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Prank Wars


"Naru! That's enough! The past few months have been rough for everyone. Besides...yourparentsarehere!" Madoka rushed, pulling Lin infront of her. It took the young narcissist a few seconds to decipher A light romantic comedy based off Ghost Hunt. This work is a Fanfiction piece and I hope you enjoy!

Humor / Romance
Vehyn Fyre
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A Plan Of Sorts

Prank wars

Chapter 1: A plan... Of sorts

Tuesday, September 10th


It was a normal day at the SPR office. Well, as normal as it could get at an office for paranormal investigations, and as usual...

"I'm here!" Our favourite brunette was late.

"Do you own a clock Mai?" Naru asked from within his dark office, or his lair as Mia had so affectionately referred to it on multiple occasions. The dark doorway contrasting with the champaign coloured walls of the main room.

"Yes!" She yelled back, placing her bag on her desk and made her way to the kitchenette. "It just so happens that it liked my wall too much."

Mumbling, the now 18 year old girl put the water to boil before pulling out two tea cups. Once the kettle whistled, she poured the hot water into the cups and waited till the once clear liquid changed to a soft amber colour. As if on cue, the young CEO called through the office.

"Mai, tea!" Was it just her, or was there a hint of amusement in his usually emotionless voice.

"Narcissistic jerk..." She whispered, placing the steaming cups on a tray before walking to Lin's office. Knocking softly, she pushed it open and placed the tea beside him on the desk, smiling softly before walking back out.

She then walked to the door open doorway of Naru's office and went straight in, placing his precious tea on his table before stepping back. He looked up to see her smiling brightly at him in which he simply raised his eyebrow at.

"Is there something you need?" The 19 year old male asked, smirking behind his hand as her eye twitched in agitation. Her grip tightening considerably on the silver tray.

"Why would I want anything from a jerk like you?" She huffed, turning on her heel and rushing out of the room. Her semi-long hair fanning out behind her before she slammed the door.

10:15 am

The office was quiet as Mai filed away more papers. Lin was in his office typing. She wasn't sure but she sometimes thought he might be writing a book with how much time he spent infront of the screen.

Suddenly however, the silence was broken by the bell over the door ringing. Jumping from her seat, Mai bowed.

"Hello and welcome to Shibuya Psychic Research. Do you... Madoka?" Mai asked, her usual customer welcome dying on her lips as the pink haired women closed the office door behind her.

"Mai! It's so good to see you. How have you been? The hyper female asked instead of answering and hugging the stunned brunette. Releasing the younger girl, she skipped to the couch and not so elegantly sat down, causing her already short skirt to hike up higher on her thigh.

"Um... I'm okay." Mai answered hesitantly, only now noticing that the sound of typing and page turning stopped. It was then Mai felt the malice and sense of doom coming from Naru's office.

"Well, if your only ok, then you'll be great when we go on holiday!" Madoka yelled, throwing her arms up in the air as she cheered.

Suddenly, Naru's door was retched open as the young man growled, causing Mai to step behind her desk.

"No." Was all he said, glaring at his former teacher. He only got a small pout, as she crossed her arms and stood from her seat.

"I'm not taking no for an answer...Little man." Madoka retaliated, smirking as Naru's eyes darkened in anger at her comment. Mai couldn't help but giggle, even as he pinned her with one of his many 'glares.' Yes, he had different types of glares. Only this glare said, 'I'm gonna kill you later.'

Just then, Lin's cautiously walked out from his office, but went no further than his doorway as he felt to evil aura practically radiating from his young boss. Raising an eyebrow, he turned his gaze to the smirking, pink haired women.

"Koujo!" She whined, walking to him and latching onto his arm. "Make Noll go on holidays!"

At this, his other eyebrow met his hairline.

"Madoka, I said no." Naru told her, his voice steady and cold as his resolve steeled. The women just frowned, looking as pitiful as she could at Lin. He sighed in defeat, which caused her mood to lift. Casting a quick, calculating look at his young, agitated boss, he closed his eyes and spoke.

"You know Naru, a holiday wouldn't be so bad. I mean, now that Gene has been laid to rest properly, we can afford a break. I think Gene would say the same." He winced slightly when he finally met Naru's eyes. To say the young man was angry would be an understatement. It would more so have been a cross between being absolutely furious and deep sorrow at the mention of Oliver's diseased brother.

"If you want to go so badly then go. I'm not stopping you." Naru hissed back.

"Naru! That's enough! The past few months have been rough for everyone. Besides...yourparentsarehere!" Madoka rushed, pulling Lin infront of her. It took the young narcissist a few seconds to decipher what he had been told before his anger dissolved into curiosity.

"What did you say?" He asked, crossing his arms and leaning against the doorframe. His eyebrow rose again, making its home in his fringe.

Sighing, she looked at Lin before rushing across the room and placing her hands on Mai's shoulders from behind. The poor girl was involuntarily turned into a human shield. However, Madoka knew Naru would never hurt Mai, which made it safe for the two females.

"Your parents are here in Japan. It was their idea for the holiday. Besides, they wanna meet the person that helped find Gene. Madoka explained, feeling the young brunette tense.

"Y-you can't be serious? Why would they wanna meet me?" Mai asked, her voice wavering as she looked at the pink haired women behind her.

"You don't need to worry Mai," Lin reassured her. "Martin and Luella have been pushing the issue ever since we came back. They also want to make sure that Noll relaxes for once."

Said boy stared at the two adults in the room with a mix between shock and hesitation. Why though, was beyond Mai.

"So mother and father came to Japan for Mai and myself... Since they would force me to go anyway, where exactly are we going?" He questioned the eldest female, suddenly regretting his question as Madoka's eyes gleamed with mischief.

"Your parents beach villa!" She answered happily. "Besides, you'll get to see Mai in a swim suit!"

It took no more than three seconds for Naru to turn around and walk back into his dark office, calling for tea before slamming the door.

Mai felt her eyes burn as she turned to look at the ground, slipping from Madoka's now loose grip before heading into the kitchenette. After making the tea, she walked back into the main room to see both adults hadn't moved. Lin looked a little agitated with a hint of concern while the other occupant looked like she was drowning in her own guilt.

"Look...Mai. I'm sorry, I-", She tried to find the right words but she drew a blank. Mai just gave her a half-hearted smile and a shrug before her expression turned blank. She had spent too much time with her narcissist of a boss if she hid her feelings that quickly.

"No Madoka. It's alright. I'm used to it."With that, she shuffled into her bosses' office after knocking and walked out again. Sitting at her desk, Lin led Madoka into his office.

Chapter 2 preview – Rough Ride

Thursday, September 12th

Two days later Naru found himself sitting on a plane with an overly happy assistant to his left and an overly childish mentor on the other.

'How did I get stuck sitting with them?' He thought to himself, groaning quietly at the high pitched giggle Madoka let pass through her lips. 'This is HELL.'

So, there's Chapter 1 of Prank Wars. Did you like it, I swear it gets better. I wrote it when I couldn't sleep one night and my friends liked it. The next chapter will involve Gene (Yay!) The next chapter will also be less dramatic and the story does get funnier.

So review and whoever guesses why Naru stormed back into his office will get a special mention! If more than 4 people guess then I will make Naru wear a pink tutu in a later chapter!

This chapter is also dedicated to my friend for her birthday. Happy B-Day Esen! I also wanna thank one of my other friends who helped edit this story!

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