Prank Wars

Rough Ride

Prank wars

Summary: Yasuhara was always a schemer. With his schemes, came pranks. How will these pranks turn out when Naru joins in for revenge? How will it bring Naru and Mai together? Well read, review and you may just find out. Stay tuned as the plot thickens!

Disclaimer: I definitely do not own Ghost Hunt. If I did, I think my insanity may just have made a third season to the anime like this story! XD Enjoy!

Warning: Spoilers, mild swearing, some gore in later chapters. Sorry for any mistakes! Also, this is a part 2/2 of my prelude chapters. Explaining and such with be in this chapter and the real pranking and other things will begin in the next chapter. Set roughly a year after the end of the anime with references to the manga.

I would also like to thank everyone who reviewed! You guys are awesome. Anyway, this is Part two of the story introduction and I made this chapter extra long as a thank you to everyone. Sorry it took so long to update but I started Year 11 and so far, I'm still alive!

My special thanks goes to everyone that reviewed (I know I said to those that guessed but you guys are just too awesome!):

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So, without further ado... On with the chapter!

Chapter 2: Rough Ride

Eugene talking

Mai's thoughts

Naru's thoughts




Thursday, September 12th


Two days later Naru found himself sitting on a plane with an overly happy assistant to his left and an overly childish mentor on the other.

'How did I get stuck sitting with them?' He thought to himself, groaning quietly at the high pitched giggle Madoka let pass through her lips. 'This is HELL.'

'It's not that bad. You get to sit next to Mia.'

His eyes widened slightly at the sound of a new voice in his head.


'Who else? Geez, no one else would be able to talk to you in your head. Which, mind you, is hard with all this ... –logical- stuff flying around.'

'Then get out.' Naru smirked behind his hand as he heard his brother huff in distain.

'You trying to get rid of me? I'm hurt bro, and here I thought you'd like a distraction from Madoka.' Gene told his twin, sarcasm laced thickly through his voice.

'...well... I do...' Naru agreed, only then realising Gene had only said Madoka's name. 'I mean...uh...'

'Wow. The Great Oliver Davis actually has nothing smart to say! That's a first. I wonder how you'll be when you see Mai in a bikini?' Gene pondered, his laughter reverberating through Naru's head as the said narcissist replied,

'Shut up! I'm not talking to you anymore!'

With that, our favourite narcissist cut the connection with is deceased brother. Surprisingly, it was quiet not that he wasn't listening to his twin, peaking his curiosity.

Glancing to his left, he saw Madoka sleeping soundly in her seat. He then looked to his right and saw Mai, a book in her hands as she giggled quietly before meeting his gaze. Amusement danced in her brown coloured eyes before she explained to cause the her entertainment,

"You made Gene sad." She stated simply, giggling again when she registered the shocked that flashed across his face, "He won't stop complaining about how you're ignoring him."

After sending her an inquisitive look, he opened the connection with his brother, only to wince as his headache almost instantaneously became worse at his twins whining.

'Naru! So you aren't ignoring me? I knew you loved m-'

Naru promptly cut the connection for a second time that day, his expression cloudy. His eyes softened however when Mai started laughing. He allowed a smirk to show as he too took some form of entertainment from his brother's antics.

Maybe sitting next to Mai wasn't so bad...




It had been a whole thirty minutes of Gene's whining before Mai finally let out a quiet, aggravated sigh and rubbed her temple. Sure, she loved his warm, childish personality, but his endless rant about his 'cold, heartless, insensitive brother,' was beginning to wear on her nerves.

The dark haired male next to her looked up from his familiar black folder and sent her a knowing look. Though he missed his brother, he was glad he could block him out, unfortunately for Mai, the skill eluded her. Whether it was due to her kind heart or her dormant powers, the 17 year old girl had to suffer the mental assault of the upset twin.

"He won't stop... will he?" She asked, opting to look out the window of the plane instead of his fierce, sapphire eyes.

"Have you tried to make him stop?" Naru asked his eyebrow rising, yet the humour and softness in his voice surprised them both.

"Yes!" She answered exasperatedly, burying her head in her hands, "But then he'll just accuse me of being just like you and start all over again!"

She grimaced at the volume of which Gene's voice had taken after hearing her comment. He was in her head after all. It was bad enough that he was in her head without permission, but what was even worse was the fact that she couldn't do a thing to get rid of him.

'Gene. Leave Mai alone.'

Said girls head snapped up at the sound of her narcissistic bosses voice echoed in her head.

'Am I going insane?' She thought, regretting it almost immediately as Naru smirked at her.

'No Mai. Your not going insane. The only reason you can hear me is because of Gene. But I won't bother explaining it to you, it would take too long,' he told her, watching her as her face lit up at his seemingly caring gesture, 'Not that you'd understand even if I did.'

His smirk grew as her cheeks puffed and her face flushed. His amusement was quickly washed away as her expression shifted to that of a distant, hurt look that made his chest constrict painfully. She turned back to the window and watched the sun set before quietly asking Gene to leave her alone.

Naru then felt the connection drop from Mai and he looked out of the corner of his eye to see her shift in her seat as she buried her face in her book.

'You ass! You total, complete- God! You really are an idiot scientist!'

His eyes widened at his brothers yelling. Numerous profanities and insults being thrown his way at such a rapid pace that he couldn't make sense of any of them, for that, he was grateful.

He could imagine Gene, standing with his fists clenched at his side, his chest heaving as he tried to regain his breathe. His face flushed in rage as he finally stopped yelling.

'Are you done?' Naru asked, cringing as his brother cursed at him.

'You... you... Gah! I can't believe you! All she was doing was sitting there and you treat her like she's the idiot!' Again, Gene huffed before inhaling loudly. 'Look. Mai is actually very intelligent and has been very patient with you. She deserves your respect and it's about time you gave it to her.'

With that, Gene cut the connection, leaving a slightly stunned male to ponder his brothers words.

'...she's actually very intelligent...'

Scoffing, he turned to look at his brunette haired assistant. Her breathing was soft and even as she slept, her book hanging precariously off the edge of her lap.

Sighing, he reached over and grabbed the thick tome, but before he could set it on the floor, he caught sight of the title, 'The Power of the Mind.'

His father had written it and he remembered it was a rather difficult text to understand as even he had trouble reading it. Glancing once again at the unconscious girl, he placed to book down and sat up.

"You learn something new everyday." Madoka whispered, causing his back to tense before his eyes narrowed at her.

"Madoka? How long have you been awake?" he asked her, hesitating only slightly.

"Long enough to know that you watcher her longer than you should have. Everyone knows how you feel about her, so stop being so cold." The older women giggled.

"What feelings? Mai is just my assistant. No more, no less." He stated as the flight attendant announced that they would be landing just as Madoka was about to retort, anger flashing in her bright eyes.

"It's fine Madoka."

Naru stiffened as he titled his head toward Mai. She was sitting hunched over her book, seatbelt already buckled as she kept reading.

'Did I really stare at her that long?'

"You're such an idiot, Noll," Madoka hissed so that only he could hear, "You'd better make it up to her..."

His blood froze at the hidden threat, gulping quietly as he nodded stiffly.

'This holiday will be the end of me...'




Yasuhara and John waited at baggage collection for everyone, having arrived a few days prior.

"Yasu! John!" Mai yelled, the messenger bag she had taken on the plane bouncing on her hip as she ran up to them.

"Mai! How've you been?" John asked kindly, smiling as she hugged him in welcome.

"I've been good. What about you? And Yasu?" She replied, grabbing her suitcase from Yasu.

"Well, with Yasu? I have to say that there was never a dull moment." They laughed as the male in question walked up to Monk.

"Oh Monk! I missed you so much! Did you miss me?" the young man cried, grabbing the older males hands and drawing attention from the people closest to them. "Oh! You don't need to answer! I know you missed me!"

"Dammit Yasu!" Monk yelled, struggling to get the younger man off him, "That's not just wrong, but creepy as hell too! Get off!" Everyone who had stopped to what the melodramatic sceptical laughed at the struggling monk who had yet to pry the college student from his person.

"Yasu! Up to your old ways again?" Madoka sang, skipping up to the college student, effectively getting him to release a thoroughly disturbed Monk.

"Madoka! Monk was mean to me!" The young man complained, crocodile tears streaking down his face.

Walking calmly but quickly past the rather over acted scene, Lin, Masako, Ayako and Naru retrieved their bags.

"They will never change... will they?" Mai asked, her eyes widening slightly as Lin actually answered her.

"I don't believe so. But, would we have them any other way?" He replied, smiling gently at her before she returned the gesture.

In the past six months, they had grown closer between Naru revealing his secret, finding Gene's body and then leaving a heartbroken Mai in Japan. Once they came back from England two months ago though, he had hugged her upon his return in a silent gesture to say he had missed her.

"We should head to the villa. It's late." Naru stated. The others had already left them behind, neglecting to pick up either Monk's or Madoka's luggage. Upon realising this, Mai sighed loudly.

"Oh man. We're not even on a case and I still have to do the heavy lifting..." She mumbled, reaching down to grab not only her own suitcase, but the other two as well. But her hand was quickly slapped away as Lin took the baggage hands.

"Don't worry Mai. I'll take them." He told her. She was about to protest when he shook his head, "I mean it Mai. Since I've known you, you've never once had a proper break. Not even while we were gone. So now I'm making you have one."

With that, he took the bags and left.

"I suggest you listen to Lin." Naru told her, grabbing her hand and pulling her after the chinese man. If she had been paying more attention to her surroundings, she would have noticed how his cheeks had coloured slightly.

"Ne... Naru?" She hesitated, looking at their joined hands before lacing her fingers with his.

"Mai... What I... What I said on the plane. I didn't mean it." He told her, avoiding eye contact as he pulled her out of the airport and into the warm night.

"Oh. Don't worry about it. I'm used to it by now." She reassured him, causing him to stop and face her.

'Do... do I really say negative things to her that much?' He thought, his chest tightening uncomfortably with an unknown and unfamiliar way.

"Hey! Hurry up you two! Your with me!" Monk yelled at them, his head sticking out of the drivers side window of the rental car.

"Come on." Naru told her, gently pulling her after him. Opening the back passenger door for her, he then proceeded to walk to the bag of the car and opened the boot.

"Hey Mai? What's with Naru?" Monk whispered, using the mirrors to keep an eye on the narcissist.

"What? I haven't noticed anything... not really." She answered, leaning her head on her hand as she probed her elbow on the window sill. Her eyes hooded as she watched the last of the light fade beyond the horizon.

"That's because there's nothing to notice." Naru said, getting into the seat next to Mai and closing the door.

"What? When did you move?" Monk yelled. Once he realised he wouldn't get an answer, he started the engine and got onto the main road. "Hey Mai?"

"Yes?" The girl jumped as the older male addressed her.

"You okay?" She pondered the question before nodding her head rather hesitantly.

"Yeah. But I've just got this feeling like... Well, I'm not really sure. But I think something's about to happen..." She said, not noticing Naru's eyes on her...






"Madoka! How are you?" A feminine voice squealed as soon as the pink haired women stepped out of the car.

"Luella! I've been absolutely fantastic! What about you? And Martin?" She replied with a question as she hugged the women. The two of them giggled like school girls before almost instantly launching into a gossip session.

"Finally! Vacation!" Ayako yelled as she followed the path to the other women, Masako and Yasuhara following behind the red head.

"Hey there Luella," Yasu called. He may have only met the women the day before but he was already close to her. "Is everything ready?"

The seemingly random question caused Ayako's eyebrows to kiss her hairline as Masako lifted her kimono sleeve. However, neither of the women were the ones to answer the young man.

"Yes Yasu, everything is ready. The only thing left to do is give them the instructions."




So, there's chapter 2. I wasn't really happy with it but still, I thought it was necessary for the story. Anyway, stay tuned for Chapter 3: Possession, Pink and ... Naru? Yes, the tutu wearing man makes an early appearance just because you guys were so awesome at guessing. If you like this story, check out my new Ghost Hunt story, Cases of a Different Kind.

So, stay safe and happy until next update and leave your opinion on what you think might happen with a possessed, tutu wearing Naru and try answer this question too;

What do you get when you have a cold day, skimpy swim suit (courtesy of Yasu) and a odd acting Naru?

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