Prank Wars

Cling wrap walls and LOUD NOISES

Prank Wars

Summary: Yasuhara was always a schemer. With his schemes, came pranks. How will these pranks turn out when Naru joins in for revenge? How will it bring Naru and Mai together? Well read, review and you may just find out. Stay tuned as the plot thickens!

Warning: Spoilers (slight), mild swearing. Sorry for any mistakes! Set roughly a year after the end of the anime with references to the manga.

Dedication:To my good health (now) and finishing my Childcare Certificate III. I'm conducting a Q & A as an apology for the long delay. Ask questions through PM, review, or through my facebook group and page (links on my profile.) Answers will be answered through both PM, posted on my profile and through my facebook page and group. Ask anything. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Ghost Hunt or the basic prank idea!

Chapter 9: Cling wrap walls and LOUD NOISES


"Yasu!" The aggravated yell echoed through the manor in the early morning hours, though the sound of the horn did the job of waking all the residents up. Doors creaked open and those with blared stares and angry grumbles peaked their heads out into the dimly lit hallway of the guest wing.

The odd thing to the scream however, was it sounded like it came from underwater, and upon further investigation, the rest of the occupants burst into laughter, seeing the blonde bassist of the team wrapped like a worm in what appeared to be cling wrap. It was only when John recovered and felt bad for the musician that he leant down to help.

"Damnit!" Monk yelled once his torso was free, pulling the last of the plastic from his legs. "Where the hell is that Yasu!"

There was no reply as they all looked around wearily. It seemed the prankster was up to his old tricks again. And they knew they were all at risk.

"Well, how's about some breakfast?" John asked, trying to break the tension.

"Um. That is very sweet John. But Martin and I have an appointment in town." Luella was quick to duck back in the room with her husband and in an inhuman amount of time, the pair had changed and left the house.

"Ok then. How about I help you John." Mai said, pulling the young priest's arm and dragging him down the hallway, praying she didn't fall victim to whatever Yasu had planned.

But the morning went smoothly enough, with Naru not having merged from his room and Yasu being nowhere to be found.

"Ok then. I'm heading outside. Anyone want to swim with me?" Ayako called, pulling open the back door.

"I will!" Monk yelled, scaring her by his sudden response and pushing the sliding door over completely. Another blow horn sounded, right next to her and she fell forward and Monk barrelled into her, and into cling wrap…

"What the hell?" Ayako yelled, struggling with Monk's weight as they got further tangled in the plastic.

Mai, out of curiosity, pulled the curtain from the door and found an air horn tapped on its side, the door having hit the nozzle directly. "Well, that explains that!"

Almost simultaneously, another horn and scream came from the other door and the only ones not tied up, meaning Mai and John, considering the others were MIA, rushed to find the source. Yasu and Masako lay tangled in the living room, the young Medium pushing the older male away as he joked.

"Aww. But Masako. I like hugging you!" He joked, wincing as she dug her elbow under his ribcage.

"If this is some sick joke, stop it. This is all your fault." She lashed out, groaning when she only made it worse. John was the first to react, tearing the young woman from the plastic and leaving Yasu in a tight situation.

"Hey John. Help please?" John just ignored him as he helped Masako, "I know what you're thinking! It wasn't mean! Why would I prank myself?"

His yell was left unheard as Mai shook her head. "Then who would do it then Yasu?" She asked, taking pity on him as he hopped around lamely, trying his best to release himself.

"I dunno… Naru? I haven't seen him. Or Lin and Madoka for that matter."

Mai shook her head, unable to believe Lin would do something like this to everyone. But Naru? Or Madoka… That had her thinking. "I'll go find Naru."

She searched for nearly an hour until she checked the library of the house. It wasn't big, just filled with a lot of bookshelves filled with technology, books and notebooks. He sat in an arm chair, beside the floor to ceiling window that spanned the whole wall. The door closing drew his attention and he put down his book and sat up, "Mai? Is something wrong?"

His voice was sincere and she was taken aback by it. She shook her head and left it to the fact that the others weren't around. "Well, um. You weren't at breakfast. And we're going to be having lunch soon. I was wondering if you were hungry. Unless you want to keep hiding from the prankster."

Naru blinked, "Prankster?"

Well, that ruled him out, Mai thought. "Yeah. Air horns, cling wrap. It's really loud today." She laughed, feeling slightly awkward, "Um… So… I'll just leave you be then…"

She went to open the door when he stopped her, "Wait Mai. I'd like to have lunch. Shall I escort you?" His attitude made her question whether he was possessed again but his nervous glance at her as he stood and put the book down dashed all suspicions.

"Sure. I'd love that." She beamed at him as he stepped next to her and cupped her elbow, being every the gentleman. That is, until the door opened.

An airhorn blew so loudly near them that Mai scream, her feet slipping and pulling Naru with her. But rather than hitting the floor like they thought, Naru having tucked her under his chin, they fell through what Mai could only guess was cling wrap, the plastic quickly sticking together and wrapping them tight like a perfectly wrapped present.

A flash went off and Mai looked around as best as she could, her cheeks colouring as she saw a grinning Madoka with a digital camera in her hands and Lin with the notorious horn.

"Oh Lin! Isn't that so cute?" Madoka screamed, waving the camera at the pair on the ground, "Oh Naru. How sweet! Oh! I know! I'll send it to Luella right now! Maybe she'll come back early?"

Lin looked at her and sighed, passing a sympathetic glance at Naru and Mai before nodding and getting dragged away.

"Oh Naru. I'm so sorry. I didn't know. I mean… You probably don't want to be near me now in case they do it-"

"Mai." His voice stopped her as she craned her neck. A small smile danced on his lips as he tried to get free of the cling wrap prison, "How about we get out of this, and I'll take you out for lunch?"

She was stunned by his question before a grin split across her face. She nodded enthusiastically, bumping her head on his shoulder. The action elicited a chuckle from the man above her.

Maybe getting trapped wasn't such a bad thing…

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