Overwhelming Emotions


Overwhelming Emotions

Genre: Drama Romance AU Reincarnation

Rating: T

Pairing: (mainly) Rivaille x Eren

Summary: Being woven in his dreams and memories, Rivaille was at a loss. The second encounter with a certain boy made it even much worse than he thought it would be, especially when the boy is reaching his hands out to him again.


I don't own Shingeki no Kyojin, but this fanfiction is mine.

© AsakuraHannah on FFn

A/N: This chp is un-beta. Sorry about that. but I tried to overlook the grammar. n.n

Chapter 4 : Familiar

"I'm home." Eren opened the door and stepped inside. He pulled his shoes off and threw it aside carelessly. He was about to run to Mikasa's room when the girl suddenly appeared in the kitchen entrance.

"Eren, welcome back." Mikasa said with a smile.

"Mikasa, are you alright now? Why are you not resting? Is your fever gone already?" She gave a nod at his concern.

"I'm getting better after the whole day rest. Though I hope I will be fine for the tomorrow part-time job. I'm making dinner now. Did something happen today?" she asked as she walked back to the kitchen. Eren's mind drifting back to the event this morning which caused him to get a detention, he better not mentioned it to her. Eren followed her into the kitchen with a frown.

"Nothing happened, just the usual boring day. By the way, Armin made a copy of his notes for you." Eren brought his bag down and picked up a paper being photocopied and handed it to her.

"Thank you." She said and flipping through the thin bundle. She put the paper on the dinner table before walking back to stir the soup which started boiling. She stirred for a few times before she turned stove off and started preparing the plates.

"Mikasa, I don't think you should work just yet tomorrow…" Eren mumbled at her, she only remained silent. He gave a sigh, trying to think of some other thing to talk. Suddenly he remembered.

"Is dad going to go home early today?" Eren suddenly asked while picking up the already cooked rice from the big bowl, dividing it for him and Mikasa. Mikasa paused to look at him for a moment. As much as she was concerned Eren was so hard-headed. His brother just couldn't stop his curiosity.

"No, but I don't think you are supposed to walk into his room without permission, Eren. I mean, he always said that to you."

"I'm curious as to why can't I see it? Didn't he entrust that key to you? Can I go inside, Mikasa?" Eren said, his eyes were now sparkling with excitement.

"No." she said and turned back to taking out plates from the cabinet. Eren puckered his brow at her before sighing, he propped his chin on the palm of his hand and pouted.

"Armin told me on the other day that I was having a dream about my childhood memory. Say, Mikasa, do you remember the time when Armin's balloon stuck in a tree and I had climbed up to get it? Do you know about it? He said he did. Weird isn't it? I can't remember anything about it at all no matter how much I tried to. Not only that, there were several dreams that keep on nagging me." Eren watched as Mikasa shot him a look after she set the plate down on the table, eyes widening as her pupils were shaking on his question. Their eyes met for a moment before Mikasa gave a hesitant nod at him.

"I remember that. Maybe you just forget about it, Eren."

"But why I dream about it? I'm just curious." Mikasa put a plate and the soup before Eren and sat down on her seat across him.

"You only forget about it, Eren. It's nothing to worry about. It's not an excuse to come inside your dad's room anyway." Mikasa said while pouring the soup for her own. Eren stared at her, sighing before scratching his head in frustration.

"I felt like I'm missing something important! Maybe there are things I can find in there." He exclaimed and started pouring the soup after his sister was done with hers. Mikasa only stared at him blankly and started eating her dinner. Eren did not see the way she gripped her spoon harder than before.

Eren turned around to his side as he watched the outside moon from the window. He slowly sat up and crawled to get closer to the window, staring up at the sky. He brought his blankets around his body and leaned on the window sill and gave a loud sigh. What is it about his childhood memory? Lately he started dreaming about it and not once that could he remember it happened during his childhood. Eren noticed his breath against the window started to become a mist. The weather had turned colder than before. He leaned closer to the window and breathed out a warm air, making more mists on the glass pane. Once he was sure it's big enough for him to write on it, he pressed the tip of his forefinger across it, forming a wing. Eren stared at it for a moment before sighing; he moved some of the photo frames away so that he could bend his upper body on the window sill and put his head on top of his arms, staring at the dark sky. Before he knew his eyes were starting to drop. A single tear ran down his cheek as he drifted to sleep against the window with moonlight bathing him from above.

Mikasa looked at the door opened from outside, she slowly rose to her feet, walking towards the front door of the house.

"Father…" she called him, the man looked at her and gave a smile.

"Mikasa, I thought you were asleep already." He said, patting her on the shoulder after he closed the door and locked it. Mikasa raised her hands to help him with his jacket and bag. His father gave the things for her to take care of and both walked inside the house.

"Was there something you need?" Grisha asked her when she followed him towards his room. He unlocked the door and let her walk inside before him. Mikasa walked to the desk to light a candle to lighten up the room. Grisha watched her in silence as he closed the door, waiting for her to say anything.

"Eren asked me about his childhood memory." That sentence made Grisha looked at her astonished. Their eyes met for a moment before Grisha gave out a sigh.

"So that mean the boy is starting to remember… I see…" Grisha sat on the bed, clasping both hands as he look down on his feet. He put his elbows on top of her knees as he stared down in a deep thought.

"What he was asking is only his childhood memories though." Mikasa added, hearing Grisha gave a soft sigh again, nodding in understanding.

"Did something trigger that?" Mikasa shook her head. She frowned when a flash of the internship teacher suddenly appeared in her mind.

"We'll see where this will lead to. In the meantime, just have a close watch on him, Mikasa. Thank you for letting me know about it. You can take your rest now."

"I'll prepare a hot tea for you." Mikasa walked out of the room to let her father have some space to think. As soon as her daughter closed the door, Grisha looked at his desk. He rose to his feet and opened the drawer, taking an old book he kept away from his son. He flipped the book open and read through the pages. Some medical information was written in there along with the boy's pictures. He flipped through the pages once again and stopped on a certain blank page with only one photo pasted on it.

"I won't let him read this book if he hadn't regained full memories of him back. It would mean I'm forcing him to know what he wasn't supposed to remember." He whispered to the photo of a young boy with dark hair and gray emotionless eyes standing beside a seven year old Eren.

Eren was awakened by the sound of laughter not far from him. He opened his eyes to find out that he was leaning against the tree; the book he had previously reading had fallen on his lap. It's Armin's book with lots of pictures of landscapes. He had become sleepy when he read the long article about the sea. He saw a familiar figure running up to him, calling out his name. He shielded his eyes from the sunlight above, trying to see clearly who was calling him. He heard his name being called out by the older boy.

"Eren… Eren…"

"Eren… Eren!" Mikasa shook him awake and Eren muffled a sound, stirring up. He winced when he started to move his body and felt an awful cramped on his nape. He must have been falling asleep in that position the whole night. Mikasa looked at him questioning.

"Mikasa? Are you healthy again now?" he mumbled sleepily, rubbing his right eyes.

"Why are you sleeping on the window sill like that? Anyway, we have a cleaning duty this morning. Let's get ready." Mikasa started leaving the room when Eren already woke up.

"Fine." He mumbled with a sore throat, still half asleep.

Armin waved at the siblings when he saw them walking down the road, heading in his direction.

"Good morning, Armin. You are always early." Mikasa said, earning a chuckle from the blonde.

"It's nice waking up early and read books with a fresh mind." Eren only gave a loud yawn at that.

"Not if the weather starting to get cold. I wish I was still inside a warm blanket, sleeping soundly." He brought his hand to cover his mouth as he gave another yawn. Mikasa rolled her eyes and Armin laughed at the complaints coming from Eren.

They started walking slowly towards their high school while chatting. Eren was always engrossed when listening to Armin's excited stories and Mikasa only listening to him in silence, nodding for a few times to let him know she was listening.

It was when they arrived at the school that they split way. As a morning routine, Armin would go to the library to return the borrowed books. Mikasa told Eren to go ahead on to the class as she took a few cleaning stuff from the storage room for their cleaning duty that morning. Her brother agreed and walked towards his classroom lazily. Eren let out a pretty loud yawn when he opened his classroom door and closed it carelessly. He sucked in his breath when he found out that he was not alone. There, stood the guy who threw a look at his manner of yawning loudly. Eren blushed at his act in front of his assistance teacher and gave a bow.

"Good Morning, Rivaille-sensei." He ran a hand to his head timidly when the guy shaking his head.

"Watch your manner, Jaeger." He mumbled and turned back to the blackboard and copied the student's name for their morning duty from the paper he was holding.

"I'm sorry." Eren said as he walked toward his sit and put his bag on top of the desk.

"Jaeger, who was the one cleaning my desk yesterday morning?" Rivaille asked after he put the chalk down and patting his hands together, allowing the dust fallen off his hands. Eren turned around, mind racing to think before he shook his head. Rivaille took a wet tissue from his pocket pants and wiping his hand clean while waiting for the boy to answer him.

"I don't remember. Why is it?" He asked and walked toward the desk. Rivaille stared at him for a moment and pointed to the table, making Eren's eyes following his finger. Indeed, there were some water spots on the table which had turned dry. The person who wiped the table must have used overly wet fabric and leave it just like that.

"This table is so unclean. Go tell the students who were cleaning yesterday that they are not doing a pretty well done." He said, crossing his arms. Eren gave a nod at it, gulping when his dark eyes were staring at him closely.

"Right, sir." Eren replied shortly. Rivaille threw him a glare until Eren remembered the way he was supposed to call him.

"Rivaille-san." He corrected, not leaving out the polite way to call the older guy.

"Now, why don't you go do something about this? I mean it's rare that you come here at this hour, as I recall."

"Me?" Eren pointed his forefinger to himself, unsure that the Internship teacher was ordering him to clean the table. The frowned formed on his forehead and Eren sweat-dropping in fear.

"Yes, who else in this class other than you? It's your duty to clean today, right?" Eren bit his tongue to prevent himself letting out a groan when Rivaille pointed at the blackboard. Rivaille stared at the table once again and clicked his tongue before walking outside the classroom with full of irritation all over his face. The man walked outside the room and closed the door shut.

"Alright." Eren mumbled, watching the guy walked outside the room.

When Mikasa marched inside the classroom with cleaning utilities in her hands, Eren huffed at his luck.

"Mikasa, do you remember who were cleaning this room yesterday morning?" Mikasa gazed at him puzzled as she brought her finger to her chin, thinking.

"It's Sasha and Connie." Eren had to hold back his laughter at the names. He should have known. Last time he was having cleaning duties after school with them, both of them were having a war play with the broom and mop, making water splashing everywhere.

"No wonder. Maybe you should change the team duties for the morning. Rivaille Sensei just complained about how unclean this table was." He said while wiping the table with much force. Mikasa gave him a tired look and grunted in response.

Armin raised his head when he met his teacher, standing in front of him when he was about to walk out from the library. Rivaille had his arms crossed and staring at the blond who was slightly taller than him. It was still morning and the school was still empty with not many students, unless some who got their cleaning duty for the day. Armin bit his lips when their eyes met, he was uncertain if he should greet him. The first time Armin saw the man, he was skeptical if Rivaille was the boy he knew very well. Averting his eyes from those gray emotionless eyes, Armin looked down. 'What is he doing here?'

"You are… Armin, right?" Rivaille was the first to speak up, waiting for an answer. Armin clenched his hands tightly on his bag's handle before he gave a nod.

"Yes… Sir."

"I've been wondering for a while now. You guys seemed so close yet so distant at the same time. Care to explain to me about Jaeger?" Rivaille immediately asked to the point. Armin's eyes widened when he heard him. He shoots him a surprised look before swallowing his saliva down his throat.

"You are… Levi-san…?" He whispered, blue eyes trembling when the guy stood up straight now, both hands on the sides as he gave a nod.

"Long time, no see… Armin" Rivaille clenched his fists when his chest felt a pang of guilt. Armin's mind running wild, wondering if he should tell the truth about Eren.

"What do you want to know about, Levi-san?" Rivaille eyes never leaving him creeping the boy out.

"Eren… doesn't seem to remember me, does he?" Rivaille's voice came out whispering that Armin almost can't hear him for real. Armin gritted his teeth at the questioner and he clenched his eyes tight.

"I'm sorry, but… there nothing I can tell you! Nor that you ought to give Eren any explanation! Now if you will excuse me!" Armin shouted and gave a bow before he quickly ran passed the man. I'm sorry I can't tell you, not after what happened.

"Armin!" Rivaille shouted at his name, but Armin had run off into the building. Rivaille clenched his trembling fist and punched a nearby wall in frustration.

'What the hell is happening?!' Rivaille turned around angrily, walking away from the library.

"Armin?" Eren called out as quietly as possible, frowning as he looked around in the library. He had finished his morning duty and decided to kill time with reading along with his best friend. Much to his disappointment, the blonde was nowhere to be found. His eyes passed the large window pane and looked outside. As Eren stared outside, he saw a guy standing before the vending machine near the building. It took him a moment to realize that it was Rivaille before deciding to go outside the library to talk to the teacher.

"Rivaille-san…" he mumbled to himself when he remembered the way he should be calling him. Eren bit his lower lip at the memory. He pushed the door open; his legs brought him to run as soon as he was outside.

The teacher who crouching down to take the hot drink from the inside the box looked up when he heard footsteps running after his directions. He slowly stood up when the boy stopped directly in front of him.

"Rivaille-san." Rivaille stared at him for a moment of silence and clicked his tongue. He leaned against the wall and opened the can.

"Finished with your duty?" He said, not looking at the boy who was now looking up at the drinks on the vending machine.

"Yup." Eren said while clicking on of the drink's name after he latched a coin inside. Rivaille looked at the boy crouching down and stick his hand inside the bar to get the fallen drink.

"Have you cleaned my desk thoroughly?" he asked, taking a sip of the drink by holding his three fingers on the upper side of the can. Eren couldn't help but to chuckle when he heard the question. He got up from his crouching position, smiling at him.

"I did clean it, as clean as possible." He said, making Rivaille scoffed at him. That grinning face, he couldn't help but to think of that small boy who used to cling all the time when he was little.

"Say, Jaeger. Have you ever felt the nostalgic feeling towards someone?" Rivaille asked, meeting his green eyes with his gray eyes. The boy only stared at him for a moment before running his forefinger on his cheek, thinking.

"I do feel some kind of familiar feeling. But it's probably because we're in the same town for a long time? Who knows?" Eren said chuckling. His hands fumbling on the warm can, cracking it open and took a big gulp. Rivaille could only stare at him, not sure what to say. He also took another gulp before walked away from him with a sigh.

"Idiot. What an airhead. You never change" He muttered, earning a puzzled look from Eren.

"Sorry?" Rivaille waved his hand, dismissing him from saying anything further.

"Just go back to the library and read something useful." He ordered and disappeared into the building leaving Eren scratched his head in confusion.

'What a pity. Why do I have to meet you again, now? I thought I've found you, but I lost you once again' Rivaille grimaced at the thought. His eyes became sharper as he headed back to the building. He hated to admit that Mikasa is the only one he should ask about Eren.


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