Prank Wars

Sugar Rush

Prank wars

Summary: Yasuhara was always a schemer. With his schemes, came pranks. How will these pranks turn out when Naru joins in for revenge? How will it bring Naru and Mai together? Well read, review and you may just find out. Stay tuned as the plot thickens!

Warning: Spoilers, mild swearing, some gore in later chapters (Maybe!). Sorry for any mistakes! Set roughly a year after the end of the anime with references to the manga. Melodramatics coming up!

This chapter idea comes from MeteorLeopard. So everyone, give it up.

Naru: You made me wear it... –glare-

Masako: Get over it Naru. It wasn't my fault! It was the authors!

SOM: Whatever, now on with the show!

Yasu: Shadow of Malice also does not own any of us! Standard disclaimer! She also does not own any references and/or quotes in this chapter.

Chapter 5: Sugar Rush

It had been about two days since Naru had been possessed and things had returned to normal. Or... as normal as it could get when you're with a bunch of people that work with the paranormal almost daily. They had made multiple expeditions into the abandoned part of the house and they were all currently sitting in the lounge room where they had been brought to on their first night at the villa.

"Hey... Mai. What do you think Masako told Lin not to get?" Monk asked, rolling onto his side on the couch. His blonde hair was loose from his usual pony tail and a spoon hanging from between his clenched teeth; his empty ice-cream cup lying somewhere on the ground.

"Hn... Don't know. Too hot." She moaned out, groaning as she shifted on her arm chair. Her feet were up on the headrest while her head was hanging off the seat, her view of the world flipped. In her hands was a book on paranormal stories.

"Geez Mai, I think you've spent too much time with Naru. You haven't stopped reading all day. You didn't even stop when Luella brought in the ice-cream!" Ayako called, her feet thudding loudly against the floor as she came to stand infront of the brunette girl. Said girl lifted her book slightly so she could look at the red-head and was about to retort when the front door opened, revealing Lin and Naru, their arms filled with bags.

"Hey guys. So, what did you get?" Mai asked, turning herself around in the seat so she was right-side up.

"Food." Was Naru's short reply, his forehead beaded lightly with sweat. Even he was affected by the days heat as he only wore a blue t-shirt and shorts... well, more like he was forced to wear them as his mother stole his usual attire. But he was secretly grateful.

"Well that's helpful..." Mai grumbled before standing up and walking to the door and taking some bags from Lin, ignoring the glare Naru sent her way and walked to the kitchen that was conveniently across the hall from the lounge room.

"So Lin, what did Masako tell you not to get?" Monk called, standing up and stretching.

"Nothing." Lin told him before following Mai into the kitchen and then Naru left too.

"Well, that... that was odd." Ayako said, breaking the silence of the room as she blinked at the now empty doorway.

"You could say that again." Monk answered from within the room, totally unaware of the events soon to unfold...


Later that night, Lin warned them not to open the pantry in Masako's presence and that he would be the only one in possession of the key. What he didn't know, was that Masako had overheard and her curiosity had peaked to the point that she had Yasu help her sneak into Lin's room and stole the key before sneaking back to her room; Never once questioning the mischievous smile on Yasu's face.

Once everyone was asleep, she snuck downstairs and into the kitchen, eyeing the pantry suspiciously before inserting the key into the lock. Gulping, she gripped the handle before twisting it and opening the door. Flicking on the light, she gasped at the sight infront of her.

Piles of sugar filled snacks lined the shelves of the walk in store room and she drooled when she went further into the junk filled heaven, the door slowly clicking shut behind her.


Morning guys." Mai yawned, walking into the kitchen and rubbing her eyes tiredly.

Multiple groans met her ears as she made her way to the kitchen island and cast her eyes around the room. Cream coloured walls met with white tile flooring with marble counters and kitchen island in the middle of the room. A large oak table was pushed towards the window at which Ayako, Monk and Yasuhara sat. The latter of the three wearing what could only be described as a crazed smile.

"Don't ask." Monk moaned, leaning back in his chair so that his head hung off the back of it, staring at the brunette girl upside down. Nodding slowly, she turned to the kitchen island and took a seat at one of the stools.

"Where are-?" She tried to ask after a while, her finger tracing random patterns on the surface infront of her.

"Naru's still in his room, Luella, Martin and Madoka went out and last I saw Lin was when he passed me in the hall." Ayako explained, sipping a drink Mai hadn't noticed the red head had.

"Yeah. I think he may have been looking for something..." Monk added, standing from his seat and stretching. He walked to the door and was about to leave when it burst open, slamming into him and sending him to the ground. In the doorway was a panting Lin, his eyes scanning the room frantically until they rested on the pantry door.

"Have any of you seen Masako?" Lin asked breathlessly, rushing to the plain wood door and touching the handle.

"Nope." Was Mai's short answer, turning in her seat to stare at the usually calm man who was now wearily eyeing at the pantry door.

"We've been here all morning, but we haven't seen her either." Ayako told the Chinese man, helping Monk up and off the ground.

"Lin." Naru called from the now empty doorway. "The only place we haven't checked is this room and obviously the pantry. So would you just get on with it?"

Glancing quickly at his narcissistic boss, Lin placed his hand on the doorknob and jerked it around, pulling the door open in one fluid movement.

Getting off the stool, Mai walked to the pantry and peeked in, only to gasp at what she saw.

The walk in store room was in complete chaos. White powder that smelt strongly of caster sugar dusted almost ever surface with empty containers and wrappers littering the floor. A miniature wall of rubbish had build up around one corner of the small room however, and behind it... was Masako. Mai screamed aloud when the dark haired girl turned to look at the open doorway, rocking back and force with an almost animalistic, crazed smile on her face.

"Oh my god!" Ayako yelled, clinging onto Monk and almost causing the man to fall over. "Is she possessed?"

"John! Jo- Oh wait. He went home for a while..." Takigawa thought, forgetting about the strange girl in the small room infront of him.

"Masako! How did you get in here?" Lin asked, turning to look pointedly at Yasu.

"Why you looking at me?" Yasu asked, standing from his seat and raising his hands in defence.


The sudden screech caused everyone to turn back to the kimono wearing girl just as she lunged at Mai, tackling the poor brunette to the ground.

"Oww. Ma-Masako?" Mai moaned, wincing as said girl grabbed her collar and lifted her head off the ground.

"Play!" Was the only think she growled before shaking Mai back and force, causing her head to hit the ground lightly a few times. "Now!"

Naru acted quickly, grabbing Masako by the shoulders and pulling her away from the barely conscious Mai, and almost instantly regretted it. The young psychic turned on him with a shrill laugh and then... the rest was a blur...


The team found themselves sitting at a miss matched collection of tables and chairs that the guys had to find throughout the villa. Once the area outside in the front garden was set up, random fabric had been thrown over the tables along with any leftover sweets and tea; multiple plates lay broken along the surface or ground, others hung precariously over the edge of the table while Masako threw the other porcelain at anyone who 'did not obey her rule.'

"I said the dress. Stays. On!" She screeched, throwing the plate infront of her at Naru, to which his quickly dodged, dropping his tea cup in process. Glaring at the now spilt drink, Naru caught sight of Yasuhara walking over to the table.

"You're late for tea!" Monk yelled suddenly, throwing his own drink at the young man. About to yell more, Monk's attention was drawn to the silver implement in his other hand. "Spoon..."

"I hate dresses..." Mai whined, pulling at the blue, knee length dress she was wearing. It flowed around her when she moved and due to Masako's insistence, she wore no shoes. Ayako wore a red version of the dress while Masako wore a purple one with... sparkles!

"Shut up. At least you're not a guy in a dress..." Yasu grumbled, taking a seat beside her while rubbing his head where the tea cup had hit. He was, indeed, wearing a dress, which by all standards was not only bad, but horrible!

Monk wore a pale yellow dress like what the girls had, in which he stated he was 'dying' due to the heat. Yasu had the green one and Naru had on the baby pink version. Lin had quickly run away to avoid humiliation.

This was only the beginning...


It was close to five in the afternoon when the 'tea party' finished. Multiple head injuries, dozens of broken plates, make-up wars and the occasional, 'run-for-your-life' moments when Naru became extremely angry after having to wear a pink crown and have mascara put on. Mai had been the first to suffer his wrath when she couldn't contain her laughter.

They were all currently hiding from Masako as they were playing a game of 'Ultra Ninja Butt-Kick Princess.' To which Masako was the 'ninja' and would throw anything she could to 'tag' the 'princesses.'

"This is ridiculous!" Monk yelled, dodging under a plate that missed his head by millimetres.

"Well we can't exactly-!" Mai tried to say, only to be forced to the ground when a chair was hurdled past her. "What I meant to say, was that we can't exactly do anything till the sugar wears off."

"I'm gonna get you sissy's!" Masako yelled, standing ontop of one of the many tables they had used for the tea party. The SPR members hid behind a row of bushes while they talked, keeping an eye out for the sugar high medium.

"Who knows how long that'll last! We'll die before then. I didn't think Masako could have this much energy." Ayako grumbled, huffing as she sat on the ground.

"It won't be too much longer now. I didn't tell him to get too much sugar..." Yasu said aloud, causing everyone to turn and glare at him.

"So this is your fault?" Naru asked, approaching the cowering boy. Squeaking, Yasu backed away from the advancing professor.

"Maybe? It was only supposed to be a prank."

"What kinda prank is this? We're dressed like girls!" Monk hissed, stepping closer to stand beside Naru.

"Well... I admit it didn't go... exactly to plan..." Yasu defended, raising his hands in a protective gesture.

"Found you~"

Turning around, the group was confronted with Masako, loaded with sweets of all kinds and aiming straight at them. The second the first pie flew, chaos ensued.

Monk and Naru had taken the chance to grab Yasuhara and use him as a human shield as the confectionaries flew through the air. Mai had decided it would be fun to start a food fight, so she grabbed what she could and turned to face Ayako.

"What are you looking at?" The red head asked, before sputtering as she got a face full of wiped cream. "Why you!"

Screeching, Ayako took up her own weapons, icing, and threw it at Monk. Coughing, the bassist turned on the women and glared, releasing his hold on Yasu.

"Oh! It's so on woman!" He called and so the food fight began. That is... until Naru... got a hit in the back of the head, by a slice of cake. Everyone stopped and not even the creatures in the bushes made a sound as he dropped his hold on the dark haired college student, allowing Yasu to scuttle away. Shivers travelled down their spines as the narcissist turned to face them, his face shadowed as he glared.

"Who. Did. That?" He hissed, his fist clenching around something they couldn't see. As meekly as a mouse, Mai took a shaky step forward, raising her hand without lifting her eyes to look at his.

"I... I did." She gulped, looking up quickly. "I'm so sorry Naru! I didn-!"

Her sentence was cut short as she got a mouth full of cream. Blinking the sweet out of her eyes, she stared, astounded at Naru as he smirked at her while he bent down to scoop up more wasted food.

"You're sorry, Mai? Not good enough!" He called, throwing his handful at her direction, but surprisingly, it missed, and hit Monk instead.

Crying out in shock, the blonde glared before shouting a war cry and before long, they were all engaged in a food fight of epic proportions, because, really. When Naru does something, it's no small feat.


SOM: So? Did you like it? I hope you did. I haven't really had the 'writing' mood lately. But, my life is now in order and I have more time to write.

Naru: And thank you MeteorLeopard –glare- for the idea.

SOM: Shut up Naru! I loved her idea for the chapter. So really, thank you so much! I couldn't think of anything. :s

Mai: Also, if any of you have ideas or pranks you wanna see happen, either PM SOM or leave it in a review.

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SOM: Thank you guys so much. If any of you like Kingdom Hearts, I'll be posting a fic soon following the events directly after KH2. I'm incorporating all the other games since Square Enix doesn't seem to want to make a proper sequel. Anyway, stay safe and please review!

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