The King's Desire || 박지민


Short story Vampire au "Damn, the long wait was worth it"

Romance / Mystery
Just call me A
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Chapter 1

I used all of my strength to pull myself away from Jimin, luckily,I was able to escape his grasp, however, there were marks on my arm thanks to his tight grip, I whimpered in pain, how did I even end up here again?

Oh right, my favorite doll turned out to be Jimin, a vampire, who is standing in front of me right now, he’s been spying on me for my whole life, waiting for the perfect moment to kidnap me and bring me to his uh, vampire kingdom, I still don’t have a clue on why I was chosen though

“Jiyeon, you’re making this hard for the both of us” Jimin groaned and attempted to grab me again, but I moved away from him quickly “I suppose you forgot that you’re in my territory now, so follow as I say if you don’t want your blood to be sucked by a random vampire” his face was still serious, those red eyes of his were focused on mine, I couldn’t help but gulp, I am not dying at this age! I just nodded at him, he smirked in victory and motioned me to get closer

By the time I was beside him, he grabbed unto my waist and we teleported somewhere else, I couldn’t believe my eyes! In front of me was a huge manor, I’d expect it to be red and black, but it was surprisingly white, before you enter the actual manor, there’s a whole garden of roses, they looked so lovely!

I walked closer to one of the bushes but a strong grip on my arm pulled me away before I could do so, I glared at Jimin who didn’t have any emotion on his face “only vampires can smell and touch them, mere mortals like you could kill that amazing plant” I pouted, well, that’s not fair at all

We both went inside the Manor, many vampire maids greeted us, er, I mean Jimin, once they bowed to him, they look at me with a glare, I could imagine the foul words that are going through their mind right now, was it because I’m a human being? Or because I’m a stranger who is with their master?

It’s not like I can kill him anytime though, Jimin is freaking scary, especially when he’s very serious, I wonder if he gives out any other aura

We walked up a few stairs, passed by a few rooms and paintings, I wasn’t surprised when I felt tired already, damn, can I get that vampire ability that makes me fly? Or can I not feel pain at all? Nah, that’d be too impossible, even for supernatural beings like them.

I was beyond glad when we finally stopped in front of a door that had no label whatsoever on it, I’m assuming that it’s my room for the meantime, I could ask Jimin so that I’d make sure- “Nope, it isn’t, your temporary room is much better compared to this” he answered and smirk, ugh! Again with that annoying smirk! Oh wait! How did he know that I was going to ask about-? “I just do” he spoke again and just shrugged

“Do you read minds?” I raised an eyebrow at him, he just nodded and knocked on the door loudly “Hey V! Come out you lazy piece of shit! We have a visitor here!” He shouted, what the fuck?! Who shouts at someone and demands that they get out of their room in an instant?! And who is V?! Jimin should update me more if he expects me to stay in this manor for who knows how long. I was snapped out of my thoughts when the door opened, revealing a man , er, vampire, slightly taller than Jimin, he had a more masculine appearance and his hair was very messy, he scratched his head and looked at the vampire beside me

“what was so important that I had to get out of my bed this early for?” He groaned and looked at me, he gave Jimin a questioning look and immediately fixed himself , mind you, that all happened in the blink of an eye, he showed a very big rectangular smile, the genuine-like kind, the smile that Jimin never shows me, tsk, I think he only knows how to smirk but oh well “Oh, sorry for the horrible first impression, I’m Kim Taehyung, Jimin’s brother by vampire blood, I’m the most handsome and charming vampire in this household-” Jimin coughed at the statement but Taehyung just ignored it “what brings you here? Jimin? Are you kidnapping innocent and cute girls again?”

He scoffed “You know very well that I have never brought anyone to this Manor except Jiyeon here, now cut the act, I won’t let you make her your next” Jimin was looking at Taehyung with a deadly glare “Perhaps you would like to go back inside your room and clean it? It’s not nice to leave a partner inside such dump”

Taehyung’s face slowly turned into an emotionless one, am I the only one who didn’t understand a single thing that they said? I jumped when Taehyung slammed the door loudly when he got back inside

“What was that about?” I crossed my arms and tapped my feet impatiently, waiting for an answer that Jimin never gave, all he did was give me a don’t-ask look and dragged me to another side of the Manor, oh, so am I the doll now? Is this some kind of revenge for slightly abusing my doll a few weeks ago? We stopped in front of another room, and from my observation, this had the best door in the whole Manor!

I looked at Jimin who was giving me an aren’t-you-getting-inside? Look, jeez, he could just talk, is opening your mouth plus making sounds, hard nowadays? “Is this my room?” I asked while crossing my fingers, I was very much disappointed when Jimin chuckled and shook his head “This is OUR room, I should’ve mentioned it before I brought you here but I guess it slipped off my mind” he shrugged

I felt my jaw drop, I am not sleeping beside that jerk! “So? Are you getting inside or will you be sleeping in the hallways? You can sleep in the dungeon where I keep all my lovely pets, be my guest”

I don’t trust the hallways because of the maids, the dungeon would’ve been perfect but I don’t have a good feeling about Jimin’s lovely pets, so I guess I’m forced to choose this room whether I like it or not, I sighed and went inside first, I swore that I saw Jimin smirking in victory again

I felt my eyes widen when I saw a king-sized bed in the middle of the room, it looked like one of the beds that you would find in the normal world though, I looked around and saw a large study table, beside it was a bookshelf filled with ancient-like books, and on the other side of the room was a glass door which leads to the balcony

“Remember when I said that your room is better than all of the rooms in this Manor?” I nodded “I still don’t see how this is ‘better’ in your point of view” I retorted which made him roll his eyes

“I forgot, you know nothing about vampires, this Manor was created by the great-granddaughter of Count Dracula, it started off as a rather small hoe, but as generations pass, the different owners would tend to expand the house to slowly turn it into the best Vampire Manor that anyone has ever seen, a few centuries ago, one of my ancestors, created a room that is only for the king to live in, and guess what? That room is the one we’re inside of right one, the room I’m letting you stay at” He smirked once again, wait, so he’s the king?!

“Yes, darling, I’m so glad that you noticed” I felt like I would’ve thrown up on the spot “Is there anything else that you wish to know? Even if I’m the king, I’m always free, especially when it comes to you” I am just going to ignore the fact that he said the last part, I am very curious about this world though, so I guess asking wouldn’t hurt

“What did Taehyung mean by brothers by vampire blood? And what did you mean by partner?” I curiously asked “Well, Taehyung and I weren’t born as vampires, you see, parents in this world can have children in two ways, it’s either make love, you know, the natural option, or having both parents suck some blood from the same person, our mother wasn’t able to give birth to a vampire, so they went with the second option, they went for me centuries ago, Taehyung and I got bitten at the same age, but he was bitten a decade after I was, so in the human world, the age gap between us would be very big, whilst here, we’re both 25"

“Do you remember anything from your human life?” I asked, Jimin just shook his head “We tend to forget our old lives as we turn into vampires, but who needs those memories anyway? My human life could’ve been miserable or plain boring” He shrugged, I still can’t believe that he was once human

“About the partner thing, vampires are required to have at least one partner by their one millionth year to continue their lives, if they fail to get a partner by their millionth year, bad things happen, and one good thing about the partner thing is, our powers get stronger, and if we partner up with a human, we’re able to resist garlic, we can have tons of them actually, take Taehyung for example, however I haven’t got one yet”

“So you’re just using me to live longer?” I raised an eyebrow, I don’t like where this conversation is going! “Don’t think like that, I promise you that you won’t ever regret being my partner” He sounded so sure of himself “Fine, but I’ll only be your partner for a while, after that, I go back to my world safe and sound” I said with determination, in case he’ll hurt me in any way possible, I’ll just escape this Manor and beg a random vampire to bring me to the human world, sounds like a good plan right?

I got rather confused when Jimin started chuckling “what’s funny?” I questioned him, was it my face? Did he pull some kind of prank on me? Ugh! Why can’t he answer directly? “I think the both of us see the partner thing differently” He was talking normally and he placed his hands in his pockets “Jiyeon, it isn’t that simple, you think that once I announce to the vampire world that you’re my partner, everything’s all settled?” I nodded in reply “Tsk, humans” Jimin rubbed his temple and sat on his bed

“The thing I’m talking about is you and me on this bed, having too much fun that by the time you get to the real world, you forgot how to walk, if you know what I mean” he winked at me, I was taken aback, well clearly that isn’t the simplest thing to do! Does he seriously expect me to do that with him?! “Well, yes” he replied coolly


“You want us to fuck now?” He smirked

“No- I mean, fuck this! All of this! You should’ve just grabbed a random slutty vampire who would willingly do it with you if all you want is a longer life and power to remain as the king! I am not that kind of girl, Park Jimin” I shouted and gave him a death glare, I expected him to give me a cocky remark but I was a bit nervous when his expression turned cold, I feel like I want to run away now, I’m terrified to even think of what he’d to do me with that look

“Well, Oh Jiyeon, I did not waste twenty-three years of my vampire life to watch, protect, worry, and wait for you then be rejected like this! YES! I could have chosen a random person and problem solved! But I chose you because I don’t have low standards!” He roared

“Sorry but I never asked you to do those things for me!” I felt my blood boil, completely forgetting the fact that I was scared “You watched me all my life right? Then you should know that I don’t like it when people do things for me especially if they think that I’m some kind of kind when in reality, I’m a freaking adult who has a mind of her own!”

I ran to the other side of the room when Jimin fell down to the ground, he was shaking uncontrollably, it was like he was being possessed by a demon, I felt my legs acting all jelly-like, why can’t I move? I froze when Jimin looked at me, his eyes that were filled with anger a while ago, was sad now “R-Run” he managed to say and lost consciousness, Although I didn’t know why he said that, I went towards the door just to ensure my safety, I slightly opened it and watched Jimin to see if he was okay,

I gulped when he started moving again, he slowly stood up, his head was facing , he slowly lifted it and I felt my heartbeat race when I saw his face, he looked like a whole new person, well, his face didn’t change a bit but the way he was looking at me did, his eyes were more red, he was clenching his jaw, and he was staring at me as if he could kill me and not regret it after, just like lightning, he flew towards the area where I was at, before he could catch me, I went out of the room and held the door with all my strength, Jimin was stronger though, he pulled it with all his might on the other side, if I continue staying here, I’d die in no time, I let go of the handle and ran as fast as I could, good thing I still remember where Taehyung’s room is

I ran there without even thinking of looking back, by the time I reached his room, I knocked loudly, I sighed in relief when he quickly opened the door, “what’s wrong?” He asked me, I tried to talk but no words could escape my mouth, I noticed Taehyung’s eyes widen and he immediately pulled me into his room, by the time I got in, he was breathing heavily and I heard him lock the door, Taehyung faced me with a serious expression and said “You shouldn’t have made him mad”

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