Prank Wars

Possession, Pink and Naru? Part2

Prank wars

Summary: Yasuhara was always a schemer. With his schemes, came pranks. How will these pranks turn out when Naru joins in for revenge? How will it bring Naru and Mai together? Well read, review and you may just find out. Stay tuned as the plot thickens!

Disclaimer: I definitely do not own Ghost Hunt. If I did, I think my insanity may just have made a third season to the anime like this story! I DO NOT OWN HOME AND AWAY OR NEIGHBOURS!

I apologise in advance for my excessive use of the word strange in this chapter, I just want to make that clear.

XD Enjoy!

Warning: Spoilers, mild swearing, some gore in later chapters. Sorry for any mistakes! Set roughly a year after the end of the anime with references to the manga. Melodramatics coming up!

AS, I SUGEST YOU READ THIS IN ¾ OR ½. It makes it seem longer and the suspense is greater. Fo me at least. The pranks will get better!

Recap: As mentioned before, Mai had seen many strange things in her life, most of those strange things in the same day, some reoccurred on multiple occasions. But this ... This could not compare...

Chapter 4: Possession, Pink and... Naru? Part 2

What this strange thing was, was Naru. Of course Naru didn't fit into the category of strange very well most of the time, this seemed to be one of the rare occasions in which he did. He was like the mad hatter with a manic grin plastered across his usually stoic face as his eyes glistened with an uncharacteristic mischief. But that wasn't the end of the strange part of it. Which, considering it was Naru - who was actually smiling and jumping about the room like a sugar high toddler - was definitely pushing an invisible boundary.

She sighed to herself as she cast her eyes away from her odd boss to stare at Yasuhara who had a twinkle in his eye that showed he was up to no good.

"It's going to be a long day..." She moaned for the millionth time, shivering as a cold wind blew past. Everyone was currently gathered around the pool after breakfast and somehow, all her clothes magically disappeared, only to be replaced by a skimpy, red bikini set and shorts to match.

"What's wrong Mai? You should be having fun!" Someone sang, making her turned before she screeched and fell off her lounge chair she had been musing on. Naru stared down at her win a manic grin on his face, his blue eyes standing out against his pale skin and dark blue t-shirt and black swim trunks. She blushed before averting her eyes from his person, realising he would never smile, nor dress in that fashion if he was himself. (or would he?)

"Uh... I am having fun... It's just that..." She whispered, praying to any god that cared to listen that he would move away from her. This was completely Yasu's fault and she glare at the man in question as she remembered the happenings of the day prior.

Flash Back

By the time Monk pulled up to the villa it was a little past seven and the sun was struggling to stay above the horizon. The sunset reflected off the ocean over the cliff causing her to gasp as she got out of the car. The slight sickening feeling she had been experiencing during the car ride momentarily forgotten.

"If you don't close your mouth soon Mai, you'll catch flies." Naru stated, stepping out of the dark SUV behind her, pausing before fixing his sentence to suit the time of day, "Or moths."

She glared at her long time crush before huffing, walking up the footpath to the front door after grabbing her bag from Monk. Before she could knock however, the front door was thrown open and a pink-haired woman jumped out, catching the Mai by surprise and sending them both to the soft grass.

"Mai! You're finally here!" The older women cheered loudly, sitting up and off the poor girl who lay dazed on the ground. "Oh, dear. I'm sorry. Here, let me help you up."

With that said, Madoka stood and with unknown strength, pulled Mai off the ground, causing the already dizzy girl to wobble before someone placed their hand on her back to steady her. Turning to thank the person, she gasped as she saw Naru by her side, his hand not leaving her back even when he turned to Madoka.

"Evening, Madoka. Are my parents here?" He asked, wrapping his arm around Mai's waist and causing her to blush.

'Why is he holding me?' She thought as she was led inside.

"Yes, yes. Just go left at the first doorway to the sitting room. They've been waiting for you." She sang, skipping past them and disappearing into the dark corridor.

"Naru?" Mai whispered, grabbing his suit jacket with her free hand.

"What is it Mai?" He asked her, realising that she was shaking lightly. "If you're nervous about meeting my parents, you shouldn't be."

The kind tone in his voice shocked her enough that she numbly walked into a room and only realised it when she heard someone call her name. Looking away from the handsome, oddly acting man beside her, she came face to face with the SPR family as well as Naru mother and father.

"So, you're 'Mai'?" The unknown man said, as far as she could remember, his name was Martin. Nodding her head, she watched as his face instantly lit up and he stepped forward, pulled her out of Naru's hold and hugging her as if she were his own daughter. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Glad to finally meet the person responsible for changing our son."

"Yes. It really is." Someone else said.

Martin released a dazed Mai from his bear hug and Mai was met with an older women with a kind smile, who she guessed was Luella.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both as well... Officially anyway..." She chuckled nervously, bowing to the two parents in the room.

"There's no need to bow Mai. Just think of us as part of your family." Martin told the young girl, placing his hands on her shoulders before making her straighten-up. "Now, everyone must be tired, so..."

Mr Davis trailed off as Yasuhara walked in, a giant grin on his face and a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

"The rooms are ready. There was a problem though." Yasu sang, skipping up the group of standing people. Naru's eyebrow rose as he prodded.

"What do you mean by 'problem'?"

"Well, we only have half the house fit for the living. The other half hasn't been touched for over a hundred years or so. Because of that, there is a limited amount of room. Due to that, everyone has to pair up."

10 minutes later

"Mai. Get over it and come to bed." An agitated narcissist called from the comfort of the queen sized bed. The brunette in turn stuck her head out of the bedroom's en-suit, her cheeks coloured with multiple shades of red as she cracked the door open slightly.

"It's fine Naru. I'll just sleep on the floor." She whispered, avoiding his sharp gaze as best as she could. She thought it would work... however, it did the exact opposite.

The sound of feet padding across the wooden floor caught her attention before a pair of feet filled her vision. Snapping her head up, she saw Naru staring down at her and she quickly took a step back... Or she tried too. His arm snaked around her waist so fast that she stumbled as he pulled her from the tiled room.

"You really think I'd let you do that?" He scoffed, forcing her to lie down and pulled the blanket over her. After that he walked around the large bed and got under the covers too. "Beside's... do you really think I'm happy about this?"

Her breathe caught at this and it dug at her broken heart. He first turns her down saying she loved his brother and now he just has to make it seem like sleeping in the same room –sharing a bed, large as it was too- was the most dreaded task in the world. Closing her eyes, a tear rolled down her cheek before she slipped into nothing-ness. wondering why his words bothered her so much.


"So, you put it under the bed?" Martin asked, sipping his drink as he stretched out on the couch.

"Sure did. Thanks for catching it. It's gonna be funny to see how this turns out." Yasu laughed, yawning as he took off his glasses to rub his eyes.

"Well, now that that's done, how's about we all go to bed?" Madoka suggested, smiling as she dragged Lin out of the room, patting Yasu on the back before disappearing into the hallway.

"That sounds nice..." With that, he bid goodnight to the older couple and went to bed, smirking at the thought of what the next day would bring...

Mai and Naru

When she woke up, she was met with the strangest, most possibly the scariest site she'd ever seen in her life. Naru sat on the bedside table beside her, staring intently as she wiped the fatigue from her eyes. What got her though, was the fact that his legs were clad in a pink leotard with a pink tutu to boot!

"Na-Naru?" She yelled, reeling back and slipping off the edge of the bed. Once she got over from the initial fall, her vision was filled with a piercing blue before she felt hands grab her arms and pulled her up.

This was the beginning of the weirdest day of her life...


Her musing of the days earlier events and Monk's howls of laughter echoing from the other side of the pool area, were abruptly stopped when she felt someone pick her up, the soft skin her head rested on shocking her. Snapping her head up, she was faced with a grinning Naru... a shirtless, grinning Naru and she couldn't help the blush that bloomed on her face.

"Naru? What are you- Ah!" She yelled, her mouth filling with water before she broke the surface of the clear liquid. Looking around, she saw the man she was referring to break the surface of the pool water seconds after her. "Naru!"

Her shout of anger was drowned out however when someone else jumped into the pool and splashed her with more water, her fringe slipping into her eyes as she glared at the newest member of the SPR team in the water. The blonde bassist wadded up to Naru and slung an arm around the youths' shoulders, his grin matching that of the dark haired boy.

"Hey! I'm starting to like this new Naru." He joked, yelping when Mai lunged at him.

"Get back here you old man!" She screeched, splashing water at the Monk as he tried to get away, in the process, he managed to splash Ayako and Masako, earning himself a verbal lashing from the two females before they stormed inside. Mai watched with curiosity as the women fiddled with something inside and then Masako came back out, grabbed a bucket and then went back in.

"They're up to something..." Mai wondered aloud before squealing when Naru tackled her.

"The fun's 'bout to start! You can thank Yasu for that!" He sang, swinging her around in the water. She squealed before laughing, enjoying the time that Naru was being nice to her.

Ayako and Masako walked back out, evil grin on their faces and the bucket held in the smaller, doll like girls hands. The red head of the pair held something behind her back before she called for Yasuhara and John. She had called for Lin but he instantly refused, not trusting the two women and Yasu. Those three planning together could only spell disaster.

"Ayako?" John asked, stepping up to the women before stepping back. She had turned to stare at him with a crazy grin on her face, not that it was unusual, but it was never directly pointed at him. But it didn't matter how many steps back he would have taken, as she pulled a bag from behind her and grabbed a large water gun from it before spraying the priest. He was so shocked that he fell into the pool.

"Go Ayako!" Yasu cheered before doing a bomb into the water.

Just as he broke the surface, a shower of water balloons rained down on them, causing them to either hide under the protection of the water or swim to get away from the flying projectiles. Naru held onto Mai to protect her from the exploding balloons as everyone laughed. They weren't what most would consider harmful, but if they hit you the wrong way, it could hurt.

Luella and Martin were in awe at the fact that their son had never looked happier – despite the fact that he was possessed, and Lin couldn't help the smirk that slid across his face as Madoka whined about him not letting her join the fun. Now, she would have easily run off, had it not been for Lin's arm around her waist, preventing her from any such action.

The fun lasted close to two hours with Monk nearly drowning John several times, Yasu trying to steal Mai from Naru, which resulted in a very pissed off narcissist and Masako being dragged into the pool by Ayako when the said red head fell in herself after laughing too hard.

Currently, Mai was seated comfortably on Naru's shoulders, participating in an intense wrestling match between herself and Ayako, who was on Monk's shoulders. But just as Mai was getting the advantage over the older women, thanks to a bit of cheating on Naru's part, the air temperature dropped to near freezing.

An apparition of a young boy appeared over the surface of the water as Naru shook slightly before straightening up, looking straight at the boy. The ghost smiled, a mischievous glint in his transparent eyes before he disappear.

"Oh." Monk started, bolting out of the water before the others followed his lead. "Crap."

Martin and Luella cast a nervous gaze towards their son before standing up themselves, saying they were tired before they quickly excused themself. Lin pulled Madoka after the older couple. Within a minute, all but Naru and Mai had retreated inside the villa.

"Mai?" He asked, the venom evident in his voice, completely unaware that Ayako and Monk were hiding behind the curtain of the sliding, glass door that led to the pool area.

"Y-yes?" Mai answered, afraid of his reaction. His shoulders stiffened under her as he growled out his response.

"Get. Off."

"What? I would if I- Ah!" She yelled before he jerked his shoulders and caused her to fall into the water. Sputtering, she broke the surface again and instantly shivered. Looking at the sky, she saw that a storm had rolled in sometime during the afternoon and the wind had picked up somewhat. "What was that for?"

He just glared at her and reached for a towel, not caring who's it was, and started drying himself off.

"You knew I was possessed." He hissed at her, his glare causing her to shrink back before nodding. "You know how dangerous it is for a person to be possessed Mai! Yet you still did nothing? How incompetent are you?"

His anger clearly showed on his face as he finished yelling, not caring whether her eyes widened and filled with tears or the fact that Monk was being restrained from attacking him.

"Don't take it out on her Naru!" Monk yelled from behind the glass, his fury carrying across the whole villa. "If you hadn't noticed, no one did a thing! Maybe we prefer you being possessed!"

"That's enough!" Madoka yelled, her own anger evident on her face but guilt overruled that as she finished her sentence. "You are not allowed back inside until you realise how much you just acted like a total jerk and make up for it."

With that, she slammed the second door closed and pulled the curtains shut after a loud and unmistakable 'click', was heard.

"Madoka? Madoka! Open this door!" He yelled, stomping over to the door and trying to pull it open. He was about to kick it open when his mother pulled the curtain aside enough to look at him. He gulped before stepping back, a shiver running down his spine as she glared at him with anger and ...disappointment.

"There will be no breaking of objects Oliver and until you figure out the stupid thing you just did, you will not be allowed into this house." She told him before closing the curtain again, the sound of her heavy footsteps fading away.

'What stupid thing?' He thought, before turning around. The sight that greeted him made his heart clench.

Mai was slowly trudging her way to the pool steps, her feet dragging heavily across the tile floor as she hugged herself against the cold wind.

'If this were a movie, so many people would be yelling at the screen right now...'

'They would be hoping you were in the room so that they could hit you, Oliver.'

'Gene?' Naru asked in his head, his anger diminishing by the second. When he got no answer, his focus returned to Mai to see her sitting on the edge of the pull, her shivering form making her look far too fragile for his liking. Walking up to her, he watched as she flinched before she tried to speak.

"Excuse me?" He asked her. She turned to face him as she roughly brushed away a tear that escaped her glassy eyes.

"I said I'm sorry." Though her words were powerful, her voice was weak and she quickly looked away, sneezing as she rubbed her arms to get warm. He cast his eyes over to the towel he had used and noticed the bright colouring. Putting two and two together, he flinch in his realisation and looked for something else to warm her with. His eventually saw the blue shirt hanging off the edge of the lounge chair and went to grab it. Once he had it in his hands, he quietly walked up behind her again and wrapped the soft material around her shivering form.

She squeaked in shock as he completely covered her with it, considering how much smaller she was compared to him. She blushed when she noticed he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and was seated firmly behind her.

"Naru?" She asked, surprised that she didn't stutter. She tried to resist the urge to lean back, but his body heat won against her will and she ended up melting into his embrace. Closing her eyes, she inhailed deeply, smiling when he rested his head on hers.

"I'm sorry Mai..."




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