Overwhelming Emotions


Overwhelming Emotions

Genre: Drama Romance AU Reincarnation

Rating: T

Pairing: (mainly) Rivaille x Eren

Summary: Being woven in his dreams and memories, Rivaille was at a loss. The second encounter with a certain boy made it even much worse than he thought it would be, especially when the boy is reaching his hands out to him again.


I don't own Shingeki no Kyojin, but this fanfiction is mine.

© AsakuraHannah at fanfiction . net

Chapter 3 : Punishments

Eren found himself lying on the soft grass, staring up at the deep blue sky. He was sure that he could fall asleep at any moment now. As he blinked, trying to stay awake, Eren found a shadow looming over him and his pupil focused on the person looking down at him. Those gray eyes seemed familiar. Eren smiled as he reached his hand up and brought it to touch the boy's cheek lightly only for his vision to blacked out.

Eren slowly opened his eyes, hands grasping onto thin air, groaning when he slowly woke up from his dream. Turning to his side, he softly rubbed his eyes and propped himself up. Eren's gaze drifted to the clock on the nightstand, eyes widening when he saw the time.

"What?! This must be broken!" He shouted in frustration. There was no way was he going to miss the first class today. He quickly got himself ready and ran towards his adopted sister's room. He knew that Mikasa was still in the house; if she had gone earlier, she would have at least told him last night.

"Mikasa! Why didn't you wake me-" Eren stopped when he realized that Mikasa was still in bed. He slowly walked towards her, worry was etched on his face.

"Wait, are you alright?" he kneeled down beside the bed when she just groaned at him. Eren ran his hand on her forehead, sucking in his breath when he felt the fever.

"You're sick. What time did you got home last night, Mikasa?!" Eren then held back his scolding when he watched her frowning at him. It was rare to see his sibling in this condition. Mikasa hardly ever got sick.

"Sorry, I will make something warm for you." He muttered and rose to his feet.

"No need, Eren. You are late already." She said, trying to sit up but her brother only pushed her down.

"It's fine. Wait here, I will bring medicine too."

"Wait, Eren. There's soup in the refrigerator from last night. Just warm that up." Mikasa said before the boy wasted any time to make something from scratch. Eren nodded and quickly ran downstairs. His father must have gone ahead to work at dawn, so there was only the two of them.

Eren hurriedly ran towards his classroom, almost tripping on his way before he took a deep breath. His trembling hand opened the classroom door, peeking inside the room. The brunet found out that Rivaille was in the middle of reading over the textbook. He slowly stepped inside as he felt the whole class looking at him. The assistant teacher glared when Eren dared to step inside, green eyes staring at him in fear.

"You are late, Jaeger."

"I'm sorry, sir. I-Mikasa-"

"No excuses!" Rivaille slammed his pen down, and Eren flinched at the sound. He watched as Rivaille slowly walked towards him, their height difference becoming evidently clear. Even if Eren was fifteen years old, the so-called teacher was much shorter than him. But Eren didn't dare to look at the man in the eyes, afraid that Rivaille would think that he was looking down on him. Everyone knew Rivaille as the one they shouldn't object. Not even an excuse for being late. Yesterday, Connie was late to class after lunch time and Rivaille was seriously pissed when he was being interrupted by the sudden burst in from the entrance. He had Connie's forehead swollen with chalk when Rivaille accurately threw it at him, and then had him stand outside the classroom with two buckets full of water. Now the same thing might happen to Eren as well, the brunet fears.

"Go take two buckets full of water and stand in front of the door outside." Eren bit his lip at that and he had no choice but to do what he was told.

"And Jaeger," Rivaille stopped him before Eren turned to leave.

"Don't you dare sit down outside, or I will make sure you wished to transfer to a different school as soon as I find out." His voice sounded dangerously low, making Eren gulp and gave him a nod quickly that Rivaille was sure he had hurt his neck in the process. Eren closed the door with a sigh only to squeak and jump when Rivaille suddenly opened the door. Their eyes met for a moment. Eren was sweating and did not dare to move an inch as the older man's eyes glowered at him.

"Don't give out a disappointed sigh. Go now, I will wait until you come back here. Just to make sure that you don't run away. Now!" Rivaille scowled as the kid ran to the bathroom. He wondered what had happened to Mikasa. Eren did mention it when he tried to explain. The girl was nowhere to be found; maybe she had another council meeting? His thoughts were interrupted when Eren came back much quicker than he thought. His steps were wobbly as he tried to balance himself between his steps back to the class with two medium-sized buckets filled with water in his grasp. Rivaille's eyes were following every movement of the boy's until he stopped directly in front of him, out of breath.

"Now stand here and don't move an inch." The teacher commanded him and closed the door behind. Eren groaned at his bad luck. Maybe he shouldn't have gone to the class today, or even skip the whole period until the next class. His weary mind couldn't even think straight anymore. He was sure that Rivaille did not like him even one bit. The first time they met each other Eren was spacing out and made the teacher to scold him harshly. And now this?! It's only been two days the man started teaching! His eyes gazed almost lifelessly outside the window with a bored expression, trying to forget the weight on both of his hands. It was a punishment; the bucket of water was usually for only one person to hold, but Rivaille made it two. It was going to make his legs quickly become tired with the heavy burden on each side of his body.

Eren gave a soft sigh before he bit his lip, trying not to sigh too much lest of Rivaille finding out. Eren noticed someone was walking towards his direction; it was Irvin-sensei.

"Eren? What's wrong?" The blonde male asked with a soft chuckle. He rarely got punishments unless he fought with Jean. Both being boys who always compete against each other, Irvin knew that Mikasa was always there to stop them recently, so Eren rarely got a detention. He was about to go inside the classroom to check when he found the boy standing in front of the classroom with two buckets of water. Eren only gave a small laugh, and nodded to him as a change of the bow.

"I was late to the class, Irvin-sensei."

"I see. What happened that made you late for first period?"

"Ah… Mikasa is sick, so no one is able to take care of her. She had a high fever this morning. I hope she's getting better." Eren explained to him honestly, making Irvin smile. The boy had no reason to lie.

"I see. Is your father at work?"

"Yes, sir; He might not be home until late again." Irvin gave another nod understandingly. He did not ask about Eren's mother since he knew that she had passed away five years ago.

"Didn't you explain to Rivaille about the reason you are late?" Irvin asked in wonder. Eren paused for a moment before he shook his head.

"I tried to, but he cut me off before I'm able to give any explanation." Eren said, shifting his eyes to the floor. He felt bad for some reason, as if he was reporting Rivaille's bad deeds to his superior. Irvin gave a sigh.

"That guy never changes, does he? He's been too stiff." Green eyes turned up to look at him, Irvin gave a smile.

"Did you… know him… personally, sir?" Eren asked slowly, unsure if he should be asking about it while the person himself was just a few steps away from him.

"He's actually my cousin. I'm the one who suggested for him to have an internship here. I want him to at least have some experience other than his usual daily life. Ever since he entered the military a few years ago, it seemed that he'd been too stiff on his daily life."

"Military?!" Eren quickly bit his bottom lip when he shot the question informally to the teacher. He was glad when Irvin gave a nod.

"Yes, maybe he was a bit harsh in some way, but it's not like his heart is made of steel. That's why I wanted him to give him a much easier job after he finished his studies in college.

"I see…" Eren mumbled, unsure of what else he was supposed to say. Irvin checked his watch.

"Seeing that the time is almost over for the first period, I guess you can wait outside for a bit more." Sure enough, the bell rang just in time as Irvin walked away. Eren gave a sigh of relief and waited until the students walked outside the classroom. Most of his friends were grinning at him when they walked out. Jean chuckled and punched Eren's arm. Eren hissed at him, earning a commotion from the other. Armin quickly came over them to stop before both of them get detention; Mikasa was not there to stop them after all. A crowd started to form when the two of them started fighting.

"That hurt, you bastard!" Eren scowled at Jean who got mad at the name calling.

"What did you say, midget?!" He shouted.

"You don't know your own strength, do you? My arms are already tired, these buckets are heavy!"

"Like I give a damn! You don't have to call me that!"

"It suits you better!" They kept on bickering at each other, voice getting louder and louder. Rivaille, who heard the commotions, quickly walked over to them, which was bad timing. Jean, who was getting really mad at him, shoved Eren on the door, earning a few gasps. Eren who tried to push the taller boy away from him accidentally dropped the buckets and the water splashed everywhere. Now he was soaking wet with his classmate, Rivaille included when he just stepped outside to check, much for every students' nightmare. Both Jean and Eren gaped at the man who was drenched in the process.

"Both of you… are dead." Rivaille hissed dangerously as he snapped his fingers. Both Eren and Jean backed away against the door in fear.

"Rivaille." Someone called out to him and all eyes fell on Irvin who walked back when he heard a ruckus. He eyed the wet boys and shook his head.

"There is a change of clothes in the infirmary. You can go there and change to a new fresh clothes, Rivaille. As for you boys, you'll change and go to the next class immediately. You will get a detention at lunch time. Is that clear?" Irvin quickly took the matter in his hands, preventing Rivaille to act further. He gave a nod when the two boys nod mutely and motioned them to follow him towards the infirmary. Rivaille sent both of them a murderous glare and walked, tailing them in silence, biting all the insults inside.

"Arlelt, can you find the janitor to clean up this mess? Thank you." Irvin called out to the blonde to take charge before he left. Armin quickly did as he was told while the three of them walked away.

Hanji, the school doctor and the science teacher was gaping at the drenched boys and teacher. She covered her mouth, trying to stop herself from laughing out loud, much to Rivaille's annoyance.

"I guess all of you need new fresh clothes, huh? I'm sorry, Rivaille, I'm afraid that we only have a long sport pants, but we got several clean uniforms. Which one do you prefer?"

"It doesn't matter, Hanji. Just give me the damn clothes and pants." Rivaille growled at her and start unbuttoning his wet shirt. Both Eren and Jean, who picked the clothes given by Hanji, gulped when she was grinning madly at them.

"Here's your clothes Rivaille… and we'll just walk out as you guys change clothes." She said, quickly walking away from the scene, pulling Irvin along with her to find out what exactly had happened. Jean breathed out a curse and walked toward the back of the curtain. Eren padded over to lock the door just in case somebody walked in. He then started putting the clothes on top of the desk and quickly unbuttoning his own uniform. He just hoped that his blazer will dry out as soon as possible. It would be extremely cold when he walked home with the drenched blazer, not to mention the weather was getting colder nowadays. He shivered in horror when he imagined Mikasa's face once she found out he got into a fight and a detention only by the wet blazer as evidence.

As he raised his head, Eren's eyes widened at the sight of his teacher stripping before him near the empty bed, showing a muscular, well-trained body. His face turned scarlet red when he noticed himself gawking at the man stripping himself. He quickly threw his uniform on the floor and wore the new dry clothes, turning around from Rivaille in embarrassment. Being in the military surely made his body built in that way. Eren suddenly felt weak with his current condition, despite the fact that he participated in some sports recently. He hoped Rivaille did not catch him staring the man previously. Eren bit his lip, confused when he suddenly felt warm on his cheeks. What the hell is this?!

Rivaille eyed the boy's back from the corner of his eyes; he knew the brunet had been staring at his bare form. As he pushed down his trousers, Rivaille slowly wore the pants, cursing when it was a bit longer than his legs. He needed to fold the end of it up, much to his dismay. After buttoning up his clothes, he picked up his wet clothes and stared at Eren who still hadn't moved from the spot.

"Jaeger," The sound of his name made the boy jump and Rivaille raised a brow at the act. The brunet slowly turned around to look at him.

"I'm sorry, sir. For making you drenched."

"Sure, you do. Just don't forget the detention at lunch time later. Be sure to remind that friend of yours too." Rivaille nodded at the curtain, referring to Jean. Eren gave a silent nod as the man walked outside the door after he unlocked it, slamming it shut behind him. Eren let out a sigh and started to unbutton his uniform pants when Jean came out from the back of the curtain, scowling at him.

"I'm not going to have a detention if it's because of you." Jean said before he walked outside the room, ignoring the fact that Eren had his pants half-way down. Eren cursed under his breath when he heard the other slam the door.

"Says the one who started the fight." He stepped out of the pants and quickly slipped on the new one.

Armin looked at Eren, who groaned when the lesson had ended. It was time for lunch now, but he couldn't get any since he got a detention. He dully watched his classmates walked outside the room until Armin patted his shoulder, smiling down at him.

"I will buy you some lunch. Do you want anything?" Armin asked and Eren's eyes lit up.

"Just bring me some bread with salad in it." Armin gave a nod and waved at him as he walked outside the classroom. Jean was staring at the blonde, hissing at the fact that Eren still got his lunch after all what happened. Eren stood up to sit on the front desk to be closer to the teacher during detention.

"Damn you, Eren." Jean said cursing his luck. Eren frowned at the guy who sat a few desks away from him and propped his chin on his palm, smugly throwing him a winning smile.

"What? Are you jealous that Armin will buy me lunch?" Eren flashed him a big grin when Jean looked at him flabbergasted, not believing what he just heard.

"Why would I?!" the guy shouted at the same time as Rivaille appeared. Both looked at Rivaille who gave Jean a deadly glare at his shout, making him gulp in fear. They were expecting Irvin to take charge of their detention, but it seemed that Irvin had left it all to Rivaille to take over instead. The teacher walked towards the both of them and threw the clipped papers on their desks, looking bored.

"Finish this and you are free to go. You brats are making me miss my lunch. Don't you dare step out from this classroom while I'm gone." After he left, Eren and Jean quickly flipped the pages and found out there were 50 questions and answers for English lessons.

"This is insane!" Jean shouted and threw the paper loudly on the desk. Eren sighed frustratingly; he was surprised when Jean suddenly stood up to leave.

"Are you leaving?!" Eren said, standing up as well. Jean threw him a dirty look.

"What do you think?! This day couldn't get any worse. He's just an assistant teacher. I'm not taking him seriously!" Just like that, the taller guy walked out of the room, leaving Eren alone. Eren looked down at the paper and he groaned, sitting back down and started reading the first question. His eyes blinked when the question was easier than he thought. He picked up his pen and started filling in the answers, humming as he continued on the next questions; having Armin as his best friend really helped him with his studies. The door opened, and Rivaille brought a plastic bag of lunch in his hand, glaring at the empty seat and the left-alone paper, untouched.

"Where's the other one?" He asked as he slammed the plastic bag on the teacher's desk in irritation.

"Jean… he… went to the infirmary." Eren mumbled and Rivaille rolled his eyes. He couldn't believe that Eren was trying to cover his friend after what he had done to him.

"Don't lie to me, kid. As if I've never skipped my detention during high school. Stupid brat. Maybe I should make the both of you skip this lunch detention and return later after school instead?" Eren cringed, making Rivaille looked at him in the eyes. Green orbs met gray, Eren prepared for what's coming, objecting the teacher.

"I… I can't, sir. I'm sorry. Mikasa… my adopted sister is sick, so I have to take care of her." He said, half pleading him to let him go. Rivaille stared at him for a moment.

"Is that the reason why were you late this morning? Where's your mother? Father?" Rivaille asked, pulling the lunch box out from the plastic bag and un-wrapped the chopsticks. Eren gave a nod but Rivaille's expression did not change.

"My father is a doctor, sir. He went to work at dawn and gets home around midnight. Sometimes he goes outside the city and doesn't come home for a few days. My mother had passed away because of an illness, so there's no one in the house to take care of her." Rivaille shot him a look.

"Oh, my condolences," He muttered and Eren gave a small smile before nodding.

"You can go after you finished that paper. You are still staying here because of splashing the hallway with water." Eren couldn't help but chuckle when he heard him.

"Thank you, sir." Rivaille only nod and started eating after he mumbled 'itadakimasu'. He stopped halfway when he remembered something. Pulling another lunch from the bag, he threw it towards Eren.

"Here, brat, take it. I got extra." Eren was surprised when Rivaille suddenly threw it towards his directions. The sandwich wrapped in plastic made him swallow his saliva when he started drooling at the sight.

"Thank you, sir" Eren said happily, un-wrapping the sandwich. Rivaille stared at him for a moment before sighing.

"Stop calling me that. I know I'm a teacher here, but… just Rivaille is fine. I feel kind of old being called sir." Rivaille said, opening his mouth and started munching on his food. Eren's eyes stared at him surprise; he couldn't help but blush at how laidback the man was.

"Or Levi if you prefer," Rivaille said after swallowing, his eyes were now glued to Eren's emerald orbs who only gave a silent nod. He averted his eyes when Rivaille kept on staring at him, trying to act normal as he could while continuing to chew on his sandwich. He picked up his pen and carried on answering the paper sheets while he tried to concentrate on each question other than the man before him. He missed the frown that appeared on Rivaille's forehead.

Rivaille gave the paper to Irvin who took it with a smile on his face. Rivalle threw him an annoyed look. He was about to walk away when Irvin stopped him.

"Rivaille. You should consider listening to the students' cause as to why he or she is late."

"But then every student will make an excuse and get off from their punishment easily, Irvin." Rivaille put his arms on his back, standing before the man stiffly. Irvin frowned at him before running his hand through his hair. He turned around and placed the paper on his desk and sat down on the chair.

"This is not TE military, Rivaille. Besides, Eren had his reasons. His adoptive sister, Mikasa is sick. I've known the boy for long already. They are a good family. There's no one to take care of them when either of them is sick. His father sometimes has to go outside the city to work. Mikasa even got a part-time job and Eren usually helps around this school for a living too. Their mother had passed away five years ago and they are starting to get their life back to normal." Rivaille's expression did not change, but he clenched his wrist at the back.

"I will remember that." He said before turning around to leave. Irvin stared at his cousin and let out a sigh. Irvin turned to his desk, staring at the photo of his childhood friend, 'Petra, what should I do next?'

As soon as the door on the office slammed shut, Rivaille brought his hand to his forehead, gritting his teeth. From the time he met the boy, and the time he saw his name in the absent book, he knew who he was. His lips slowly whispered the words that he had been holding inside.

"Eren… What happened…?" The teen did not seem to catch the hint he was giving him, including his name calling when he was little.


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