Chapter 54

"What does that mean? What do you mean 'where the sun don't shine?' Where is my son?!"

Arnold had stopped smiling, and was no longer able to speak. His condition looked to be deteriorating even as the EMTs made their way into the cabin, and pushed JJ aside.

"Please let us in here, miss. We need to work on him."

Morgan leaned down and took JJ by the shoulders, lifting her. She spun around and shouted at him. "He has to tell us! What does that mean? What did he do with Henry?!"

"Calm down now, we'll figure it out." He gripped her shoulders again and leaned into her face as he said, "We'll find him, JJ."

By this time, Emily and Blake had combed the house, and Rossi and Greg Charles the outbuildings. There was no sign of Henry.

Hotch was still standing with Reid who, while no longer in his flashback, was still reorienting to the situation. Now the senior agent moved both of them over to where the team was assembling.

Rossi spoke for the group. "He doesn't seem to be anywhere on the grounds. Unless there's some kind of underground cavern or something?" He'd turned to Greg Charles at the last.

Charles was shaking his head. "Remember where you are. It was only because of this little hillside that this place even has the small root cellar. No, there's nothing underground anywhere around here."

Alex wondered, "Would he have had time to get somewhere else? Somewhere where there is an underground cavern, maybe?"

Will had been freed from his bonds when the team arrived, but he was still sitting in the same chair, too injured to get up and move about on his own. Now he joined into the conversation with the others, albeit warily. He was aware of the animosity toward him because of what he'd done.

"Henry was here, he brought both of us here together. But then he took Henry again...somewhere. He might have used the car...but I'm not sure. I'm sorry, Cher, I was groggy."

She didn't have time to deal with the mixed emotions Will was stirring up in her. She was still furious at him for taking Henry, sorry that he'd been beaten, and grateful for his help in distracting Arnold. But sorting that out would have to wait. Finding Henry was paramount.

She pleaded again, to no one in particular, "But what does it mean? Why did he say that?"

To torment you, thought Morgan. Aloud, he said , "It's just an expression, JJ. Maybe he didn't mean anything."

Reid had missed the whole exchange. He was only now realizing that Arnold had said anything at all to JJ about Henry.

"What were his exact words?"

Morgan told him, and Reid had the same response as the rest. "What does that mean?"

JJ looked at him with teary eyes. "I don't know! And I don't want to think...oh, God, please, no!"

It was what all of them were thinking, yet none would say. The expression could easily mean that Arnold had buried the child. And they had no idea where.

By now, there was quite a bit of activity inside the cabin. A second set of EMTs had arrived to see to Will, and several county police squads had joined the investigation, along with another team from the New Orleans FBI office. The place was getting crowded and hectic. None of which was bringing them any closer to finding Henry.

Suddenly there was a shout from one of the first set of EMTs. "He's crashing!"

They'd just been bundling Arnold for transport when his heart stopped beating. Both EMT teams worked together to try to bring him back, using an aggressive regimen of medication along with CPR. But he'd simply lost too much blood. They were unable to revive him.

JJ looked on with horror as her last hope of finding Henry perished from the earth. She sank to the floor, unable to find the strength to remain upright. Each of the others started to move to her, but the rest backed away at a signal from Emily. They left her with Reid, who lowered himself to the floor next to her.

There was something about the way she was sitting that told him she didn't want to be touched. So he simply sat, and whispered to her.

"It's not the end, JJ. We've got a whole lot of people here already, and we'll have a whole army here to look for him pretty soon. Hotch has already sent the word out. We'll find him."

She was still feeling woozy from the head injury, and now was weak with despair. It took a few seconds for Reid's words to penetrate. When she responded, her voice was so low that he had to lean in to hear her.

"We don't even know where to look. These woods are so thick and…." She gasped, having just remembered. "And there's a river! Oh, God, there's a river! Arnold might have…"

Her shield had come down, and Reid finally put his arm around her. "Shh! No! He didn't. I'm sure he didn't…."

He stopped speaking abruptly, startled by his own words.

When he'd started the sentence, he'd been seeking only to reassure JJ. But as he was speaking, he realized that what he was saying was true. Arnold wouldn't have hurt Henry. He related with Henry. His anger was directed towards Henry's parents, and the FBI.

But what did he do...and what do the words mean?

Suddenly, that particular synapse fired, and he knew. He literally leapt to his feet and pulled JJ up with him.

"I know! I know where he is! Come on!"

He pulled her outside to get in the SUV, and then stopped abruptly. They were hemmed in by two ambulances and at least eight police and FBI vehicles. Sorting out the traffic jam would take longer than than he thought they had. Because now that Reid was sure he knew where Henry was, he was also sure he was in danger.

He started to pull JJ through the woods the team had traversed between the two cabins, grabbing two flashlights from one of the vehicles. He'd lost his night vision goggles, but since they no longer had any reason to keep their location hidden, the flashlights would do.

Had it been almost anyone else, JJ would have demanded an explanation before accompanying him. But it was Spence, whom she trusted with her life, and that of her son. And, she thought, he loves Henry almost as much as I do. Maybe every bit as much.

Still, she felt a need to know what they were doing. He'd started off at a trot, holding her hand to bring her along with him. As they ran, she called out to him.

"Spence, where are we going?"

"Back to Will's cabin. I know where he is."

"But wouldn't it be faster to drive? It took you an hour to go through the woods before."

"Forty minutes. We gave you the hour, remember? But now I know where I'm going, and now we've got the light. We'll do it in twenty."

"Shouldn't we have told someone what we're doing?"

"I told one of the cops to find Hotch when I grabbed the flashlights. They'll send the EMTs to us as soon as they can."

"EMTs?! Spence, do you think he's hurt?"

He hesitated a moment before answering. "I don't know. Probably not. But I think he might need medical attention."

"Where, Spence? Where is he? The cabin was just a single room, and we searched it completely. Do you think he's left him in the woods?"

The canopy was so thick, maybe that's what Arnold had meant by 'where the sun don't shine'.

"Not the woods. There was another building on the grounds, remember?"

She thought a moment. She'd been there only a couple of hours ago, but she was so focused on the task at hand that she'd not taken that much note of her surroundings. Then…

"The outhouse! You think he's in the outhouse?!"

"Did you notice what was carved into the door?"


"A crescent moon, and a star. No sun. It's a common practice to put those symbols on outhouse doors."

He was about to launch into a monologue on the controversy of whether the symbols had any real meaning, or whether they'd been created through the whimsy of a particular cartoonist…but he was too winded.

"And, based on that, you think Henry's inside?" It didn't sound very convincing, and she began to wonder if they were off on a fruitless chase.

Another hesitation. "Well, no. Based on the fact that I don't think Karl Arnold wanted to hurt him. And that he was probably gone from the second cabin only long enough to get to the first one and back…..even if Will doesn't remember. The phone calls came in four hours before you went to the cabin to meet the unsub. Henry and Will were both with him at the time of the calls, right? And I noticed there was only the one set of tire tracks outside the cabin when we first arrived. So he had to have brought Henry somewhere he could get on foot."

Now that he was explaining it, it sounded more like a reasoned premise and less like an outright guess. JJ's spirits were brightening. But then she remembered something else he'd said.

"Spence, if you don't think Arnold would have hurt him, why do we need the EMTs?"

He was about to tell her his real worry. If he was right, Henry could be in big trouble.

"If he's in the outhouse, he's got to be bound, maybe even taped, like Will was. Think about it. We weren't trying to be quiet when we arrived to that cabin before. If he'd heard us, and was able to yell, wouldn't he have done that?"

JJ's stopped short, pulling Reid back toward her awkwardly.

"Oh, my God, we were right there! We were right there, Spence! Suppose he heard us, and thinks we knew and didn't save him? Oh, Henry!"

Reid started tugging at her hand again. "Don't think like that. He would know you were looking for him. He knows you love him. I just….."

She was running with him again. "You just what? What is it that you don't want to tell me, Spence?"

He couldn't afford to turn and look at her, he needed to keep his eyes on their path. He could only hope she wouldn't lose heart.

"I'm afraid of the heat. I'm afraid he's been closed up in that space for hours, and ….and I'm afraid he might be hyperthermic."

Someone else might have mistaken her silence for shock. But Reid knew JJ very well. She was strong, and determined. Without even looking at her, he knew she was already steeling herself for a crisis to come.

Just one of the many reasons I love you.

When she did finally speak again, it was to plan.

"Okay, so if he's hyperthermic, what do we do?"

Reid's response was aborted by their arrival at the clearing to Will's cabin. They both ran immediately behind it, to the outhouse. Perversely, JJ's brain took notice of the images carved into the door. He was right, as usual.

"Stay back, JJ."

He didn't know what they would find on the other side of the door. As strong as she might be, he thought, no mother should have to see what might be in there. Still, he wasn't surprised when JJ continued right behind him without even responding. Of course she was looking inside. This was her son they were talking about.

The interior of the outhouse was small, and it took only one small sweeping arc of the flashlight to find him. He was lying against the side of the hut, bound around his hands, feet and chest. And there was duct tape over his mouth. Both of them felt their stomachs plummet when he didn't rouse to the commotion of their entry.

Reid bent and felt Henry's face at the same time that he lifted him up. "He's hot."

JJ backed up to allow Reid to turn around and bring Henry outside. Reid knelt with Henry in his arms, and laid him softly on the ground. JJ gently pulled the tape from Henry's mouth while Reid removed the ropes. Once his chest was visible, they were both relieved to see that he was breathing.

Reid immediately tried to assess Henry's condition, while JJ repeatedly called her son's name.

"Henry! Henry, baby, it's Mommy! Mommy's here!" She rubbed his hands, and caressed his face and hair.

Much as an EMT would, Reid started reporting his findings.

"He's hot, his cheeks are flushed. But he's sweating, so I think that's good."

"Why, what does it mean?"

"It means his body is still trying to get rid of the heat. That's good."

"What if it wasn't?" She was still trying to take in the breadth of the problem, to know what she…what all of them…were up against.

"If they're not doing that any more, it means heat stroke." He flashed a look at her. "But he doesn't have it…yet."


"Okay, his pulse is rapid and his breathing is, too. I think the rapid breathing is a way to blow off heat. But the rapid pulse….he's probably dehydrated. We need to get some liquid into him. And we need to find a way to get his temperature down. We need to help him get rid of the heat."

"How? What do we do? Should I take his clothes off?"

Reid was looking around. They needed something cold...something that would conduct the heat away from Henry. He flashed on his experience at the cabin earlier today.

"The river! It's just a little way through the woods in that direction. We can bring him to the river!"

"Spence, shouldn't we just wait for the EMTs? They should be on their way pretty soon."

He hadn't wanted to frighten her. But in the few minutes since they'd had Henry, his breathing had become increasingly labored. Reid didn't think they could afford any more time.

"Leave a note on the window of the SUV. Tell them where we are."

Normally the team left their keys in the vehicles when they traveled to a scene. But the unknowns here…and especially the unknown of the unsub's location and behavior….had precluded that. Neither of them could access the interior of the vehicles.

JJ had only lip balm in her pocket. It would have to do. She essentially soaped a note on the front windshield of one of the SUVs.

When she'd finished, Reid picked his godson up again and started to head out of the clearing.

"Spence, wait a second!"

She ran into the cabin, remembering that David had told her he'd stocked it for Will. There was no refrigeration, but there were several coolers with bottles of water…and beer. The ice was long melted, but the water still felt cool. She grabbed as many bottles as she could hold.

Reid saw what she had done when she came out of the cabin with her armload. "Good thinking! Okay, it's this way, I think."

They hadn't traveled far before they could hear the water. The bayou was, by definition, slow flowing, but it wasn't stagnant. They could hear both the water and the increased density of animal life that surrounded it. All they had to do now was to follow those sounds.

As the sound grew louder, Reid halted them. "Let's put the water down here. Just bring one bottle for now."

He remembered that the land under his feet had started to soften near the river when he'd fled the house earlier in the day. How could this possibly be the same day?

JJ was leading the way, flashlight in hand. Despite the illumination, she literally stumbled upon…and into…the water. Because, in the bayou, where there was no riverbank, the trees just continued on into the river. Instinctively, she reached out to steady herself... and screamed.

"What? What is it, JJ?"

"I think….I think it's a snake!"

She turned the light in that direction and saw. "Oh, thank God, it's just a vine hanging from a branch of that tree."

"Good." Better not to tell her that bayou waters were home to many types of animal life…..including water moccassins and alligators. They simply had no choice right now. But he would keep an eye on the still waters for any evidence of an approaching creature.

Reid joined her in the river.

"Okay, I'm going to lower him in. I'll hold him out flat. See if you can get a little water into him. Just a few drops at a time, okay? Tilt his head to the side so you can pour it towards his cheek. He's less likely to choke on it."

Reid kept his hands under Henry's head and neck, and his lower back, dipping him gently below the water line.

JJ's hands were shaking so much it was hard to open the bottle of water. But she did it, and then braced her hand against Henry's chin to hold it steady as she poured.

"Is this okay?"

"Good, slow and steady. Almost like an IV. We're just doing it through his mouth." Both were relieved to see a reflexive swallow from the child. The fluid was getting into him.

Every so often, JJ stopped pouring the water long enough to feel Henry's forehead.

"I don't know. I can't tell if he's cooling off, Spence. What if this doesn't work?" He could almost hear her stifling a rising panic.

"It has to work, JJ. Just…think positive." Pause. "Pray, maybe."

He wanted her to do it. Spencer Reid's prayers weren't answered.

"I've been doing nothing but, Spence."

JJ turned her words to her son. "Henry, little man, please wake up. Please, honey. Mommy's here."

"That's right, Buddy, we need you to wake up now. Come on, there's a lot of magic we still have to do together, little man. My little apprentice..."

He'd said those last three words so softly, so tenderly that JJ was moved to reach up and caress his cheek. So much to pray for. The life of her son. The love of the man holding him. Too much to put into any words other than, please, God.

Reid's eye was caught by something glinting in the waning moonlight. He suddenly pulled Henry out of the water and yelled at JJ.

"Get out! JJ, get out of the water!"

She would have demanded an explanation, but he was already running off with Henry, back deeper into the woods. She ran after him, and heard him call out as they passed the place where she'd left the water.

"Grab it, we need to get further in."

She did as he asked, stopping only when he did.

"All right, what was that about? And why are we stopping here?"

"Alligators are ambush predators. They don't chase their prey….not very far, at least. I think we're far enough."

"Alligators!? There was an alligator in that water?"

"Probably a few. But I was keeping an eye out…."

She mumbled to herself. "You were keeping an eye out…."

"JJ, we didn't have any choice. It was the only way to cool him."

"Well, what do we do now?"

"I think the wet clothes are helping. And there's a little breeze to cool him down. We need to keep giving him the water, though."

Now that they were no longer in the river, JJ wanted proximity. She wanted to hold her son. She lowered herself to the ground, reaching up for him, and Reid shifted Henry into her arms.

"Come on, baby. Come back to me. Come back to Mommy, please, honey, please come back, please…."

While they'd been busy trying to tend to him, she'd held it together. But now, when they could only sit, and wait, and hope, and pray… it hit her. She felt overwhelmed, and she broke down. She kept up the pleading with Henry, but every word came out with a sob.

Reid knew exactly what she was feeling, because he was feeling it too. He moved around behind her and wrapped his arms around both of them.

I asked You. I told You I'd never ask for anything else, if only he would be okay. And what happens? This! Well, okay, now I'm begging you. Please, please, don't let him die! Do it for her, if You won't do it for me!

They sat together like that, holding Henry, rocking Henry, pouring water into his mouth drop by drop, for what seemed like ages. Both Reid and JJ began to wonder what had happened to the team and the EMTs. Had Hotch not gotten the message from the cop on site? Had they not been able to make out JJ's message on the SUV?

Feeling like they had to do something, they decided to go the rest of the way back to the cabin, not wanting to chance the river again. Maybe they could use some of the contents of the water bottles to continue to bring Henry's temperature down.

"I think….I don't know, Spence, but I think he might feel a little cooler."

Reid took Henry's pulse yet again. It was still very high, and he was still breathing fast, but it was no longer labored.

"I can't tell if he's better, JJ, but I'm pretty sure he's not worse. Let's go."

As they set off, Reid took Henry from her. He was a heavier load to carry now that his clothing was sopping wet. They were nearly to the clearing when they caught the glare of a flashlight. JJ started swinging theirs up and down to signal their location.

Hotch and Rossi ran in with two EMTs.

"Thank God," came from Rossi, upon seeing that they had Henry.

"Can we check him, sir?" One of the EMTs reached out his arms to take Henry from Reid…..who reluctantly relinquished him.

The EMTs were used to wilderness rescues. They set Henry on the ground and made a quick assessment. As was their habit, they called out their findings to one another.

"Temp's 103…ma'am, has he been sick?"

"It's not a fever." Reid answered in place of JJ. "He was tied up in the outhouse for at least five hours, and his mouth was taped."

"So he couldn't blow the heat off." The EMT nodded his understanding. "So it's likely this is hyperthermia."

The EMT had already noted Henry's wet clothing. He'd initially been worried about a water accident, but now he understood. "You were trying to cool him down? In the river?"

Reid nodded, as JJ added, "And we gave him some water. Poured it into his cheek."

Both EMTs exchanged a look and then the second commented. "Good thinking. You may have given him a fighting chance."

They would only let JJ ride in the ambulance with Henry. Rossi took one of the SUVs back to the crime scene to pick up the others while Reid rode with Hotch behind the emergency vehicle. Hotch knew he would have to talk to Reid about what had happened in the cabin, but he also knew this wasn't the time. If Henry didn't survive his ordeal, Reid wouldn't be the only one of his agents struggling to cope.

Both of them were silent, lost in thoughts that were surprisingly similar, for most of the ride. As they could tell they were nearing the hospital, Hotch turned his head briefly to Reid.

"They both needed you, and you were there. That's all you should remember about this night. No matter what else happens."

Reid knew his boss was trying to be supportive, but he couldn't focus in on anything but the potential for loss. In his life, that potential was often fulfilled.

"He's not out of danger. And, if the worst happens...I don't know...I don't know what will happen to her. I won't know how to be there for her then. I won't have what she needs."

They'd arrived. Hotch turned off the engine and looked at Reid again. "You'll only know what you can be, and what you have to offer, in the moment. If that moment should come...and I pray that it doesn''ll know. And you'll do it. Trust me, I know my agents very well."

It was meant to elicit a small smile, and it was rewarded. They entered the Emergency Department and went immediately to the desk. Both men flashed their badges.

"They were just brought in...a little boy and his mother." Hotch tried to cue the desk clerk.

"The Room 2?"

"Sorry?" Reid didn't understand.

"Oh, sorry, ED lingo. Room 2 is where we take the serious cases when they first come in. They're in there now. But I don't think you can go in."

Before they had a chance to argue, they saw JJ walking uncertainly down a small hallway, looking back every few steps. She looked unsteady on her feet. Reid ran to her and took her arm.

"What's going on?"

"They made me leave while they do some tests. They said it would be only a few minutes." She kept squinting her eyes as though she was having trouble seeing.

"JJ? What's wrong?" Reid tightened his grip on her. She bent her head, trying to keep the light out of her eyes, when suddenly, he saw it.

Blood. All over the back of her scalp. It was the first time he'd seen her in bright light. Reid put his hand to her head to part her hair. She had a laceration about two inches long. At one time it must have been actively bleeding, but it seemed to have a clot in place now.

Hotch was just as shocked as Reid. "When did this happen? JJ, did Arnold do this?"

She'd been operating on pure adrenaline rush for most of the night, and hadn't even remembered the unsub hitting her with his gun. But that might explain the headache, and the nausea, and why the light was bothering her eyes so much... She nodded.

The wooziness came over her in a wave, and Reid could feel her swaying. Hotch could see it as well, and ran for a wheelchair. They managed to snag the attention of the triage nurse, and a short time later, JJ was wheeled away into the bowels of the ED as well.

By now the rest of the team had arrived, and Hotch filled them in on what had happened. Reid sat by himself, silent, staring, contemplating, afraid to pray. Seeing him, Emily approached softly.

"Hey, good thinking about the river. Hell, good thinking about the outhouse! We might not have found Henry for hours, even days, otherwise." And they both knew that, if it had been days, it would have been his body they'd found.

Reid didn't make eye contact. He just nodded, and gave her a terse, "Thanks."

They'd never been all that good at small talk between them. It had nearly always been direct, and meaty, and significant. They'd known each other too deeply to be superficial. Emily gave up on the small talk now.

"Henry will be okay, Reid. He's a strong little guy...hell, he has JJ's genes, doesn't he? And you did all the right things for him in the field. And JJ will be okay too. It's probably a concussion, but she'll be okay."

"I hope you're right."

"I'm always right."

He gave her the smile she wanted.

It seemed like hours had passed...because they had. Most of them had dozed off in the waiting room a time or two. And then, finally, the ED attending came to the waiting area and asked for "Dr. Reid."

He shot up. "I'm Spencer Reid."

"Ms. Jareau...oh, sorry, that's Agent Jareau, isn't it? She's out of CT scan now. You can go in and see her if you'd like."

The rest had joined Reid in a semicircle around the physician.

"How was it? The cat scan?" Morgan demanded to know.

The physician consulted his tablet, scrolling through a few screens. "I have permission to tell Dr. Reid and...SSA Hotchner. No one else."

Despite the situation, Emily had to stifle a laugh at the look on Morgan's face. She whispered to him, "Relax, it's just a rule. Hotch and Reid will turn around and tell us anyway."

Which they did. There was neither a skull fracture nor any bleeding in her brain. JJ had suffered a concussion, but would, absent some headaches, be fine.

He faked knocking on the curtain as he entered the cubicle. JJ was lying on the ED cot, in a hospital gown. The blood hadn't yet been cleaned from her hair.

She smiled weakly at him. "Are you still in your wet clothes? At least they gave me an outfit."

He huffed. "Yeah, but your outfit has no rear end. I'll keep my wet clothes, thank you."

They'd tried to bring some humor to their situation, but the weight of not knowing about Henry took them down.

"Have you heard anything, JJ?" He thought they might have kept her better apprised than they were keeping him.

"Just that he's being admitted to the pediatric ICU. They said I'd be able to see him when they get him settled."

"Has he been awake at all? Can they tell anything?" Reid knew that brain damage...every organ damage...could be a consequence of hyperthermia.

"They haven't said, either way. They've been too busy to talk to me, is what the nurse said."

Neither of them knew if 'being too busy' was a good or bad thing. Did that mean Henry was responding? Or that they couldn't get him to respond? Reid could see JJ tearing up again, and took her hand.

As if on cue, a nurse entered JJ's room with a wheelchair. "Would you like me to take you to see your son now? They've got him settled in upstairs."

JJ perked up, ever so slightly. "Yes! And Spence should come too."

The nurse looked uncertain. "I think they said only one visitor at a time. And, by that, they usually mean a parent."

Seeing the look of disappointment on Reid's face, JJ, concussion notwithstanding, had an idea.

Twenty minutes later, JJ was wheeled into Henry's room in the a brand new male orderly. In collusion with the ED nurse, they'd found Spence a set of scrubs.

"You really shouldn't be in those wet clothes anyway, you'll freeze in this air conditioning", the nurse had said. And, thus, Reid became the hospital's newest hire.

Henry looked so peaceful on the bed. He'd been cleaned up, and his blonde hair was splayed out on the pillow. If they'd been able to ignore the various tubes and wires that connected him to so much equipment, they would have assumed he was just asleep.

JJ reached a hand up for Reid's. She held it as she prayed aloud. "Please, God. He's only a little boy. He has so much life ahead of him. And he's the most important thing in my life. In our lives." She squeezed Reid's hand as she acknowledged his relationship with Henry...and with her.

He was too full to speak, and could only join her in his thoughts.

They stayed like that until their time allotment was nearly up. Reid started to turn JJ around in the chair, but stopped abruptly when he heard a new sound, a sound that wasn't coming from the machines.

It was a human sound, coming from the bed. First, a whimper, and then a moan. Reid wondered if it meant his godson was in pain, but JJ knew differently. She knew these sounds. She heard them nearly every day. It was how he woke up.

"Henry? Henry!" She got up from the chair, unsteady, until Reid grabbed her and helped her to the bed. "Henry, baby, it's Mommy. It's Mommy and Uncle Spence. We're here with you, Henry."

Reid joined her in trying to connect. "You're safe, little man. The bad guy's gone. It's okay to wake up now."

Another moan, this one erupting into a yawn. And then, the rapid blinking of eyes. Followed by the opening of them.

"Mommy?" His voice was weak, but it was Henry's voice.

"Baby, oh, baby!" She was kissing him, face, hands, chest, face again.

"Eww. Make her stop, Uncle Spence!"

Reid's grin split his face. "Not a chance, little man." And he gave a few of his own kisses.

Henry's PICU nurse saw what was going on in the room and rushed in. She checked Henry's vital signs, consulted with several machines, and turned to JJ.

"All normal! It seems you've got your son back!"

JJ hadn't left the bed. She was hugging Henry and rocking him back and forth. She managed to reach out a hand to Reid, and then pulled him down to the bed with them. Reid closed his eyes and savored the feel of them in his arms. He felt like a new man.

He felt like a man whose prayers were answered.

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