Beauty and the Beast HSM Style

Chapter 12

Sharpay tapped her fingers against the round wooden table she and Ryan were currently sitting at. It was just moments away from the time that Mademoiselle Kelsi was supposed to enter, and so Sharpay could reveal her plan and what she needed Kelsi for. She believed she made her point quite clear earlier, if she did say so herself. But when Ryan had asked where she went or what she had been doing, Sharpay merely dismissed it. All she told Ryan was to get ready and that they would be having company over very soon. And Sharpay definitely knew that their company would arrive shortly. Hey eyes were fixated on the door ans Ryan pulled up a chair to sit beside his sister with a glass of soda pop in his hands. Across from them at the table was an empty chair, which Kelsi would be sitting in for their little meeting.

It didn't take long for Kelsi to enter into the house. Her steps were cautious and her hands were in front of her, merely resting against her body like an invisible shield she hoped would protect her from Sharpay. Kelsi had arrived exactly on time as promised. And Sharpay had said there was something in it for her. Now it was Kelsi's time to find out. She slowly pulled the chair out and sat down in it. She gulped at first, trying her best not to make direct eye contact with Sharpay. However seeing Ryan there in all of his cluelessness seemed to relax her. Kelsi was sure that Sharpay had mentioned nothing of this to her brother. Quickly, she turned her head away from the man and faced Sharpay. She opened her mouth to speak; Kelsi's voice was shaky at first but after the first couple of stammers she managed to get out what she wanted to say. Too bad Sharpay had to interrupt her just as she got past the first stammer.

"I...I came..."

"Yes, I see that," Sharpay nodded. "Right on time, too. I knew you were a punctual girl, Kelsi. and I knew that you would be coming. You were smart not to back out."

Kelsi merely nodded in response. She was going to speak now. She was. And nothing was going to stop her. "Well, since I'm did said it would be worth my while."

"I did indeed. I have your first payment right here. You will get the rest after you lend me your hands," Sharpay stated, picking up a small sack of money from beside her chair and tossed it across the table to Kelsi.

The petite woman carefully untied the knot of the bag and took out one of the gold coins to examine them. She was very accurate and cautious when it came to money. There was no way she would be caught with some counterfeit money or something as petty as pennies. The coin she held looked in perfect condition, as did the rest inside the bag. Nodding to herself, Kelsi placed it back in the bag and resumed the position she had during hers and Sharpay's first meeting. Note to self that the money would go right into the asylum safe. And of course, save a few for herself.

"You have my attention. I'm listening," Mademoiselle Kelsi nodded, sounding much more confident with what now was in her position.

Sharpay leaned in closer and lowered her voice, most likely to be sure that no one would hear them despite the fact that their entire house was deserted. "It's like this: I've got plans to get Taylor out of the picture. She keeps getting all of the attention from guys that is rightfully supposed to be mine. But the girl can't exactly take much of a message to back off. You see, I think that Taylor could use a little persuasion."

Ryan chuckled as he took a sip out of his drink. "Yeah. She even tried to get Taylor off the market by convincing her to marry me. Practically kicked Sharpay out of her farm house before she could even deliver her pitch."

Kelsi's eyes widened at that statement. She was trying her best not to open her had actually tried to convince Taylor and Ryan to get hitched? When did this happen? There was no way... Ryan and Taylor didn't even like each other! Did they? Whatever, there was just no way it could be true. Oh the way Sharpay irked her without even realizing it!

Sharpay glared at her chuckling brother. Maybe he found it entertaining, but she saw it as one of the worst afternoons of her life. She was completely embarrassed by it. She scowled and knocked the glass right of Ryan's hand so it fell onto the floor and smashed into pieces, creating a puddle of the purple pop on the floor. Ryan took that right away as the cue for him to shut up. Biting his tongue to keep away from his sister's wrath, Ryan scooted in his chair over a few inches away from Sharpay. He then placed both hands on the table and hummed silently to himself as he twiddled his thumbs.

Sharpay rolled her eyes and turned back to Kelsi, trying to ignore her brother's was trying to make a point across, and she was going to do it. "Come on Kelsi, you know as well as I do that Troy's a...a..." she paused to think of the right word, but she just couldn't put her finger on it. Now what was it? Crazy? Stupid? Insane? Ridiculous?

Yet somehow, Ryan of all people seemed to know exactly what word to use to describe Troy. As annoying as he was, he just somehow knew. "Cuckoo bananas?"

"Yes, Ryan thank you," Sharpay said, dismissing it at once. Hey it was better than nothing. "Everyone knows that Troy's as cuckoo bananas as they come. How can anyone believe half the stuff coming out of his mouth sometimes? We're talking about the same guy who thinks he can do something more with a toy ball than just bounce it. He even disrupted my party earlier trying to convince us that there was some kind of beast in a castle. And we all know that the nearest castle is just through the woods. And there is no way that there could possibly be any beast in there."

Kelsi knew that Sharpay had a point, but she was one willing to give the benefit of the doubt. At least, the first time around anyway. "Are you sure about that? I mean Troy is technically harmless."

Sharpay looked at her doubtfully. "This is the same guy who has the ability to blow the roof off his own house. Look, I'm trying to make a point here! That ingrate Taylor would do anything to protect her precious brother, especially if it keeps him out of the asylum."

"Yeah. Even listen to Sharpay," Ryan agreed, pointing to his sister. While Kelsi was covering her mouth to hold in some quiet giggles, Sharpay glared at Ryan once again. He sunk lower into his chair and held his fingers against his lips so he wouldn't be able to say anything else.

"I can't say that I understand. What good would it do to throw Troy into the asylum?" Mademoiselle Kelsi asked.

"Obviously you're missing the point," she replied as-a-matter-of-factly. "If you throw Troy into the asylum then the only way that Taylor could get him out is if she submitted to anything I wanted. If I told her to get out of town then she'd do it if it meant saving her wacko brother. And with her out of the way I could finally be back on top and have all the boys around here to myself. "

"But then what good would running them out of town do?" Kelsi asked.

Sharpay slammed her hands against the table, making Kelsi now the one to sink into her chair. "Are you not following me, woman? This town would be so much better off without Troy. They'd have to move somewhere else. I don't care if it's in the woods or if they feed themselves to the wolves in there or whatever. But at least with them out of the way we wouldn't have to constantly worry about Troy blowing up the town. It's a win-win situation. The town is happy and safe and I'm back in every guy's spotlight again"

As soon as Sharpay backed off, Kelsi was able to sit up in the seat and straighten herself up. "So you want me to throw Troy into the asylum for your own selfish purposes, get back at the girl who's your arch enemy and expect the town to rejoice with us throwing the both of them out of town and assume they'd declare you their hero for doing something so evil in the first place to get back into the lime light," she summed up. "Sharpay...that is so despicable."

"You seem to be forgetting the other portion of your payment," sharpay waved a finger. "The second half, assuming you're still helping, is a date with Ryan."

Ryan's eyes widened as he looked at his sister. "What?" he gasped. While his palms were sweaty and Mademoiselle Kelsi was the only girl he knew that could do that, he really wished that Sharpay would have consulted with him about this first. Get his approval or something. He would probably agree in that case, but it was a situation like this that just threw him off. That's what bothered him. The one issue was, it would do no good. It would not be like Sharpay to actually check and make sure Ryan was fine with a girl first...or else she wouldn't have planned to try and hook up Ryan and Taylor in the first place.

Kelsi, however, was just a little different. That was the part of Sharpay's offer that really reeled her in. It was the one thing that she just couldn't say no to. Every girl in town practically fawned over Ryan, but since Kelsi was never really one to go out on the town she wasn't one of those girls like Emma, Jackie, or Lea. Still, there was no way she could let an opportunity like this go to waste. It was a dream come true, but it was also her greedy side gaining control again.

"I love your idea!"

In the meantime, Troy was in the farmhouse busy gathering multiple supplies together. Over one of his shoulders was a small knapsack filled with papers and such, most likely maps or food. He had everything together on the table in the living room and was stuffing item after item into the knapsack. He had a most determined look on his face and he was dressed like he was ready to hike through the woods. That could only mean that Troy was doing one thing. After being shut down by nearly everyone in town Troy knew he had to make a change. No one believed him about the Beast, but he knew there was one. He had his sister and was as horrible and vicious as they came. So what if no one dared to believe Troy's wild story? He didn't care if people thought he was crazy or not; he was going to do whatever it took to get Taylor back and there was no stopping him. But the one thing that didn't stop for certain was Troy's craziness. If anything else, it had to be a source of comic relief for the current situation. Even now he was talking to himself like he was going to answer back as a different person.

"They won't help me, they say. They think I'm going nuts, they say. Well who needs them? If they won't help me then I'll just have to go back by myself."

And then of course, he did talk back to himself. However it was his more level headed side who was just trying to point out the common sense. "C'mon dude, let's be realistic. You can't do this alone. You saw how big that Beast was."

Troy looked in the other direction he had been facing in, like his realistic side was standing right in front of him. "Yeah, and you saw it too. But does anyone believe us about that monster? No. He has our sister. What are we supposed to do, just sit around?"

Then he faced in the opposite direction. Maybe a better way to describe his current actions was looking between his two shoulders as though there was an angel on one side and a devil on the other...only not with the good and evil personalities. "Well of course not, but it's dangerous to just go out there alone. What about the value of being in a group? United we stand."

"United, shmunited."

"Ok now you're just tuning me out."

"Well maybe I have a reason to tune you out."

"Hey I'm just trying to help you. We can't go out there on our own and that's final."

Going back to being the scatter-brained Troy, he began grabbing a bunch of random stuff around the house and stuffing them into his pockets.

His level headed side of mind began talking again, "Dude what are you taking a miniature globe for? We're not leaving France."

"Maybe I wanna take a miniature globe with me for company."

"Oh so you're not gonna take one of your toy balls either?"

"Hey that's a great idea!" Troy automatically ran to grab the first ball he could find - in this case, a golfball - and forced it into his other pocket.

"That ball is not gonna keep you much company. You can't just go in over your head. It's not the companionship I was trying to get at!"

And then crazy Troy struck again by grabbing a pair of pantyhose from one of the drawers and stuffed it in his pockets, having the bottoms stick out and drag across the floor.

Now it was pretty much just his conscience talking. "Ok you really don't need those. Why would you wear pantyhose?"

And obviously, crazy Troy wouldn't listen. "I'll go out there and get Taylor back myself!" he insisted before grabbing a lantern and storming out the door, closing it behind him.

In the darkness of the navy blue almost black sky, Troy placed his hat on to protect his hat from any sunlight during the day and marched off towards the woods with his goal in mind. What Troy was unaware of, and out of eyesight and earshot by the time it had occurred, was a carriage pulling up to his house. And he had no idea what was about to unfold at home.

There was first a pounding on the house door. silence for a few seconds. Then more pounding. That was the last straw, because moments later a buff guy slammed into the door and knocked it down. Into the house stepped Sharpay with Ryan loyally by her side. The blond beauty smiled and pat the buff guy on his hard abs. Turning her head, Sharpay scanned the living room quickly for any signs of life...or intelligence. Well, life in Troy's case and intelligence in Taylor's case. And let's face it, in her eyes there was no way both of them could be adjectives. She decided to put on the sweet act first and see if that would get them to come out, as the room looked completely deserted.

"Oh Troy, why don't you and your wonderful sister come out here?"

But there was no response.

"Um Sharpay...?" Ryan asked as he stood by the doorway, "...I really think they may not be home now..."

"Shut up Ryan!" Sharpay snapped, glaring at her brother for probably the tenth time that night before looking around again. Alright, sweetie-sweet time was up. "Troy, Taylor! Get your farmer butts out here right now!"

And yet there was still nothing. Ryan hoped that they could get out of it while they were ahead.

"Well that's too bad, Shar. We tried. Guess this plan just isn't gonna work after all." He was about to turn and walk out of the house when the buff guy reached out and grabbed Ryan, most likely upon Sharpay's command.

Sharpay placed her hands on her hips and smiled innocently at who must have been her body guard. "Thank you, Mr. F. You may put my brother down when ready. But I suggest doing it outside." She waved her finger, a signal for him to follow her. Mr. F obeyed Sharpay and followed her outside. In a large pile of snow just at the foot of the stone steps leading to the front door, the guy dropped Ryan when instructed to by Sharpay. Ryan stuck his head out from the snow and rubbed his arms rapidly, feeling the chill of them quite quickly.

Sharpay folded her arms and leaned down to look her twin in the eyes. "They have to come back sometime, Ryan. They have nowhere else to go besides here. So when they do, we'll be ready for them." She stood up straight and pointed right at him as she walked backwards to her carriage. "Don't move from that spot until the two of them come home!" She got into the carriage while her buff bodyguard-like figure sat in front to take the reigns of the horse. Sharpay slammed the carriage door as they rode off back to their large house in the night.

"Sharpay...Shar you know you can count on me, but..." he started. But she was already out of sight. Dang that horse was fast! "Oh jazz square," he groaned.

He was just hoping for one thing above everything else: that he would be able to leave to go to the bathroom!

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