Prank Wars

Of Water and Fights

Prank Wars

Summary: Yasuhara was always a schemer. With his schemes, came pranks. How will these pranks turn out when Naru joins in for revenge? How will it bring Naru and Mai together? Well read, review and you may just find out. Stay tuned as the plot thickens!

Warning: Spoilers (slight), mild swearing. Sorry for any mistakes! Set roughly a year after the end of the anime with references to the manga.

*Reference to Chapter 4: Possession Pink and... Naru

Dedication:Summer which is only a few more months away.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ghost Hunt or the basic prank idea!

Chapter 8: Of Water and Fights

It was just after breakfast when Yasu put his plan into action. While everyone was distracted, mainly with feeding the hungry kittens –yes, they were still with everyone at the villa- Osamu set about laying his traps. After the incident a few days prior with Naru's possession, there were far too many water balloons left.*

As a result, Yasu felt it necessary to make use of what was left and put them into affect any way he could. Starting with bucket traps.

Ayako was the first the fall victim to his plan after walking in after a trip to the salon. She had left close to noon with the excuse that her nails were horrible (typical Ayako) and had left in a hurry.

She'd come back almost three hours later.

With Ayako

She slammed the car door shut with a loud bang before she took a look at the back seat, filled with shopping bags over flowing with food and clothing. "I need them... Now... Where's Houshou?"

With a sly smirk on her face, the red head walked to the front door with the intention of getting Monk to lug in her shopping. Which came to an abrupt end when she threw open the door.

"Houshou~! Can you do me a favour-!" Balloons, filled to the max with water fell on her. Her red hair clung to her forehead and neck. It doused her clothes and chilled her skin with the sudden temperature change. But to add insult injury, the bucket, heavy and metal, fell on her head. A loud, reverberating 'bong' echoed through the villa and alerted everyone to the incident. As such, Monk was the first to find the doctor. As well as the first person to break down into hysterical laughter at the sight of Ayako swaying back and forth on the ground from dizziness while her white blouse got soaked more and more from the dripping bucket. Madoka and Luella were next with Mai and the rest followed after the young brunette.

"Ayako!" The young brunette yelled, trying her best to smother her laughs. "Yo-your shirt!"

The yelling drew the attention of Monk and John, the first who ogled the Priestess and the second who bashfully looked away before muttering he'd get a towel for the poor red head.

The females ushered the men out of the entrance hallway before attending to their injured friend. Well, not physically injured, but her ego certainly took a blow. Madoka still laughed in the corner, concerning her friends to whether or not she was of a stable mind set or not. But then again, they just reminded themselves that it was, still and in fact, Madoka.

"Oh Ayako. What happened?" Luella said, her voice still filled with mirth at the whole situation.

"How should I know! All I did was walk in the door and the next thing I know, is that thing fell on me!" Her voice was a high pitched scream as she swatted at the stray droplets of water that ran down her skin. It was Mai that noticed the colourful little piece of elastic sticking the womans' hair, with tender hands at the already angered woman, she pulled it away to look at.

"Hey!" Mai yelled, drawing there attention and quieting the restless Ayako, "Isn't this the same stuff of the water balloons we used the other say when-"

"Oh! Yasuhara! Where are you?" Ayako stomped down the hall, her footsteps splashing as water fell from her. Not caring that she was going on a murderous rampage, Luella just looked at the floor and heaved a heavy sigh, hands on her cheeks as she shook her head, "My poor floor. How much with it have to endure?"

Defeated, she trudge off to find a bucket and mop to clean up the damage, and any other damage that was bound to come from Yasu's prank spree.

"Oh boy…" Mai whispered, glancing once more at the hysterical Madoka before heading back into the kitchen.


It was just after one in the afternoon when the next prank occurred, this time it was Lin. Though, it was only through the once again giggling Madoka that they knew; considering the Chinese man had taken off in a flash. Apparently they had been working in the kitchen when tap just popped off. It doused the omnioji instantly, and ruined perfectly rice balls as well.

All Mai could think was that he and Ayako were on a war path for the still missing Yasuhara, and she feared they wouldn't find him in time to save someone else from his endless water tricks.

"This is such a strange day." It was Masako, huddled in a corner wrapped tightly in a rain coat, that spoke. Quirking a brow at the Mediums' behaviour, Mai just nodded.

"Tell me about it."

"Tell you about what?" Monk popped is head in the kitchen, looking around cautiously before entering the room.

"Um.. Masako was just saying how strange today is. I mean, everyone's on edge and all." The barb at his behaviour was lost as he gave her a serious look, stalking towards her with his shoulders hunched.

"How can you not be on edge? This is Yasu we're talking about, His pranks will gets us killed. We already have Ayako and Lin hunting him down. Heaven forbid Masako or Naru getting hit by this prank."

"I am sitting right here Takigawa." The Medium sniffed as she stood, walking to the back door, "But I am well prepared. I will not be foiled by such a foolish pra-"

Just as she opened the door, a volley of water balloons, assailed her, hitting her in the openings of her rain coat and soaking her easily. The echoes of splashes and pops from balloons seemed to last ages until it went deathly silent. Mai hesitated to open her eyes, not having realised she'd closed them and ducked behind Monk, and gasp at the pair. Masako stood stock still in the doorway, dripping from head to toe while Monk stood by the kitchen island. Somehow, he too had been hit, most likely by stray balloons, and his hair covered what she assumed were eyes baring blood lust. It was Masako who reacted first however, tearing off the rain coat and adjusting her (Mai's) soaked t-shirt as it clung to her skin.

"Osamu! Show yourself. Monk! Your assistance if you will?" Her voice was grave, and her small frame was shaking with rage.

"Gladly." Monk joined her as they went into the garden to hunt the culprit down.

It was the dull thunk that drew Mai's attention away from the door. She saw Luella standing in the middle of the mess, bucket down and mop ready as she shook her head, muttering something about crazy holidays.

Mai couldn't agree more.

It was less than an hour later when Luella, Martin and Madoka had been hit, all at once, in the study of all places. Mai had left the room for a second to go make tea when she heard a great ruckus. With the screams of blood lust, the brunette just shook her head and chose the safer option of walking away.

Which is how she found herself sitting next to Naru outside by the pool…

"So tell me again why you're sitting here in the open? I was sure you'd have been the first to find the perfect hiding place." Her words seemed to agitate him as he closed his book.

"I will not fall prey to his whims. The others are all chasing after him, just as he wanted. For what reason, I wouldn't be able to say."

"So… You're saying even if you got hit by his prank you wouldn't get crazy mad and chase after him with a pitch fork and devil horns popping out of your head?"

He gave her an odd look as her fingers imitated horns on her head, and he had to resist the urge to laugh as she made them look like wriggling antenna's like you'd find on an ant. With the temptation gone, he sighed, "No Mai. I will not got chasing him with a pitchfork."

It was then that an idea struck her. "So what you're saying is that, why you'd be made at him for getting you wet? But what if you ruined his prank to begin with?"

"What do you mean?" He gave her a suspicious glance as a Cheshire grin broke out on her face and he had no time to stop her before her arms wrapped around his waist and used their combined weight to throw both of them into the pool.

Once he broke the surface and spat out any water in his mouth, he glared at the brunette that giggle a bit away from him. He slicked back his hair and stomped, or more so, splashed, his way up to her and drew her attention. "What were you thinking Mai!"

"I was thinking that if we did this, then he couldn't prank us. Besides. It's hot today!" She blinked innocently up at him before splashing him in the face, watching as his shocked expression turned chanllenging.

"So, that's how it will be then? Is that how you want it Mai?" His question was so layered so could only gulp, moving away from him slowly as he removed his tie and jacket. "We'll see how you like it!"

And so ensued to epic battle of water splashes between the narrcassist and his assistant. With a few onlookers of course.

"Aww. How cute!"

"Madoka. Shh. I can't hear her. Monk. Lift my up."

"Woman. Are you serious? Your heavy- Ow! Ayako!"

"Now, now. No need for violence."

"Be quiet John. You didn't even get wet-"

Everything went quiet as Yasu stopped and everyone turned to the blonde priest. The poor bloke didn't know what to expect as they reached for him.

Naru and Mai only had enough time to move back from the pool edge as the group of soaked individuals, including Masako and Lin, raced towards the body of water, poor John lifted high into the air as the leap into the pool. And the little kittens all watched on thinking they were all insane from the safety of the kitchen.

Pranks are pranks as they say.

In any form.




So, I'm so sorry for not having updated this for a very long time. But if you read the new chapter of Cases of a Different Kind, you would have found out I have been extremely sick lately. But hospital says I should be ok if I take it easy. So yeah. I'm not dead yet. And I'm sorry if this chapter wasn't the greatest. I'm not 100% healthy. Or awake. But anyway, a shout out to those that reviewed last chapter;

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Also, all your pranks have been written down and taken into consideration. SO don't worry. I haven't ignore any of you. I'm just sorting out how I'm gong to do them and I have a feeling I have the perfect idea haha. Stay tuned and thanks for all your encouragement with Prank wars!

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