Prank Wars

Colourful Surprises

Prank Wars

Summary: The Pranks have begun and are taking a slight romantic turn with Naru using his brain to his advantage. There is a connected story to this of mine called Ghost Only. Check it out! The pranks have begun!

Disclaimer: I do not own Ghost Hunt

Chapter 10: Colourful Surprises?

"Yasuhara!" A shrill scream echoed through the villa, disturbing those in the kitchen that had just taken their seats for dinner. Everyone, even Yasuhara, stopped, waiting and watching for the only one that could have been responsible for the scream. But what they saw, while it was Ayako, was a lot more… colourful, than they expected.

"Who did this?" She yelled, her white towel a stark contrast to her now purple skin, "Tell me." She pinned Yasu with a glare which he just shrugged off.

"Wasn't me." Everyone cast him disbelieving looks, "Hey! I'm telling the truth! It wasn't me this time!"

"Yasuhara! If you're lying-"

"Miss Matsuzaki! Your towel!" John's flustered voice caughter her attention and Monk quickly realised the source of the young mans panic. The bassist acted quickly and reached forward, grabbing the towel and pressing it against her flesh just as it was about to fall.

There was silence throughout the room, even the crickets at stopped as they all took in the sight before them. It was Ayako, who would have been blushing bright red under the purple colouring, who grabbed the towel from Monk's hands. The next second went by so quickly that the group only saw Ayako's retreating back as Monk hit the floor, curled on his side as he groaned. It wasn't long before they realised where, exactly, she had hit him.

"I… I was o-only… trying to… help…" He struggled to say as he tried to regain his breath, cradling his delicate parts.

"Oh, poor Monk." Madoka consoled him, the males of the room wincing as phantom pain took hold. They decided it was best to let him rest and they all went about their dinner. But it wasn't until Madoka went to wash up that the next prank was pulled.

"Ok! If we're all done, then I'll wash tonight!" Madoka's cheery voice broke through the silence that had dominated the room, mainly caused from Naru and Lin, yes, Naru and Lin having a sword fight with their knives over who would get the last piece of corn. Which was promptly broken up by Luella who then had the piece stolen by Martin. Which then caused a small food fight resulting in Monk getting another hit to his precious place by said piece of corn.

"Are you sure Madoka? I can do it." Mai volunteered, helping the pinkette gather the plates while receiving thank you's from those still sitting.

"Oh I'm sure. You relax, you cleaned up the last mess from my prank. It's the least I could do." The pinkette took the plates from the brunette and started organising them on the sink. "Now you just sit back and-"

Just as she turned the tap, bright yellow water bounced off the sink with more force than they thought possible, and the train wreck was inevitable. It sprayed Madoka all over.

"Turn it off Madoka!" Luella yelled over the sound of the water, rushing over to try help her friend. But the more she tried to turn it off, the more water came out until the tap itself broke, sending a fountain dyed yellow water into the air. Everyone scrambled to get away, Lin and Martin trying their best to get to the two colourful women to turn the water off.

"Lin! Under the sink, see if there's a valve!" Martin yelled, using his hands to try stop the swell of water from causing more damn than it already had. The two women did what they could so contain the water with bowls and towels. It was panic until it all suddenly stopped and the sound of a sliding door caught the four adults attention. Naru stood at the back door, his eyebrow raised at the curious sight of the brightly coloured, yellow individuals who were meant to take care of him his whole life.

"It's called a main valve. Use it next time." Was all Naru said as he closed the door and left the room, muttering a brief goodnight before leaving sight.

The four adults, the only ones left in the room looked at each other, neon yellow and dripping wet, they couldn't help but laugh.


The next morning found everyone, including the four bright yellow adults; Martin, Luella, Madoka and Lin, as well as a purple Ayako, sitting around the pool. Mai, Masako and Yasu stood talking about who the prankster could be when John came out of the kitchen, looking more tired than usual.

"You ok John?" Mai asked, worried about her friend.

"Yes. You do seem rather lethargic today? Are you ill?" The worry made the guilt weigh heavily on his shoulders.

"Uh, yeah, just a poor nights sleep I suppose." He tried to make them feel better and Yasu cast him a knowing look.

"Well, then, why not take a dunk in the pool to wake up then John?" He suggested, watching as the priest cast a worried look at the water.

"Uh, no thanks. I just ate. And you know what they say." He quickly covered and watched as Yasuhara wrapped his arms around both girls.

"Well then let me help you along with your plan!" The dark haired male suddenly yelled and with a jerk, plunged himself and both females into the pool. Both Mai and Masako came up sputtering for air, shaking their heads of water, not noticing the gasps that echoed from the edge of the water.

"Yasu!" Mai yelled, waiting for the man to surface.

"Um… Mai?" Masako's voice was weak and Mai turned to see her friend, her now blue friend, pointing at her.

"Masako! Your blue!" Mai yelled, raising her hand to point when she noticed her own skin colouring, "Oh my gosh! I'm blue!"

"We're all blue!" Yasu yelled, breaking the surface of the water, "And it's not my fault!"

His laugh made them stop and he just pointed to a sheepish John, a small blush covering his cheeks.

"JOHN!" They all yelled, eyes wide with disbelief.

"Uh. It seemed like fun. And when I came across one of Yasuhara's plans, I couldn't help myself." He felt guilty, but he had had his fun. Though John had a feeling it was about to go south…

"Oh really?" Ayako asked, stalking up to the blonde along with Luella and Madoka. "Well, if that was fun, this should be too!"

The three women laughed as they grabbed the young man, Madoka and Luella each with a leg and Ayako with his arms in hers and they swung him into the pool, watching as he landing with a satisfying splash. However, he wasn't the only one that felt their wrath.

Monk and Naru had also been showered by the blue water, and while not as badly affected, the two would definitely have a hard time ridding themselves of their new skin tone.


So, there you have it. Kinda rushed, but I got the idea and had to write it. I'm sorry for the lack of updating, life's just gotten so crazy. Studying. Looking for work. Man, it sucks. Anyway, my Q&A is still going, ask anything in any way you want. Also, a big thank you to my reviewers from last chapter:









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