Overwhelming Emotions

Question and Answer

Eren walked out from the library, waiting for Armin to follow him out from the building. He looked over his watch when he recognized the time for their first lesson. Both of them had gone to the library since they had arrived at school much earlier than normal. When they both arrived in their class, Eren heard a lot more chattering between the girls than usual. Both friends headed to their seat at the back rows, looking around their classmates.

"Marco, what's going on? Did something happen?" Eren asked the boy who sat in front of him while taking out a few textbooks and pen. The black haired student turned his head around and shook his head in confusion.

"I don't know. I overheard the girls' conversation saying that there is a new teacher. But I'm not sure yet if the info is right." Eren blinked when he heard him before rolling his eyes and shook his head.

"Girls…" he muttered with annoyance, earning a chuckle from Armin. Armin knew that Eren never got along well with the girls, nor had he ever seen his friend become interested with girls other than his adopted sister, Mikasa Ackerman. It was probably because of her that Eren had never shown any interest in females that she became attached to him like glue. Speaking of which, Marco looked around for the so-called sister.

"Where's Mikasa?" the boy named Marco asked in wonder. Usually Eren was rarely seen without his adopted sister by his side.

"She already went to the council room early this morning. She had a meeting." He put his bag on the chair before sighing deeply. Armin noticed his demeanor was a bit off than usual and patted his shoulder.

"You look worried. What's wrong?" Eren huffed at the concern coming from him before chuckling.

"Nothing, really. She didn't seem to be in a good condition when she woke me up this morning." He replied shortly and put his head on the desk. Mikasa said she had a meeting on the morning right after she woke him up. Due to the fact that he was half asleep, Eren only mumbled sleepily at her and went back to sleep. He was surprised when he was woken up by the cold hard floor. Much to his relief, he woke up earlier than before. It's not like he wished to be late attending anyway. His homeroom teacher, Irvin Sensei was very kind towards the students, and he seemed to have high expectations about coming to class on time. He dislikes tardiness; that's why Eren tried to avoid getting a detention during lunch time. It's not like his teacher would give anything like an extra homework, but Eren preferred to be outside during lunch time, of course. No one liked detention, even if the punishment was reading textbooks and having an extra study session with the teacher.

"Maybe she's overworking herself? Being on the Student Council and having a part-time job at the same time is not easy." Armin noted. Eren raised his eyes to look at the blonde, staring at him in silence for a moment.

The class suddenly stopped talking when the door slid open by their homeroom teacher. Eren quickly adjusted himself to sit properly. He looked over the front and saw that Irvin was alone. There is no new teacher as the rumor said; maybe it's a new student? His eyes shifted to the unclosed door.

"Morning class." Irvin spoke out and the class greeted him back. The whispers among students started as Irvin turned around to write something on the board. Some students who were sitting near the door tried to peak outside curiously. As Irvin turned around, the students stopped talking, earning a small smile on his lips.

"I would like to introduce someone who'll be my assistant for the next three months. He has an internship here at this school and he would like to help me teach all of you. Rivaille, you can come in." Irvin called out the man's name, making all eyes turn to the door. Whispers and excitements were voiced out as the male entered the classroom. Eren looked at Armin who slightly went frigid while his eyes went wide. The book he was holding fell on the desk with a dull thump sound.

"What's wrong?" Eren whispered, noticing the behavior of his friend. Armin looked at him, and quickly shook his head.

"Nothing, he just seemed so young." Eren stared at him for a moment and gave a small nod, unsure if Armin was lying or not.

Irvin patted Rivaille's shoulder and looked at the students as he raised his hand, stopping the chattering. Rivaille coughed a little and raised his head to start introducing himself.

"Good morning, class. I'm Rivaille; I'll be in this school for about three months. I currently have an internship and would like to learn a lot from teaching here. I hope all of you will help me out by being good students. I am taking a lot of language classes for my studies; therefore I know several languages, such as English, German, and French. You can ask me whenever you need help with them." After he finished with his introductions, almost all the girls were eager to get to know him. Irvin smiled when Rivaille clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"Well then, Rivaille. While this is the first day for you, why don't you handle this class for homeroom as well? If you need anything, you can ask me." Rivaille gave a nod at him.

They both stopped when suddenly the classroom door opened by a girl with black hair and dark emotionless eyes. There were a few other students with her when she walked inside. Both teachers turned their attention to them. Already, Rivaille's brow arched up, thinking that they were a bit too late until his eyes landed on the black haired girl at the front. The girl gazed at him, their eyes meeting for a few seconds, blinking when the strange man stared at her with a stoic expression.

"Good morning, Sensei. We were just finished with the student council meeting. Pardon us." Mikasa gave a slight bow to them; her eyes questioningly looked at Rivaille.

"Okay, Mikasa. Go ahead and sit; Annie, Bertholdt, and Reiner."

"Thank you, Sir." Rivaille's eyes followed them as the four students walked towards their seat.

Mikasa silently led her friends and nodded at them before going to her own seat, wondering who the male was. He looked quite old to be a student and he looked much too young to be a teacher. The class was still noisy among the girls' enthusiasm. As she took her seat, Armin and Eren both smiled at her.

"Who is he?" She whispered to both of them. She couldn't help but feel a bit curious when those gray eyes were staring at her previously. He seemed familiar.

"An internship student, he's going to be here for the three months helping Irvin Sensei with class." Eren explained before Armin could say anything. Mikasa looked at Rivaille who took the absent book from Irvin while the man gave him short explanations that needed to be done. As Irvin walked out the room, Rivaille faced the students before he sighed.

"Okay, can all of you calm down for a moment?" He raised his voice to quiet down the noisy girls. The voices went down before each of them settled and listened for him to continue. Rivaille brought his hand up to his mouth, thinking for a moment, confirming something. He then lowered his hand and put both of his palms on the table, leaning against it.

"Since this is my first day, let's have a question and answer session. You can ask anything about me." He directly looked at the girls who were giggling when he mentioned it. A few hands rose to let him choose and Rivaille scanned his eyes before he realized that he did not know their names yet.

"You, the girl with brown ponytail hair. What's your name and question?" He nodded at her.

"Sasha Blouse, sir. Do you like steamed potatoes?" she immediately asked and Rivaille raised his eyebrow in confusion. The whole class laughed at the question.

"Sasha, can't you ask something else?!" a bald boy beside her scolded her. Rivaille shook his head when he heard someone say that Sasha's head is only filled with food.

"…I eat everything that's edible." He answered anyway while his eyes scanned the students and stopped on a green eyed boy who was looking bored while staring blankly at him. He stared at his eyes for a moment before a girl interrupted him.

"Sir, can we know your age?" Rivaille's eyes change direction to the girl with blonde hair. He doesn't remember giving permission to question.

"I don't recall giving you permission to question me." Almost all the smiles and giggling halted the minute those words flew from his mouth. Rivaille clicked his tongue. That sure picked up interest to the green eyed boy.

"Stand up. What's your name?" Rivaille crossed his arms over his chest; his look darkened as he asked her. She blushed as the entire class attention was now turned to her. She slowly stood up in fear, biting her lower lip.

"I- I'm Christa, sir." Her voice cracked when she answered. Their eyes met for a moment before Rivaille broke the silence.

"Okay, this should remind you and the whole class that if I did not give permission to talk, then you won't be talking. Understood?" The girl quickly nodded and all eyes shifted to Rivaille who stood firm in the front of the class.

"Okay, now sit down. As for your question, I'm 23 years old." He said, nodding for her to sit. The bell rang as soon as Christa sat down which signaled that the homeroom session was over. Rivaille was reminded that he should be doing absent lists sooner. He quickly opened the absent book Irvin had left for him as he sat down.

"Okay, now I will be quick. Be sure to raise your hand and answer when I call out your name. Armin Arlelt." Rivaille started and raised his head to look at the hand up. The blonde boy quickly said "yes" and puts his hand down when Rivaille gave a nod.

"Next, Annie Leonhart." He repeated his action and nodded when the certain blond girl's hand shot up and answered him.

"Bertholdt Fubar." Another hand raised and Rivaille gave a nod. He needed to make sure that he remembered each name and which students he had been calling on his first day. Including the student council members so that next time they were having a meeting, he'd know.

"Connie Springer." His eyes met the bald boy previously, sitting beside Sasha. He gave a nod when Connie raised his hand and answered. The next name made him stare at it for a second. Eren Jaeger. His gray eyes scanned the name and looked up at the student.

"Eren Jaeger." He whispered the name. When he raised his head, he noticed Armin and the student council girl earlier were looking at the brunet with green eyes. His wonders were confirmed when he called out his name for a second time and all eyes turned to the boy. Those green eyes were staring back at him with a blank expression. Rivaille glared at him when Armin slowly whispered his name.

"Eren…" Armin whispered.

"Eren Jeager." Rivaille raised his voice, making Eren's eyes focused on him now and was surprised when he saw Rivaille was already glaring daggers at him.

"Eren Jeager, you sure have nerves to ignore me…" His tone was so deep and dangerously harsh. Erin stiffened when he heard him and quickly scrambled to his feet. He looked like he could kill just by glaring in the eyes of others.

"I'm sorry, sir!" Rivaille watched the boy named Eren as he sweat in fear. He inhaled deeply before he gave a loud sigh.

"Since it's my first day, I will let this go. Don't do it again or I will assume that you are absent. Now, sit down!" Rivaille reprimanded him before he marked his name on the list. Eren quietly sat down and Mikasa tapped his shoulder when Rivaille called out Jean Kirschtein and Marco Bott.

"Are you alright?" She asked in worry, earning a nod from him.

"I was just lost in thought." Eren mumbled back.

"Mikasa Ackerman." Rivaille called out and she quickly pulled her hand up while making sure she gave a hateful glare towards the midget teacher.

"Yes, sir!" she said firmly, eyes darkening when their eyes met for the second time. Rivaille stared at her for a second.

'Is she mad at me because I scolded Eren?'He rolled his eyes at the thought before he gave a lazy nod and marked her name. He went down the list until he finished calling out the whole class. After he was done, Rivaille closed the absent book and gave the permission for the class to continue with their next lesson. The students stayed silent when Rivaille was about to leave the room, somehow afraid to interrupt, that is until Mikasa decided to stand up.

"Our first class is English, sir." Rivaille looked at Mikasa who dared to speak up.

"And? Your teacher is?"

"It should be Irvin Sensei." She said stiffly at him. Rivaille realized that he needed to teach them today. He snatched the textbook Irvin gave him earlier.

"Alright, all of you open your book. I want to know what page you are all studying until Irvin comes back here." The class started and Rivaille tried his best to hold all his shouts at Irvin for not telling him anything. That guy sure is annoying as usual.


:) I made a small strip of doujin for this chp.

You can go ahead and check it in my tumblr (asakurahannah) or

DA: http://asakurahannahda.deviantart.com/art/Second-Meeting-385442667

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