Overwhelming Emotions

New Promises

Overwhelming Emotions

Genre: Drama Romance | AU | Reincarnation

Rating: M

Pairing: (mainly) Rivaille x Eren

Summary: Being woven in his dreams and memories, Rivaille was at a loss. The second encounter with a certain boy made it even much worse than he thought it would be, especially when the boy is reaching his hands out to him again.

Disclaimer: I don't own Shingeki no Kyojin, but this fanfiction is mine. ©AsakuraHannah

A/N: Character death in this chapter, you've been warned. Italics are the past life scenes. And yup… this is a dramatic story after all ._.

Oh yes, this chp is un-beta, let's cheer on Dalasport for her finals!

I tried to overlook this chp on my own, feel free to spots my mistakes. Just don't be so mean, I'm still learning after all. Anyone who want to help me out proof-read this chp, feel free to contact me.

Chapter 16 : New Promises

"What wedding?!"

"Our wedding, dumbass. Now stay still and let me carry you like a groom should be!" The brunet had no other words to say, his mouth went dry as he watched the man use his maneuver gear with him in the arms.

'Tell me this is a dream…' Eren shut his eyes. Right before his death, with his wounded lover who lost so much blood, they prepared a wedding? Armin, what kind of plan did you set up?! He knew immediately the only person with insane strategy who could think this plan was his best friend.

"Why… Why a wedding, from all ideas…" Eren whispered, staring right into his face. These mixed up emotions were too overwhelming, he didn't know how to describe his current feeling now that everything jumbled up. Rivaille looked at him for a moment, studying his face before he leaped into another tree branch with harsh breathing. Eren eyed the blood splotching from his movements, regretness creeping up his heart knowing that he could barely do anything at the moment. He wasn't geared up with their weapons, he was defenseless and weak. He could turn into a Titan again but that was out of options since Rivaille would be mad. He himself was slowly recovering from the tortured of those military police given him, after turning into a Titan, his body couldn't handle the shifting very well. He was almost unable to move his limbs let alone escape alongside his lover.

Rivaille landed on the ground and hide behind the bushes. He peeked behind him, observing the soldiers flew past their direction, not noticing their hiding spot. He was satisfied after seeing them turned in the opposite direction from the lake.

"Good, they're probably heading towards Wall Rose, Arlelt was smart enough to think about this path." Rivaille hissed in pain on his attempt to lean against the tree. He set Eren down to stand on his own, eyeing him in concern.

"I should have thought about bringing you the maneuver gear, that idea completely slipped my mind." Eren shook his head.

"It's alright…" He looked down from those eyes, feeling slightly embarrassed about the sudden wedding. His lover noticed the shy averting glances he got and nuzzled his head lovingly.

"I promised you a grand wedding, but everything happened so fast, I couldn't think up anything. I just… want to fulfill the things I can't accomplish before we separate."

"Rivaille…" Eren cupped his face, a loving smile gracing his lips. He had never thought that Rivaille was very thoughtful of their matrimony, even if being alongside with his lover was enough to make him happier than he ever will. Apparently, that's not enough with his lover. He pressed their forehead together, vision blurred by tears.

"I'm sorry, had we not meet, this won't happen. I've destroyed your future." Eren sobbed.

"What are you talking about at a time like this?! Don't be stupid. I do what I want, it's my life. This is the decision I've chosen and I'll not regret it." Eren chuckled after hearing those retort.

"I guess so… I'm sorry." Eren nuzzled his neck. They stayed like that until Eren's vision caught a brown colored jacket in the middle of the dark green forest, heading in their direction. His green eyes widened when he saw a rifle pointed to them, Eren quickly shoved Rivaille aside, enough for the man to land on the grass with a loud surprised yelp.

"Eren, what-" His blood ran cold at the sight of his soon to be husband shot right before his eyes. He quickly crawled to his lover, watching the blood leaking to the grass. Eren grunted as he clutched at his side painfully.

"Caught you, monster!" Nile shouted in triumph. His eyes met Rivaille's enraging look, before he sneered at him

"Don't worry, Rivaille, he can't die. Unless we save him quickly, I think the bullet went into his liver? You also lost so much blood, why don't you two go back to the court and just take your punishment like a man?" Rivaille clenched his trembling hands into his fist before standing up and pulled out his blades. His eyes turned dull as he staggered approaching his best enemy. Alerted, Nile quickly stepped back.

"Nile... It's you isn't it? Who commanded the rest of the military police to throw those blades to us? You even dare to wound my lover before my eyes… You are so dead…"

"You wouldn't-" He was about to shoot when the Lance Corporal launched into him, swiftly sliced his rifle apart, kicked him in his gut, pressing his boot on his face painfully as soon as he lost his footing. He gave a last satisfied smirk at the man who can't even let out any pleading sounds. He took a hold on his blade upside down before killing the man beneath him, grimacing at the sight of blood tainted his new blade. He threw the blade off the hook, before turning around to pace on his lover who was still lying on the ground. He looked down to meet Eren's green eyes staring up at him with an earnest look.

"Are you alright?" Rivaille muttered while scooping up his lover in his arms.

"I'm alright." Eren replied, resting his forehead against his neck. Rivaille kissed his forehead, soothing his worries and slowly headed towards their destination with heavy steps.

A rustling sound came from behind and he spun around to see Irvin showed up by following Rivaille's blood tracks. Rivaille wore a thin smile at those questioning blue eyes when he saw Nile'd been dead. His look turned to worry at the sight of Eren's injury.

"You made it on time after all." Rivaille mumbled. Irvin shook his head and patted him on the shoulder.

"I'll take charge of your back, just in case some of them following your blood track. A few soldiers will catch up by the lake, let's get going." They quickly headed into the lake without any more words. At least they keep the plan going.

The time they reached the lake, Eren's green eyes stared in marveled at the sight before his eyes. The lake was sparkling clean, reflecting the forest's trees and the early sky above. There's no ripples that the water glistened like a mirror, the colors blended together nicely. Armin, Mikasa, Sasha, Connie, and Hanji looked up from their sitting position, obviously impatient by the awaiting moments. Pastor Nick was tied onto the tree, unable to make any single movements other than his mouth. The trees where they walked through were decorated with a few silky clothes with white colors, trying to make it as merry as they could with the unprepared plan.

"Oh my God, are you alright?" Armin was the first to notice the blood on their bodies.

"Don't worry about it." Rivaille muttered, briskly walked towards the edge of the lake, crouching before the water and putting Eren gently on the grass. He nodded to Hanji who was untying Pastor Nick, and pushed the man forward with insult words if he dared to escape. For a second, the old man pitied the couple who was badly injured by the time he stood in front of them ― Rivaille kneeling down while supporting Eren in his arms. A few bloods had splattered on the grass as they breathed unevenly. Rivaille looked down when Eren took his hands in his, giving him a supportive look.

All eyes were staring at them with mixed sadness and happiness at the same time. Pastor Nick took a deep breath.

"I'll just do a quick ceremony." Rivaille silently nodded.

"We're all gathered around on this day to give our blessings to this couple right before me. On the left side, is the Lance Corporal Rivaille while on the right side is Eren Jaeger. These two had given their love for each other, therefore I shall unite the two of you to become one and will never be apart. After you signed the contract with your blood, you shall seal your faith to each other with your own vow." Rivaille bit his thumb, drawing blood so that he could press a fingerprint on the contract Pastor Nick had signed on top of their names. He helped Eren to press his thumb on the paper after smearing it with blood.

"Should I make the vow first?" Eren gave a nod at the inquiry, he couldn't help but to smile up at his superior, waiting for any kind of promises he'd hear.

"Eren, as much as I regret for not giving you the life you deserve, I want you to know that I love you so much. I won't ever forget about you, even just for a bit, Eren. That's why… I… I wanted to say… I'm sorry…" His body shook as he held back his tears the time he caught his lover's expression. Those tender emerald eyes of his pierced his heart, the light caresses on his cheek couldn't subdue his tears away.

"Rivaille… I give my everything into your hands, therefore Rivaille, this is my request to you." His lover brushed the blood on the corner of the boy's mouth while Eren spoke slowly.

"Continue my execution." All of them who heard him gasped. Rivaille buried his face in Eren's chest, sniffling while his palm cradling Eren's head with trembling hand. The boy muffled a soft chuckle at him.

"At least you are by my side during my death. I'll have to die anyway. I couldn't bear the sight of you dying before my eyes… please…" Eren bit his lips.

"Eren…" he stopped when Eren shook his head.

"We both know it's not gonna work. You've lost so much blood… You've caused a treason… They'll catch you sooner or later and will have your head… Even if I live on, I won't be happy… Don't you think that will be fair on my side? I love you, Corporal… before you did it, can you do the usual for the last time?" Eren brushed his thumb across his cheekbone, eyeing his lover tenderly. He let Rivaille supported his weight once he bent down to kiss his forehead, nose, cheek and whispered before he reached his lips.

"I'll give you my heart, my soul, my everything, and so we'll never be apart." Eren chuckled, feeling ticklish by the warm breath ghosting his cheek. He closed his eyes when Rivaille pressed his lips tenderly, feeling himself blackened out after the blade sliced his nape, taking his life off. Rivaille choked a sob, cradling the boy in his arms. The sight of blood dripping down his mouth, hand, and arm made him feel nauseous.

"I'm sorry, Eren. I'm so sorry." He whispered with a cracked voice, watching the boy's sleeping face. He gave a huff of laughter while laying Eren down on the grass, taking the blade he previously use to kill his husband.

"We'll meet again in the other world." he said before sliced his own throat. He caught himself fell on top of him, resting his arm around the boy, securing him just like they used to when sleeping together. After all that's happened, his body grew tired with lots of energy, at least he could rest beside Eren. He closed his eyes, once feeling himself able to rest in peace. He could faintly hear lots of cries and shouts, Pastor Nick went on his knees, he couldn't believe the old man was crying at their death. The last thing he heard were Irvin and Hanji shouting their names with a quivering voice.

Eren shook his head, sobbing uncontrollably at the story. He eyed the French man who had his legs up to his chest, burying his face in his arms so he couldn't see his expression at the end of the storytelling. He couldn't believe what he heard was really true, he couldn't believe it was how their past life ended.

"Why? Why didn't you let someone help you?" Eren rose his hands, shaking Rivaille of the arms to urge him to look into his eyes.

"I couldn't bear living without you, besides I barely able to move myself. I've lost so much blood. I was only forcing myself to keep fighting so that I could bring you into the matrimony. I'm sorry… I'm sorry… I had killed you in my arms… These hands had been tainted with lots of your blood that time. Even if it was you who requested to die first, I…" He pressed his palms on his face as his tears flowing out his eyes without his own will. Eren shook his head again for the numerous time, wrapping his arms around him to try to soothe him. He felt like his heart being ripped apart after listening to their story ending, making his emotions overwhelmingly shattered to pieces.

"I'm sorry you had to remember them again. It's my fault, I shouldn't have forced you." Eren muttered, sniffling against his shoulder, rocking the man slowly.

"You need to know about it someday, I just… I was afraid that we'll end up being separated again after I told you about it." Eren pulled away to look at Rivaille in the eyes. They gazed at each other for a moment before crashing their lips into each other hungrily. Muffled voices came out between their mouths, both yearning for more contact.

"Rivaille… continue your draft…" Eren breathed once they broke apart. Rivaille frowned at the demand.

"I want to remember, make me remember everything. I may have lost my own past life because of that accident, but now I want to gain it back. You have to keep your promise when you said that you are going to help me remember my past memories if I forget them." Eren pleaded, eyes turned stern into the man's eyes who was doubtful.

"I'll support you to keep going; I'll listen to you when you're feeling down. You have to continue and finish your book." Eren hugged him again, shuddering by the will to cry in agony. Nothing matters if he could bring the man he love to keep going and to move forward. What happened in the past was painful, but at least they had found each other again. What matters now was that they won't be apart anymore. Eren's lips turned into a smile, feeling glad when Rivaille finally returned their embrace.

"Rivaille…" Eren muffled in the kiss, leaning into those warm lips of his. Rivaille pulled away abruptly, Eren panted, surprised by the sudden push.

"Do you even know what you are asking me?"

"Yes, Rivaille. Let me be your first reader, let me share the burden you are carrying…" Eren brushed his own tears with his palm. The man suddenly pulled him into a tight embraced, he was crushed down into Rivaille's body.

"I will try… I will…" He smashed their lips together again, stifling at the pressure. The time Eren moaned against his mouth, Rivaille scooped him up, earning a yelp of surprised when the boy was lifted high in the air. The brunet couldn't help but laughed once he was being tossed to the bed quiet roughly, circling his arms around Rivaille's neck, eyeing the man hovering on top of him. Eren gave a shy smile, expecting him to actually do what he was thinking until Rivaille let out a soft sigh. He fidgeted a little when Rivaille actually sniffing his scent.

"I'm happy that I got to hear it, I'm glad you finally share your burden to me. That made me want to hear more of them." Rivaille kissed his jaw, moving down to his Adam apple, sucking on the lump there with Eren chuckled at the ticklish sensation.

"Rivaille… Irvin won't be back until later, isn't he?" He whispered, looking at the opened door of his boyfriend's room. The thought of Irvin coming in with them wrestled in bed, sweaty and panting while his legs opened wide underneath Rivaille was pretty delicious. Eren moaned inwardly, licking his lips at his own imagination. His tutor lifted his head up to stare at him, frowning at the question.

"He won't be back until a few days later. He needed to go back to France." Eren blinked at him, puzzlement pasted on his face. Sitting up with his elbow supporting his weight, he eyed Rivaille who was now sitting on the bed with head down.

"What's wrong? Is there something you are not telling me?" Eren asked with quivering tone.

"Eren… You do know that I need to go back to France someday, right?." Eren went silent, trying to get the information into his mind.

"Eren, listen." Rivaille stared down at the boy, watching as Eren layed back down on the bed with arm shielding his eyes.

"No… I understand, you need to finish your study. When are you leaving?" Rivaille grabbed his wrist, trying to stop him from shielding his eyes. The younger of the two exhaled softly, hesitated at first but then decided to pull his arm away from his face.

"Not so soon… I'm here for about three months, just one more month and I'll finish with my internship. Eren, I'm not leaving you. I just need to take care some things and I'll be back as soon as I can… I promise." Rivaille said and kissed the tip of his fingers. Eren's tears glistening his beautiful eyes of his that Rivaille bend down to kiss his eyelid. Eren took his hand, curling it with his own before smiling up at the man.

"I won't allow you to move away without doing anything with your draft. I'll chase after you if I need to." Eren muttered, trying to sound as cheerful as he could. Rivaille kissed the corner of his mouth before pulling away, smirking at him.

"My draft or you?" Eren's face flushed at the question, he grunted when Rivaille moved to his neck, licking him there. Eren inhaled sharply at the contact of his wet tongue swept across his neck.

"Me first." Eren mumbled, circling his arms around his boyfriend's neck, whimpered as he was marked there. Eren sighed happily when the man's hand went under his shirt to pull it off above his head. The teen couldn't suppress his laughed when Rivaille's fingers tickled his skin which turned feverish by the teasing touches.

"I love you." Rivaille whispered right after he threw Eren's shirt on the floor. Eren nodded, rubbing his palm against Rivaille's arm.

"I love you too…" He whispered just before Rivaille tugged on the waistband of his pants. His face went into a deeper shade of crimson after the raven pulled it down completely, leaving him exposed beneath him. Eren shifted at the gaze of his soon to be lover, looking to his side to hide his burning face. The room was dark, but with enough light bulb from the outside of the veranda and the moonlight went over the windows. He did his best not to close his leg as Rivaille's eyes swiftly went down to check his crotch. He jolted as Rivaille kissed him on his chest, feeling ticklish when those warm lips moving to lightly nip at one of his nipples. Eren gasped, hands unconsciously flew to Rivaille's hair just so he could hold on to something. He couldn't suppress his surprised tone once the tongue flicked on his nipple, earning a chuckle from Rivaille in return. He quickly covered his mouth with his hand, feeling embarrassed by his own voice.

"Put that hand away, I want to hear you moan." Rivaille muttered, warm breaths tingling his warm skin. Eren wasn't sure what to reply, but he pulled his hand away. Rivaille drew back only to pull his shirt off above his head. He looked down with a smirk gracing his lips the time Eren's eyes licking him up and down, taking in the figure before his eyes in awe. Those eyes slowly looked down to his crotch as soon as he pulled his zipper down, pushing his pants along with his underwear slowly, enjoying the sight of his lover's curious look. That innocent face of his made him wants to see another part of lewd Eren as he shouts and writhing beneath him. Rivaille grunted at his own thought. As soon as he was done with his clothing, Rivaille leaned against his chest.

"Enjoy what you're seeing?" Rivaille chuckled when Eren's widened his eyes, those shyness went back to his face. He tousled his brown locks tenderly, pressing his ear to his chest. He closed his eyes upon listening to his heartbeat, feeling calmness wafting inside him. Eren was alive, he was healthy, he was happy, he was back in his arms. Rivaille couldn't be more than happy by the fact his lover was back in his hold in this peaceful worlds.

Eren moaned at the ticklish sensation of Rivaille's fingertips brushing all over his body. Those soft teasing touches made his skin burns with pleasures. The moment their tongue clashed against each other, Eren felt like melting in his arms. The teen's hand twitched as Rivaille's tongue went deeper inside of him, swiping his tongue across his before drawing back and repeat the action. Eren shivered when he felt the hardness between his legs. He shifted a bit so that he could get some friction, sucked in his breath the time Rivaille pressed against him with some force. Both of them moaned, breathing mingled with their hips grind against each other. Rivaille looked down before taking a hold of their cocks together, making the brunet mewling at the playful touches, spreading their pre-cum across their foreskin. The wet sounds slapping against each other made the boy blush furiously, biting his lips at the wetness causing delicious frictions across his member. Rivaille pulled away slightly, making the brunet giving him a questioning look. As Rivaille moved over to his nightstand and rummaging something inside the drawer, Eren's eyes widened when he saw a tube he hold as soon as he returned to him.

"How come you're prepared?" Rivaille snorted at the question, uncapped the bottle and spilled generous amounts in his fingers.

"I'm a guy, Eren. You wouldn't believe how much I'm thinking about you during those nights. What? You've never touched yourself before? Surely, you are not as innocent as you look, am I right?" The remark made Eren blush, remembering the time he touched himself under the blankets in the morning after his wet dream, and other naughty imaginations about his teacher. Rivaille leaned down to him with an earnest look on his face. The man had nudged his legs much further apart, pulling his waist up a bit. He gasped when he felt the cold wetness of his fingers slowly went inside of him, mewling after one another uncomfortable intrusion. He shifted a bit at the hand scissoring him slowly, stuttering at the weird feeling.

"Nggh Rivaille…" Eren bit his lip as Rivaille wiggled his fingers around, searching for something within him. The brunet yelped once Rivaille inserted the last of the three fingers deeper inside, accidentally brushed over his prostate.

"Ri-Rivaille…" Eren breathed heavily, eyes clouded with pleasure. He hissed with the way those fingers lightly brushed against him. Rivaille slowly pulled his fingers out, earning a whimper from the teen.

"You can shout if you want to, tell me if it hurt too much." Rivaille said while coated his length with the lube, panted after he adjusted Eren beneath him, propping him up to his hips while pressing the tip of his member against the puckered entrance. He pushed in once Eren nodded, grunting as his tip went inside him, feeling himself being sucked in. Eren unconsciously nailed on his back when he started feeling himself being split up the time Rivaille pushed deeper.

"Ri-vaille… hurts…" Gasping for breath, Eren hissed out. He brushed his fringe which damped against his forehead awkwardly. Rivaille licked the tears away from on his face, his body shuddered with needs to ram inside, but he knew he couldn't. The sight before him reminded the man that it was his first time, no matter how many memories of their past lives, he won't be able to forget Eren's expression during his first time. He showered him with tender kisses, fingers wrapped around Eren's length, stroking it vigorously, smiling softly once the boy started to mewl in pleasure by the minutes.

"Eren, I love you, Eren…" His tutor whispered, pushing in slowly. He was glad that Eren seemed to lose in both proceed to ease his pain as he went deeper, listening to his moans and gasps. He growled once he was fully inside him, pressing their foreheads together.

"How do you feel?" Rivaille breathed, hand brushing away his sweaty bangs from Eren's dampened forehead. Eren fluttered his eyes opened, lips curling up while he tried to breathe evenly. The sight before his eyes was breathtaking that he had to hold himself back from the overpowering thought to pound on the boy hard and fast. Rivaille brushed the track of wetness on his cheek with his thumb, kissing his cheekbone to comfort him.

"Not bad…" Eren replied, circling his arms around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss. The moans leaked out between their lips as Rivaille started to move slowly. Eren twitched when the man rammed inside him with more force, stuttering at the pain mixed with pleasure. Eren was sure that he didn't like the pain at first, but feeling Rivaille pounded inside him was making him jelly. He bit his lips, blushing furiously after realizing that the pain was actually made him excited. Breathes quickened as their pace starting to get frantic, voices of pleasures filling in the opened room. Eren sharply gasped, the tip of his length shot against that nub within him, howling when Rivaille aimed that spot again for the second time.

"Ahh… AAH! Rivaille…!" Rivaille moaned hearing his name spelled out from Eren, he could feel his dick twitched inside those clenched walls.

"Eren, say my name again…"

"Rivaille…" He chanted his name as requested, writhing with needs beneath him. His saliva dripping down his mouth as he gazed up to Rivaille with half opened eyes, pleasures spreading up and down his body in an odd way. He didn't know this could feel so good, overwhelmingly taken over his emotions. It was multiple times much better than he imagined. He was sure he wouldn't last any longer by the way his lover aiming to his pleasure spots several times.

"I'm close…" Eren quivered, his saliva dripping down on the corner of his mouth after he licked his dry lips. Rivaille licked his darting tongue, tugging on it as he groaned in contentment. He latched their hands together when he was nearing his peak. The time Rivaille's other hand pumping on his cock several times, Eren jerked his mouth away to moan Rivaille's name loudly, his body jolting as he came hard on his lover's hand. Rivaille groaned after his hand coated by Eren's sticky cum, thrusting a few times and spilled his seed inside him to the brim. His hips twitched as he shuddered, smiled up while listening Eren's chanting 'I love you' several times with closed eyes, obviously enjoying the high of their lovemaking.

"How do you feel?" Rivaille mumbled after a few minutes catching his breaths. Eren whimpered when his lover pulled out from him, panting slightly.

"Its… I don't know how to say it… too much… too good… too…" Eren paused, blinking at the words he's trying to say. Rivaille chuckled, pecked on his lips before cuddling up to him.

"Never been better?" he whispered, eyeing the boy he loved even more. He looked cute with that red face of him. Rivaille draped his comforter around them, both not wanting to let the coldness seeping in between. Eren smiled while circling his arms around his body, kissing his sweaty forehead. Rivaille returned the gesture, he was about to kiss his nose before Eren stopped him.

"Let's not do it again… Four promises was probably the one that made us separated…" Eyes widening, Rivaille couldn't form a single sound from his mouth for a moment.

"Why do you think that?"

"You do know that four is a bad luck number, its written death. Trust me, believe it or not. Let's not hold onto the past… What do you think?" Rivaille pressed his forehead against Eren, staring right into those gleaming emeralds of his.

"You actually believe in that? Shall we make it five then?" Eren closed his eyes and nodded.

"Yes, what do you suggest?" Rivaille thought for a moment, fingers lightly brushed over his brown locks.

"I'll give you myself" He kissed his forehead.

"…heart and soul" and down to his nose.

"…for you're my everything" cheek.

"…I won't let you go" He kissed his lips while pulling up Eren's left hand.

"…from now and forever." The boy flushed brightly when Rivaille kissed his ring finger. He didn't wear anything at the moment, but the man made it as if he'd been marked with a prestigious gold ring.

"Rivaille… You sound possessive." Eren whispered, he didn't know whether he should feel happy or embarrassed by the vow.

"Crap, I want to embrace you again." Rivaille muttered right after he saw the look on his long-lost lover.

"I love you." Eren muttered just before their lips met again. The boy couldn't hold himself to not to howl during the second penetration, like a habit he used to do as his lover filled him in. Rivaille groaned after listening to the melodic pleasures Eren spilled out his mouth. Together they hold onto each other, satisfying their needs after thousands of years apart.

Eren blinked drowsily, wondering about his surroundings for a moment until his eyes focused on the man sleeping soundly beside him. His face flushed deeply as he recalled the last night event. He cupped his mouth in embarrassment, shifting slightly on the bed in the process. The movement brought his tutor stirred up.

"You're early." Rivaille muttered, rubbing his sleepiness away with his finger.

"It's Monday by the way." Eren replied. Rivaille sighed and circled his arm around Eren's waist, bringing him closer to his body. The lightness which was surrounding them made it obvious about their previous activities. His eyes were able to spot some marks on Rivaille's shoulder, Eren was probably getting more of it himself. Rivaille opened his eyes, realizing that they were both naked.

"Oh…" He mumbled, recalling their heated night. He pressed his lip on Eren's forehead before pressing their bodies together. Eren grunted by the sudden force.

"Rivaille… We should get ready."

"No, you should stay at home and rest. I'll get ready." Rivaille ordered. Eren's question was answered as soon as he tried to sit up straight. He flinched at the pain shoot through his back, wincing slightly at the cramp. Rivaille tousled his brown locks affectionately before getting off the bed.

"Shall I drive you home or you'd rather stay here for the day?" Eren grunted as he slumped back to the bed. He looked down when he realized that his eyes were staring at Rivaille's naked body, feeling embarrassed.

"I guess I'll just go home. I mean, I… didn't even call home last night." He winced at the image of his frantic sister baring her fangs as soon as he got home.

"If you say so." After Rivaille finished bathing, he brought the wet towel to help his lover cleaned up before cleaning his room as quickly as he could. He managed to make it tidier by a few minutes, much to Eren's amazement. They eat breakfast in his room before Rivaille drove to Eren's house.

The younger of the two couldn't be any more glad that his sister had gone off to school earlier, probably got her council meeting. His father wasn't his concern since he'd gone by dawn. He couldn't stop his excitement after Rivaille insisted to carry him like a bride, shrieking when Rivaille almost toppled during their way up the stairs to his room.

"Rivaille, I swear if you drop me…"

"Keep still or I'll drop you for sure." Rivaille huffed once he finally reached to the front of Eren's room. Eren sighed in relief once the man put him down gently on his bed.

"That was dangerous…" Eren hissed the time Rivaille flicked his forehead.

"I'll get going now, be a good boy and rest." He brushed his lips against him and turned to leave. Eren waved at him.

"Tell Armin that I'm sick so he can copy some note for me." Rivaille waved the back of his hand, letting him know that he heard him.

Eren slowly crawled up to his windowsill, watching the front of his house. A few seconds later, he saw Rivaille walked out the house and get into the car. Eren pressed his palm against the glass pane, smiling tenderly as the car drove away. He was sure he'd be fine as the day past, the pain wasn't as bad as he thought, but he wouldn't want to make his lover worried.

Lover. His lips curved up at the word.

"Nice word." He muttered to himself, cheeks flaring at the thought of Rivaille's hands all over his body.

Armin raised his head at the ruckus in front of his classroom. He eyed his friend who was walking in slowly with a crutch; Jean was following behind him with concerned all over his face. The blonde watched closely when Marco being surrounded by their friends, asking him what happened.

"Marco, shouldn't you be staying at home? Don't force yourself…" Connie said after Marco had settled on his seat.

"They'll have a briefing for the upcoming exams, I have to attend." The boy chuckled at the unbelievable answer.

"You're just getting bored at home, Marco." Jean scolded him, their friends laughed at their banter.

Armin looked down from the scene before his eyes.

Jean. Helping Marco. Supporting his weight when he needed him. Feeding him apples in the hospital during Armin's visit yesterday, together with Sasha and Connie. All images swarming into his mind. His heart felt a pang of jealousy; he needed someone to talk to. The time Rivaille announced that Eren was sick, he decided to let his problems sank deep within his heart. Maybe it was a good thing that Eren wasn't there. The brunet had told him after all, that no matter what, Jean won't look at him. He bit his lips, blinking back his tears; he didn't want Eren to think him as pathetic.

How he wished he could pretend to be sick today.


Just want to tell you, the first part of this chp made me want to just cry with lots of sorrys from my mouth for both Rivaille and Eren =3= I make up for Eren's first time. Omg XD

Oh, if I shared a link in here and you can't open it, you can always go to my profile and go from there. The other day I made the fanart where they kissed in chp 11, with the sunset behind them. You can check it out in my profile to my Deviantart too: AsakuraHannahDA. RiRen made me stay active in DA only because I want to draw both of them XD

Also, this is just in case, if my country blocked this site from my internet access, I got Archive of Our Own (AO) / tumblr acc, same username, AsakuraHannah. Just in case I'm not updating here anymore. Just in case. n.n''' But this is my main for years…

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