Overwhelming Emotions

A Date and Kisses

Overwhelming Emotions

Genre: Drama Romance | AU | Reincarnation

Rating: M

Pairing: (mainly) Rivaille x Eren

Summary: Being woven in his dreams and memories, Rivaille was at a loss. The second encounter with a certain boy made it even much worse than he thought it would be, especially when the boy is reaching his hands out to him again.


I don't own Shingeki no Kyojin, but this fanfiction is mine.


A/N:I need to change the rating to M because there's some adult content. Let's take a break from the sappy drama and enjoy the fluff.

Chapter 12 : A date and Kisses

Eren looked outside the window as he opened it wide enough to let the night cold breeze inside, the weather was starting to get warmer nowadays as the season slowly changed. He breathed in the cold night air while putting his hand on the rim of the window. He sensed Rivaille hug him from behind, not letting him turn around. It felt odd about their height difference with the man hugging him like that, but when Rivaille rested his chin on his left shoulder, Eren relaxed and leaned back to him.

"You should go home, you know. It's almost dinner time" Rivaille said, getting a smile from the brunet as he shook his head.

"It's alright. Mikasa was less noisy when it came to me getting home late. She usually cooked something easy for me to warm it up in the microwave later when I'm home." Rivaille breathed out a laugh before kissing Eren on his neck again. Eren fidgeted when he felt the contact, blushing when he noticed Rivaille was actually pressing his mouth quite hard. He smirked against his neck when he noticed Eren's eyes gazing at him.

"Don't get me in trouble by leaving an obvious mark there." Eren murmured, putting his palms against Rivaille's hands that circled around his stomach. Eren jumped when Rivaille licked him instead.

"Rivaille…" He hummed, trying to get away from the teasing gesture.

"Tell me, why are you so tall in both lives?" that question made Eren choke a laughter.

"How would I know? I think you should drink milk a lot?" He yelped when Rivaille pinched the back of his hand angrily. "I'm joking!" he hissed while rubbing his hand that was aching.

"Shut up." The man huffed when Eren pouted. Both of them went into a comfortable silence until Eren's curiosity broke it.

"Rivaille… tell me about Titan." He turned around when Rivaille let him go. Rivaille walked towards the teacher's desk. The man pulled the drawer open and picked some paper and pen out. Eren curiously watched him as the raven drew a sketch of the thing he asked pretty messily. His eyes made out a human mixed monster's face on the half done sketch.

"It was a giant, they have various different heights, the tallest could reach more than 50 meters. Some of them were deviant type with unusual behavior." Eren gaped when he heard about their height. The human size that Rivaille drew were lined up with the tallest giant, made the human seem overly small.

"That time, they ate us just for their own fun. The humankind built a very tall wall around their city, divided by three kinds of walls, the outer wall named Maria, then Rose, and the inner wall where the King and higher ranked nobles lived, Wall Sina. By the time we built these walls, humanity had become nearly extinct." Rivaille paused after he finished the three circles on the paper, letting the information sink into Eren's mind.

"So… basically they were just… outside the outer wall?" There's a pause before Rivaille continued.

"100 years after that, the outer wall, Maria, was broken by a Colossal Titan which height was about 50 meters." Eren went pale and Rivaille put the pen down. He cupped both Eren's cheeks in his palms, staring at him tenderly.

"Apparently, your house was destroyed by the debris and your mother got devoured that time while your father went to work. He was considered missing after the ruckus. That's when you started going to the military, being a trainee for five years until you joined the Scouting Legion. You promised yourself to kill all the Titans and so you could go outside the world and to the sea with your friend, Armin whom you did promise with. But you have to know one thing, Eren. You are also a Titan." Rivaille's expression didn't change when Eren flinched from him in fear.

"I… what?"

"You could turn into a Titan because of your father's injection before he went missing, it seemed he was a doctor who knew various medical substances. Dangerous one that is…"

"Did I also eat humans?" There was a disgusted tone when he asked. Eren felt a wash of relief when Rivaille shook his head.

"You are not exactly one of them since all you needed to do was control your power while you shifted. That's not the case with other people, Eren. People feared you. Even if you entered the Scouting Legion and gave yourself to help humankind, people feared your ability to shift into a Titan form. They're still afraid if someday you'd lost yourself and going berserk and devoured them, since you lived inside the wall. So, I took custody of you, being by your side with you as my underling. I'm a Lance Corporal Rivaille that time. That's where we met, in the dungeon right after you were captured." His lips curved into a thin smile when Eren's eyes softened.

"Corporal…" Hearing that, Rivaille pulled him down and gave him a tender kiss on the lips, earning a soft grunt from the boy when he was being pulled rather harshly. Eren let out a small whimper sound when he felt the shorter of the two lick his lips, seeking entrance. He complied, opening his mouth just a little to let Rivaille in. The time their tongues met each other, Eren gave a shuddered breath at the sensation. He put his palm on top of Rivaille's hands that stayed on his cheeks. Together their tongues danced after Eren shied away a few times Rivaille went deeper inside. Feeling the need to breath, Rivaille pulled away, leaving trails of saliva between their parted lips.

"Let's continue tomorrow, I'll give you all the information you need to know. I won't run away, but I might hesitate because it was painful." Rivaille whispered with a husky tone. Seeing Eren's red face and foggy expression made Rivaille nuzzle his hair affectionately.

"Stop looking like that just because of a simple kiss. I won't be able to hold back anymore." He pecked his cheek before turning away from him, leaving Eren blushing brightly.

"Let's go home, I'll ride you to your house." The invitation was taken pretty quickly.

Eren got out of the car when Rivaille pulled right on the front of his house. He looked down to Rivaille once Rivaille opened the window.

"Tomorrow is the weekend, so I'll let you know where we'll meet up." Eren's face lightened up when he heard him. This time it's going to be a real date. Rivaille noticed this and mentioned Eren to bend down so he could kiss him before he turned home.

Eren gave a small wave with a smile, cheeks heating up with the lingered feelings of Rivaille's lips against his. He turned around to walk inside only to give a terrifying shout when he spotted his sister with a killer look on her face.

"I thought it was Dad's car but it sounded different, so I came out to check. I saw that. You two…" she paused before she continued, not wanting to make Eren feel offended in any way. She didn't mind him dating another guy, but why him?! Of all people… Eren bit his lip while shying away from her.

"Just pretend that you didn't see it, then." He muttered, quickly getting inside the house. Mikasa sighed loudly and followed him inside.

"Just don't kiss before me anymore." She grunted, ignoring Eren's choked sound of surprised. The image of her brother being ravished was kind of disturbing.

"How would I know you'd be there, right behind me?" A moment of pause from the two made Eren wince uncomfortably.

"So, I guess things have settled down, now?" Mikasa asked.

"Somehow, I think? It went pretty well…" Eren muttered, his eyes were still trying to avoid Mikasa's searching look.

"As long as you are happy…" Mikasa gave him a light pat on his shoulder, not saying another word until she was in front of her room.

"By the way, your food is in the microwave." She told him before disappearing into her room.

Eren stared up at the man on top of him. His superior gazing down as he admired the boy before his eyes. Eren blushed when he saw the man smirk while leaning down to him, kissing his shoulder and leaving marks while he writhed beneath him. The brunet gasped when he felt the man's fingers trail down his exposed body, letting out a soft grunt of embarrassment when it touched several sensitive places. When he was about to let out a guttural sound, his lips were claimed quite roughly, leaving him breathless as the tongue invaded deep inside his mouth. The green eyed boy's hand unconsciously squeezed on the man's arm which was resting on his side, securing him closely. Eren let out a mewled sound against the kiss when he felt the roaming fingers playfully poke his hard-on. He pulled away from the mouth to give a soft moan, adjusting himself up to get some frictions. He heard himself begging the man's title, wanting to feel more pleasure from those teasing touches.

"Corporal…" His vision went blurred when the man steadily took his cock in his hand, pumping him slowly.

"AH…" he rasped out when he finally got what he wanted.

"Nngh more.. please…"

"Eren… take it slow… this might be the last…" The corporal whispered gently, kissing the underside of his ear when Eren's head moved to the side. He was unable to control the saliva dripping out his mouth when Rivaille licked his sensitive skin.

"No… please… don't remind me…" He gave a sob when the hand stopped working. He stared right into those raven orbs which were gleaming with sadness, bringing his hands around his neck.

"Eren…" The boy closed his eyes when his superior claimed his lips once again, enjoying himself once their lips were back connecting with each other.

Eren opened his eyes abruptly, blinking in confusion. He gave a gasp when he felt the wetness in the middle of his legs. He quickly lifted his blanket, staring at the undeniably tent in his pajama pants. He groaned when his lower body gave a thrumming pleasure, ordering him to relieve himself. Eren cupped his face with his hands, trying to breathe steadily. He couldn't believe he was dreaming of the man he just got together yesterday. Eren threw the blanket up above his head and laid on his side, biting his lower lip to prevent any sound coming. His trembling hand went inside his underwear, taking a firm hold of his hard member, stroking himself vigorously. He was so close, he could feel it. His other hand pulled down on the waistband of his pants and underwear in place while stroking himself faster. He let out a soft panting sound while muttering his tutor's name at the time he felt himself coming closer to his peak. He licked his lips, opening and closing his mouth as if he was kissing the man open-mouthed. His toes curled as he jolted on the pleasurable sensation, moaning in ecstasy when he came rather quickly.

Blinking after he came down from high, Eren gave a grunt of shame. He hoped that Mikasa wouldn't be able to hear how loud he moaned. Pulling away his wet hand off his softened length, Eren winced. He sat up after he pulled his pants and underwear back up and wobbly went off the bed to his bathroom. He slammed the door shut, not wanting to think about the dream anymore or it would be worse. He needed to get out of his house today.

Eren was opening the fridge when Mikasa came to him slightly dressed in neat clothing. He looked at her in wonder.

"Are you going somewhere?" She suddenly asked when she saw him looking tidier than his usual holiday clothes. Blinking at the question, Eren gave a nod at her. His eyes were telling her that she was also in the same place.

"Well, I'm going out with Rivaille today… Is there something wrong?" Mikasa shook her head.

"Nothing, I was actually wondering if you'd like to have breakfast before you go. I just threw the empty cereal box into the trash can earlier." Eren shrugged and closed the refrigerator's door shut.

"I can burn some toasts for a quick meal, don't worry about it. Are you having a part-time job?" Mikasa shook her head.

"No, actually I'm about to do grocery for our food stock. Dad will go with me to the market. It's such a good opportunity to spend the weekend together with him while he's here." Eren looked at her surprised, a guilty expression formed on his face.

"Well… I've got a date…" he mumbled the last word carefully. Mikasa rolled her eyes, she was about to speak up when their father walked in.

"It's okay, just go. I'll be around much more this month, the hospital in this town needed my help with a certain patient…" Grisha ruffled Eren's hair who grunted in response.

"Well, we'll be going now. Take care." Grisha waved at his son who wore a smile, feeling encouraged. Following both of them outside, Eren grinned when Mikasa threw him a look. He knew it was a rare opportunity to be able to spend a day with his family once in a while. But it was too sudden and he had made promises with his boyfriend.

"Be careful." Eren shouted when the two of them got in the car. He quickly ran back into the kitchen to prepare breakfast on his own. After checking up the clock, he relaxed when he noticed he still had some time before Rivaille came.

By the time Rivaille was on the front of his house, pressing his door bell, Eren hurriedly ran to open the door, greeting the older of the two with a warm smile. As soon as their eyes met, his tutor pulled him down to give him a tender kiss on the lips. Eren gave a shy smile when Rivaille pulled away to look him in the eyes. The raven circled his arms around the boy when those emerald eyes shone brightly. Eren's cheeks turned scarlet when his tutor told him to lean down so he could do their ritual. The student closed his eyes when Rivaille kissed his forehead, nose, cheek, and lips tenderly.

"Shall we go now?" he whispered softly, blowing his warm breath against Eren's wet lips as he spoke.

"Wait…" Eren licked his lip nervously before turning back inside to look at his mom's photo.

"I'm going." He muttered at her photo which smiled back at him without words. Rivaille was standing before him when he realized what Eren did. He slowly traced the photo frame with his fingers. Watching the man silently, Eren recalled that Rivaille had met his mother during their childhood.

"Rivaille…" he whispered his name when Rivaille took his hand with him.

"I will take good care of him." He whispered to the photo, making Eren flush in embarrassment. It was like a promise of a lifetime. Meeting their eyes for a moment, he gave a thin smile at the boy before him.

"Let's go. Stupid Irvin won't let me borrow the car because he needed to use it." Eren laughed when he heard him.

They walked out the gate hand in hand, sharing each others' warmth.

"Eren, you idiot. You didn't wear gloves again."

"Don't worry, the weather is not that cold anymore. Besides, I've got your hand to warm me up." The boy gave a grin when Rivaille raised an eyebrow.

"That's cheesy." Rivaille squeezed his hand hard enough for Eren to yelp in pain.

Rivaille led him to the bookstore on their way to the park. Eren followed him closely when the raven walked towards the novel section. He watched curiously when the man picked up one book.

"You like to read a lot don't you?" Eren smiled when Rivaille's eyes scanned pages after pages.

"Yeah, I like to drown in stories. A habit to put my mind off from nightmares." Eren looked at him in the eyes.

"You wrote a book for your final, didn't you? Hanji told me about it." Rivaille closed the novel and gave a soft sigh.

"Yes, I tried to pour everything I remembered in words. She's the one who suggested to me to take literature since I have an amazing nightmare to turn it into a novel. I'm not sure I'm making a good progress with the draft I'm working on though." Pressing the nightmare word sarcastically, Rivaille put the book back into the shelf neatly.

"I would like to read it when it's finished. Who knows, I might remember my past life once I read it." Eren gave a smile to the surprised expression on Rivaille's face.

"I will try my best to make it good. Maybe the rating will go up too, considering we were lovers that time." Rivaille gave a teasing smirk when Eren's cheeks once again painted with pinkish hues. The boy had obviously forgotten that he was included in the story. The man then picked up some random big children's book from the top shelf after scanning the opposite rack and pulled Eren down by his collar, earning a surprised yelp from the brunet. His green eyes widened when Rivaille covered their heads with the large opened book, feeling the small lick coming from the older man. Eren gasped when their lips smashed sloppily, blushing at the current not-so-secretive act they were doing in the middle of the bookstore. Fearing that someone might see, Eren grunted while trying to break free. The hand tightened on his collar while Rivaille shoved his tongue deep inside his mouth, forcing Eren to stay still in his hold. Rivaille pulled away right when Eren was starting to lose himself into the kiss, blinking in annoyance at the lack of warmth against his lips. Watching the raven send him a smug look that made Eren wince. He quickly stepped back a little after Rivaille let go of his collar.

"Rivaille, you… crazy…" Eren accused while he licked his wet lips as he tried to act as normal as possible. Rivaille stared down at his tongue while the boy continued to give him a disbelieving look.

"Don't complain when you are clearly enjoying it." He chuckled and put the book back to its place. The man obviously would never let those pink dusts leave Eren's cheeks.

Eren hissed when Rivaille slapped his hand for the second time when he attempted to steal another fry from his lecturer's tray. The brunet moped at him until Rivaille threw him a smug look.

"What's with that look?" Eren muttered. The raven put one fry in his mouth and pointed for Eren to come closer and eat the fries from his lips. Eren's face flushed, he looked down to his own tray where his burger was still half eaten.

"I'm not going to do that here, besides, it's not a pocky!" Eren huffed and snatched up his burger. Rivaille snorted at him and chewing his fry.

"So if it was a pocky then you'd oblige?" He leaned closer once he swallowed the fry.

"I didn't say that…" He hissed, full of shyness on his tone. Setting his burger back down after taking a big bite and chew. He jumped in shock when he felt Rivaille's tongue lick across the corner of his lips. Eyes widening, he couldn't believe how daring the man could be.

"You got some sauce near your lips. Actually, we're sitting at the very corner right now, seriously, nobody will see. Even if they see us, I wouldn't care anyway. If you don't want to, then I won't tell you anything about the past life." Rivaille took another fry and stuck it in his mouth after giving him a smug look. Eren stared at him doubtfully, he sucked in his breath when Rivaille leaned closer until his face was almost an inch before him, playfully poking the tip of the fry to his lips. Eren's eyes looked right and left before he quickly leaned forward to take a small bite off the fry with eyes clenched shut. His eyes flew open when Rivaille leaned in quite fast towards him and claimed his lips into him. Eren gave a soft grunt when Rivaille playfully licked his mouth, he could taste the salty flavor from the fries. Gulping half of the fry down, Eren moaned a little when Rivaille bit his tongue softly, tugging at it with his teeth. Eren stared right into his raven eyes which a gleam and revelry before he drew back from his lips.

"You are…" He couldn't continue his words as he had no idea what he was supposed to say. The feeling of being claimed for the third time that day made Eren feel so hot inside. He wished the man stopped teasing him. His cheeks getting warmer when Rivaille gave a small peck on his lips for the last time with a satisfied look in his eyes.

"You know, you were always so straight forward in your other life."

"How was I supposed to remember that?" Rivaille's lips smirked when the boy huffed in annoyance.

"I don't mind the current Eren right before me, now, though." Eren fidgeted a little, playing with the straw on his glass half-empty soft drink.

"Finish your lunch and we'll get going." Blinking at some kind of plan Rivaille was dragging him, uncertainty flashed in his eyes.

"Where to? Aren't you supposed to explain lots of things to me right now?" Rivaille rolled his eyes.

"I won't go anywhere. I'll tell you what you need to know. By the way, you got some sauce on the corner of your left cheek." Eren took the tissue to wipe it off but Rivaille held his hand, drew it to his lips and kissing his fingers lightly.

"You liar." He said after Rivaille gave him an elated stare. He had never seen the raven seem so happy as right now. Eren returned the stare with a smile.

The next thing Eren found out was that Rivaille had dragged him into a cinema. He had picked some kind of action movie for both of them to enjoy their time. They were fighting over a popcorn in the dark with hands slapping each other when one attempted to go inside the box. By the time they went out, Eren had laughed about how silly they were for fighting over popcorn.

Rivaille gave a smile and dragged Eren outside when the boy ogling on some pastries on their way out. The boy was annoyed when Rivaille walked outside the building without any mercy. They were outside when Eren noticed the day had passed pretty quickly. It was getting darker when they started pacing towards the nearby train station. Hoping that Rivaille won't be planning on going back home, he voiced out his concern. He had yet gotten any more information from the man about their story.


"Where do you want to go next? It's almost 5 o'clock." He cut him off, much to his dismay.

"I wanted to hear about the past life." Rivaille stopped walking, eyeing the boy who suddenly turned serious.

"I'll tell you about it later." Frowning at the unsatisfying answer, Eren frowned.

"Are you avoiding it?"

"Eren… listen… I… I don't know where I'm supposed to start about this. Just give me some time."

"Let's start from yesterday night you told me, when we met in a dungeon." He pressed, stepping forward. Rivaille sucked in his breath, he closed his eyes and rubbed his hand across his face. Eren could see the hint of nervousness from the man before him. The tutor took a deep breath before exhaling softly.

"I don't get why are you so adamant about wanting to hear how you die." Rivaille scoffed, turning around from Eren's angry eyes.

"Rivaille, I thought we are supposed to be more open about this." By the time Rivaille turned around, Eren knew he was avoiding the topic. It's not like he didn't enjoy being with him for the day, but he wanted to hear it, wanted to know the whole truth about the situation. He needed to know about the burden Rivaille had been carrying on his shoulders, he wished that the man would let them out, sharing his pain with him.

"Did you not trust me at all?" Eren's hurt tone was enough to make him turn around. Their eyes clashing against each other until Eren gave a tired sigh.

"Fine. Let's just go home…" Eren said, looking down to the pavement as he walked past his boyfriend. His pace stopped when Rivaille abruptly circled his arm around his stomach, making them having another eye-contact. Still angry with Rivaille being so secretive, Eren averted his eyes away.

"We need a place to talk." Eren gave a grin when he heard him.

"Then, let's go back to that pastry shop. You can have your coffee while I get my pastry." Rivaille shoot him a look when he heard him.

"You're paying, you little…" he stopped his insult when Eren's hand dragged him back inside the building.

"Don't worry, I've got some income with me!" Rivaille grunted at him and let the boy do whatever he wanted for the time being. He wondered if the income he was talking about was enough to cover for both of them. Walking faster to match his pace, Rivaille clasped their hands together.


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