Overwhelming Emotions

Letting Go

Overwhelming Emotions

Genre: Drama Romance | AU | Reincarnation

Rating: M

Pairing: (mainly) Rivaille x Eren

Summary: Being woven in his dreams and memories, Rivaille was at a loss. The second encounter with a certain boy made it even much worse than he thought it would be, especially when the boy is reaching his hands out to him again.


I don't own Shingeki no Kyojin, but this fanfiction is mine.

©AsakuraHannah Ffn

A/N: For aphin123 who wants the 'infirmary scene', here it comes XD This chp is mostly about Armin. Adult content in this chp. I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes in this chp.

Chapter 17 : Letting Go

Eren stared at the PC screen blankly; the words before his eyes were jumbling around, making him dizzy with the black letters. He groaned and pressed his head on the desk, earning a few glances from his friends nearby. He jolted in surprise when a hand slapped the back of his head, Eren gave a sheepish grin at his teacher who was obviously annoyed. The man's frowned went deeper after he caught the look on his secret lover's eyes.

"Sit up straight, Jaeger. Finish your test properly." Rivaille pursed his lips.

"Yes, Sensei…" Eren muttered, and adjusted his headphone as he sat back up. He lightly brushed his hands against him just as he strode away. His teacher shot him a look at the soft touch and he quickly averted his gaze back to the screen. They were in the middle of the class where they were having a mock test for their English. It's been a few days ever since they were in the same bed, the brunet couldn't help but wanting the man more and more. He got to stop himself before he made it too obvious in front of his friends. Rivaille did his usual stoic expression and act stern towards him while they were in classes. Eren needed to make sure that he was also acting a bit scared to his lover, after all, other students were never dare to approach him as much as he was.

The bell rang after a few minutes and the class groaned in relieved. Hannes told the students to save their work to the network PC, print their paragraph and collect them to the front before they went home. Rivaille followed after Hannes out the classroom, asking him a few things that the students barely able to catch as they walked outside. The man seemed engrossed in the paper he was holding while he followed Hannes, Eren noticed after putting the headphone back to its place. He sighed over his listening and speaking sections of the test, he wondered if he'd done good enough for the upcoming exams. He was surprised when his closest friends suddenly leaning over to him, dragged him to the back of the class as soon as the class was almost empty and started to bombard him with questions.

"Eren, we can't believe that you've been wanting for Rivaille to punish you." Connie confronted in a whisper, making the brunet's face flush brightly.

"W-What?" he spluttered. Reiner and Bertholdt whistled at Eren's crimson face.

"You're acting so loose in front of him nowadays, that's why." Sasha pointed out. Eren mutely looked aside.

"Do you actually want him to give you a detention so that you could hit on him?" Reiner finally asked the question that's been bugging his mind.

"Are you some kind of a masochist?" Bertholdt suggested. Eren shot him a look, his mouth went dry at the last remark. He cleared his throat in embarrassment for the fact that wasn't exactly wrong. Eren took a deep breath to calm his nerve down.

"That's not it… I was just…" Eren tried to find a word, he eyed Jean for help, after all he was the only one who knew that he was 'dating' the teacher other than Armin and Mikasa. He hated that Jean was enjoying this instead. He wished Armin was here with him, he went out the class in a hurry, much to his dismay. Mikasa was nowhere near him since she had left the classroom with Annie. She was still mad at him for not telling her that he wasn't going home on the other day. She ended up staying up all night while trying to contact him via his mobile, sending him messages numerous times. He couldn't form a single word the time she went into his room after school and found him sleeping peacefully. She had slapped him awake enough to leave marks, earning a big applause from his friends in class on the next day. It's been two days and she still hadn't formed single words to him. Eren groaned inwardly at the thought. No, she wasn't mad because he was sleeping with Rivaille, but because he didn't give her any notice about him staying over. He knew he shouldn't make her worry like that; he's the only family she had after all, aside from his father.

"Oh come on, Jaeger, we all know that you are pretty obvious." Jean grinned widely, enjoying the glare he received.

"Jean, let's not press him even further." Marco chuckled, noticing how uneasiness Eren was.

"Are you guys done?" All of them jumped at the familiar sounds from the entrance of the classroom. Rivaille raised his eyebrow at the sight of his lover being cornered. He crossed his arms, glowering at the students dangerously.

"If you are bullying him… I swear-"

"No, no, that's not it." Connie quickly waved his hands frantically.

"It's not like that, Sensei." Reiner laughed nervously.

"Then, leave." Rivaille nodded at the back door of the class. All of them quietly walked out as soon as they gathered their bags, Jean helped Marco with his things while he walked out with his crutch. Eren sighed in relief when Jean closed the door, pitying them for being accused as a bully. Their eyes met for a second until Rivaille spoke up.

"I thought I warned you not to make it too obvious… What did they do?" Rivaille scoffed while slamming the front door shut.

"I'm sorry… They were just asking questions about us, nothing to worry about. They're my close friends." He scratched his cheek with his forefinger nervously. He couldn't help it since he was starting to get sexually frustrated after their first night; he wanted more of his touches. Rivaille was gathering the papers on the teacher's desk when Eren approached him.

"By the way, I noticed that you were running after Hannes a while ago. Did you know him close, by any chance?" He tried changing the subject and was glad that it worked.

"Do you know that he wrote awesome books? The latest was translated into 42 languages."


"He was the one who made me want to take literature courses, aside from Hanji telling me to write a book. The first time I read his book, I was fascinated by the way he wrote. I loved to drown myself in stories after that. I tried to learn much from him ever since I came here the time I started my internship."

"Oh yes, now that you mentioned it again, I thought your university is here, at first …" Rivaille threw him a surprise look.

"I haven't told you? My university allowed overseas internship. Irvin got so many connections; I admire the way Hannes wrote his books, so I'm curious if I'm able to learn something from him. That's why I'm here. I keep sending my internship reports to Professor Pixis via e-mail to France. Hanji had moved here a few years ago to teach Science, she knew about Hannes since he is teaching here. Irvin was just getting a job as a teacher since he said he wanted to ease up a bit from his usual load of works. Well, everything he does always bring him success, I wouldn't be surprised if he'd suddenly promoted to become a principal. Though he had been back and forth to France to know how I'm doing with my studies. That's why Irvin suggested for me to have my internship here so that I could meet Hannes. That way I can also learn as much as I can from the man."

Eren couldn't believe about how their fate had brought him. The look on his lover's eyes made Rivaille confuse.

"Hannes is my godfather, if you must know. So… I guess that's how everything related?" Rivaille opened his mouth in awe.

"It's all lead to you…" Rivaille whispered, the boy's smile turned into a big amusement grin. Rivaille didn't think about anything else anymore the moment he pulled his boy into his arms, kissing him lovingly. Their fate was pretty strange; they're drawn into each other unintended. Eren smiled in between their kisses, wrapping his hands around Rivaille, welcoming the feeling of their lips connected into each other after several days separated.

"I couldn't believe that we're so close but actually so far away before." Rivaille muttered after he pulled away. The green-eyed boy chuckled, smiling shyly before pressing his forehead on Rivaille's shoulder.

"I had a dream of you last night, you are being sweet in that dream…" Rivaille pushed his lover off of him to make him look in the eyes.

"How sweet was it?" He gave a teasing smirk while Eren clasped their hands together as he stumbled back to the front desk. He jumped back to sit on the desk, pushing the monitor to make space for himself as Rivaille wrapped his arms around him, kissing his neck hungrily.

"Very sweet that I got a tent in my pajama pants when I woke up. In that dream, you poured a caramel substance on my naked torso, licking me clean. I can tell it was from the past memories because of the surroundings." Eren whispered, moaning softly as Rivaille licked the underside of his jaw.

"It was during our monthly anniversary, you messed up the kitchen while trying to bake a cake, and I decided to punish you." Rivaille muttered, showering the boy's face with kisses. Eren sighed as he leaned to catch his mouth with him again. He liked it when their mouth connected together, making him wanting more to be in the man's arms. He was disappointed that Rivaille drew back, avoiding it intentionally.

"Rivaille…" The nag started.

"We're in class, idiot. We can't do it here…" Eren growled frustratingly.

"Doesn't matter, no one will come. We had finished our last lesson. Most of the extracurricular were outside the buildings." Rivaille sighed at him. Eren threw him a hurt look upon seeing him strode to the door. He was surprised when Rivaille switched the light off instead and walked back to him. Both gazed at each other in the dark, a hand landed on the boy's crotch, making him gasp after feeling Rivaille squeezed him hard through the fabric. The sounds of zippers being pulled down made Eren groan. Those cold fingers tugging out his cock, earning a soft moan from the brunet. Eren gripped the edge of the desk while spreading his legs wider for Rivaille to have a better access. Feeling Rivaille pressed his cock against his own, Eren whimpered. He ground his lower lip to prevent any sounds coming as the man grind their cock together, brushing them up and down to cause delicious frictions. Eren quickly bent down to seal his lips with Rivaille's, drank on each moans, tongues collided around each other. The man's hands working faster while Eren's hands were everywhere on Rivaille's body.

"Ah, Rivaille…" Eren muttered the time he felt Rivaille played at the tip of his cock; he was so wet with their pre-cum mixing up together. Rivaille was nibbling on his earlobe playfully, earning a grunt from Eren as he jerked slightly.

"Uhhm I can't believe this…" Rivaille panted as he moved his hips faster while cupping both their dicks harder, stroking it vigorously. The wetness made it slid deliciously.

"I'm close…" Eren gasps, a slight jolt made the desk scraped loudly on the tile floor.

"Eren!" He hissed at the sound.

"I can't help i- Rivaille!" He gasped pretty loud when his lover tugged on his cock hard, cumming into his hands. He quickly brought his own hands to cup the tip of his cock to prevent it from spraying his seed everywhere. He muttered those three words as he shuddered, closing his eyes in enjoyment. Rivaille moaned at the sight of his lover coming by the work of his hands, he came shortly after that, whispering Eren's name in the middle of his high. Their lips meet like a habit, tenderly savoring each other.

"Shit…" Rivaille cursed after he gathered his thoughts, pulling out a handkerchief out of his pants pocket. He wiped his hand with it as clean as possible to remove any evidence. He let Eren borrowed it for cleaning his own mess, grimacing after he got it back. He carefully folded the handkerchief neatly, making sure the dirty side in the inside and tucked it back into his pocket.

"You are insane enough to make me do it in the classroom…" He tucked his dick back into his pants, flushing at the thought.

"You make me want more…" Eren whined while pulling up his zipper. Rivaille rolled his eyes.

"Don't make me fuck you in here…" Eren groaned at the thought of himself being pinned down to the desk with his teacher frantically shoving up within him.

"Please do." Eren whispered, enjoying his own fantasy. He laughed when Rivaille punched him on his chest. He wrapped his arms around the man, feeling happy that he got to cuddle up with him again. Rivaille sighed softly, he felt his heart fluttered at the childish behavior coming from his lover. Despite his tall figure, he was still fifteen after all… his hand twitched at the realization that Eren was underage. Rivaille face palm at the thought inwardly. What's done is done. He'll take responsibility for this. He patted Eren's head tenderly with a thin smile gracing his lips.

They both jumped when the classroom door suddenly banged open, Eren almost toppled off the desk after Rivaille pushed him off. Both of them looked at the entrance and saw Armin running into the room out of breath. The corridor light which illuminated from the outside of the doorway surprised Eren's at the sight of tears on his cheeks. The blonde was surprised as his eyes perceived people in the dark classroom, eyes softened in relief after he recognized his best friend.

"E-Eren… What are you doing here?" he rasped as he stumbled on his steps. Eren flushed at the question, he quickly jumped off the desk and walked over to switch the light on. Hopefully Armin wouldn't try to smell anything strange after their previous activity.

"Armin, what happened?" Eren turned to his when he heard the blond sniffed as he tried to maintain his hiccup.

"Rivaille-san…" His blue eyes stared the man in surprised as soon as the light was on. He quickly wiped his tears away from his cheek, obviously embarrassed being seen vulnerable in front of any other guy aside his friend.

"I can leave if you need to talk to him." Rivaille pointed.

"No, it's alright… I…" Armin paused for a moment, making Eren and Rivaille look at each other in confusion.

"I need some advice…" He finished his sentence, giving both of them a firm looks.

Eren gazed at his friend while Armin sat down on the front desk, head lulling down nervously. Rivaille was just standing in front of them with his usual stoic expression, leaning against the teacher's desk.

"So… what happened?" Eren asked when the blonde obviously not starting anything. Armin curled his fingers together, fisting them until his fingertips turned white.

"I've been meaning to tell you this… I saw the scene before my eyes in my hospital visit on the other day… I also saw Marco and Jean a lot at school… I don't know how I am supposed to feel anymore… seeing Jean looked so scared of losing Marco… watching them helping each other… It saddened me to see them being so close like that." Eren stiffened at the last sentence while Rivaille looked astonished.

"Armin… Why did you not tell me sooner?"

"I don't know what to feel anymore, Eren. I… You wouldn't believe what I'm thinking today when I saw Marco's arm around Jean's shoulder for support. If… I was in Marco's place, half dead, maybe Jean will notice me?"

"Armin! That's not the right thing to think!" Eren shrieked.

"I know! But I can't help it! I know I shouldn't be thinking about this but…" Armin ran his hands into his head, making a small mess of his hair.

"You have to let it out, tell him what you really feel. Seriously, I believe you are smarter than this." Rivaille muttered, ignoring Armin's glare.

"I can't."

"No, you can. Just let it out, he needs to know, and you need to let go."

"Rivaille…" Rivaille raised his hand at Eren, he didn't need interference.

"Whatever answer he'll give you, it won't matter anymore after you spilled it out. It'll feel better and the time will cease your pain slowly, Arlelt. Believe me, letting him know is better than nothing at all." Armin stayed silent, looking down from Rivaille's gaze.

"The faster you do it, the better. Procrastinating won't do any good." Rivaille ended the conversation, urging Eren to follow him outside the room. Armin didn't say anything to stop them from leaving.

"Rivaille, wait, aren't you a bit too harsh on him?" Eren said as soon as he closed the door.

"Someone had to tell him. What he feels is getting worse. Keeping it inside won't do him any good, Eren. I don't even know why he keeps on thinking about Jean while it's obviously futile. But well… He's always been a hard-headed one when it comes to his aim."

"But…" Rivaille sighed and put his hand on Eren's shoulder.

"We'll see what'll happen, Arlelt is smart, but he was not in the right state to think clearly right now. I was just trying to help, okay. Just leave him alone for now." Eren looked back to the door, giving it a sad look before following Rivaille outside the building.

Eren cupped his mouth, trying not to laugh too loud after seeing Jean appeared with bruise marks on his eye and cheek.

"What happened, Jean? Your eye… That hand mark on your cheek." Eren laughed at him mercilessly.

"Shut up!" He slammed his fist on the teacher's table he walked passed by.

"Who did that to you?" Eren grinned cheekily, eyes never leaving his face. He was hoping that it was Armin, but… The answer made his laughter stop.

"My Dad…" Eren bit his lip, feeling regret for making a joke of it.

"Why?" He watched as Jean put his bag on the desk, brushing his hand over his hair with a loud sighed. They were supposed to do the cleaning duty in the morning, but seeing he was just arrived and Eren had finished sweeping the floor, he'd relax for a bit. Jean eyed him for a moment, he couldn't believe that he was talking about this to Eren. After Eren's father saved Marco, he couldn't thank the man enough; he might as well be a little nicer to Eren. The boy might be a jerk sometimes, but he knew how much Eren cared for his friends.

"The reason is… I payed for Marco's hospital bills with my Dad's credit card. I know Marco couldn't afford them at the moment. I was just trying to help… I was so stupid for not thinking about any other reason just to make my Dad give me money…" Eren shoot him a surprised look.

"I also explained the reason why I used it. I told him that I'm gay, he didn't take it very well. What can I do? The only heir of Kirschtein is gay, while I'm supposed to marry some hot chick who wants my father's money." Jean chuckled darkly. Eren shifted his eyes to the entrance of the classroom uncomfortably. The story seemed a bit familiar with someone… Even if Rivaille's reason was because he kept on remembering his past life and blurting them out to his parents… Eren sighed inwardly.

"Where's Marco today? Ever since this Monday, he would come together with you to school."

"I went here with a motorcycle today… Dad won't let anyone use the limousine anymore. I picked Marco up every morning with the limousine so that he won't have much trouble with his leg. Maybe I was also at fault because I kind of forcing him. Marco only smiled at my help, but I'm not sure if he really appreciates it. He told me to go by my own for now. Crap, just when it's about time for us to have exams, things like this happens. I hope it won't put pressure to our minds."

"I'm sure he appreciates you. Just give him time." Eren muttered, giving him a soothing smile. The smile he got from him was unexpected, the brunet seemed different than usual. Jean nervously looked down from those enticing eyes of his. Somehow Eren seemed calmer from his usual temper. Jean brushed his nape as he shifted in his seat, wondering the sudden change coming from him. They'd always fight whenever they got the time, bantering each time, but now… Eren was listening to him, something which never happened before. Maybe it was because of Rivaille that he looked much more graceful? Jean blinked and letting out a nervous laugh.

"I can't believe I'm talking like this with you." Eren gave him a teasing look.

"Yea, never had I." Out of nowhere, Rivaille abruptly stepped inside the opened classroom. Both of them looked at him immediately, surprised to see him somehow irritated. The man's eyebrow twitched when he saw the two of them chatting with each other calmly.

"Jaeger, come with me." Eren flinched at the voice, he was stuttering while Rivaille pulled him by the wrist, dragging him outside the room. Jean was staring at them in confusion.

"I wonder if he's jealous…" He muttered to himself and snorted. There's no way in hell he'd date Eren. They were just rivals… and friends. Shaking his head in disbelief, he walked towards the blackboard to clean what Eren left off. A certain blonde walked inside the room and Jean looked at him.

"Jean, what happened to your face?" Armin gaped after he caught the sight of him.

"Family problem…" Jean muttered, shoot him a terse smile. Armin shut his mouth, unsure of what he was supposed to say.

"Don't worry about it, it's my problem to deal with." Jean gave a thumb at him and goes back to his work. Armin mutely walked over to his desk and put his bag down.

"Shall I help you with anything?" Armin voice quivered, a faint crimson painted his cheeks as he strode to his direction after he put his jacket down.

"It's alright, I just finished…" Putting the blackboard eraser down, their eyes met when Jean turned around, patting the dust off his hands. Armin stared at him for a moment; he looked down and bit his lips. He recalled Rivaille's voices which were telling him to spill what's inside his heart yesterday. His palms were starting to get sweaty and his breath quickened in a nervous way.

"…It's Eren who did the rest so… Armin? Are you listening?"

"Jean… I…" Armin raised his head to look up to him, eyes glistened as he dares to stare at him in the eyes. Jean startled, shutting his mouth to let the boy speak. His eyes widened upon catching Armin's intention, his heart dropped when his eyes caught Marco approached the classroom. He knew what was coming. Jean looked down to his feet, clenching his fists with determination.

"Nggh.. ah, Rivaille… It's… I… AH!" Eren gasped as he jerked, clutching the sheet beneath him. Rivaille licked his nape, giving a low humming sound as his hand covered with a hot-sticky cum. Eren was dragged into the infirmary room right after Rivaille pulled him out of his classroom. He was shoved inside the currently empty infirmary as soon as they arrived and the man locked the door.

Rivaille was jealous, much to Eren's amazement. He was not surprised when Rivaille pushed him to the nearest bed and pulled his pants down from behind. The man didn't even let him layed down on the bed which smelled like medicine, all he could do was hunched his upper body over the bed for support as Rivaille started tugging on his length.

Eren panted slightly after his high, he couldn't help but yelped when Rivaille's fingers slipped into his puckered entrance without warning. He was even more surprised at how those digits were slicked with cold substance, not only with his own cum. He couldn't believe that his lover bringing the lube around. Or maybe he just found it somewhere in the infirmary, he didn't know. Eren's face flushed as he buried his face into the bed, moaning against the sheet on the feeling of being stretched. He remembered the time they were changing their wet clothes in here, he had gawked on Rivaille that time, watching him stripped his clothes near the same bed he layed now.

"You're jealous…?" Eren murmured as he glanced behind him, huffing when those fingers retreating. His legs were still shaking after he came into his lover's hand earlier.

"You are mine." Rivaille whispered, bending down to lick the back of Eren's ear. He was unable to form coherent words the time he felt his lover slid inside him easily. Eren gritted his teeth, fisting the bed sheet at the feeling of being split apart. It's been a while since their first time, it still stung a bit.

"You are becoming more possessive nowadays." Eren gasped for breath, not that he was complaining at the pain. Maybe he was a masochist after all?

"I'll have to leave in a few weeks and I wouldn't want you in someone else's arms. Isn't that obvious?" Eren stiffened.

"Rivaille…" He couldn't form a single words as Rivaille's fingers delved into his mouth. His lover wouldn't risk of others finding them out with Eren's shouts and moans leaking through the door, he knew how loud he could be. Eren gasped and flinched when Rivaile moved faster inside him, tongue playfully licked on Rivaille's digits in the middle of his pleasure.

"Ninnggh haah…" Eren clenched his eyes shut when Rivaille aimed on his sweet nub, biting on his fingers in the process. Rivaille didn't pull away as he gave a low humming sound. Eren's ears turned red at those low grunting sounds from his tutor, the bed sheet had crumpled due to their movements. Rivaille pulled his fingers out of his mouth and sneaked it downward to grasp Eren's length when he felt himself close.

"Ah… AH!"

"Eren!" Rivaille hissed when Eren's voices were getting louder.

"It's too good…" He bit his lips and buried his face into the sheet to prevent him shouting much louder. Eren exhaled sharply when after his lover shot on his prostate hard and fast, twitching on the bed as he came. He fisted the bed sheet with a muffled wailing sound, breathing hard as he finally got what he needed after a few days apart.

"Dammit, Eren… So tight…" Rivaille gasped and thrust a few times after feeling Eren's wall clenching around his dick deliciously, groaning as he reached his peak. He panted after a few minutes listening to Eren's chanting those three words. He sighed and pulled out of him, stepping back to pull his lover up from the bed. They looked at each other; Rivaille couldn't help but smile when he saw Eren blinking in confusion while trying to stand up properly. He ended up standing by the edge of the bed to support him, pulling Rivaille down with him. Rivaille didn't complain and wrapped his arms around him securely. He whispered to him tenderly, kissing him on his forehead.

"I'll give you myself" He went to kiss his nose.

"…heart and soul" Eren giggled like a girl when Rivaille licked his cheek instead.

"…for you're my everything" He playfully brushed their lips together, teasing him with the light touches.

"…I won't let you go" and pulled his hand into his.

"…from now and forever." The boy felt his heart melt as Rivaille's tongue made a wet circle around his ring finger.

"You sure have your own way of being romantic. In the infirmary room?" He yelped when Rivaille bit the finger he just licked.

"Would you rather I did it in the janitor's room?" Eren gapped at the retort. Rivaille snorted at his expression.

"Janitor's room is awesome because it's full of cleaning materials. Oh look, my teeth-mark formed nicely like a ring. That will do for now…" Rivaille smirked at Eren who hissed at him while rubbing his sore finger.

Both the student and teacher stunned when they reached their classroom. They saw Armin running out the room with tears dripping down his chin. His blue eyes widened when he almost bumped on Marco, luckily he didn't topple him along with his crutch. Marco apparently heard their conversation, whatever it was, Eren had the need to comfort his blonde friend.

"Armin!" Eren quickly pulled his best friend into his hug, peeking inside the class from a small cracked of the opened door. Jean was grimacing as his fists trembled, face contorted in the process of his rejection. He saw Marco giving him some kind of apologetic expression on his face. Eren nodded at him understandingly. Rivaille nudged him on his waist, telling Eren to take Armin away. The blonde was crying his eyes out, which not a good sight for a person who was just rejected him. Eren nodded, showing weakness was not permitted at the moment.

"Come on, Armin." Eren said, pulling the shorter boy with him. The brunet was pushed away as soon as they reached the corner corridor. The taller of the two watched him with pity for a moment while he wiped his tears with his sleeves. He was starting to calm down after a few minutes managing his breaths.

"Sorry…" Armin whispered, feeling pathetic that he had to cry like a girl over rejection.

"No need to say sorry…" Eren muttered, leaning against the advertisement board. Both of them stayed silent, the only sounds coming was from Armin who was sniffling beside him. He was glad that it happened in the very morning, it wasn't at least until half an hour before the students started to fill in the school. They still got time to calm down, mostly Eren since Jean had caused his best friend cried. He knew though, that he couldn't do anything about it, it's not like he could force Jean to love Armin back. This one-sided love was painful, but Eren was much more amazed on how Armin could keep it for so long.

"Are you alright now?" Eren spoke up, looking down at Armin who had been crouching down on the floor. Armin slowly nodded without words; he squirmed on his feet and stood up straight.

"I want to wash my face." Armin replied dryly, letting Eren to follow him to the bathroom. Eren watched him in silent the whole time; he didn't want to say things that might hurt his best friend. Even an insult word directed to Jean could make Armin mad at him. So he let him do what he wanted, giving him support when he needed with just a pat on his back or a simple touch to his hair. He felt like having a little brother in a time like that, while usually it was Eren being treated like one.

Armin raised his head to stare at him in the eyes, giving him a small shy smile. He felt embarrassed that Eren had to see him like that.

"Thanks… I'm alright now, I think…"

"Promise me you won't hurt yourself like you said before?" Armin nodded. Feeling relief, Eren sighed.

"Okay, I'm sure you won't get your eyes puffy if you wash it again."

"It's alright… This will be the last time I cry." Armin resolved, earning a surprised look from Eren. Both of them looked at each other and chuckled.

"Let's go back." Eren said. Armin smiled and followed him closely. He didn't know how he was supposed to react to Jean after this, but he sure it won't hurt to smile at him. They're still friends after all, that's what Jean said to him after he confessed. It was indeed hurt after rejection, but at least now he knew the answer. He needed to let go so he could move forward.


Thank you for the reviews, you guys are lovely. It warms my heart to know that people actually enjoy reading my fic and fangirling along with the stories of my own fantasy of RiRen XD –hugs you all- Three more chps to go if everything went as planned ;D

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