Chapter 21

They had no trouble getting a subpoena to allow the hospital to release the patient's information to them. Lisa Hanover had been seven months pregnant when she was last seen at the clinic. Her boyfriend's name, Joseph Davidson, was listed in her record.

"Is that common?" Morgan thought only a spouse would be specifically listed in the patient's chart.

Alex knew. "Some of them do it as a matter of course, but I think this time it was because of his behavior. The staff were all concerned about Lisa. If they couldn't convince her to leave him, they at least wanted to be able to identify him to the police. Even if it was after the fact."

Rossi was disgusted. "You know, I've been doing this a long time. There isn't much I haven't seen, including this. But this is one of the things I'll never get used to. I mean, these guys aren't necessarily even sociopaths. They don't stand out in the crowd. People would never know."

Hotch finished the thought for him. "Which is how it continues for so long. Even if the partner reports him, she isn't always believed."

Garcia rang in. She'd been tasked with tracking down Lisa Hanover. Given the urgency of the situation, she dispensed with her usual witticisms.

"Okay, so they weren't too happy that I was able to do it, but I tracked down the shelter."

"What's that about?" Morgan was now realizing he needed to learn a lot more about this subject.

JJ answered. "They don't advertise their locations, to try to protect the victims. Usually you call an 800 number or an infoline, and they meet you somewhere neutral, and then bring you to the shelter."

She felt Reid's eyes on her, but didn't return his gaze.

"JJ's right. So, they weren't happy, but I was able to track the 800 number account, and follow a couple of leads and, voila! There it was."

"So, can we talk to her?" Rossi wanted to get moving on it.

He couldn't see Garcia shaking her head. "No. It turns out that the shelter simply serves as a conduit to a more permanent relocation. And they don't keep records, just in case."

"So, how do we find her?" Alex was sharing Rossi's frustration.

"Well, our fearless leader may have to pull some strings, but I think it can happen. It seems she bonded with a few of the staff, and called them to tell them she'd had the baby. A little early, but healthy."

Even though they'd only just learned of her existence, there were smiles in the room at hearing of the healthy delivery.

Garcia continued. "So they have a cell number, but aren't much interested in giving it out."

Hotch was already on his phone. "I'll take care of it." He was certain they'd be able to bring influence to bear and, failing that, another subpoena.

"Okay, so why do we need her? Why don't we just go after Davidson?" Detective Jackson wanted to be practical.

"Because he may be holding Marina Glower. We need something to bargain with before we confront him." JJ explained it to the detective.

Hotch returned from his call. "We should have Lisa Hanover's phone number shortly. She may not be local, so we may only be able to use her voice."

Reid spoke up. "That should be enough. A lot of these guys just want to dominate. They don't necessarily need to be violent, so they don't need to do it in person."

"But it might have a bad effect on Lisa. It might bring it back to her, especially if he's treated her this way on the phone before. We should see if there can be someone with her." JJ punched in Garcia's number as she spoke. She would ask Penelope to have the local shelter arrange for one near Lisa to provide support.

There was a lull in the action as the appropriate information was developed and a plan put in place. JJ took advantage of it to make a bedtime phone call to Henry.


"Hi, buddy. I miss you."

"I miss you too, Mommy."

JJ breathed a sigh that combined relief with regret. "Have you been a good boy for Daddy?"

"Yeah. We had a happy meal and I got a toy!"

JJ knew the toy was Henry's only real interest in the fast food meal. He rarely ate any of it, as he was too busy playing.

"I hope you drank your milk."

"All the way to the bottom, Mommy."

"Good boy. What did you guys do today?"

"We went to the park and played baseball! I got two home runs!"

JJ smiled at his excitement. "Good for you, little man. Are you all ready for bed now? Are your teeth brushed?"

"Yep. When are you coming home, Mommy?"

JJ closed her eyes. "I'm not sure, honey. I hope it will be tomorrow."

"Did you catch the bad guys?" This was what Henry understood of what she and Will did.

"We're trying to catch him tonight, sweetheart. If we do, I'll come home tomorrow."

"I hope you catch him, Mommy. Can I have my story now?"

Together they read "Bedtime for Little Star". It wasn't really a story, and it was much too young for Henry now, but they both held on to it. It was theirs.

"Goodnight, little man. Sleep tight."

"Don't let the bedbugs bite, Mommy!"

Will came on the phone.

"How's it going?"

"We've got our guy identified, but we think he has a hostage. So it will probably be a long night. I'm hoping we'll have it wrapped by tomorrow."

"Well, take your time. He's doing fine here."

In another context, she might have thought he meant to reassure her. But in their current situation, she thought he only meant it to hurt.

She didn't choose to parry. "Hopefully I'll be home tomorrow. I've already told him." She wanted to make sure Will didn't plant any other ideas in Henry's head. "Goodbye, Will."

They had the phone number. Hotch charged JJ with contacting Lisa Hanover, thinking that they were closest in age and were, now, both mothers. He gave no indication that he was also aware they'd shared something else. But he knew JJ might be able to connect with Lisa over the kinds of behaviors their men had developed.

The police had located Joseph Davidson's address, and the task force was headed there, to be met by a SWAT team. It was almost midnight. Two reconnaissance specialists surveyed the two family home where Joseph Davidson and Lisa Hanover had lived on the first floor. There was no evidence of Marina Glower's presence there, as evidenced by their glimpses through the windows. But there was a basement. Perhaps she was there.

Hotch was on the phone. "Garcia, find out who lives on the second floor. We need to call them and get them out before we do anything with Davidson."

She made short work of it. They phoned the family, gave a superficial explanation of the situation, and advised them to leave via the back porch and stairs. The young couple, frightened out of their sleep, complied quickly.

Hotch got on his phone again, now calling the number he had for Joseph Davidson. It went unanswered through five rings, but he picked up on the sixth. A slurred voice answered.


The unit chief couldn't tell whether his target had been asleep or drinking.

"Joseph Davidson?"


"This is Aaron Hotchner of the FBI. We are looking for a missing person, and have reason to believe you may have information for us."

A long silence ensued. Hotch knew Davidson was scrambling for his response.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Wide awake now. Apparently he'd only been groggy.

"I think you do. We are looking for Dr. Marina Glower. We know you met her at the clinic."

Shorter silence this time. "I don't know anybody by that name."

"You do, Mr. Davidson. She was the ob/gyn resident caring for Lisa Hanover during her pregnancy."

No delay on this one. He was angry now. "Lisa's gone! She left me. Those bitches at the clinic sent her away!"

The crux of the matter.

"Do you know where Lisa is now, Mr. Davidson?"

"No! She won't tell me!"

"Who won't tell you?" They thought he was holding Marina Glower until she told him where she'd sent his girlfriend. They feared he planned to kill her if she answered the question. Or if she couldn't.

Long silence again. Davidson realized he'd slipped. Then, "Lisa…bitch left and won't tell me where she is."

"Does that mean you've spoken with Ms. Hanover since she left you?"

Another delay. Davidson felt like there was a trap here, but he couldn't make it out. Hotch tried again.

"Would you like to speak with her, Mr. Davidson?"

Still wary of a trap, Davidson couldn't restrain himself.

"Is she with you?"

"She's not here, but we know where she is. And she has agreed to speak to you if you tell us where Marina Glower is."

A very long silence now. Davidson was deliberating, which was a good sign. But to let him deliberate too long might not be a good idea. Hotch pushed him with something he knew would be irresistible.

"Did you know that Lisa had her baby?"

"No, she didn't. You're lying. She's not due for another three weeks."

"She had the baby last week. And he's perfectly healthy."


"You have a son, Mr. Davidson."

Brief silence this time. "Put her on the phone."

"Marina Glower first."

Longer pause. "All right. She's here. She's in the basement. But don't think about coming in for her. If you do, that will be the end of the bitch. She took my girl away from me." He thought some more. "And my son!"

"Lisa is on the line, Mr. Davidson. But I need a show of good faith. Put Marina Glower on your line."

They could hear a door opening, and then footsteps on the stairs. They heard what they guessed was duct tape being torn from her lips.

"Say something, Dr. Bitch."

"Help me! Help…"

The rest of the sentence was muffled, the phone having been pulled away from her.

"There, that's all you're getting. Now give me Lisa."

They'd been listening in on speaker. Hotch waved the SWAT team, Morgan, Reid and Rossi to the house. JJ and Alex would stay with him, supporting Lisa Hanover.

Hotch waited until they were in place. "I will put her on the line. But I need to see that Dr. Glower is not in danger. I need you to come to the window."

"I ain't coming to no goddamn window. I watch TV. I know you'll just shoot me through it."

It had been worth a try. "Then come away from her. Come back upstairs and flick the light at the front door so I'll know you're not with Dr. Glower. Then I'll put Lisa on the line."

That, he could do, thought Davidson. They could hear the footsteps on the stairs again, but didn't hear the door close. That might complicate their plan, if they were too noisy in getting her out. But they were at least relieved when Davidson flicked the porch light.

"All right, here is Lisa." Hotch conferenced her in to his call. She'd been frightened, but felt obliged to help the woman who'd helped her escape her abuser.

All of them were surprised with how Davidson started the call.

"Hey, baby. How's my girl? I miss you." None of the anger they'd expected. Instead, he seemed to be flirting with her.


"Hey, baby. It's time for you to come home now. I want you to come home."

"I'm not coming home, Joey. I have a new home now."

"Baby, you have to come home. I need you here. I need my son here."

"No, Joey, you don't need me. You just want me. And I don't want to be with you any more."

"You bring my son here! I'm telling you, if you don't bring my son…."

It went on like that, escalating in tone and expletive content, for a long while. JJ was glad they'd gotten support to stand by Lisa at her new location. She thought she might have withered under such a vicious verbal assault. The good thing was that his volume had increased. He was yelling too loud to hear what was going on in the basement.

The SWAT team was able to quietly punch out a pane of glass and give them access through the doorway. Along with the BAU representatives, they slipped into the basement and freed Marina Glower. They could hear Joey Davidson yelling from upstairs. With the door having been left open, it was easy business to ascend the stairs and catch him, mid-tirade, unaware. Morgan signaled Hotch when they had their perpetrator in custody.

JJ took over the conversation with Lisa Hanover and talked her down. "He's in custody, and he'll be going away for a long, long time. You'll be safe from him, and so will your son. And, Lisa…you will have time to terminate his parental rights. You might want to consider it."

It was almost 4 AM by the time the team was done. The small private airport they'd used would open at 8 on a Sunday morning. Hotch sent them to get a few hours rest before takeoff.

Reid caught up with JJ as they went back to the hotel.

"How are you?"

"Me? Fine. Why?"

"Because that must have hit a little too close to home, didn't it?"

She shook her head. "It wasn't like that for us, Spence. I mean, some of it was. I could hear Will in some of what Joey was saying. At least until he got angry. Mostly Will doesn't show anger. Mostly he finds other means to get his way. But, you're right, it might have come to that one day."

"Not more than once." He'd said it so softy, virtually mumbled it, and she hadn't been able to make it out.

"What? I didn't catch that."

"Nothing. Did you talk to Henry?"

Now she smiled. "He's fine, had a great day. And he told me he misses me."

Reid smiled back at her. "I'm glad…well….well, you know what I mean."

"I do. And thanks."

He hesitated a moment, then decided to tell her.

"I made a phone call today too."

She didn't know why that might be reportable, until she saw the look on his face. Maeve.

"You called her on a Saturday?"

"Well, I didn't know how the case would turn out, and I just decided to take advantage of our couple of free moments. And, besides, I can call her any time now."

They'd arrived at their hallway. JJ brought him into her room to finish the story.

"Really, why?"

"Because she thinks the stalker is gone. She thought it was happening a couple of months ago, but there were still some random hang ups. But she hasn't had one in weeks now. So she's okay with me calling her at other times."

"But you still use the pager and the phone booth?"

He knew it seemed odd, but shrugged it off. "She's not all the way there yet, I guess."

JJ assured him. "She'll get there, Spence. And then you two can meet."

He paled. "That's the thing. She wants it now. She wants us to meet now."

JJ's brows went up as she smiled at his obvious trepidation.

"That's good, isn't it, Spence?"

"Well, yes. But what if she doesn't like me? What if she doesn't like what she sees?"

JJ just stared at him. Does he not know?

She blushed just a little as she said, "Spence, you're a good looking guy. She'll love you."

He blushed as well, and squirmed. "But Morgan always says I look like a professor."

Well… Aloud, she said, "Spence, I told you, if you want me to help you with an outfit, I will."

He'd been hoping she would offer again. "Will you?"

She smiled at him. "Of course. When's the big date?"


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