Overwhelming Emotions

Until We Meet Again

Overwhelming Emotions

Genre: Drama Romance | AU | Reincarnation

Rating: M

Pairing: (mainly) Rivaille x Eren

Summary: Being woven in his dreams and memories, Rivaille was at a loss. The second encounter with a certain boy made it even much worse than he thought it would be, especially when the boy is reaching his hands out to him again.

Disclaimer: I don't own Shingeki no Kyojin, but this fanfiction is mine. ©AsakuraHannah

A/N: Sorry for not updating sooner, I've been busy searching for a new job and my mind was wrecked with so many things lately. Anyway, I told you before, this will be the last chapter and… I love making Eren cry… ._. He did cry a lot after all xD –escape- By the way, the tradition of the girl asking for a guy's first button, I change it to be a badge in here, okay. Also, I actually have several strips and fanart for this chp, you can go ahead to check to my Devianart / tumblr / AO, the direct links are in my profile. Enjoy!

Chapter 20 : Until We Meet Again

Eren sobbed as Rivaille pushed him down on the bed. They arrived at Rivaille's house past midnight. Irvin had gone to sleep the time they walked inside, the light had been off in the entire house except for Rivaille's room. Eren started clutching on Rivaille's clothes as soon as they landed on the mattress. The man rubbed his back, soothing the boy in his arms.

"Eren, don't cry, Eren…"

"I felt like we're going to be separated again, I don't know why…" Eren mumbled as he continued burying his face on Rivaille's chest.

"It's probably because of the fear from the previous life, you might not remember, but deep inside you know the feeling. I won't leave you forever, Eren. I promise." Rivaille pecked on his forehead, patting his brown locks. Sniffling softly, Eren moved his lips to press a kiss on Rivaille's neck.

"I'll be back, I'll hold you like this again when we're back. I'll make sure that you won't ever forget this warmth." Rivaille keep whispering, holding his head in place as Eren marked him.

"Make love to me for the last time…" Rivaille stiffened when he heard him, those words only reminded him the time they were in the dungeon. He grimaced at the thought of their last night together. This time, it was different, they'd reunite soon enough.

"Please don't say last, Eren…" Rivaille pushed him away slightly to stare into his eyes. Eren opened his mouth only to sigh at him.

"I'm sorry… I… we're not alone in this house, I forgot…" Rivaille silenced him by pressing his fingers to his lips.

"Do your best to keep quiet." The raven smirked and moved his hand down to the front of his pants immediately. Eren gave a shuddered breath by the soft rubbing on his cock through the fabric.

"Nggh Rivaille…" He flinched when Rivaille pressed him to lie on the bed fully. The man had leaned down to press his mouth widely against the front of his pants while his hand massaged his cock. The bulge was getting harder by the stimulation; Eren cupped his mouth when Rivaille pulled his cock out from its confinement. He tried his best not to yelp as soon as Rivaille's mouth engulfed the head of his cock, swirling his wet tongue playfully. His eyes clashed with Eren's lustful eyes, the hand on his raven strands jolted with every movement he gave him.

"Aah Rivaille…" Eren whispered while opening his legs wider, trying his best to keep his hips in place.

"It sure is easy to get a reaction out of you…" Rivaille muttered while he pulled his fingers away.

"Only with the way you touch me." The man shot him a look, wondering since when Eren was able to let such a lewd words.

"Eren, in my drawer, you know what to do." Eren nodded to take the lube while Rivaille took the time to strip himself. The boy hesitated as he watched the man up and down, seeing the semi-erect in front of him made him blush. Just how many times he had seen it before, he still couldn't stop his body from reaction strongly at the sight. Eren took off his clothes right after Rivaille set his own neatly on the floor. The man went back to the bed, snatched the lube from his hand and pushed Eren down, surprising the teen in the middle of pulling his shirt off his head. His tutor had to chuckle at the sight while Eren adjusted his weight. He dipped his fingertips into the lube he had opened, tossing it to the side as soon as his digits were coated. After the clothes being thrown off, Eren looked up only to have Rivaille's dick in front of his face.

"Ri-hmn" Eren cringed in surprise as Rivaille pressed the tip into his half-opened mouth.

"Suck, you know what I just did." Rivaille said in a husky whisper. The boy did what he was told, opening his mouth wide enough to copy what Rivaille just did to him. His breathing turned heavy while Eren's tongue lapped across his foreskin, slurping on the head with his unskilled mouth. His teeth softly bite on the underside of his cock, making the man jolt at the contact. The feeling on a few digits slid into his entrance made Eren yelped in surprised. The brunet gasped when Rivaille's big hand flew to his brown locks, pulling him off by the hair.

"S-Sorry…" Eren muttered after he coughed, he didn't have time to react when Rivaille kissed him forcefully, sending both of them into the bed. Eren let out a sharp gasp when his legs were being spread apart. Soon he felt the tip of his cock settled before his puckered entrance, warm and slicked with saliva mixed lubrication. Eren grunted as his green eyes flew open at the immediate intrusion. He clenched his fingers into the sheet, feeling overwhelmed by the force.

"Nngh gnnn…" Rivaille tore his mouth away to let him speak up.

"I can't wait, sorry…" Rivaille pressed his forehead against Eren's dampened forehead, their breath mingled with the heat.

"Wait, I… it's…" Eren whimpered when he felt Rivaille move inside him. His arms wrapped themselves around the older man's neck, hissing at the slight pain coming without being unprepared properly. By the minutes, Eren felt he was being pounded quiet fast. He liked the feeling of Rivaille's cock hitting his pleasure spot with force, but the man had yet to aim that place even if he knew where it was. He was doing that on purpose, making Eren clawed at his back with needs.

"Rivaille… Rivaille, damn it… come on…" It's starting to feel good halfway as the man pushed all the way in with such a hard thrust. The moans filled the room were getting louder and louder, both had no care that they weren't the only one in the house.

"What do you want me to do, Eren?" Rivaille panted as his sweat running down his chin. He flicked his tongue on Eren's nipples as he slammed back in, earning a grunt from his lover.

"To the right a bi– AH!" Eren yelped all at once as soon as Rivaille aimed his nub.

"Eren… Eren…" Rivaille bit his shoulder when his cock throbbed within him. The way the tip of his dick touched his prostate felt delicious. The brunet writhed underneath, circling his legs around his waist, wanting more of those thrust.

"Again… please… Nngh! More! Rivaille!"

"Eren…" Rivaille closed his eyes, pleasure overtaking his mind as he wrapped his mouth into those wet lips, silencing his loud voice. He swallowed every words coming from Eren's mouth, licking him hungrily in between his thrust. He was nearing his peak when Eren tore his mouth away to yell out in pleasure. He took the sight of his lover coming beneath him, jolting in delight as he called out his name.

"Rivaille… I love you… I love you…" he muttered those three words as he panted, flinching when Rivaille still thrusted within him. Those green eyes stared into the man tenderly, fingers touching his cheek as he smiled up to him.

"Cum inside me, Rivaille… Fill me in…" Eren breathed, encouraging his lover. He got what he wanted after a few plunge from the older man, humming at the feeling of his seeds spurting inside him.

"Eren… I love you… Eren…" Rivaille bit on his shoulder painfully as he came, letting Eren pat on his raven strands lovingly.

"Feels good…" Eren whispered into his ear. He'll remember this moment, he'll remember the way he was embraced, he'll remember the time he was marked on his shoulder. He'll remember the way his lover seed filled him up to the brim. Their mouth found their way connecting again, savoring every taste of theirs and not wanting to forget.

Irvin shifted in his bed, grunting at the sounds coming from the room across his. He groaned when he realized those two won't ever have enough with just one round, not to mention that Eren was pretty loud for his age. He pulled a pillow and buried his head underneath it, trying to get some sleep.

"Irvin Sensei, are you alright? You didn't seem to have a lot of sleep last night…" Irvin coughed at the inquiry he got from his student. There's no way he could sleep with those two building up memories last night.

"Nothing, have you said goodbye to Rivaille?" Irvin asked as he took a seat next to the blonde. Armin nodded with a smile.

"Yes, Mikasa and I already did. Now it's Eren's turn." He watched from afar that the two of them might need some time to say goodbye. They still got a few minutes left before Rivaille had to enter the gate.

The man stared at his lover as he walked closer to him. Those green enticing eyes were gleaming with sadness, but the boy forced himself to smile.

"So, are you going to cry and make this all dramatic?" Eren snorted while Rivaille's lips curved into a smirk.

"If you mean dramatic by trying to stop you going and said that you got me pregnant, then what'll you do?" Rivaille choked on his breath, Eren laughed after the man coughed several times.

"You stupid brat…" Eren grinned at him.

"I'm not going to cry… It's not going to be the last time we'll meet each other, so… I'll smile." Rivaille rubbed his cheek with his thumb, nodding as Eren kissed the palm of his hand. The older of the two pulled his hand away and handed a plastic bag he was holding to Eren. Eren looked inside curiously, he figured out a novel and a box wrapped neatly beside it.

"I promised you the whole book, didn't I? This is what it'll look like when I'd finished the entire book. It'll have more volumes in the future, I'll give it to you for free when I finally published it. Take this with you for the time being. You can keep it, it's yours. I'm dedicating this book for you, Eren. There's a little present as well for you, opened it whenever you miss me." Eren hugged the plastic bag closely to his chest, nodding.

"Thank you… Rivaille… Heichou…" Rivaille blinked at him.

"I will miss you, Eren." The raven whispered. Eren held his hand up, intertwining their fingers together.

"I'll wait for you, you promise that you'll return when the Sakura bloom. I will wear the ring on my finger whenever I'm having a long break like now. I'll go online when I'm still wide awake at midnight so we can chat when you have free time." Rivaille, nodding on each word the brunet was saying, touched his lip with his finger when Eren paused to stare right into his eyes.

"Rivaille…" Rivaille shook his head, preventing him to say anything else. He pulled the boy to bend down so he could kiss his forehead.

"I'll give you myself…" Eren bit his lip when he heard him. He wrapped his free arm around Rivaille's shoulder to bring them closer.

"… heart and soul…" he moved to his nose.

"…for you are my everything…" A peck on his cheek and Eren trembled at his need to bawl.

"… I won't let you go…" He captured his lip tenderly, the boy somewhat chased his lips when Rivaille pulled away and took his hand off his shoulder.

"… from now and forever." Eren was sniffling as Rivaille kissed the ring on his finger.

"You are mine, Eren, never forget that. If you broke our promises, I won't forgive you." Rivaille muttered and captured his lips once again. The voice muffled by their kiss, Eren closed his eyes and silently nodded against the kiss. Their lips touched softly, it was just a kiss to remember each other's taste so that they'll linger when they broke the contact. Eren opened his eyes softly when Rivaille pulled away, the boy flushed as he gave him a thin smile.

"I won't forget those feelings…" Eren whispered and gave him a peck on the corner of Rivaille's chin.

"I won't either." He whispered. A loud speaker announced the departure, telling them that they had no more time left. Rivaille stepped back while eyes never leaving his green orbs.

"See you later…" Eren muttered and Rivaille nodded. He slowly turned around and not looking back.

"Yes… it's our promise." He kissed the ring Rivaille's lips had set upon previously.

Heichou, I'll wait for you… Again…

Mikasa and Armin, who had walked closer to him, patted him on his shoulders, giving him an encouraging look.

"He'll definitely come back, don't worry…" Armin said. Eren nodded. He stayed in his spot as he watched Rivaille disappeared into the gate.






Two Years later…

"Ereeeen…" A green eyed boy looked behind him and saw a girl running towards him in a hurry. She had bright green colored eyes almost just like him with red hair tied into a messy pigtail, her eyes were gleaming with enthusiasm as she approached him.

"Isabel?" He gave a laugh when she tried to catch her breaths. A flower petal had landed on her palm when she held up her hands.

"Senpai, can I have your badge?" She asked immediately, feeling relieved when he still had it on him. Eren looked down on wings shaped badge on his jacket, a mark of the graduated senior that will take off from their high school. It was not a secret when a girl asked the badge for safekeeping, some even confessed their love after they asked for it. It was different with Eren though, Isabel had always been like his own sibling when she admired him openly in their journalist club. He chuckled as he pulled it off.

"Sure." He said and she happily took it in her hands.

"Thank you, Senpai! Also… I… hope that you'll be able to achieve your dream as a journalist!" Eren nodded at her, surely, his junior was adorable. A loud voice disturbed them as soon as the girl clutched his badge.

"Jaeger, I won't forgive you!" A boy slightly taller than he was shouting full of jealousy, his face flushed when he saw Isabel was glaring daggers at him.

"Well… try harder, Farlan…" Eren muttered tiredly and turned around to walk away. He needed to escape from the two of them before a war broke out. He needed to search for his best friends, surely Mikasa and Armin weren't stood that far from him during the ceremony. As his eyes landed on each person's he walked past, he could see their happiness for finally being able to graduate. The Sakura bloomed prettily as if cherished their hard works. The petals fell gracefully and landed on each of the students head, crowning some of them as they paced about.

Eren's eyes fell on the blonde hair boy who stood before their teacher. He grinned widely when he spotted Armin, his blond hair was now tied up into a high ponytail. Eren had to admit that his hair suited him now that it was longer, he looked prettier like that. His steps halted when he saw him blushing though, eyes widened in disbelief when Armin let Irvin pat him on the head, he could see a pink hue adorned his cheeks softly as he giggled. He was even more shocked when he watched Irvin lean down to capture his lips, Eren could not see their faces, but he was sure the angle made it even more obvious that they were kissing. He almost dropped his diploma's spherical right after Armin circled his arms around Irvin's neck while he tiptoed. Eren averted his gaze, wondering if anyone happened to pass by and see the two of them. He was glad that everyone was so busy with their own happiness. When he looked back to them, they had broken apart and talked like usual.

"Armin…" Eren called out, feeling slightly disappointed when Armin whipped his head to look at him and waved nonchalantly. He was expecting the blonde to blush, but that didn't happen.

"Eren, have you heard? Apparently, our article was at the top chart of the new students' bulletin. We sure cut out working together, you wrote the news and I took the photos of our school field trip last semester, remember?" Armin laughed as he gave him a light high-five.

"Really? I'm glad to hear that! Irvin Sensei, thank you for taking care of us until today!" Eren shook his hand and Irvin nodded at him.

"Congratulation, Eren. I'm happy to see you kids finally able to fly off for a higher degree." Eren tried his best not to roll his eyes on the speech. Armin laughed and nudged on his waist.

"Let's find Mikasa, I think she was still in the council room. She had to choose a junior to be the head of the council this time right? I wonder if she'd choose someone."

"Yes, Rico Senpai gave her place to Mikasa last year, so she should be doing the same thing now."

"We'll be going then, Irvin Sensei."

"Take care, boys. Keep in touch!" Irvin shouted as he watched the two of them run off happily. Eren looked behind him and looked at Armin, who was running along with him.

"So… since when?" Armin looked at him questioning.

"I didn't know that the two of you are together… Armin, why did you keep a secret from me?" Armin almost lost his footing when he heard him, spluttering at Eren as his face turned into a bright red.

"You saw that, Eren?!" he squeaked as he covered his face.

"You should have seen your face! Don't try to lie to me, you're obvious!" The brunet laughed at him.

"It's almost a year, actually…" Armin admitted as he dropped his hands in defeat.

"Wow, that's a long time." Eren looked at him amazed. Armin sighed, he pulled on the strands side on his hair, which were shorter than the rest.

"I'm afraid that people will know, I don't want him to lose his job. At least until I'm no longer his student, I can finally open it to you. I planned to tell you today, right after we finished with things at school… I'm sorry." Eren gave a chuckled.

"I'm glad you found someone." Armin gave a shy smile, feeling relief that Eren wasn't mad at him.

"Eren, Armin!" Mikasa walked up to them and waved. The three of them laughed as he shared their excitements of their graduations. Mikasa didn't seem surprised when Armin spilled his secret to her, much to Eren's disappointment.

"Is there any extra invitation for your seventeenth birthday, Mikasa?" Eren suddenly asked in the middle of their conversation.

"Only two more people, though… The place would be too crowded if there's too much."

"AH, Can I… have one? It's for Irvin Sensei…" Armin flustered as he asked for it. Mikasa took the invitation from her bag and gave it to him.

"I'll be right back, guys." He said as he hurriedly ran back to search for their teacher, his ponytail bounced freely as he ran happily. Eren gave a smile, he felt slightly jealous that Armin had his beloved person by his side. He wondered when Rivaille would be back. Mikasa broke his thought while waving the last invitation in front of his face.

"Here, for him." She said and Eren quickly took it, knowing very much who Mikasa meant.

"Aah, thanks…" Eren fumbled on the invitation and put it in his bag. She nodded in the direction of the gate and Eren questioningly followed her gaze. His eyes widened when he saw the man he was just thinking about, stood proudly at the entrance of the school gate. There were several luggage beside him, it seemed he was just arrived and went to the school immediately. His face plastered the usual boring face, but Eren could see the hint of longing in his beady eyes. The teen opened his mouth, still not believing his eyesight, his bag had fallen from his handhold without him realized it. His feet brought him to run before he realized it. As soon as he was right in front of him, he heard Rivaille curse once he gazed up at him.

"Shitty brat, you're even taller now." Eren didn't say anything other than wrapping his arms around the man, pulling him closer. His mouth went dry as his hand patted on Rivaille's back and shoulder, as if to confirm he was real.

"You're back… for real… You are real..." he muttered as Rivaille pushed him away to look into his eyes.

"I promised you, didn't I?" Eren's eyes watered, he laughed and hugged him again.

"Welcome back…" he sniffled and buried his face in Rivaille's shoulder. He didn't care that he got several glances from other students who walked past by. He only cared about how this meeting was real, his lover was back and he kept his promise.

"I'm back… Eren" Rivaille patted his brown locks, how he missed holding him like this again. He missed breathing on his scents and he missed the warmth of his body. He missed everything as Eren wailed happily.

"Silly brat, you're taller, but you still act like a baby! Stop crying!" Rivaille scolded him and Eren couldn't help but laughed in between his tears.

"What about your family?" Eren asked in wondered. Rivaille ruffled his hair affectionately.

"My dad had passed away; my family business was given to my older brother now. I've told them what I wanted in my life, my grandmother supported me once I've told her about my novel even if my mother felt dejected. At least I'm able to make my 'useless dream' turned into something valuable, which forced her to shut up. Even if I hate depending on them a little, they helped me with my career anyway. Everything settled once I got my name went up little by little; they even offered to translate the book into several languages. I'm able to run back here as soon as my editor let me. I'm free with everything I wanted to do other than my work, if that's what you wanted to ask me. So, here I am… chasing after my lover. I might settle in this country and have a talk with my editor for a house. In the meantime, be patient." Eren gave him a big grin.

"You can stay in my house if you want to…" Rivaille smirked.

"It won't do any good if you want me to sleep in the same bed. I've missed those feelings, Eren. So, the present I gave you in the airport, have you used it a lot?" Eren blushed brightly when he mentioned it.

"Rivaille, you pervert! How could you give me a vibr-" His sentence trailed off as he looked down in embarrassment. Rivaille shrugged, smirking at his expression. Eren sighed tiredly, cupping his face with both hands, hiding his red face.

"It's not enough… I missed you…" The man didn't say a word instead pulled him down for a kiss. Eren's voice muffled in surprised, he closed his eyes when their lips collided. How he missed the contact of their heated kiss, he wanted more and more as soon as Rivaille pulled him closer.

A cough disturbed them and they broke their kiss to look at Irvin, standing before them. Mikasa was glaring while Armin blushed, not only them, but Hanji stood beside Irvin with her teasing gaze. The other students who Rivaille had to tutor before were also in front of them. Eren felt like he wanted to dig a hole and jump inside it.

"I… I…" He was spluttering at the cheering given by their friends and Rivaille chuckled as he wrapped his arm around his lover, pulling him down to kiss him on his cheek.

"I've brought the continuation of my book, the first volume included. I've got lots of time building my novel and actually succeed in getting quite a name." Eren gave him a surprised look. Rivaille handed him his books in a plastic bag and Eren gladly took it. No vibrator along this time, much to his relief.

"Save it, it's for you." Rivaille said and walked past him to greet the others. He called out Rivaille and once he turned around, Eren pounded his fist on his heart while he put his other arm behind him, saluting soldier like. Rivaille watched him in awe.

"Heichou, welcome back!" His lover smirked.

"I'm back, Eren."

As they walked side by side, hands intertwining with one another, their rings glistened brightly once it found their other half. They'll be together… inseparable… from now and forever.

The End

I hope the ending is good as it is… I just want to end it in all fluffiness, hey, you got loads of smexy stuff already, ok XDDD

I have to say thank you for keeping up with me until the end, and also leaving reviews which were very sweet and thus encouraged me to keep going. Thank you also for my betas who had proof-read this story as well, and I'm sorry if I made mistakes. Dalasport, I draw the part you want, during their parting in the airport as a gratitude from me for staying with me until the last chp n.n ty sweety!

I may write another, got several plots running in my head but still hadn't know how to end it. xD

Until we meet again… -pound my fist on my heart, saluting snk style-

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