Prank Wars

Possession, Pink and Naru?

Prank wars

Summary: Yasuhara was always a schemer. With his schemes, came pranks. How will these pranks turn out when Naru joins in for revenge? How will it bring Naru and Mai together? Well read, review and you may just find out. Stay tuned as the plot thickens!

Disclaimer: I definitely do not own Ghost Hunt. If I did, I think my insanity may just have made a third season to the anime like this story! I DO NOT OWN HOME AND AWAY OR NEIGHBOURS!

I apologise in advance for my excessive use of the word strange in this chapter, I just want to make that clear.

XD Enjoy!

Warning: Spoilers, mild swearing, some gore in later chapters. Sorry for any mistakes! Also, this is a part 2/2 of my prelude chapters. Explaining and such with be in this chapter and the real pranking and other things will begin in the next chapter. Set roughly a year after the end of the anime with references to the manga.

Recap:"Hey there Luella," Yasu called. He may have only met the women the day before but he was already close to her. "Is everything ready?"

The seemingly random question caused Ayako's eyebrows to kiss her hairline as Masako lifted her kimono sleeve. However, neither of the women were the ones to answer the young man.

"Yes Yasu, everything is ready. The only thing left to do is give them the instructions."

Chapter 3: Possession, Pink and...Naru? Part 1

Mai had seen many odd things in her life. For example, she had seen Masako blush for the first time without hiding her face behind her kimono sleeve. She had seen Monk kissing a mop while moaning Ayako's name. She had seen Ayako in turn kissing a small, handheld mirror. This all happened on the same.

On this very same day, Mai had found out John was obsessive over a show called 'Home and Away' while Yasu had been entered in a Drag Queen contest and Lin was an aspiring author/ actor. The thought sent a shudder down her spine as she recalled the events of the day...


The office was rather quite, as Mai stepped into the threshold of her work place. It was well past eleven and yes, that did mean she was late... by two hours. But the expected scolding and call for tea did not come. Curiosity peaking, she placed her bag in the couch and took a deep breath before moving to stand infront of Naru's door. Raising her small hand to knock, she hesitated, smiled, and walked to Lin's door instead; only, she was halted in her attempt to knock at the sound of voices from the other side.

'But it's you! You're the one!'

The high pitched voice caused Mai to gasp.

'You only thick I'm the one. But do you even know who I really am?' A much more baritone voice sounded threw the thick wood door.

'I don't care who you are! All I need to know is that my feelings for you are true!' Again, the feminine voice cried, putting Mai on edge. This conversation was pulling at her subconscious and making her think it was a rather similar situation that happened between her and Naru.

'Are your feelings for me... or my brother?'

Mai gasped, grabbing the door knob and bursting into Lin's office without warning. As she looked around, eyes frantic in search of the people having the same issue Mai had, she saw Lin, posing in a... as best as she could put it, Naru-esk pose, his dark black laptop resting in his hand.

"Mai?" He asked, straightening up and closing his laptop. His cheeks gained some colour as the young brunette continued to look pointedly at him. "It... It isn't what it looks like..."

The excuse was weak and he waited for her to either laugh at him or accuse him of being strange, which oddly enough, mattered to the Chinese man. To him, Mai was like a niece to him and her judgment of him was important. To his surprise and joy, she just smiled before releasing a joyful laugh.

"Lin. Why didn't you ever say you were into acting?" She asked, her eyes dancing.

"It isn't like I can do it by myself. Besides, I don't even have the time to do it, so I just write stories and then act out the scenes." He explained, taking a seat and letting a rare smile to show on his face.

"Well then, mister actor. If you ever need a partner, just give me a call." She sang, winking before skipping out the door... only to stop dead in her tracks. Infront of her was Monk, who, oddly enough, was kissing a mop. Why he was kissing it, she didn't want to know, until she heard him murmur Ayako's name.

"Mai? What i-" Lin asked, walking up behind her. "Takigawa!"

The shout scared the blonde out of his romance with the cleaning utensil, causing the bassist to fall backwards with a wet 'splash.'

"What are you doing? Better yet, why is the ground wet?" Mai asked, stepping forward and stretching out her hand for him to take. Helping the man up, Mai saw what looked to be tea on the ground.

"Well, Ayako and me decided to drop by," He started, ignoring when Lin tried to tell him it was Ayako and I, not Ayako and me, "And we didn't see you but we saw your stuff so we thought you were busy. She thought it would be good to make some tea and well, it didn't go too well..."

By the end of the explanation, his cheeks were tinged by a light dusting of pink, clearly showing more to the story than he was willing to reveal.

"Then where is Ms. Matsuzaki?"

"She went to the bathroom. She got covered in tea so she went to clean up. But, she's been over ten minutes now." Monk thought aloud, his eyes shifting nervously to the corridor which led to the small office bathroom. Without a word, Mai strode down the hall... only to stop dead in her tracks. Ayako stood at the end of the corridor, kissing a handheld mirror in one hand and a lipstick case in the other. Much like what Monk had been doing, she was whispering his name in turn.

Slightly mortified, Mai turned around and walked back to the lounge, dazed as she was, she ignored the questions of the two men and went to the kitchen. Turning the kettle on, she rested heavily on the bench before sighing.

"There has got to be something wrong... Maybe I'm dreaming... Yep! That's got to be it! I'm dreaming. I just gotta wake up." She said to herself. She pondered over how to wake up when the kettle whistle, causing her to jump and turn around.

The soft aroma of tea filled the air as she poured multiple cups after the leaves had seeped. It comforted her close to the point of relaxation. That calm atmosphere was broken however when a squeal was heard from the other room, causing her to run out... and promptly dropping her tea on the freshly cleaned floor.

Masako was being held up by another female...or what she thought was a female until he looked up. Yasuhara was dressed as a girl with platinum blonde hair, black skinny jeans and a loose white shirt.

"Yasu?" She asked shakily, stepping cautiously toward the young man/ women. "What are you doing?"

The question hung in the air as the man in question laid the unconscious Masako on the couch, his face one of pure serenity before her turned around to grin.

"Well, my dear my..." He started, only to start laughing like a mad man. The odd sound pulled Lin from his office, when he'd gone in, she didn't know.

"Yasuhara? Are you alright?" Lin asked, gazing at the dark haired man.

"I'm perfectly fine. But I'd rather laugh then be upset because someone stole my clothes and made me enter a Drag Queen contest tonight." He told them, his quite rage showing though his strained voice.

Mai couldn't contain her giggles when Monk walked in with Ayako in toe, and burst out laughing. He was literally rolling on the floor when John walked in. Smiling nervously, he walked up to Lin, whispered something that caused the Chinese man to nod and disappear back into his office, only to come back out with a laptop. Handing it to the young priest, the blonde nodded in gratification before moving to sit on the couch on turning the electronic device on.

The new Drag queen wannabe went to sit next the Australian and he was instantly glued to the screen, ignoring the fact he was dressed as the opposite sex.

Following that, Mai faintly heard Monk and Ayako say they had to go and Lin moved to the front door and looked out the window. Looking down, she sighed as she saw the mess had made in her shock. Grabbing the mop from where Monk had probed it against the wall. Cleaning up the tea spill, she took the mop to the bathroom where it belonged.

Upon her return into the room, she heard John exclaim loudly and Yasuhara yelled out in protest to what was on the screen.

"How could she do that to him? She's his own son and sitting right next to him!" Yasu screamed at the screen.

"What's going on?" She asked them, moving to stand behind the couch they were sitting on. The two males seemed t be watching an English soap opera and from the words that she picked up on through the low setting were rather overrated.

"We're watching Home and Away. We just finished watching Neighbours and... Oh my god! So much drama!" All Mai could think was that Osamu was getting into the female role a little too much.

"Uh... Ok then. Have fun with that." She told them, stepping away from them quickly as John started muttering about missing the past few episodes. It was quite obvious he was a tad bit obsessed.

Sitting down at her desk, Masako woke up and gazed at Yasu, her cheeks turning pink as she excused herself from the room and went to the bathroom. Mai was shocked at the site of the dark haired womens blush and quickly reflected on the day's events before muttering...

"I've officially lost it..."

End Flashback

As mentioned before, Mai had seen many strange things in her life, most of those strange things in the same day, some reoccurred on multiple occasions. But this ... This could not compare...

What this strange thing was Naru. Of course Naru didn't fit into the category of strange very well most of the time, this seemed to be one of the rare occasions in which he did. He was like the mad hatter with a manic grin plastered across his usually stoic face as his eyes glistened with an uncharacteristic mischief. But that wasn't the end of the strange part of it. Which, considering it was Naru who was actually smiling and jumping about the room like a sugar high toddler, was definitely pushing an invisible boundary.

She sighed to herself as she cast her eyes away from her odd boss to stare at Yasuhara who had a twinkle in his eye that showed he was up to no good.

"It's going to be a long day..."




So, there's part one. (sorry it's short, I had to split it) Part two will be up in a few hours because I got caught up in my school work and some other issues in my personal life. But, the few hours wait will be worth it to find out what happens. So stay tuned to Prank Wars! Sorry for any mistakes! Also, check out my page on Facebook, I comment daily with quotes or sneak peaks, so it's worth it and thank you to those of you who already use it.

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