Prank Wars

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Prank Wars

Summary: Yasuhara was always a schemer. With his schemes, came pranks. How will these pranks turn out when Naru joins in for revenge? How will it bring Naru and Mai together? Well read, review and you may just find out. Stay tuned as the plot thickens!

Warning: Spoilers (slight), mild swearing. Sorry for any mistakes! Set roughly a year after the end of the anime with references to the manga.

Dedication: Australia's commercialism and all the damn ads on TV.

A/N: I'm sorry for any mistakes as I'm very tired and haven't had the chance to properly edit it. Enjoy!

Naru's pranks begin!

Disclaimer: I do not own Ghost Hunt or the basic prank idea!

Chapter 7: Post It!

Naru had been scolded by not only his parents that night, but Madoka, Lin, Ayako and Monk pitched in too. Mai had ignored him, even at breakfast the following morning where she had taken her food and walked out of the room.

Yasu had watched the procession of the narcissist throughout the day and by the time the sun was setting, Naru's many failed attempts to reconcile with Mai had drawn sympathy from the prank master. What he didn't know, was that the narcissist was planning revenge...


"Mai." Naru's voiced carried through the door of the brunette's room in hopes that she would at least listen to him. "Look, Mai. I didn't mean for things to... turn out like they did. But it wasn't completely my fault. So, if you would please open the door, I'd like to speak with you properly."

"You said please." Mai creaked the door open slightly, half her face showing despite the darkness in both the hallway and her room.

"Yes Mai. While I don't usually show them as much as I should, I do have manners. I should use them more, I know. So... Will you let me in?" The narcissist had a tinge of pink on his cheeks as he waited for her answer. To say he was uncomfortable with the situation was an understatement. Sure, he realised what he had said was wrong, but he wanted to make up for it. He released the breathe he didn't realise he was holding when she pulled the door open enough for him to enter.

"It's... okay. I guess I overreacted. I mean, I really should be used to how you act by now. Don't ya think?" She smiled at him before sitting on her bed, patting the spot next to her to tell him to sit.

"I suppose... But, I really am sorry Mai. I guess, Yasu's pranks got to me and-"

"You wanted to get back at him but also tried to get me alone?" Her words caused him to stiffen before he nodded his head, the only light coming from outside her bedroom window.

"I meant what I said Mai. I would like to get to know you better. That is... If you'll let me." His confession made her heart flutter, silently scolding herself for thinking it had a deeper meaning.

"I'd love that Naru. So then, if you're going to get to know me better, how about we start with this..." He gazed at her quizzically as she got up, only to bend down and grab a back from under the bed. "First thing you can learn... Is that I have a mischeivios side that should not be messed with."


"I think it's time we pranked the pranker." She giggled at her words while a smrik grew on Naru's face. He reached out and grabbed the bag from her hands, easily plucking it from her grasp as her eyes twinkled, even in the dim light of the room. Opening it, he blinked.

"Post it notes?" He pulled out a sticky, multicoloured pad and held it up like it was some kind of amazing invention. (It really is. I like the slinky ones that... Never mind... .)

"Yep, you know those tax ads on tv? Where the cloud of paper comes out of nowhere ad covers everything?" She received a nod, "Well, I'm going to do it to Yasu and his room. Care to join me in my vendetta?"

His smirk grew as he stood up, putting down the bag and sticking out his hand. "It would be my pleasure."


After everyone was asleep, Naru had gone back to Mai's room, having left to avoid suspicion, and knocked quietly on her door. It opened will a creak and she slunk out of her room, arms filled with post it notes to avoid unnecessary noise.

"Ready?" He hissed, slowly moving down the hallway. He heard a quiet confirmation and he stopped infront of Yasu's door. Leaning on the doorframe, he opened the door a little, sticking his head in the make sure that their victim was actually asleep. Tugging Mai's pajama sleeve, he pushed the door open and closed it once Mai was in.

"Okay. You start on the walls. I'll get the furniture." He nodded, pulling out a dim torch. It barely lit anything, but it made their job easier. They moved around the room as quickly and quietly as they could, avoiding anything that could potentially wake Yasuhara. They would leave those for last.

After a while, after constant looks at each other and quiet sniggering, the pair got to Yasu himself. His blanket, pillow and bed itself were already covered in the colourful paper. Carefully, Mai pulled the blaket off, tyring her best to keep to make sure the sticky notes stayed on. In hide sight, they should have left that last.

"He even sleeps with his glasses on." Mai whispered, giggling as she pulled said object from the sleeping mans' face.

"That's Yasu for you. Now let's hurry. The others will be awake in an hour." Naru told her, sticking the paper to Yasu's pants while Mai got his shirt. It didn't take long before they got to the boys face, carefully applying the notes to his hair. Mai placed two over each eye while Naru started on the ground. Within half an hour, everything except Yasu's back was covered in multicoloured sticky notes. Observing their work, Mai quickly placed Yasu's glasses back on his face before they fled the room, chests heaving with the effort to hold back their laughter. Once they got to Mai's room, he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"What is it, Naru?" Her question came out breathless as she rested against her door.

"Get changed and meet me in the kitchen in 5 minutes. Okay?" She nodded, eyes showing her confusion. He merely smirked and walked away to his own room to change.

Following his advice, she went into her room and changed into a beige singlet and a pair of shorts. Even in the early morning, the summer heat had already gotten into the villa and it promised for another day of sitting in the pool till she pruned.

As she made her way down the stairs, she noticed how long her hair had gotten and pulled in back into a messy high ponytail, wondering what naru could have planned for her. It wasn't until she got to the doorway of the kitchen that she smelt the overpowering aroma of fresh pancakes and juice.

"Hurry up Mai or it'll get cold." Naru called for her, placing the dirty utensils and bowls into the sink.

"Naru? You made breakfast?" Her question caused him to chuckle before he moved to the table and pulled out a seat for her.

"How about we call it my official apology?" She giggled at him before sitting, mouth watering at the food infront of her.

"That sounds good. Maybe you should apologise more often."

They spent their morning eating and talking about the small things in life as the sun rose in the sky, streams of light filtering in through the thin kitchen windows and slowly warming the room. As time passed, it was only when Monk, Ayako and Naru's parents came down to eat. It wasn't until each adult had a sip of coffee that they noticed both Naru and Mai watching them with amused expressions.

"What the-?" Monk yelled, jumping when he caught sight of Naru.

"Why are you two even up? It's barely eight." Luella pressed them, sitting at the table opposite her son.

"I woke up early and saw Naru reading. Then we got hungry." Mai answered, her voice calm as Naru cast a quick glance at her.

"Well then, I say we all eat something too." Madoka came bounding down the stairs upon hearing Martins words, Lin walking lazily behind her, smiling at how close Naru and Mai were sitting. Only a few minutes later and John and Masako both walked down the stairs and made their way into the kitchen. Everyone bid a good morning to them while the pranking pair waited for their victim to show up.

It wasn't long before they heard a faint yell and a dull thud, which caused all those unaware of Yasu's predicament to gaze up at the ceiling as a series of heavy footsteps could be heard rushing towards the stairs. The second Yasu stepped into the kitchen, was when all hell broke loose.

Monk laughed so hard he dropped his coffee, evidently splashing Ayako who proceeded to stop laughing in favour of attacking the bassist. Luella and Madoka laughed openly while Martin chuckled, gently placing his coffee down to avoid Monk's situation. Lin smiled at the young man in the doorway, chest rumbling with his own laughter. Masako hid her face behind John while the preist fought an internal struggle to stop laughing and help his friend or break down and laugh.

Naru and Mai sat at the table, lips twitching as their eyes danced with mirth. It was Mai who cracked firts, holding her sides as a giggle fit descended upon her. Naru's own mirth doubled at Mai's reaction and he soon found himself laughing too.

"Okay! Who did this?" The dark haired boy yelled, voice muffled under orange and pink sticky notes. It took Mai a while to compose herself before she could answer. Naru cast her a knowing look before wiping the tears from her eyes and stood up. Naru followed her motion as Yasu pried the colourful paper from around his eyes.

"We did it." Naru's voice was firm as he stared blankly at the self decalred 'Prank-Master. Both he and Mai shared a small smile before she continued.

"We were sick of you pulling the pranks and having all the fun. So, we thought we'd have some fun of our own." She grinned when she noticed the shocked looks from everyone around the room before Yasu crossed his arms, paper rustling as he tried to place his arms comfortably over his torso.

"Well played Mai. Naru. But I will get you back." The playful threat promised the pair future misery as they contemplated what ideas swirled around the pranksters head.

"But first you should clean up your room. Both Mai and I put a lot of effort into it." Naru joked, drawing more shocked looks from the others in the room. Yasu was quiet, eyes narrowing before he turned around and walked off.

"Touche Naru. Touche. But I warn you now. You had both better watch your backs."

His words didn't have the effect he desired however when everyone once again started laughing. Compared to his front, his back was completely bare of any sticky notes. Teaching him the lesson taht if he ever wanted something done, he should just post it...


Stupid ending. I know. :P Sorry for the wait. I couldn't think of a good prank. The idea of 'Post it' came from when I was marking things in my notes before exams and the school TV was playing. Besides the fact it took forever for the show to start, the ads entertained me and then BAM! It hit me. Took me a while to write, but here you go. Hope you liked it! Please leave a review and there's a link on my profile that takes you to the Facebook group I've made so that you can tell me what you think, get sneak peeks or just talk with other people.

Until next time, stay tuned!

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