written by Peter Green, sung by Santana

Chapter Seven: The Boxer written by Paul Simon and sung by Simon and Garfunkle

Chapter Eight: She Drives Me Crazy written by Roland Gift and David Steele and sung by the Fine Young

Chapter Nine:Glass Shatters written by Michael Wengren, Dan Donegan, James Johnston, David Michael Draiman and Steve Kmak (aka Disturbed) (used as the Cold Stone Steve Austin Theme)

Chapter Ten: Sweet Dreams written by Tim Williams and sung by Patsy Cline. Belle’s suffrage rant was taken from Suffrage On Stage, presented in 1920 by Marie Jenney Howe.

Chapter Eleven: To Know, Know, Know Him written by Phil Spector

Chapter Twelve: Lies written by William Crandall Jr. and Beau Charles, sung by the Knickerbockers

Chapter Thirteen: Precious and Few written by Harlan Howard, sung by Climax

Chapter Fourteen: Magic Carpet Ride written by John Kay and Ruston Morever, sung by Steppenwolf

Chapter Fifteen: Just the Way You Are written by The Smeezingtons, Khalil Walton and Needlz (The Smeezingtons), sung by Peter Gene Hernandez (aka Bruno Mars)

Chapter Sixteen: I’ll Never Fall in Love Again by Burt Bacharach, sung by Dionne Warwick

Chapter Seventeen: How Deep is Your Love was written and performed by the Bee Gees

Chapter Eighteen:Annie’s Song, written and sung by John Denver

Chapter Nineteen: You Oughta Know written and sung by Alanis Morreisette

Chapter Twenty: Love Letters written by Victor Young and Edward Heyman, sung by Bonnie Raitt and Elton John.

Chapter Twenty-One: Take it to the Limit written by and sung by Randy Meisner with Don Henley and Glenn Frey (The Eagles)

Chapter Twenty-Two: All of Me by John Legend

Chapter Twenty-Three: Yellow as written by Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, Chris Martin (Coldplay)

Chapter Twenty Four: You Raise Me Up written by Rolf Løvland and Brendan Graham, sung by Josh Groban

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