Overwhelming Emotions

Their Story

Overwhelming Emotions

Genre: Drama Romance | AU | Reincarnation

Rating: M

Pairing: (mainly) Rivaille x Eren

Summary: Being woven in his dreams and memories, Rivaille was at a loss. The second encounter with a certain boy made it even much worse than he thought it would be, especially when the boy is reaching his hands out to him again.


I don't own Shingeki no Kyojin, but this fanfiction is mine.

©AsakuraHannah Ffn

A/N: Beware of some adult content, in this chapter. Italics are the past life scenes.

Chapter 13 : Their Story

Rivaille eyed the receipt when Eren searched for his wallet. His eyebrow twitched at the amount. They had ordered the pastries on the cashier and Rivaille got the coffee Eren promised him. He was surprised when Eren put the bills on the small awaiting tray, nodding when the lady took his payment for further confirmation of their orders.

"Okay, we'll send your orders to your table in a few minutes. Thank you." She said and started to get on for her work.

"Let's take a seat in the corner." Eren happily said after he took their table's number from the lady.

"I'm surprised you indeed got some income." Rivaille muttered, following his lead to their table. Eren threw him a smug look and took a seat across him.

"I got an errand in the library, plus my Dad is home. He'll be staying for a month around here and he gave the monthly income to my wallet. That's why."

"Your dad is home? I want to meet him if I can. It's been so long since I met him."

"Oh sure, why not. We can go to my house after this. He's out shopping with Mikasa today. I couldn't go with him since I've promised to go with you. They told me they won't be long, maybe they are heading home right now."

Rivaille hummed, nodding at him. He remembered the time when he met Grisha. After being tossed out from the house, he was confused with everything surrounding him, he was then brought into a different country with only Irvin by his side and his limited German language. Wandering around the country, Rivaille had gotten into the corner side of the city, sitting by the lake on his own. When he was lost in his thought, thinking if the lake could make him sleep for eternity, a gentle voice interrupted him.

Grisha was there, asking if he was alright since his face looked pale. Soon he found out he was a doctor who was having a visit to his relative in Germany. He was married to an Asian lady and got one son and an adoptive daughter. He invited him into their house, telling him that Irvin could pick him up in their place when he finished his work.

That was the time he realized the meaning of his nightmare. The time when he met the green eyed boy who always came into his dreams. Being called out by his title from the boy named Eren, Rivaille abruptly stood up, earning a confused look from Doctor Jaeger and his wife, Carla. He almost knocked the herbal tea Carla made to calm his mind when Rivaille quickly paced towards Eren's direction. Both adults were watching them with a mix of wonder and confusion when Eren started clenching his shirt with gleaming eyes. He kept calling out his name as Rivaille Heichou. Rivaille rushed to pull the boy into his arms, holding him close as Eren let out a choked sob. He made a quivering voice, chanting the boy's name like a mantra as they continued hugging each other tightly.

Eren eyed him sadly, smiling when he listened to Rivaille talk about the time they met.

"I thought I was dreaming, but it was real, I got you in my arms. I didn't let go until you pulled away. Your parents were surprised but they didn't sound disgusted or even tried to send me away. I told them about my nightmares and how they were related to you. Doctor Jaeger explained that it was probably a memory from my past life. They were there for some reason. I was having a hard time believing when I heard his explanation. He sounded so convincing that it scared me, but since you also remembered some of your past life, my doubt was confirmed." Their order came a few minutes ago but it was left untouched. Rivaille's story made Eren forget about his craving for pastry. The man had put his hand on top of Eren's, caressing it with his thumb.

"I was surprised when I saw you in the classroom, you were in Japan now." Eren nodded and started picking up his fork with his other hand.

"Yes, my mom wanted to rest in her country, that was her last wish. Beside we've been back and forth to my dad's hometown so much. After her funeral we haven't got a chance to go back. Dad's money drained because of the funeral, and trying to keep us educated while working back and forth outside cities. We also got expenses for the bills and food. We're starting to get back to our feet now."

"That doesn't mean you can spend your time eating some fancy food like, right now. The pastries in this shop are not for high-school income." Rivaille teased, making the boy cringe. He was taken back to what Eren said next while pouting.

"I just wanted to treat you like a boyfriend does. It's a payback for what you did to me last time." He mumbled, too embarrassed to even let the man know. He eyed Rivaille when his tutor let out a small grunt, as if he sounded discomforted, which was actually the other way around.

"Don't say things like that, I could eat you now." Eren's eyes widened as his cheeks flared redder by the words Rivaille picked.

"Shut up, now continue with the story!" He hissed at him like a snake to hide his embarrassment. Rivaille lifted up his cup and slurped the coffee, pleased when the caffeine went down his throat. He drew the cup away from his lips only a few inches and chuckled slightly.

"Right. You wanted to hear an explanation of what exactly?" Eren stayed silent, thinking until Rivaille decided to just start from the time they were starting into each other's pants. He put the cup down and leaned forward.

"You were so submissive the time when you were released from the dungeon, afraid of making mistakes with everything you did. It pissed me off greatly because I just couldn't think of any other way to make you relax. I thought at first it was your nature, but lately I found out that you seemed more relaxed when you're surrounded by your friends. I don't know until when the feeling started, Eren, but I realized that I'm getting jealous because I'm not able to see you smile in front of me like you did in front of your friends." Eren fidgeted when Rivaille ran the tissue he was holding to clean the mess on the corner of his boyfriend's lips. Blushing at his carelessness, Eren licked his lips clean. The smirk never leaving Rivaille's lips when he saw that tongue wetting those chapped lips.

"We're finally able to understand each other after that ruckus with the Female Titan." Those emerald orbs flickered curiously.

"What happened?" Rivaille squeezed Eren's hand tighter.

"Ouch." Eren rubbed his head when a rock was thrown to him from behind. His face looked back to find a child glaring daggers in his direction.

"Get away from wall Sina, you monster!" He shouted, obviously trying to be brave. Eren did nothing but huff tiredly. Why were they in wall Sina again? Oh yes, there's some ruckus about a Female Titan invaded the inner wall and they were ordered to help out. He was still feeling tired and drained over the event that was happening. The Scouting Legion got to clean the mess, the Military Police obviously treating them like some kind of slaves. Their leader, Irvin was off with the other high authorities to have a meeting on the runaway titan while the underlings ought to help out cleaning the corpses and scattered debris.

"Hey, what are you doing? Get away from him! Do you want to get eaten?!" A voice made all the nearby soldiers look up. The mother of the child pulled him away while her eyes looked scared, blatantly accusing the Titan-shifter for being there.

"Ignore them." Mikasa whispered, patting on his shoulder while Eren gave her a reassuring smile. He nodded and walked away.

"Seriously, I don't get why they are still keeping the boy while it's obvious he is a monster." Another angry retort got thrown towards him while Eren picked up heavy debris off the ground. Armin, who just jumped down from the roof with his 3D gear eyed the man with a frown, his blue eyes shifted to the brunet.

"Don't mind them." He said and helped him pick the debris up.

"I hope this is not just their scenario for getting the good side of the King. I mean, they eat from the taxes after all." The woman continued, pushing her son away from his attempt to throw another rock to one of the scouting soldiers nearby.

Corporal Rivaille was not far from them when he observed the whole thing. He walked towards the soldiers and ordered them to get back to their headquarters before one of them caused any unwanted casualties. He eyed Eren when the boy walked past him with an unreadable expression. Eren flinched when Rivaille put his hand on his shoulder.


"Get some rest. You look pale." Rivaille muttered and squeezed his hand into him.

"Eren, your nose is bleeding." Armin shouted in concerned, he hurriedly ran to him.

"He looks like he's gonna fainted anytime soon. Come on, let's go back." Connie shouted from across them. Eren's head started to spin, almost losing his footing as he clutched his throbbing head. Strong arms caught him right before he landed on the ground, surprising him as he got lifted up.


"Stop struggling! You're not light either!" He shut his mouth when he was being reprimanded. Eren's face flushed when his superior brought him in his arms right in front of everyone and walked towards the nearby carriage. Rivaille put him down gently and told the others to hurry up and go back to their building using their horses and gears. Right after he closed the door and the carriage started moving, he eyed Eren in concern. The brunet was panting slightly and sweating a lot. He brought his hand to touch his forehead, not surprised when he felt the fever on his palm. Rivaille pulled his handkerchief and pressed on Eren's nose to stop the dripping blood.

"How many times do I have to tell you to look after yourself, brat?" He cursed when Eren grunted in response. He shifted in his seat and circled his arm around Eren's shoulder, pulling him closer. He let the boy's head rested on his shoulder.

"Corporal, you are warm." Rivaille looked down at him. He stayed silent for a moment, let out a sigh and kissed his forehead.

"Get some rest until we arrive."

Eren blinked several times, trying to make out his surroundings. He slowly sat up, surprised when almost dry, folded clothes fell onto his lap. He picked it up and put it aside, thinking that his fever had gone down. He must have used up all his energy to shift into Titan form a few times and finally collapsed. Wondering just how many hours he slept, he jumped when he looked to his side. His eyes found his superior sitting on the chair beside the bed, arms crossed in front of his chest but his eyes were closed. Eyeing the man in confusion, he wondered if Rivaille was the one who nursed him. The man's head slowly bobbed down, so lost in his own dream that Eren had to chuckle at the sight. It was a rare sight seeing Rivaille so unguarded.

The chuckle brought the man to a stir and opened his eyes though, making Eren bite the bottom of his lip. The nervousness came back without him wanting to, he couldn't help it. He had admired him beyond words; Eren had always watched him from afar, even the time when he was still a trainee. The time when he saw Rivaille on the front line behind Irvin when the team were about to head out the wall, he was marveled by the sight. He never wanted to miss the chance to look at him from the middle of the crowd ever since then.

Eren felt even more nervous when Rivaille took him in, helping him out from the dungeon and from the courtroom, gained him custody to watch over him. Even if what he did was only for duty, Eren felt his hope get raised up every time the man had ordered him around, telling him to rest when he noticed he wasn't well enough to train. Telling him to eat properly and even to stay by his side during their time out of the expedition. He knew the man's order meant nothing other than an order, but Eren felt different. He wondered if his superior had noticed his feelings though, Eren could be so transparent.

"You are awake. How are you feeling?" Rivaille asked, breaking his thoughts. Eren gave a silent nod, averting his eyes from those ravens orbs.

"Answer me properly, Eren." Eren stiffened and raised his eyes to look directly at him, pounding his fist on his heart.

"Yes sir, I'm fine, sir! Thank you for your concern!" he said, eyes glazing with respect. Rivaille's eyebrow twitched at the answer. He wasn't meant for the boy to respond like that. Shaking his head disbelieved, Rivaille exhaled softly.

"Relax a little will you?" He offered, rubbing the back of his neck tiredly.

"I'm fine. I'm sorry. It's just that…" he stopped his sentence, unsure if he should continue, not knowing how Rivaille would take it. He was surprised when Rivaille put his fingers on his chin, forcing him to stare right into him.

"Can't you put your guard down in front of me? Surely it's been so long since I took custody of you. You look so stiff every time I see you, yet you can smile before your friends." Rivaille voiced out, eyes still not leaving those green eyes of his. Eren opened his mouth and closed it, unsure how he should reply.. A dust of crimson colored his cheeks when Rivaille let his hand drop, still waiting for him to continue. The titan-shifter cupped his mouth for a moment, brows frowning, deep in thought.

"I'm sorry, I was… nervous, I guess. Being in front of you made me nervous because I admire you so much, Corporal. I just felt the need to do everything perfect in front of you and not to let everything get in the way."

The way his superior gazed at him made Eren wonder if he had talked too much. He was astonished when Rivaille leaned closer to his face and gave a light kiss on the lips. Eren closed his eyes, enjoying the small touch on his lips until Rivaille tilted his head and kissed him deeper, letting it all out when the boy didn't resist. Eren jolted when his superior's tongue lapped across his lips, seeking entrance. The gasp made him gain victory and enter without waiting, making Eren let out a small moan when their tongues meet. The battle went on for a few seconds before Rivaille pulled away, eyeing the boy with a smug expression.

"Nice expression." He whispered against his lips. Eren's face flushed brightly.

"I didn't know you shared the same feelings." Eren breathed. That statement made Rivaille flinch.

"You… what do you think I have been doing to you for all this time?" Eren's eyes widened in surprise.


"What do you think I've been doing? Bringing you to my arms when you were sick, telling you to eat properly and even kissed you on your forehead. I've done it many times; you didn't even catch the hints? How stupid are you?" Rivaille grunted when Eren was lost for words.

"I… I thought you were just… acting nice. Like a mother hen." Rivaille cursed under his breath.

"Someone won't kiss you on your forehead if they were just acting nice, idiot. I'm glad I kissed you on the lips." Rivaille muttered, massaging his temple frustratingly while his face was red like a bulb.

"You were so dense I could punch you in the face." Rivaille muttered, eyeing Eren who was now face-palming in front of him. He let out a satisfied smirk when Eren grunted in return.

"The story went on as we got closer and closer, as the time went by. The time when we were going to go out of the expedition one day, the night before, we made that four promises with each other." Eren pulled his hand away, shyly eyeing Rivaille when he gave another explanation.

"We were having hot sex during that time." The brunet's eyes widened, his face couldn't get any redder when he heard him. Rivaille's eyes looked dreamily for a second, he didn't let Eren retracted his hand from his hold on the table.

Heavy breathing mingled as they looked at each other after they came back from their high. Eren moaned when Rivaille pressed soft kisses on his sweaty bare chest, he wrapped his arm around the man's back, closing his eyes in enjoyment.

"You know what?" Eren looked up at him with half opened eyes, smiling as Rivaille kissed the corner of his eyelid. He stayed silent, letting him continue.

"Every time we're going outside the wall, I'm always anxious about losing you. I don't know what will happen out there. I knew you can't die easily, but I'm still worried. Stay by my side always, Eren." Rivaille pressed his lips firmly against the boy beneath him.

"Let's make a promise then." Eren murmured when they parted for breath. Rivaille pressed their forehead against each other.


"Yes, just a simple promises so that we won't be apart."

"Like a pinky promise? That's lame." Eren rolled his eyes at the last word.

"No, make it sweeter. Maybe with kisses?" Rivaille thought for a moment before he gave a kiss on his forehead.

"Like this?" Eren chuckled, he loved it when the man did that to him. He moved up to return the kiss on his nose. Rivaille wore a thin loving smile and kissed him on the cheek. Feeling a warm pleasure spreading across his body, Eren pulled him down to claim his lips again. They moved their lips together, smacking their lips against each other hungrily before Rivaille pulled away.

"You are deliberately trying to re-arouse me." he grumbled while pushing his hard member against Eren who mewled at the contact.

"Nggh, Rivaille."

"Let's make that become our promise." Rivaille pulled back a bit and took something from inside the drawer of his nightstand. Eren frowned while trying to focus on their conversation. He then felt Rivaille pressed his lips against his forehead, whispering to him.

"I'll give you my heart." He moved to kiss his nose while taking Eren's left hand into his.

"My soul." When Rivaille kissed his cheek, Eren looked up the time his eyes caught a shimmering metallic object his superior was holding.

"My everything." Eren flushed brightly when saw a cold round metal slid into his ring finger.

"Ri-Rivaille… this…"

"… and so we'll never be apart." He kissed him on the lips when Eren's tears slid down to his cheek in happiness.

Rivaille gave a panting breath when he broke their heated kiss. He moved to rub his erection against his underling's, earning a soft moan from his lover.

"Eren, marry me." Rivaille whispered against his ear, listening to a choked sound from Eren when the boy raised his hand high in the air. The emerald glistened in the dark, the same color as his eyes. The ring was beautiful, Eren couldn't help but felt overwhelmed with so many emotions.

"Yes… YES!" He shouted while wrapping his arms around the man tightly, sobbing in happiness. Together they embraced each other tightly, move to find relief and lost in the pleasures of the world they created.

"Nngh… Ah. Corporal…" Eren gave a gasp when Rivaille slid himself back into his lover. He grunted at the feeling of being stretched once again. A guttural moan came out from his superior when his length got engulfed in the tight warmth once again. Rivaille pulled out and slammed back into him, earning a sharp yelp from Eren as his cock was fully inside him. He whined, gripping the tangled sheet with his trembling hands, burying his head back into the pillow.

"Eren, call my name" Rivaille panted while he licked down Eren's neck. His lover's moaning and groaning only brought him closer to the edge.

"Rivaille" Eren rasped when the hand wrapped around his cock, pumping vigorously. He mewled when Rivaille played with the tip while moving himself faster into him. The way he called out his name was enough for the man to shudder, feeling his peak nearer. He needed to wait for Eren.

"Eren, come for me, Eren. Let me come inside you." Eren's increased voice fueled him to pound into him harder. His lover cried out as he wrapped his leg around Rivaille's waist, grunted when the position only brought him deeper inside. Eren buried his face into the crook of Rivaille's neck, biting him there when the tip of Rivaille length brushed something deep within him.

"AH... Rivaille. There... please harder" Eren shouted, obviously lost in the pleasure feeling when Rivaille aimed his pleasure spot again. He wrapped his arms around his neck, jerking violently when he came, chanting his lover's name as a warm white substance pooling out from his cock. Rivaille groaned while pressing their mouth together, thrusts in a few times and shuddered.

"Eren…" Eren whined against his mouth when he felt the warm liquid fill him.

"I love you…" Eren whispered, smiling at the man on top of him, whispering those three words again and again. Rivaille closed his eyes, he would never get tired when hearing those words coming from Eren's mouth. He brought his hand into his, kissing the ring lightly and replied those three words with a husky whisper.

"Those four promises were actually the way I proposed to you." Eren's eyes watered when he listened to the story. The pain in his chest just got worse than before. He knew the feeling, it was painfully familiar yet he couldn't grasp all of the images.

"We're both so happy after that, protecting each other when we were outside the wall. Spending our time together until several months."

Eren swallowed the heavy lump in his throat, watching when the man's face contorted at the changed topic.

"Everything was alright until those bastards were trying to make you guilty by bringing up that topic about female titan in wall Sina into the court."

"Eren Jaeger!" Eren raised his head when he was called in rather harshly. He saw the man with a military police uniform approaching him after he stepped out of the carriage. Rivaille stepped forward, raising his left hand as if shielding the Titan-shifter from the man's grasp.

"Is there something you need, Nile?" He asked the man, sending him an intimidating look. Nile Dawk scoffed when he saw how protective Rivaille was towards the boy. His eyes caught a glimpse of the ring worn on his finger, it had a similar design as Eren's. The man sneered at him.

"Apparently, your lover was summoned back to the court, last time we didn't get a real decision of the situation. Here, I got the legal letter." Rivaille took the letter from his hand, glaring up at him. After checking that the letter was indeed from Dallis Zacklay with the legal stamp, Rivaille grimaced.

"Why now?" The messenger shrugged at him.

"Just get into the court and we'll see. You have to let Irvin know as well." The man turned around to walk with his fellow soldiers back to their carriage. Eren stepped forward.

"Don't worry, we'll do something about it."

"What's the letter about?" Eren frowned, eyeing the opened letter that was supposed to be his. Rivaille shook his head.

"It just says that you're summoned back to the court without any information." Rivaille let him read the letter on his own. Eren shook his head.

"They are obviously trying to bring you down." Eren stared at the letter Rivaille crumpled in his hand. He grabbed his fist, giving him a reassuring smile to his superior.

"I'll manage." Eren whispered.

Both of them stayed silent, Eren could tell that Rivaille was searching for the right words to continue the story. He put down his fork after a few moments of silence between them. He frowned when the man blinked a few times, exhaling nervously. When Rivaille put his forehead against the palm of his hand, Eren went rigid in his seat.

"Look, Eren… I… I'm not ready for this part… It's not like I'm trying to hide it from you or anything. It's heavy. These memories are too heavy for me to…" he paused, unsure what he was supposed to explain to make him understand. Eren squeezed his hand lightly, giving him a warm reassuring smile.

"It's okay. We'll continue next time, Rivaille. I'm sorry." Rivaille gave a soft chuckle, shaking his head.

"Silly boy, don't say sorry." He whispered, giving him a sad look for one last time.

"Hey, let's go home. You wanted to meet my father, right?" Eren said, giving him a smile to try to cheer him up. Rivaille nodded in silence, both of them walked out from the café hand in hand without words until they were on the front of the train station. When the older of the two stopped walking, Eren looked at him in concern. He wondered if he forced the man too much for telling him about the past. He was surprised when Rivaille suddenly pulled him into a tight hug, kissing him forcefully. Eren gave out a loud moan, his hands fisting on Rivaille's jacket, trembling slightly at the way Rivaille licked his mouth. He tried to break free from his grasp when their body pressed up close against each other to the point Eren could feel the hardness against him. Blushing when he felt the contact, he tried to distance himself from him.

"Uhmh. Rivaille…" He tried to stop him, panting slightly when his saliva dripped down his chin. The way his tutor looked at him made him feel more embarrassed for some reason. Rivaille put his forehead against his shoulder, breathing in his scent. Eren held his arms with trembling hands, letting the man do what he wanted.

"I'm sorry, the memory has been too hot to be forgotten." Eren's breath hitched.

"It's alright." Eren closed his eyes, his fingers were playing with Rivaille's hair lightly. They stayed like that for a few minutes until Eren decided to call home to let his sister know that Rivaille was coming over. He didn't want her to throw a fit when she hadn't prepared anything for extra dinner.

"I'll call Mikasa before we arrive. Is that alright?" He pulled out his phone when Rivaille nodded. Waiting for his sister to pick up his phone, he closed his eyes while his boyfriend showered him with kisses on his face.

"Mikasa, Ah, I'm going to go home now. Rivaille wanted to meet Dad." Eren pushed the man off him when he nibbled on his earlobe playfully.

"Eren, actually I'm in the hospital at the moment. I'm sorry for not telling you anything." Eren almost dropped his phone.

"What? Which hospital are you in?!" Rivaille threw him a shocked look.

"No, it's not me. It's Marco. We met during our time getting out from the market. There was an accident, Jean almost got run over by a car, but Marco shoved him away. He's injured and we brought them to the hospital nearby."

"Is he alright?"

"He hasn't woken up yet, but if you want to go here, I'll give you the details. We'll be home late so I'm afraid that I can't prepare dinner for you. You can go ahead and buy some takeaway food if you want to."

"Alright, give me the name of the hospital via message. I'll go there." Eren closed his phone, giving Rivaille an apologetic look.

"I'm sorry, is it alright if I go to the hospital? Marco got into an accident."

"I'll go with you." Rivaille gave him a comforting look. Eren squeezed his hand back and nod.

Jean looked up when he saw his friend walk towards him in silence. He was sitting on the bench across Marco's room in deep thought with Mikasa by his side. He wasn't sure what kind of face he should show them, but when he forced a smile, Eren gave him a look.

"How is Marco?" Eren asked.

"He is fine… He hasn't woken up yet but at least he's fine. It was a hit and run. Well, I don't know, I don't want to hold a grudge… Only…" Jean paused, hands gesturing for the word to spill.

"Only… his wound on his face won't heal that fast. It will leave a scar. He also broke his leg."

"It's better that way…" Eren spoke up, Jean gave a several nods at his words.

"Yes…. Yes, you are right. He's alive, that's what matter… I'm glad that we got your father near us for being able to act quickly. I… I can't lose Marco… he saved my life." Jean stopped, swallowing nervously right after he said the last words.

"Everything will be alright…" Mikasa whispered to her friend.

The three of them looked at the door when a few people came out.

"It's alright, his injury is not fatal. He just blacked out because of shock from the pain. His leg will be fine after few weeks." A wash of relief painted their faces when they heard the news from Grisha.

"Can we go inside?" Jean rose to his feet when Grisha nodded.

"I'll have to report the medical treatments with the doctors here. Call us if he wakes."

"I… I'll pay for the bills." Jean stuttered as he heard the man. Grisha gave him a small reassuring smile before patting his shoulder and turned around without words.

"Don't think about that for the time being. That's what he said." Mikasa muttered to her friend. Jean hesitated for a moment.

"Let's go in." Eren said while opening the door.

After getting inside, they talked about the accident. Marco hadn't woken up for about half an hour. When he finally stirred, Jean was getting anxious, asking if he was alright and all. The guy only smiled at him, telling him that he currently didn't feel anything because of the painkillers. The only thing he complained about was that his leg hung quiet uncomfortably which earned chuckles from his friends.

It was past an hour when Mikasa reminded Eren that he had his own business for the day. His boyfriend wasn't coming inside the ward. The man was smart enough not to come near his classmates.

"Eren, you can go now. I mean, maybe you can take your dinner somewhere? I'll stay here until dad finishes."

"Oh, sure. Go ahead, thanks for visiting." Jean said, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. Eren gave a nod.

"Thank you, Eren." Marco gave him a gentle smile.

"I… I'll get going." Mikasa nodded at him when their eyes met. She knew that Rivaille was waiting for him outside. They might as well meet at home if they wanted to.

By the time Eren left the room after waving to his friends, his mind trailed to his boyfriend. He took his mobile phone out of his jean pocket and texted him, wondering where he was. Rivaille had told him that he needed to go to the toilet right after they went inside the lobby. Just before his message was sent, he gasped in surprise when he crashed into someone going his way.

"Sorry, I'm—"

"Brat, look where you are going…" Eren startled after seeing Rivaille stood before him.

"Hey, sorry for the wait. I thought you'd come inside."

"I can't say that I just went on a date with you, now can I? Seeing that I came with you to the hospital would be weird as well, even if I lied that I bumped into you on the street. How was it? Is your friend alright?" Eren nodded at the question.

"He's fine. He got a broken leg that will heal in a few weeks and a scar on his face. He had woken up and he's alright. At least his heart is still beating." Eren gave a short nod, looking rather forlorn. Rivaille fixed his eyes on him, before taking his hand on his.

"I'm sure it's painful, but at least he's alive. That's what matters. I've lost so many lives before my eyes that I could barely do anything to stop death. You should be grateful, at least your father had a chance to save lives. Maybe it will come down to you too, who knows." Rivaille looked hurt for a moment, it was obvious that he felt the pain of losing his friends in the past. Eren chuckled when he heard the last sentence.

"Mikasa is much fitter than me for being a doctor. I'm not smart enough." Rivaille ruffled his hair affectionately.

"You are just lazy, you brat." Both guys stared at each other before Eren's lips curved.

"I'm alright. If there's someone who should be crying, it'll be Jean." Rivaille nodded shortly and cupped Eren's face in his hands. Pulling him closer so that he could give him a soft kiss on his forehead, trying to make Eren feel better by a simple affection.

"Eren?" Eren jumped at his name. He whipped his head to look at his father and breathed out in relief.

"What's with that shocked face?" Grisha chuckled at his son.

"I thought it was someone else, Dad. By the way, this is Rivaille." Eren immediately pushed his boyfriend forward. Grisha blinked at the man before him, the boy whom he had seen was now an adult.

"Doctor Jaeger, long time no see." Rivaille gave a slight bow to him. He was surprised when Grisha enveloped him into a tight hug.

"Rivaille, how are you? It's been so long." Rivaille bit his lip, not moving from his spot even if Grisha had pulled him into his arms. Eren was watching from the sideline, unsure what to do with the event before his eyes. He knew that they had met before in their childhood, but Eren didn't remember how close they were.

"I'm sorry." Rivaille breathed, Grisha shook his head at him.

"Don't say that. If anything, I should thank you because Eren is safe. He's healthy now, he's fine. You shouldn't feel sorry. You should be glad that you caught him in your arms that time." Grisha patted him on his shoulder when Rivaille finally able to raise his head again. Eren smiled at them.

"I'm alive, that's what matters." He said and gripped Rivaille's hand with a big smile on his face. Rivaille felt some heavy burden slowly lifted up from his shoulders as he squeezed his hand back.


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