Prank Wars

MisMatched Matchmaking

Prank Wars

Summary: Yasuhara was always a schemer. With his schemes, came pranks. How will these pranks turn out when Naru joins in for revenge? How will it bring Naru and Mai together? Well read, review and you may just find out. Stay tuned as the plot thickens!

Warning: Spoilers (slight), mild swearing. Sorry for any mistakes! Set roughly a year after the end of the anime with references to the manga.

Dedication: To Miko-Monk for the chapter idea.

Naru's pranks begin!

Disclaimer: I do not own Ghost Hunt or the basic prank idea!

Chapter 6: Miss-Matched Matchmaking

After the rather frightening incident with Masako and the sugar, things became quite boring at the villa. It had already been three days and the dark haired medium refused to leave her room. Embarrassed at the fact that the team had seen her in such an... unsightly way, as she put it.

Yasu had been missing for the majority of the time, sometimes Mai swore she heard an evil cackle in the middle of the night, but by that time, she had been too tired to focus.

It was now just after lunch and everyone had spread throughout the villa. Monk and Ayako sat by the pool while John had hidden away with Masako to try and get her to cheer up and enjoy the vacation. Lin was in the kitchen with Madoka and Naru's parents while said narcissist was... well, Mai didn't really know where he was but somehow, she had a bad feeling about his absence.

It was the kind of feeling when SPR was on a case and Mai knew they were in danger. Oh no. This feeling twisted her stomach and made her feel uneasy as she cast her eyes across the front garden, broken porcelain from the tea party still visible from when they had gotten too tired to continue cleaning.

Unsettled by the odd absence of her dark haired boss, Mai was about to go inside and out of the heat when she saw one of the bushes move. Startled, she let out a small squeak before her eyes narrowed. 'Was that ... a tail?'

Edging slowing over to the foliage she grabbed the leaves and was about to pull it back when whatever had moved it earlier jumped out of the push and tackled her, causing the brunette to scream and fall backwards, her hands grasping at her attacker.

Once she realised that her attacker fluffy and small, she cracked open one of her eyes and looked down at the creature on her chest before a sound of pure affection left her lips and she lifted the small animal to eye level as she sat up. In her hands was a small kitten, grey in colour and piercing green eyes. It's small face made it look like a miniature lion that had been attacked by a balloon and the sleepy look it had as it rested in her hand made it look far too adorable for Mai to resist.

"Hey there little guy." She cooed softly, patting it between the ears as its tail wrapped around her wrist in a playful gesture. "Where'd you come from?"

Feeling slightly silly for talking to a kitten, Mai stood up slowly and gently moved the small cat to the bend of her arm. It was then that she noticed the collar and looked at the small tag. On it in small, cursive letters was: 3. Missy

Blinking at the odd number in the tag, she shrugged it off before heading for the front door. It was boiling outside and the poor kitten must have been thirsty.

"Luella! Madoka! I need your help!" Mai called, too engrossed in the small creature in her arms that she didn't realise that due to her record of getting into all sorts of trouble, both paranormal and not, her words had panicked the two women into running all the way from the kitchen to the front door.

"Mai! What's wrong? What happened?" Madoka started, looking the girl over before her eyes grew wide as she saw the kitten practically asleep in the young woman's arms. "How cute!"

The pink haired woman screeched as she grabbed the kitten, ignoring Luella and Mai's warning and before any of them could react, the once sleepy kitten hissed, claws out and scratching at Madoka, slashing the woman's hand and cheek.

"Ow!" Madoka yelled, dropping the kitten and watching it bolt away.

"Madoka!" Mai yelled, panic at the now missing kitten and slight hurt that it had been Madoka who had taken the small creature from her. But before they could dwell on the matter as a scream was heard from the back of the villa and the three women took off.

Mai forcefully opening the door to the pool area and nearly collapsed at what she saw.

Ayako sat on a lawn chair, body curled and cringing as she screamed at a fluffy... thing in Monk's hands. Upon closer inspection, Mai realised it was a small, ginger kitten, its fur as puffy as Missy's was.

"Madoka. Stay." Luella told the hyper woman, before walking towards the blonde man and red haired Ayako. "Now calm down. Kittens are not toys."

With that said, the kitten was promptly taken from Takigawa and dumped into Mai's awaiting hands. The brunette gasped however when she saw the small cats tag.

"What is it Mai?" Ayako asked, her previous freak out forgotten.

"The tag. It's the same as Missy's." She said, smiling when she saw the confused looks everyone gave her. "The other kitten I found was call Missy but the tag had the number 3 infront of her name. This tag is the same except it says 4. Carol."

They all thought for a few seconds as the small kitten, now know as Carol, licked its paw.

"Then that means..." Monk started, only to be cut off when Lin, John, Masako and Martin stepped into the doorway, each holding a different coloured kitten.

"What the hell is going on?" Madoka snapped, covering her mouth in embarrassment when she realised how odd her outburst must have sounded. Quietly, she walked into the kitchen and all they heard from outside was the sound of objects moving, metallic objects dropping and multiple curses that left them wide eyed. After a while, Madoka came back out with a proud grin on her face and a cardboard box, big enough to fit Mai, held in her arms.

"I thought that we could keep them in here. You know... So they don't run off..." She told them timidly, placing the box down a bit away from the group so they could place the kittens inside gently without crowding them.

Ayako was put in charge of taking down their names and the numbers on their tags as the kittens were placed inside only because she didn't want to even think of touching them. Each person would be in charge of one kitten and so their names were put down with whichever they had.

Mai had 3. Missy who was still missing.

Monk had 4. Carol put down. The tiny ginger kitten meowing in protest from being separated from him.

Martin had the first kitten 1. Hunter. A small albino.

5. Sabrina was a small blonde kitten that matched John with blue eyes and the fur colour.

Lin had an ironic match too. 6. Onyx was a pitch black kitten that did nothing but move to the corner of the box and sit, observing the other kittens as they played together.

Masako didn't want to put down her kitten, 7. Amber, was a brunette coloured kitten that seemed to like being hidden in the big pocket in the kimono sleeve.

The second the group started making plans to look for the other kittens, as they had found a /10 on the tags in fine print, they realised they needed to find four more kittens within the large villa. It was then that they heard a faint meowing from the doorway and looked up to see a rather comical sight.

Yasu stood in the doorway to the pool area with a small, white and brown spotted kitten nestled in his black hair. The small fluffy paw of the tiny cat constantly pushing his glasses out of place whenever he moved it back and whenever he tried to move the paw from resting by his ear, said ear would just be flicked by said tiny paw. It was relatively cute until it decided it was bored and attacked Yasuhara's face. The young man struggled to get it off without hurting it and it sent the group into hysterics as he fell onto his back after flipping over a lounge chair.

"D-damn Yasu. That was too funny!" Mai giggled as she removed the small kitten. It seemed to like her as it instantly snuggled into her neck. "Ok, let's see. Ayako! This one says 2. Carter."

Luella then stood from her seat and grabbed her husbands' hand saying that she was going to look for one of the kittens. When questioned on how, she just said mothers intuition and was back within five minutes with a slightly bigger kitten than the others.

10. Misty, was a grey kitten with what seemed to be blonde highlights, suiting Luella's personality wonderfully. And not even two minutes later, Naru passed through the door with two kittens in hand.

Once Mai instantly rushed to.

"Missy! Why did you run off like that?" Mai scolded the baby cat, earning a laugh from the others while Ayako took down the name of the black and white kitten Naru had. Robin was number 9 in the group of kittens and once that was listed they hung around the pool for a bit until...

"Guys?" Mai asked, drawing everyone's attention away from the kittens. "You do realise that everyone that is staying here in the villa is sitting here?"

The question hung in the air and the silence stretched for what seemed like forever before Monk cursed and stood up, looking at his watch before grabbing Ayako and heading off. Naru suggested that everyone else should pair off into groups of two's.

Yasu and Masako went to check the older part of the villa while Ayako and Monk checked the front garden. Luella and Martin took the main villa area while John and Yasu searched the top floors. The locations left Mai stumped before Naru sat at the edge of the pool and dragged Mai with him as he placed his feet in the cool water.

"Um... Naru? Aren't we... You know, supposed to be looking?" She asked, placing her feet in beside his and trying her best to hide her blush when he placed his arm behind her on the cement to hold his weight. Was it just her or was he leaning towards her.

"There's nothing to look for." He told her, leaning his head back and closing his eyes as the afternoon wind ruffled his hair. Her blushed increased ten-fold when they open and looked straight at her.

"Wh-what do you mean, 'nothing to look for.' Then this... You did this?" She asked again, her eyes widening at the simple prospect of him pulling a prank. All he did was smirk and move his face close to hers, his breath fanning over her face.

"That is exactly what I'm saying Mai. I thought we could use some... alone time." He told her and she was about to comment when he spoke up again. "Now shut up. You're annoying and I'm trying to relax."

Her cheeks puffed as he moved away from her, his smirk growing as his eyes closed again...

Only to snap open when he felt a sharp shove against his back and he went sailing forward into the water. Sputtering, he rose to the surface, his T-shirt and shorts clinging to him as he gazed wide eyed at her as she glared right back at him.

"You are such a jerk!" She yelled before turning away, her shoulders tense as she stalked away.

He groaned, mentally kicking himself for saying such a stupid thing for multiple reasons;

He would definitely be yelled at

He wasn't in the mood to deal with Takigawa and

He had upset Mai... again.

Pulling himself out of the water, he trudged over to the box filled with the tiny kittens he had rented and watched them sleep in the mid-afternoon air. His elaborate prank that was designed to give him some time with Mai backfired on him.

He guessed he'd just have to go back to the drawing board...


I'm so sorry it took so long to update everyone! I hate myself for not updating this sooner but I hit writers block and despite help from Miko-Monk, I just wasn't in the mood to write something even remotely funny. But I hope you liked this fluffy-ish chapter. Please review and I'll try get the next chapter up as soon as I can. Despite my yearly exams and assessments coming up in the next few weeks, I'll try write as much as I can. If any of you like Soul Eater, check out my stories 'Fright Nights' and 'A Reapers Tale.' Ciao for now!

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