Star Wars AU Episode I: The Puppet Master


"Remember, Deak," said Obi-Wan, as he carefully maneuvered the ship over mountains and into a snow-filled valley, "there are many crystals in the cave. Do not be hasty in your approach. The first may be neither the best nor the worst. There is no need for haste, let them speak to you."

"Speak to me?" asked Deak. "I don't understand-they're crystals."

"You shall," said Obi-Wan. "Crystals through which the Force moves, the same energy that binds all of us together. The crystals will speak to you; they may show you things you do not understand. Trust your feelings. The whisperings of the Force may be faint at first, but do not be in haste. You must still yourself, still your mind, and listen. Remember..."

"Be still, and let the Force guide me," recited Deak. "I know."

"You know the words, Deak," said Obi-Wan. "But you do not know. The Force does not shout, it whispers. You will go through the cave, and visions may be presented to you that you do not understand. There are things you will face about yourself, but these are the trials that you must go through in order to be called a Jedi at all."

"That's all I ever wanted," replied Deak.

The ship set down on the field of drifting snow, and Deak put on his hooded cloak. He took the white satchel, and started off toward the waiting cave.

Obi-Wan Kenobi sat in the ship, waiting. It had been years since he himself had trekked through that white expanse. He watched until Deak had disappeared into the surrounding environment.

Idly, he walked over to the dejarik table, running through a standard opening. Am I truly worthy of this task? Did Qui-Gon wonder when I was in the cave? Then he tried a slight variation, a less orthodox beginning of the game which Qui-Gon had once favored. Sipping his tea, he contemplated the moves, and waited.

At last, the door of the ship slid open, and he heard the youth's steps, stomping by the entry to shake the snow from his boots before continuing.

Serene movement brought Obi-Wan to the ship's door. The young man had a pallor that spoke of the privations which had accompanied him throughout the meditations. The hilt of a lightsaber was at his belt.

"Master," he said, speaking the ritual words to seal the Master-Padawan connection. "I, Anakin Skywalker, seek to learn of the living Force."

What a burden this is! I hope I am up to such a task. Obi-Wan smiled, and replied, "Anakin, my padawan. I, Obi-Wan Kenobi, shall teach of the living Force." He paused, and then added, "Come and eat, for the journey ahead will be long."


Star Wars AU Episode II: Art of the Chiaroscurist

"The senate is in recess," said Anakin. "It would be a good opportunity ..."

"No, absolutely not," said Padmé as Anakin's intention dawned on her. "I won't stand for someone else being put in harm's way on my account like that!"

"The use of a decoy has already been compromised," said Captain Typho. "The assassin knows that the second attempt failed for that reason ..."

"Which is why it would work now," interrupted Anakin. "No one would think that the Senator would again use a decoy."

"It is our best chance to flush out the assassin," agreed Pemba. "Sharesca and I will continue to serve the 'Senator' in our guise as handmaidens. Dormé will be quite safe, and the assassin will be found, I can assure you."

"You have a visitor, m'lady," announced Captain Typho.

A golden man entered the room behind one of Captain Typho's underlings.

"C-3PO!" exclaimed Padmé. "What brings you here?"

"M'lady," replied C-3PO. "Senator Organa requests the pleasure of Senator Amidala's company at the Grand Alderaanian Gathering in the Royal Pavillion. May I give a reply?"

Padmé did not look at Captain Typho. "Yes," she replied. "Tell Senator Organa that Senator Amidala accepts his kind invitation with pleasure."

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