Overwhelming Emotions


Overwhelming Emotions

Genre: Drama Romance | AU | Reincarnation

Rating: M

Pairing: (mainly) Rivaille x Eren

Summary: Being woven in his dreams and memories, Rivaille was at a loss. The second encounter with a certain boy made it even much worse than he thought it would be, especially when the boy is reaching his hands out to him again.


I don't own Shingeki no Kyojin, but this fanfiction is mine.

©AsakuraHannah Ffn

A/N: Mature scenes, rape attempt, murder and blood, you've been warned. This chapter is the past life, the continuation of the previous chapter, the story-telling from Rivaille, that's why it's all in italic.

Chapter 15 : Pursue

A loud yelp was heard from inside the dungeon, Eren found himself being thrown quite brutally onto the wall. His head slammed into the hard brick, forcing him to stay still from thrashing around. The other man pinned his shackled wrists above his head. Eren's green eyes glinted with a fierce glare to the soldiers on watch who were sneering mischievously at him. They shouldn't be in the cell with him, their duty was only to stand guard in front of the cell to prevent him from running away. Before his tongue could form an insult word, a knee connected to his stomach, earning a loud grunting sound from the Titan-shifter. Eren muffled when his face met with the sheet of the bed, doubling up with pain.

"What's wrong, monster? Did you lose your power already? I thought no matter how many times we beat you up, you won't feel any pain. It heals quiet fast, doesn't it?" The other shorter man laughed at the retort, fully agreeing.

"Look how soft his skin is, he looks so precious, without scars on him. I envy him."

"Yea, this makes me want to touch him even more."

"You guys are the worst." Eren grumbled after a few second able to catch his breath. That statement brought both men glowering at him.

"What did you say? You have no reason to call us worse, you human eater!" Eren winced when the man's hand clasped his hair.

"Hey, look at that ring. How could he even have this ring? Did you steal that? There's no way you can afford this ring." Eren made a face as the man's breathed against his neck, he drew back a little, feeling repulsive. The boy inhaled sharply when the ring was pulled off of his finger.

"No, don't! You are not touching that!" He tried to reach for the ring but the soldier quickly pushed him off. Eren yelped when he was sent off the bed, crashing to the ground. Eren's hands trembled when he felt the coldness on his left ring finger. He swiftly sat up, staggered to the soldier who was busy examined the ring he just stole.

"Give that back!" He shouted, desperately reaching for the engagement ring his superior gave him.

"Why do you need this anyway? You're gonna be dead tomorrow! We can sell this ring and make more money!" The man gave a satisfied look to the boy's enraging look.

"Don't be like that, we can let you have fun for your last night here. Hey, strip him!"

The brunet gasped when the other man quickly held him in place. Eren's voice muffled by the hand covering his mouth. He clenched his eyes shut when he was flung to the bed of the dungeon. There's no way this will be happening to him, all he wanted was to have a peaceful night reminiscence for the last time of his life, recalling wonderful memories of his time with Rivaille. Eren let out a choked sob as he was forced on his back and saw the man ripped his shirt apart. He wished it was Corporal Rivaille who did that right now. He wished it was his lover who was breathing hard against his neck. Eren gritted his teeth, wincing slightly at the disgusting feeling being handled by men other than his lover. He was regretting for the fact that he didn't get the time to recall Rivaille's sweet fingers against his skin. Deciding that he didn't want to see anything, the boy clenched his eyes shut.

"Let go!" He emitted a futile screamed, groaning whilst receiving a punch on his face.

"Hooo…" His green eyes shot open and looked up to see a familiar face before him. Both men abruptly stopped their actions and stood up straight. The taller of the two saluted while the other tried to find his voice.

"Co-Corporal, what are you doing? It's dangerous here. This Titan might eat you." Fear crept up Eren's face after noticing Rivaille's expression. Without words, Rivaille took a few steps forward and kneed the tall soldier in his stomach just like the man did to Eren previously. The shorter military police flinched at the sudden act. The guy spit some blood and doubled up in pain. Rivaille fisted his hair while chuckling darkly at him.

"You know what? You guys are much worse than a Titan. Give that engagement ring back to me!"

"E-En-engage…" The man was writhing in pain as he tried to grip the ring properly in his quivering hand. He was mortified when he recognized the same ring design worn on Rivaille's left finger. Rivaille wrenched the ring off from his fingers and rammed his boot on his face.

"No one touches my lover." Satisfied when the guy lost his consciousness, he turned to the other soldier who was crawling to get out from the cell. Before the man could escape, Rivaille kicked his side, bent down to yank his collar, fisting it until he was having a hard time to breathe. Eren went pale as he watched the scene before his eyes, the soldier's face had turned blue.

"Rivaille, no, please stop!" Eren shouted, he wrestled to get off the bed, halting his attempt to kill the man.

"Don't kill him, please." Eren winced after his knee gave out just behind his superior. He pulled on his clothes from behind, trying to soothe his lover down.

"They hadn't got the chance to do anything, so please stop." Eren gave a sigh of relief when Rivaille dropped the man to the ground mercilessly. He turned around to face his lover and pulled him into a tight embrace, eyes glistened with sadness.

"Who knows what will happen when I didn't force myself to come inside."

"Don't tell me you've knocked off the men on the front door." Eren felt warm spreading through him when Rivaille slid the ring back to his finger and gave him a peck on the lips.

"I did the right thing." He turned to face the soldiers who were sprawled on the ground, unconscious. Eren blinked after Rivaille lifted the soldiers by the arms and dragged them outside.

"What are you doing?"

"They are an eyesore. I'll be staying here tonight with you." Eren grunted at him, telling him what to do was not an option.

Once he was outside, Rivaille tossed the men into the janitor's room. He didn't have the need to dirty his hands with their blood, for now at least. He'd just left them unconscious in the stuffy room, slammed the door shut, and snatched the key off the hole. He eyed the door mercilessly before turned his heels back to the dungeon. His mind recalled the previous meeting he was having with some of his trustworthy underlings. It would be a few more hours before their operation began and he had made sure that Pastor Nick was captivated by Irvin's.

Rivaille closed the cell door behind him; eyes fell on the green eyed boy who was sitting on the bed, looking forlorn. He sat with his knees up to his chest, hugging them tightly while resting his chin on it.

"Eren…" The boy didn't raise his head until he sat on the bed beside him.

"Let's run away." Rivaille whispered, placing his hand on top of him. Eren shot him a surprised look as if the man had gotten mad.

"Where are you planning on going? It's impossible to run away as long as we are within the walls. We can't go outside these walls, Rivaille." Rivaille stroked his hair affectionately.

"We can go to the sea, the place you're always talking about." Eren shook his head, burying his face in his arms.

"I don't wish for that anymore if I'm not with you, Corporal. When you go there alone later in the future, if they let you bring my ashes, throw them into the sea for me." Rivaille's eyes widened when he heard him.

"Why are you letting them do what they want? This is an accusation, Eren. Stand up for your freedom!" Eren glared at him.

"There was no freedom from the start! I wish I could, but everything I said to them was retorted back to me in a different direction! Everything I said was wrong! You've seen the way people treated me in Wall Sina, moreover in the court. I'm not human. There's no freedom for me, running away is useless." Hearing the last words being said in a soft tone made Rivaille's heart scrunch painfully.

"You are human! You are human, Eren! Don't ever forget that!" Rivaille commanded him, earning a choked sound from Eren for he finally lost himself. His superior pulled him into a tight embrace, letting the boy cry in his arms.

Eren stared blankly at the ceiling, his tears had dried while Rivaille continued stroking his hair as they lay down on the bed, cuddling each other.

"Do you remember the time we met? It was also in the dungeon." The raven whispered.

"Your eyes were burning with rage, saying that you wanted to exterminate all the Titans." Eren's lips curved up into a small smile.

"That time, I never thought that we'd be this close to each other. I never thought I'd be your lover, until the time you brought me in your wings. I've always looked up to you from the crowd whenever you were in the front line before the gate entrance. Even when I was still a trainee, I wouldn't want to miss the chance to see your appearance. I always chanted my wish for you to be safe before you went outside, grinning like an idiot when you went back inside the wall safely." Their eyes met when Eren gave out his confession.

"So, what was it? Love at first sight?" Eren laughed.

"Corporal, make love to me for the last time." Rivaille gave a slight sad look at the request. He brushed his thumb over his underling's cheek softly, a lump forming in his throat on his effort to swallow his saliva. The older of the two sat up and pushed his beloved on his back, staring down at him intently. Eren gave a smile, his eyes gleaming with tears he tried to hold back.

"Don't cry, Eren. This will be our last, let's make it memorable." Rivaille captured his lips with him, kissing him while tangling their fingers together. Soft moans came out on their tongue lapping through each other. The chains made loud rustling sounds at the movements Eren made to circle his hands around Rivaille's nape. Both of them looked down at the cuffed wrists before Rivaille groaned.

"Oh no, this look hotter than it was supposed to be." Eren flushed.

"What- You… I should have known you liked this kind of play." Rivaille sneered at him before pulling Eren's pants down along with his underwear.

"Ah, Rivaille…" His green eyes stared up at the man on top of him after he was being exposed, soft scarlet hue coloring his face in shyness. His superior gazing down as he admired the boy before his eyes. The shirt which had been torn apart made him look more delicious before his vision. Eren quivered at the smirk his lover wore while leaning down to him, kissing his shoulder, leaving marks on him. The brunet gasped, feeling the man's fingers trailed down his body, letting out a soft grunt of embarrassment when it touched several sensitive places. He let out a guttural sound; lips were claimed quite roughly, leaving him breathless as the tongue invaded deep inside his mouth. The green eyed boy unconsciously squeezed the man's arm, which was resting on his side, securing him closely. Eren whimpered against the kiss the time he felt those roaming fingers playfully poke his, hard-on. He pulled away from the mouth to give a satisfying sound, adjusting himself up to get some frictions. He heard himself begging, wanting to feel more pleasure from those teasing touches.

"Corporal…" His vision blurred as the man steadily took his cock in his hand, pumping him slowly.

"AH…" he rasped out when he finally got what he wanted. Rivaille bent down to suck on his left nipple, wetting his fingers with Eren's pre-cum in the process.

"Nngh more.. please…"

"Eren… take it slow… this might be the last… remember?" The Corporal whispered gently, nipping on the underside of his ear when Eren's head moved to the side. He was unable to control the saliva dripping down his mouth on the way as Rivaille licked his navel. His body shivered with need at the soft teasing touches on his hips.

"No… please… don't remind me…" He gave a sob when the hand stopped working, Eren growled in disappointment, raising his hips up to chase the hand. Rivaille drew back and tugged out his own erection, stroking himself a few times with panting breaths. He smirked down to his lover's flushed face, showing off his little show before slowly crawled to his upper body. Eren inhaled sharply on the noticed of the older man climbing further up to his face, pressing the tip of his dick in front of his mouth.

"Make me wet." He commanded him shortly. Rivaille bit his lower lip when the boy hungrily wrapped his mouth around the head of his erection. He flinched when Eren's hand massaged his hips through his tight pants while wetting his dick with his saliva. The boy swirled his tongue across the tip before licking him down on the base of his cock. Rivaille wrapped his fingers around his brown locks with Eren swallowing him whole while fondling his sack, trying to maintain his shaky breaths. He pushed his face away when his dick twitched with the pre-cum forming around the tip.

"Eren, enough." He rasped, Eren licked his lips, looking into his eyes with foggy eyes, making Rivaille grunted at the sight. He pushed the boy to lay back down on the bed, making him whimpered when his superior calloused hand wrapped firmly around his hard-on which twitched right away at the touch.

"Eren…" The boy closed his eyes when his superior claimed his lips once again, enjoying himself once their lips were back connecting with each other. Eren's voice muffled when the fingers worked their way inside him, he whined with needs across Rivaille's lips at the feeling of being stretched apart. It was until Rivaille's fingers brushed the small nub within him that Eren lost in pleasure. Rivaille panted at the sight of his lover writhing beneath him. He licked his dry lips and adjusted himself on the puckered entrance.

"Can you wrap your legs around my waist?" Eren lifted one of his legs and circled his hand around his nape, bracing himself up. Rivaille helped to guide his leg up to circle firmly around his waist, holding him in place. He'd be lying if the sight didn't turn him on after feeling those cuffed hands around his neck. He claimed his lips to prevent Eren's habit of moaning out loud when he was being split up. A low rough moaned came out between their lips, Eren was now fisting Rivaille's shirt with trembling hands, trying to tone down his enjoyment of being one with his lover. Rivaille pulled away a bit, gasping for breath once he'd fully inside his lover.

"Sorry, is that hurt? It's not too dry is it?" Rivaille shuddered while trying to hold himself back. He was glad that Eren shook his head while panting heavily. Rivaille couldn't help but growl when Eren moved for some friction. The man slowly pulled away and slammed back inside, earning a choked sound coming from his lover.

"Ah!" The brunet clenched his eyes shut, feeling the older man ramming inside him again right after he let his voice out.

"Nggh Eren, not so loud." Rivaille hissed.

"I… I can't help it." Eren panted, grousing when the tip of Rivalle's length brushed his prostate after a few searching thrusts.

"Oh, Rivaille, harder." Rivaille grounded their lips together, trying to muffle every sound coming from Eren's mouth. The boy could be so loud when he wanted to. Their noises were unavoidable as they drove faster towards each other, seeking their blissful peak. Rivaille taking in the figure before his eyes as Eren stared up into him. Both of them were trying to savor each of their presence into their minds, taking in every detail they could remember. Eren felt his eyes water when he caught the look on Rivaille's face. He brushed his quivering hands to his lover's cheeks while Rivaile licked his earlobe.

"Nnghaah Rivaille, please…"

"I know, I'm also…" He tugged on Eren's earlobe with his teeth, panting harshly while burying himself deeper and deeper into his lover. It took about three thrusts until Eren reached his climax, the man licked his mouth while Eren jerked beneath him with so many noises. He grunted when he felt himself reached his end, cumming into Eren's clenched walls.

"I love you, Rivaille. I love you." Eren shuddered, lips chanting his usual words out of habit when he felt his lover's seeds inside of him. Tears falling freely from his eyes as he sobs, his body shook with sadness. Rivaille licked his tears away, kissing his forehead, nose, cheek, and lips while whispering their rituals.

"I'll give you my heart, my soul, my everything, and so we'll never be apart." Eren hugged him close, hissing when Rivaille pulled out of him.

"We'll never be apart. Promise me?"

"Yes, Eren. We'll never be apart."

"You'll stay by my side until the end?"

"Yes, Eren. I will stay by your side."

"You won't ever forget about me?"

"I won't forget about you, even after I die. That's my vow." The brunet was satisfied with the last answer.

"Chase after me if I forget about you." Rivaille kissed Eren's ring and nod.

"I promise." He said while wiping his tears away with his thumb before kissing him sweetly.

Rivaille let Eren have some sleep while he watched over him for a few hours before untangling himself from his lover. His eyes turned cold as he dressed himself properly. He pecked the boy on his lips before getting out of the dungeon, readying himself with their plan.

Armin looked up when the door opened, all eyes turned into the strongest soldier entering the room. They stayed silent until Rivaille spoke up.

"Shall we repeat the plan?" All soldiers nodded at him, the ones that'd been beside Eren and himself, the ones who he could trust with his plan. He eyed them one by one, Mikasa, Armin, Shasha, Connie, Jean, Irvin, Hanji, Reiner, Bertholdt, and including the rest of their friends who they brought with to volunteer. Pastor Nick winced when he met Rivaille's gaze.

"Alright, let's start. Armin, you can start." Irvin stepped forwards, mentioning their best strategy to spread out their plans once again.

"According to the report from Mike who was spying on the headquarters, Eren's execution will be at dawn. He'll be chained onto the pole and we'll have to break the chain that's attached to it." Armin started.

"Rivaille, you'll have to use the new blades I had prepared to break the chain." Hanji interrupted, pointed at the gear set on the table. Rivaille stared at the shining blade in his hand. Later, those blades would be used to kill people, not a Titan. Everyone held their breath unconsciously when they saw the dull look in the Corporal's eyes. Armin decided to continue.

"I think if we're fast enough to draw attention from the people by causing commotion, we'll be able to bring Eren with you into the forest. Jean, Reiner, and Berthold will work together to take over the cannons and shoot towards the execution stage just to make a commotion and smoke. Corporal, you should fly into the smoke with Mikasa as your back up while Commander Irvin took charge of the escaping toward the opened path." Rivaille gave a nodded.

"Sasha and Connie will bring horses with them for the three of you to escape; Pastor Nick will be waiting with me and Squad Leader Hanji by the lake. The other squad will back up for the plan to cover your escaping path into the forest." There was no plan B at the moment because everything had to move fast. All they could do was wait for their fates even if it would cause the downfall ofthe Scouting Legion. Armin gritted his teeth, secretly blaming himself for not being able to think up some other plans.

"Irvin, I have something to add." Irvin looked at Rivaille puzzled.

"Just tell them that I insist and put all of you in the threat of my own action. That's fine if this excuse will add some help from the downfall of the team." Rivaille sneered at the blonde man who remained silent.

"What are you going to do after the wedding?" Mikasa stepped forwards. Rivaille looked into her eyes and gave a smirk.

"What do you think? Even I can't predict the future. If Eren dies, I'll die. I'm sorry, I can't protect your brother…" Mikasa buried her nose into her red scarf around her neck as she looked down. The room went silent when they heard him.

"Why?" Pastor Nick dared to speak up. Rivaille glared at him, despite his glowered, the old man continued.

"Why did you go this far? You can continue living, marrying some noble woman since you are after all the Lance Corporal. Why didn't you?" Rivaille raised an eyebrow.

"Are you stupid? After this operation, people will not look at me the same anymore. I'll be a criminal. Besides, isn't this obvious enough? I love him; I don't need anyone else in my life. Enough chit chat. Let's get going."

"Alright, let's get moving." Irvin commanded. Just when everyone walked out the room, Rivaille spoke up to the last person to get outside the room.

"Arlelt, I thank you from deep inside my heart." Rivaille whispered, making the boy widen his eyes at the praise. The man didn't say anything further before he walked outside the room, following the others.

"You could have asked me to plan on running away." Armin whimpered, eyes getting hot by the tears. He quickly brushed his eyes and ran tailing the group.

Eren looked down from the top stage of which his execution took place. He was being shackled into a heavy pole, kneeling down on the wooden stage. His eyes could see the audience watching him, waiting for his death. He felt relieved when he didn't see any hint of Rivaille in the crowd, he didn't want the man to watch him die before his eyes. The time he woke up this morning, the Corporal was nowhere to be found. His bed was cold, showing that Rivaille had left a few hours ago before he woke up. It didn't take more than five minutes before the soldiers walked down to the dungeon and dragged the Titan Shifter outside the dungeon.

Eren gave a soft sigh, closing his eyes in defeat. His fingers playfully grazing the ring that was still on his left finger, at least he got something he could bring to his death. Eren looked up when his eyes caught a glimpse of Zacklay preparing for the implementation. He didn't need to know how his death will be, even if he was a Titan there's a limit on how he could feel pain and went unconscious.

"Eren Jaeger, you've committed a crime for letting the Female Titan escape! Your devotion into humanity was betrayed and you'll be sentenced to death. The ceremony will be held today, in this morning in front of the Military Police building, watched by the people of Wall Sina. The execution will start with the Military Police killing you by slicing your nape, the way how a Titan should be dead." Eren looked down and smiled bitterly, at least it will be fast.

The man walked up to him and Eren's head was kicked from behind, forcing him to kiss the wooden stage. The boots on top of his head made him wince.

"The execution will start, now."

As soon as Zacklay gave his last command, Eren closed his eyes. He was shocked when he heard a loud explosive sound, making the entire stage rumble when the cannonball made contact with it. The smoke surrounded them, lots of commotion started, the citizen nearby who had been watching had scrambled around and shouted in fear. Eren looked up, gaping when he saw the man who was supposed to kill him had died on the spot. His green eyes caught his superior running behind him.

"Eren, we need to be quick." He heard Mikasa's voice, eyes looking around with her instinct perking up.

"What? Are you two crazy?!" Despite his protest, he tried to pull his hands off the chain.

"Yes, we are crazy, now let's esc-" Rivaille gasped when a sharp object pierced him from a behind, stumbling at the sudden attack. Eren's eyes widened as Mikasa stared in shocked by the sudden blades running in their direction. Some of the blades had gone through Rivaille and sliced Eren on his arms and cheek. It was like someone hadn't cared where the blades would land as long as they could kill the Titan shifter. What if the blades killed some of the citizen which was trying to escape?! Rivaille spat the blood out from his mouth, throwing a defiant stare on his back. The smoke was starting to get clearer and he could make out the faint figure of people surrounding them. The raven clenched his blades with trembling hands.

"Rivaille…" His pupils were shaking in horror at the sight of Rivaille's clothes painted red with blood and attached blades on his back. The Corporal tried to stand straight, breathing hard as he turned back to him. Mikasa had prepared for the worse, her heart clenched when her brother screamed on top of his lungs, tears spilled down his cheeks. Rivaille was attacked in front of his eyes without him being able to do anything. The time he tried to force his hand away from the cuffs, it was starting to bleed.

"Eren! I'm okay, Eren. Calm down!" Rivaille quickly brought his arms to wrap around Eren's shoulder, pulling the boy into his arms to calm down. Eren gave a hard sob, body shook with anger.

"Who did that? Who threw the blades at you?!" Eren's eyes glowered dangerously as he looked around for some clue. Their instinct perked up when another rain of blades being thrown towards their directions. Mikasa was able to dodge and swiftly warded off a few blades with her gear. That's not the case with Rivaille who tried hard so that the blades won't reach Eren's. He ended up getting another new opened wound, feeling angry of Eren getting a few scratches.

"Rivaille, get away! I don't mind being injured!" Eren's shouted desperately. Rivaille gasped for breath as he looked down to his lover.

"Don't be concerned about me, we got a plan ahead." Rivaille winced as he moved, trying to keep standing with the excruciating pain all over his body. His hand accidentally dropped the blade he was holding and Mikasa quickly took it.

"What plan? We are not going anywhere with your wound!" Eren paled at the sight of his lover's clothes was now soaked with blood, some dripping down his hand. He looked behind him as his sister had broken the chain bounding his hands. He heard another cannon being shot towards their direction and Eren pulled his hand free.

"Eren, don't." Mikasa started when she noticed her brother's eyes. Eren stood up and wrapped his arms around Rivaille.

"Nobody hurt the person I love." He bit his hand enough to draw blood.

"No, Eren! Stop!" Rivaille shouted but it was too late, he soared into the sky when Eren transformed into a gigantic beast. The boy had turned into a Titan with him above his head, his superior clutches on the strands of his hair to prevent himself from falling. The man cringed at the loud howled attacking his ears, Mikasa who was now gaping hopelessly at the unexpected transformation, covering her ears at the sound. Rivaille cursed himself for not telling him anything, so much for trying to keep a secret.

"Eren! You stupid brat! Don't spoil our plan!" Rivaille kicked the gigantic head below him, breathing heavily.

"Mikasa, go ahead, we need to keep going to the lake! Eren, you need to get back to your senses!" The Corporal was now kicking the Titan's temple before jumping down to the front of his face. The Titan let out a loud wailing sound, swinging his fist into the execution stage, making it fall apart. They had caused lots of commotion than needed be. The raven grunted when he saw the Military Police had scattered around trying to be in the position for their attack, he knew who the head of their minds was.

"Listen to me, brat!" Rivaille gave him a hard kick on his forehead after dodging several swings of his gigantic hands. Rivaille adjust his weight on Titan Eren's nose, staring right into his eyes while his hands clutched his dangling hair. Rivaille panting heavily as he gave him a reassuring smile. He raised his voice, trying to calm his lover down. The heavy steam coming out of his Titan body was unbearably hotter than usual. His foot was burning up.

"Eren, listen! I'm alright, this won't make me die! We need to get going to the lake in the forest! It's not far from here, the forest is right after the entrance of Wall Sina's! Make yourself useful and bring me there! Now, Eren!" Rivaille shouted, voice cracking as he used his energy. The giant gave a growl, before wailing loudly. Rivaille felt like his ears going to bleed by the voice, but he was glad that Eren seemed to gain some sense within. He pulled himself up by yanking the Titan's hair the time Eren slowly walked toward the destination Rivaille told him. Lots of Military Police soldiers were starting to get panic.

"Chase after him! Don't let him run!" Nile's voice could be heard and they were starting to fly towards their direction. Rivaille eyed the men, feeling sorry that they were not quite smart handling their maneuver gear.

"Come on, Eren! Now! Irvin, take charge!" When he looked down, he saw his teammates were already getting away, he gave a nod to Irvin who was watching from the sidelines.

"Cover them!" Irvin shouted as he himself urging his horse forward. Mikasa had mounted on her horse from Sasha's while Connie pulled the other horses along with him.

Rivaille took a moment to breathe evenly as he watched the path they were going, his throat ran dry with so much shouting. His mind racing at the unexpected plan, in any case, he needed to slice Eren's nape to get the boy's off from this Titan body. He flinched when a pain shot through his back, these blades needed to be pulled out. His eyes searched for an open path to where he was supposed to pull the boy off of his Titan's flesh. They were reaching the gate when Rivaille looked behind him, the Military Police were still pursuing them, he saw a few of their teammates clashing their blades with the Scouting Legion. He gritted his teeth at the plan. He knew he was selfish, but he needed to keep his promise for his lover. Rivaille looked down on the Titan who was carrying him on his head unintentionally. He kissed the Titan's head before crawled down his nape once the Titan crouched down to get out of the gate.

"Eren, I'm going to pull you off your Titan's flesh!" He shouted once they were outside.

"Close the door!" Irvin shouted after knocking one of the guards. A loud bang noise came out when they threatened the door down from the inside.

"Rivaille, we need to get moving." Irvin looked at him in horror when he noticed the blades attached to his back.

"First of all, pulls the blades off of my back. I'll slice his nape and pull him out." Rivaille grounded his teeth when the blond man did what he was told. The blood splattered on the soft grass below their boots as the Corporal screamed. The nearby soldiers watched the scene with dreadfulness. Connie cupped his mouth as he tried not to hurl while Sasha wiped her tears.

"Corporal, you had enough. Let me pull him off." Mikasa muttered, watching as the man had lost so much blood. Rivaille staggered to his feet, heaving at the pain. He was about to object, but Mikasa had jumped up to save her brother.

"Ackerman!" She was a strong soldier, if anything, much more powerful than he was. She loved her brother dearly as much as he loved him. Rivaille watched when the Titan dropped to his knees, growling weakly. The sliced nape revealed Eren attached to the burning flesh. Rivaille quickly ran toward the evaporating Titan body, helping his sister-in-law.

"All of you get going. We've lost much time. They've broken the door!" Mike who was spying the nearby gate shouted, urging his horse to lead them into the forest. All at once they hauled their horse while Rivaille sliced the flesh off of Eren.

"Damn brat, you are heavier." Rivaille gasped once he was successfully cradled him in his arms. He jumped down from the high, ignoring his body protesting on the force of his movements. Rivaille heaved slightly while throwing his gear's wire onto the nearby tree and jumped up with Eren in his arms. The brunet stirred at the movements and he looked up to see Rivaille before his eyes.

"Corporal?!" Rivaille looked down at the boy.

"Woken up, brat? We need to get going to the forest now. They're so hard headed, pursuing us." His legs wobbled after taking landing on the tree branch.

"Why forest?" The brunet had no more energy to move, he let the man cradled him in his arms. Rivaille landed on the grass after flying a few kilometers away from the gate. He adjusted Eren's height in his arms and leaned down to kiss his forehead.

"You'll see." His eyes caught a few people wearing the Military Police's emblem heading through their way. Eren's eyes caught them and he's starting to get terrified.

"Rivaille, put me down! You're wounded!" He shouted when the man started to run as fast as he could. Rivaille insisted on carrying him in his arms though, not letting his guard off.

"Stop moving around!" Rivaille sucked in his breath when another blade flew towards their direction. What kind of people did that nowadays? Eren yelped when the Corporal lost his footing and crashed on the soft grass beneath them.

"Damn it, those bastards!" His insult caught in his throat when Irvin suddenly stood before them.

"Rivaille, use your gear whenever you can! Eren's safety comes first."

"Commander! Just leave me here, I… I don't want to cause any death!"

"Shut up, Eren!" Both guys clenched their mouth shut at the Commander's words. They had never seen Irvin raised his tone to the titan-shifter.

"Shut up and go. Don't make our effort useless. Rivaille, I'm sorry if I'll be late on your wedding." Eren gaped at the last words. He let out a grunt when Rivalle brought him up in his arms.

"What wedding?!"

"Our wedding, dumbass. Now stay still and let me carry you like a groom should be!" The brunet had no other words to say, his mouth went dry as he watched the man use his maneuver gear with him in the arms.

'Tell me this is a dream…' Eren shut his eyes. Right before his death, with his wounded lover who lost so much blood, they prepared a wedding? Armin, what kind of plan did you set up?! He knew immediately the only person with insane strategy who could think this plan was his best friend.


._. I know, but this chp is too long already xD

By the way, this remind me of the fanart I made a long time ago, I guess I really do wanted to write it even before I reached this chp.


Okay, this is just in case if my country blocked this site from my internet connection, I got Archive of Our Own (AO) account too, just in case I'm not updating here anymore. Just in case. n.n'''

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