Someone in the dark (18+) (Michael Jackson)


Lisa McLeroy lost her job and is at risk of losing her apartment. But then she applies to a job at Silver Fox Mansion... HORROR/GHOST ERA: Lisa McLeroy is applying for a new job at the Silver Fox Mansion right outside Louisville, Ohio. It's an astonishing residence with a mysterious history. And the obligations goes far beyond the terms of a normal job. But Lisa is desperate to get an income, and signs the papers without hesitation. She consider herself as pretty adaptive to any possible situation and demand this new job might bring, and expect it to be an easy task. That is until she finds out about the secrets that lies within the four walls of Silver Fox. Will she regret it? Written and completed in 2018.

Horror / Romance
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Ch. 1: Checking in

"Hello, I'm Lisa McLeroy. I'm here for the interview."

"Yes, yes. Please come in, Ms. McLeroy. Mrs. Lee will be with you in a moment."

The young boy led me to a seating group right inside the main entrance. And I must say, the indoors looked just as sumptuous and impressive as the outside. I actually felt a bit intimidated by the atmosphere, probably because it was so far from the simple and predictable life I'd always led. Until recently. They had to cut down on the staff at the library, and unfortunately, I was one of those who had to leave. And now I'd been unemployed for seven months, and was unable to pay my bills. The electric power was already shut off, and I was close to eviction, so needless to say; I was desperate for a job.

I'd done several job interviews and had become a pro on copying and handing out my work application to everywhere and everyone I could think of, but as far as this to no avail.

I took a deep breath when I heard the loud clicking of heels on the hardwood floor, until the sound changed as she stepped on the tiles in the hallway.I quickly got up, and reached out my hand to present myself.

"Pleased to meet you," the lady said, rather coldly. She seemed pretty strict, and I guessed she was the one running the business around here. Her hair was combed back into a tight knot, and her grey pencil skirt matched her grey blazer.

Without much conversation, she led me into another room, just as huge as the hall. Red velvet curtains reached from the ceiling to the floor, and the furniture was matching in the same colors. It had several dark brown, and beautifully carved wooden ornaments, both on the furniture itself and on delicately placed decorations around the room. What had to be really expensive giant portraits and framed art, hung on the walls. It was nothing less than astonishing!

We sat down on the sofa, and I handed her my application. She skimmed through, hardly reading any of it, and then started to ask questions.

"How are your cooking skills?"

"Well, not that bad."

Gosh, you've gotta do better than that if you should have a chance to get this job. Sell yourself! Give her an impression of your capabilities.

"I love trying new recipes, and I am pretty good at adapting into new environments. I'll do whatever is expected of me, and continuously try to improve."

Okay, don't overdue it.

"Do you have any problems with a different working schedule?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do you accept working late and in the weekends and holidays?"


I really need this job!

"I guess that'll be alright."

"Good. Do you have any reservations, chores or tasks that you don't want to do?"

"Umm. Not that I can think of right now so, no."

"Okay. When can you start?"

"Oh, wow... I guess... Today? Or tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow is fine."

She put a few formality forms and an hirement contract down in front of me.

"Sign here, here and here."

She pointed at the places that needed my signature. I frowned descreetly at the sight of her hand. It looked really old. It was pale with protruding veins over an all too knockly hand. Her dark red nail polish was crackled and scaly, and one golden ring, I guess a wedding ring, hung around her finger, looking like it was way too large.

I signed.

"Let me show you to your room."

"My room?"

Why do I need a room? I guess she must mean an office. Yey! I'll have my own personal office!

We walked up a beautiful stair, with similar carved wooden ornaments on the handle, like the ones in the room we just got out of. I could get lost in all the amazing details in it. No, the details in the whole house. No matter where you turned your head, you could see old and really expensive antiques and art. The owner must have a really good and thoroughly raffined taste, and probably also an awful lot of money.

A blue door made a scraping sound as Mrs. Lee opened it. She gestured for me to enter and followed right behind me as I did. A chill went down my spine because the room felt so cold. But this wasn't an office. It really was a bedroom, like she'd said.

"This is the bed, as you can see. And that's the closet. And over there is your bathroom."

She gave me a quick walk through, before she asked:

"You do know that you are going to stay here?"

I gasped.

"I-I am?"

"Yes, Mr. Jackson needs you to be at his service twenty four hours a day."

"What did you say?"

"But don't worry, you will have most of your time off. As long as you keep the house neat and clean, and serves him everything requested, that's pretty much it."

"Wow. That is..."

"You'll meet tomorrow morning at nine sharp. Is everything clear?"

I nodded. Then she led me back downstairs, and I was met by the same young boy that greeted me when I arrived. We said our goodbyes and that was it.

I was hired!


I was sitting at the kitchen table in my apartment, going through the pile of unpaid bills. It sure had been depressing seeing them stack up like this, without possibility to do anything about it. But hopefully, that would be history now. I got a job! And even though it was a job quite a bit different from an ordinary job, I felt that it was going to be interesting.

I started to pack a few things, when I remembered that I had to call my mom to tell her the good news. She will be so happy for me. But even though I tried to call three times, she didn't pick up.

"Oh, well. I guess I can call her tomorrow evening, after I've settled in my room at The Silver Fox Mansion," I said to myself.

I felt the growing anticipation for having this opportunity, rushing through my body. This was going to be so exciting!

I continued to fill my suitcase and my bags, and decided to go to bed early. Tomorrow I'll be ready for a new chapter.

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