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Oh, Mother Earth

By Chelsea Marlin

Fantasy / Action

Trip to Midgard

Thor had been to Midgard many times. However, the trips to Earth had changed drastically when Thor had been banished to Midgard and powerless. Though, he felt power within himself that he had never experienced before. He felt restless on Asgard, it just didn't feel like home anymore, not completely anyways.

Thor half listened through another one of Odin's lectures on family and how it was meaningless for him to worry about Earth so much. Thor did not understand what his father had against Earth. He was determined to find out, but right now, Thor wanted to go to Midgard and visit the mortal Jane Foster.

Thor found Jane absolutely fascinating. He felt all those around him expected him to be with Sif, but he just could not fully see her in that manner. Thor ignored the judgmental stares he received as he walked to the Bifrost. Lately, he had spent much of his time on Earth, and his fellow Asgardians were starting to notice.

Thor greeted Heimdall warmly, "Hello, good Heimdall."

"Another trip to Earth today?" Heimdall smiled at the golden prince.

"Yes," Thor grinned, "I want to see Jane on this fine day?"

"Very well," Heimdall answered, "I will open the bridge for you."

Thor stood waiting as the bridge began to whirl to life. He instantly felt his body being sucked into the oncoming vortex. Thor never really could fully adjust to the outer body experience the Bifrost brought. He braced himself for the landing ahead.

Thor landed roughly on his feet. He looked around to the familiar sight of the small terrace outside of Jane's apartment in New York. He knocked on the door rougher than he intended and the glass door cracked around the frame. "I will fix it I swear," Thor said as Jane opened the door smiling and shaking her head.

"Hey you," Jane said as she planted a kiss on Thor's lips.

Thor smiled in a rather childish manner, "Shall we go inside? It is rather warm out today."

Jane nodded and led Thor in by his large hand. They had basically become a couple over the last few months. Thor was having a rather hard time adjusting to the Midgardian ways in 'going out' as Jane referred to it. Thor felt like he was getting better at this couple thing though; Jane hadn't slapped him lately at least, so he assumed he was doing something right.

Thor felt himself dozing off as he sat through another one of Jane's favorite movies, the current one being the Titanic. Thor had no idea why the two main characters couldn't both fit on the piece of wood, and why this fact seemed to make Jane cry every time. Thor put an arm around Jane's shoulders as she buried her face in his muscular shoulder.

"It will all be alright," Thor said comforting, "It is just a movie you don't have to be sad."

Jane tried to act mad at Thor's statement, but to no avail. Thor smiled as Jane broke out into hysterical laughing/sobbing. Thor decided he could get used to living a life like this. No monsters or controlling fathers, just him and Jane.

Thor felt a ripple of energy pass through the air. His body tensed and he drew Mjolnir to him. He observed the room for any danger, but none was present at first sight. Thor panicked as Jane's body tensed up to the point of being rigid. He barely caught her before her in time when she fell face forward off the couch. "Jane what is wrong?" Thor asked worriedly, "Are you alright?"

Jane didn't answer despite Thor's insistence. Thor decided he needed to call a Midgardian healer. He gently placed Jane down and rose to find the telephone device. As Thor stared back at Jane, he was petrified to see her eyes roll back in her head. The room grew cold and Jane's body jerked violently.

Thor dropped the phone and knelt down beside Jane. Before he could place a hand on her forehead, Jane rose slowly to a sitting position. Her head slowly turned to stare at Thor's face. Thor had never seen a person talk with their eyes rolled back in their head until this moment. "Jane?" He asked nervously.

"Thor," a voice came forth from Jane that did not belong to her, "I have waited so long to look upon your face my boy."

Thor felt his warrior instincts kick into high gear. There was nothing Thor hated more than a foe who used a loved one to get to him. "Who are you?" Thor asked angrily.

Jane, but not Jane, let out a creepy cackle. Thor flinched at the awful sound and adverted his eyes away. "Boy why don't you go ask your father about your mother; your real mother," the mystery voice said tauntingly.

Thor felt his blood boil, and he saw red. His mother had died and now this individual had the audacity to question his heritage and dishonor Frigga's memory. The room exploded as bursts of energy erupted from Thor's body. The windows blew outward and all the cabinets ripped from the hinges.

Thor didn't understand what had just happened. He had never been able to emit that type of energy other than when he was wielding his hammer. However, the blasts had come directly from him, and he had no idea how. Thor stared around the room in horror at all the damage he had caused Jane's apartment.

"You are even more powerful than I previously imagined," the voice said happily looking around the room.

"I do not know what game you are playing, but leave Jane out of it," Thor pleaded, "She has nothing to do with this."

"Oh, but she has everything to do with this my boy," the voice crooned, "She is the reason that the two of us finally have an opportunity to meet."

"I have no intention of meeting with you," Thor answered, "If we should meet face-to-face, it will be for your destruction by my hand."

Thor could swear he saw a shadowy face blend with Jane's, but he couldn't be sure because it was gone in a flash. "Thor, I will give you 3 days, mortal time, to meet me in Central Park," the voice said eerily, "Or I will return and take your mortal lover away so you will be forced to find me."

Thor wished he could bash the voice with Mjolnir, but he could not do that without hurting Jane. So, he simply settled on agreeing with the voices demands. "I will meet with you," Thor said warily, "But if any harm befalls Jane before then, the deal will be off."

"I agree to those terms," the voice answered, "I expect I will be seeing you soon. Do ask your father about your true parentage though."

Thor wanted to object, but couldn't as Jane's eyes began to return to their normal positions. "Jane are you alright?" Thor asked over-bearingly.

"What happened?" Jane asked holding her head, "It feels like I have been hit by a train."

"Someone possessed your body and told me to meet with them in three days," Thor answered, "It claimed Frigga wasn't my true mother."

Jane looked horrified, "You need to speak with your father immediately," Jane said going into no-nonsense mode.

Thor grinned sadly and placed a kiss to Jane's forehead. He bent and picked her up gingerly, carrying her to her bed, "You need to rest and recover your strength."

Jane fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow. Thor stroked her face, pushing a strand of hair from her eyes, and wished he could stay longer. Instead, Thor exited the destroyed room and called for Heimdall. As the bridge was touching down, Thor observed emergency vehicles pulling in front of the apartment.

Thor felt guilty that Jane would have to deal with the carnage alone, but he knew he had to return to Asgard. He was curious to know his father's reaction to the evening's events. Heimdall stared at him curiously as Thor stepped through the Bifrost portal. "Where is my father?" Thor asked begrudged.

"He is in his throne room," Heimdall said, "The war council just adjourned a few moments ago."

"Thank you," Thor answered walking away toward the palace.

Loki attempted to say something as Thor passed, but was cut off with a death glare. "Never mind," Loki said throwing his hands up in defense, "What is wrong with you?"

"I will explain at a later time brother," Thor answered as he continued to the throne room.

The large golden, double doors loomed ahead. Thor pushed the doors open so hard they banged against the wall. Thor stared hard into the face of his father's shocked expression. "I had an interesting experience on Earth today," Thor said halting at the foot of the throne, without bowing.

Odin arched his left eyebrow in curiosity, "And what is this 'interesting experience?"

Thor fixed his father with a pointed glare, "Someone possessed Jane's body and told me to ask you about who my actual mother is."

Odin immediately began to look uncomfortable and shifted in his throne. "My son I feared this would happen if you continued to venture to Midgard."

"What would happen?" Thor asked.

"Thor there are many beings on Earth that would love nothing more than to manipulate you against your own father," Odin said sighing and rubbing his hand down his face.

"Why won't you ever give me a straight answer, father?" Thor asked.

Odin rose from his throne angrily, "Don't question me boy!"

Thor took a timid step back. It had been many years since he had seen his father this angry. Thor decided it was in his best interest to leave the room and resume this conversation at a later time. Thor wanted to punch something as Loki spoke up from beside the door, "It is frustrating isn't it?"

Thor sighed, "What is frustrating?"

"When father doesn't tell you the truth," Loki said, "He holds back valuable information from us both."

For once, when it came to their father, Thor agreed with Loki. There was no way in Hel he was going to tell him that, but none the less he agreed. "What should I do?" Thor asked the god of mischief.

"You will have to find answers another way," Loki said, "I might help you with a cost."

Thor rolled his eyes, "There is always a cost with you brother."

Loki smirked and walked beside Thor toward their bedrooms, "Perhaps you should ask Heimdall about your problem," Loki said, "He does like you dearly."

For the second time in just a few moments, Thor agreed with Loki. "I believe I will actually do that," Thor answered, "Heimdall knows much, he can help me find answers. Thank you."

Thor started walking the opposite direction, back toward the watch tower. For once, Thor wasn't sure of his father's intentions. Clearly, there was something or someone on Midgard that Odin didn't want him to discover. Thor remembered how his power grew when he was on Earth, even without using his beloved hammer. Perhaps, he was connected to Earth more than just through Jane Foster.

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