Beauty and the Beast HSM Style

Chapter 18

The mob slowly entered the castle. It was unbelievably quiet. The only light that entered the main room was from the open doors and their torches. Oddly enough, for a castle that was supposed to contain a beast it was perfectly neat. There were no obstacle courses, there was nothing torn to shreds, there was absolutely nothing in sight.... Nothing in sight? Surely it had to be a trap. Before the mob knew it the beast would jump out of nowhere and attack them. That had to be it. All the more reason to be extra cautious. And yet the further they stepped in, the less that torches were moved in a few different directions to see if something really was going on. But all they saw were numerous pieces of furniture up against the walls. Maybe that made it a little crowded, but other than that there was absolutely nothing wrong.

It was quiet. Too quiet. All the more reason for Sharpay to go in last, despite the fact that she would be standing outside in the rain longer. She didn't care; after all her make-up was water poof. But still if there was traps set for the mob, then at least she wouldn't be at risk of getting caught in them. So until the last person was in she waited, and then stepped inside. She left her steed out in the rain and had her sword at hand. If anything, now it was going to be used as a defence mechanism. Sharpay was not that reckless with a weapon. After all, how else would she have taken charge of an angry mob?

One of the mob members picked up the candelabra from a nearby desk, unaware that it was no ordinary candelabra. He used it as an extra light source, to get a better view of the area. Yet there was still nothing. It should be safe...right?


The man holding the candelabra was quite shocked to find it not only moving but talking. He dropped it on the spot and all the lights flashed on in an instant. There were cries and screams as the furniture and all that actually began jumping up and attacking. Zeke was quick enough to slide out of the way while the coat rack jumped out and started using karate movements on the man. The rack landed punch after punch right under the guy's chin like he was a punching bag before kicking him in some place no one enjoys being kicked in.

And it didn't stop there, not a chance. Every enchanted object in the main room was now making their attack on whichever member of the mob was closest to them. A bucket full of water jumped out from the shadows and skidded to a stop, causing the mop inside of it to fly out. And with the mop now in control, it went to the nearest man and swapped it right in the middle of his face, tangling its moppy area into the man's head and hair like it was an octopus. While the man stepped forward and tried escaping its clutches one foot ended up stepping into the bucket and sliding across the room. The mop jumped off the guy's face only moments before he came in contact with the wall, his whole body being thrown against it and the bucket hopped away having only lost its handle.

Stuck in between two dressers, completely made of some type of wood, another man raised an axe. He looked at one of the drawers, ready to smash his axe into it but he never got the chance. Simultaneously, both drawers pushed their top ones open and hit the guy's head. It caused him to fall right to the ground, out like a light only with his tongue sticking out.

One man with incredibly curly hair picked up an innocent looking pan and put it on his head like a helmet. The next thing he knew, numerous types of silverware were jumping up and banging on the pot like it was a set of drums. The man was just barely able to lift the pot off his head.

"Hey this kinda creeps me out you know!" he gasped.

The pot did nothing and the silverware all exchanged glances. They nodded what would be their heads and the smallest spoon climbed on top of the guy and stared at him before getting up to the pot and hitting it once more. Then man became very dizzy and lightheaded.

"You can't do this to me. I am Cor-" And before he could finish his sentence he fell.

One of the fancy chairs charged forward like it was a bull, going after a guy in nothing but red. Not knowing what hit him, he turned to see that the chair was using what would be its hind legs and kicking him right in the rear. Yelping in pain, he lost his balance and tripped on a rug. The rug then started rolling up with the guy trapped in it and leading into a very big trunk. As soon as the guy was inside the trunk, the trunk snapped its top shut and licked its lips and giving a loud belch.

The odd battle of human and household items didn't even stop there. Just as a large group of men were rushing into another one of the rooms, the cart with the sugar holder and gravy bowl zoomed right out the doors and knocked over the men like a set of dominoes.

With all the anarchy occurring in the main room as well as the rooms nearby it was amazing that Sharpay was able to dodge everything. No, she didn't put up a fight with them or use her weapon; she didn't even try to kick them with her boots. Avoiding all the chaos and just being able to make it out of the main room in one piece, Sharpay began her excursion of the castle. The only thing she ran into were a couple of feather dusters doing not just the unthinkable but the impossible. They were actually trying to wreck Sharpay's hair. Though Sharpay was lucky enough not to get a bad hair day by most of them, she was unlucky enough to get stuck with a couple of feather dusters in her hair. She gasped and struggled to get them off of her, only to succeed moments later and nearly tumble over, able to face herself in a nearby mirror on the wall. She breathed heavily and gasped in horror. She might as well have been wearing a Mohawk! It freaked her out just looking at it.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she gasped, letting out one of her high pitched over-dramatic screams. She spun to the feather dusters and glared at them. " MY HAIR!"

The few feather dusters that were unfortunate enough to cause such anger on Sharpay exchanged uneasy glances. Sharpay grabbed a bat lying on the floor and, the next thing the feather dusters knew, they were flown across the hallway and tumbled down the stairs. Scowling, the blond then slammed the bat onto the floor. She looked in numerous directions, knowing that this was of even more utmost importance than locating that son of a Beast.

"Now where is the stinking bathroom around here?" she demanded.

Back in the village Kelsi and Ryan were contemplating on what to do. It was even darker and later at night than it was when the angry mob left and from those who had first started off, Ryan and Mademoiselle Kelsi were the only ones remaining. They weren't too far from the farm and where unaware of what was going on, as well as Donny commencing his plan to free Troy and Taylor.

"Don't you think Sharpay has gone a little too far this time?" Ryan wondered as he rubbed his chin. "I mean, has she gone too far or is it just my imagination?"

"I may keep myself in the dark room of an asylum doing nothing but looking at crazy people and signing papers all day but even I know what goes on out here," Kelsi replied. "That girl may have a sense of style and is incredibly intimidating but she can be so power hungry."

"You know, I should have known Sharpay was going overboard when she told me to wait outside in the cold for Troy and Taylor to get back," Ryan sighed. "I was hiding myself inside a snowman for at least three hours."

Kelsi raised an eyebrow. "That's all?"

"I have no idea," he shook his head, "I lost count after five minutes." He rubbed his chin a little more, then his eyes widened as he turned his head back to Kelsi and snapped his fingers. "Hey why did you go along with Sharpay on this plan anyway?"

" was I supposed to know she was going to take it this far?" Kelsi stammered. She did not do well with being intimidated by anyone...even Ryan. The second anyone started blabbing questions to her, her nerves took control. Not her greed, not her fears, but her nerves.

"You were doing it for the money weren't you?" Ryan gasped.

"Partially..." Kelsi admitted.

"Then what about the rest of the partially part?" Ryan asked.

Now normally Mademoiselle Kelsi would either be greedy and lie, doing whatever it takes to get her hands on some money, or she could let her honest side take over and tell the truth unable to think what could come out of a lie. In this particular case it was the latter that came out.

"A date with you..."

"Really?" he blinked.

"Well, yeah. Sharpay told me that was the second half of my payment if I agreed to her demands and threw Troy in my asylum which would then cause Taylor to go into protective mode and feel the need to save her brother, therefore agreeing to Sharpay's terms to run out of town with her brother and ultimately end up starving with Troy in the woods with no hope of rescue." Kelsi replied all in one breath. She did have an impeccable memory. She could remember things people said...even if they were just acting. Plus she had written a few scenes of plays in her spare time. Hey, she needed something to do when everyone in the asylum was sleeping and all her money was counted. Why not get creative and write?

Ryan raised an eyebrow, seeming completely confused. "Wait a gave in to Sharpay's most selfish demands just to have a chance to go out with me?"

"Yes..." she said quietly.

Ryan shrugged and smiled. "Well sure. I'll go out with you."

Kelsi's eyes lit up and her mouth dropped. Money was the absolute last thing on her mind now. "Really?"

"Sure," Ryan replied. "A guy can get really tired of being surrounded by the same Sharpette kind of girls all day."

And in the middle of their somehow eye to eye conversation, Donny was climbing onto Troy's catapult, trying to figure out how it worked. This was so exciting, he was probably going to watch something fly through the air and crash into something! Getting into what looked like the giant spoon portion of the catapult, Donny looked all around confused. What was this part for? Why was everything made of wood? Was this thing going to explode? turning to a lever, his eyes lightened up with anticipation and curiosity.

"Hey what's this thing do?"

Managing to use his handle to pull the lever, the catapult launched and Donny soared through the air.

Ryan raised an eyebrow, hearing the launch of the catapult. "Hey did you hear something?" he asked Kelsi.

At the same time, Taylor raised an eyebrow in the basement. She was temporarily distracted from her thoughts, having heard something from outside. Turning to her brother, she knew this had to point to him somehow.

"Did you hear something Troy?"

Troy shrugged his shoulders. "Like what?"

The next thing they knew, Donny came crashing through the basement doors. He spun around on the floor looking all dizzy but he didn't look hurt in the least. As a matter of fact, he had a huge smile on his face.

"Hey that was fun!" he exclaimed with a wide smile. "Can we do it again?"

"Donny what did you do?" Taylor gasped knowing it couldn't be good.

"You gotta try that sometime," Donny replied. "If you believe you can fly, you really can. I believe I can fly!"

Troy just blinked. "I think he hit his head too hard."

Taylor rolled her eyes at her brother. As creative and imaginative as she knew Troy was, she knew that his wide variety of humor, invention, and imagination had something to do with being dropped on his own head when he was younger.

Going up the stairs, Troy pushed his hand through the hole in the doors Donny made and reached one of the handles, able to open it. Within seconds, he, Taylor, and Donny were out of the basement and back outside. The three of them stopped to see that now, almost right in front of the doors, stood Kelsi and Ryan. And it shocked them. What were those two still doing here? Troy stared blankly at the two and Taylor's eyes widened. Donny, on the other hand, just looked at them with pure confusion.

"What are you two still doing here?" Taylor asked, being the first to speak up. "The mob...Sharpay...why aren't you both with her?"

"We didn't go with her," Kelsi replied. "She already led the mob towards the castle. Neither of us went with them."

"Ok what am I missing here?" Troy asked.

"Less talking, more moving," Taylor said as she pulled Jimmie out and got on his saddle. "I don't know about you guys but I'm going to the castle. My friends need help."

Kelsi raised an eyebrow. "Your friends? The Beast in there..."

"The Beast is my friend. I'm not letting anything happen to him," Taylor replied. "Are you guys coming or not?"

"You know Taylor I don't really approve of this..." Troy started, but stopped in mid sentence when he saw the look his sister was giving him. "But I don't think we can get there fast enough. Let's move now," he added quickly as he hopped onto Jimmie.

"If it's not too late maybe we can stop the mob. I'll get a horse and follow you," Kelsi said. "The asylum can survive without me for a while."

"What about you, Ryan?" Taylor asked, though she really didn't want to wait another minute.

"If Kelsi's going then I'm going," Ryan said. He and Kelsi then turned bright red and Ryan tried as fast as he could to change his wording. "I mean, I gotta get away from the Sharpettes. I mean I need a new hat. I mean..."

"You're going after your sister?" Taylor finished as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Yes," Ryan squeaked. He snapped his fingers, then held up one finger. "Just one more thing."

"You're gonna stop dressing in so much pink?" Donny exclaimed.

Ryan blinked. "No..." he replied slowly. "If you guys needed to get out of the basement, you could have just told us."

Back at the castle, the battles raged on. Now in the kitchen, the men that ran in there were having numerous problems with what awaited them inside. The butcher from town was able to get in first, but only to come in contact with a long line of jugs on the counter. Each one had a ripe tomato in their covers and as soon as the butcher looked at the group they launched the tomatoes right in his face. The butcher gasped and fell back, unaware that in one of the shelves almost directly above him awaited Gabriella and numerous tea cups. When he looked up there were exactly five of them accompanying her.

"You're going to get it now for invading our castle!" Gabriella exclaimed. "" she seemed to be having problems with her wording.

One of the tea cups next to Gabriella turned to her. "Say it..."

Gabriella turned to the tea cup. "I don't know, Rocketman. It sounds so inappropriate," she said uneasily.

"You know you want to!" he urged.

"Skunk bag!" Gabriella yelled.

The tea cups cheered before they as well as Gabriella poured the hot drinks out of them and spilled them all over the butcher down below.

As more of the mob attempted to reach the kitchen they looked up to see a screaming wardrobe jumping off the side of the staircase and body slamming right on top of them. Of course, it was none other than Martha to stop them from using such dangerous tools and causing any harm to come to her friends. Slamming into him and nearly breaking the floor beneath, Martha's eyes widened with surprise. Not because she was fighting instead of dancing.

"I just found out the perks of having a huge body!" she exclaimed.

And before she could say anything else, two more men came charging at her, one at each side. Martha gasped, but used her fast reflexes and skills as a dancer to dodge them. Not only that, but when they tried coming at her again she got to use her wardrobe doors as arms and stop them from trying to hit her again. They really did work that way! And the other enchanted objects said it wasn't possible to have doors for arms. One more guy came at her, but from inside her wardrobe doors appeared a brush and perfume bottle, both of which jumped right in his face. The guy gasped and actually jumped into the wardrobe. Martha yelped in surprised and closed the doors, with the accessories and clothes she had inside practically putting up a fight against the mad man. As soon as he came tumbling out of her, he screamed in horror to find himself in a coconut bra, hula skirt and a fruit hat, dressed like he was about to dance in a conga line.

"I've got you now," the book keeper smirked as he cornered Zeke, with his torch brighter than ever. "Pay back time for tricking me like that thinking you were just another candle stick before!"

He held the torch closer and closer to Zeke with no escape. Zeke gasped, already feeling his wax melting. Fire could be a candle's greatest asset, but it could also be its greatest weakness. And while Zeke used the fire on his candles all for fun and games, and for defence when necessary, the fire he was now up against was for the sole purpose of destroying him. And honestly, it scared Zeke. He had never been in such a horrible predicament before.

But moments later, at the top of the staircase Jason appeared in what looked like a small yet heavy suit of armor. He laughed and put his hands on his hips. "Hahaha! It's the return of Overprotective Worry-wart Jason Dude!" he exclaimed as he then pulled out a thin tree branch from what would be a sword holder. "And his trusty weapon, Stick Man!" Yes, this is the so-called protective suit that Jason had used the first year everyone had become enchanted objects. He had been so afraid back then...until he realized practically nothing could hurt him. But now he was using his goofy fears for the powers of good. Laughing once more, Jason jumped onto the banister and slid down it, pointing his tree branch outwards.

Zeke quivered with fear as the torch was practically right on top of him, and his wax melting faster than ever. The book keeper was right on top of him so Zeke couldn't see what was happening.

Jason slid down the banister and aimed his stick right at the book keeper, which ultimately poked him in the butt when Jason landed. The book keeper jumped and dropped his torch, screaming in fear. But no, the torch didn't start lighting the whole castle on fire. What had happened instead was the book keeper fell on top of the torch and he screamed in more pain, running out of the castle and his hands over his heated bottom. Jason smirked and he pulled off his armor and threw it over what was left of the torch, somehow able to use it to put out the last of the fire before it could do anything to the castle.

Zeke didn't even get the chance to thank Jason right away. The first thing he saw once the coast was clear for him was a silly looking buff guy ripping out the hairs of Tiara's feathers. Zeke gasped, wondering how he could be so disrespectful of a lady. Well like Zeke said, he hadn't been completely serious about only liking Tiara for her looks and being English. He knew how to treat a long as it didn't get her mad at him. And most certainly, the way this man was ripping at her hairs was not the way to treat her. It was time to use more fire power. Being back at top strength, Zeke lit the fires on his candles once again and hopped over to the man. Standing right under his bottom, Zeke blew hard and ignited the fire on his top candle. Much like the book keeper's reaction, the crazy buff guy jumped and screamed in pain before running out of the castle. He threw Tiara up in the air as he ran, but luckily Zeke had anticipated that. He smiled and held his arms out, making a perfect catch for the little lady in his arms.

"Ooooh, my hero!" Tiara gasped.

Boi was now having issues of his own. Barking wildly, he was leading a small group of the mob around part of the castle. They chased after Boi with their pitch forks until Boi led them through a few big sliding doors. When the men entered they saw Boi cornered, or at least that's what they thought. They just smirked as Boi barked and seemingly holding what looked like a doggy dish. They laughed and slowly approached the barking footstool. But they didn't get much further than a few steps. Right above Boi, numerous cabinets opened and sharp knives revealed themselves which was the first of the boys' worries. In the cabinets above them swung out china plates ready to throw themselves at the men like Frisbees. Boi had led them through some other doors right into the very back corner of the kitchen. And then, when they turned to the other side they could see Jack the stove up against the wall with his fire ignited at its highest level and a creepy laugh escaping him. They gasped and were almost ready to run, but not before they witnessed one more thing that would completely freak them out.

Managing to step slowly towards them, Jack waited until he was almost right in their faces, his oven fire lighting up his face like he was telling a tall ghost tale. Then, he spoke in his deepest possible voice, "Boo."

The men raced out of the castle, followed by the remainder of the mob. Some were running, some were waddling from the pain, some were falling down the stairs and others were actually crawling out.

The enchanted objects gathered in the main room and cheered. Boi was running around in circles quite eagerly, though he still had his doggy dish waiting at his side. Martha was jumping up and down and even shaking what would be her hips like she was doing a victory dance. The chair and chest were jumping, and the coat rack was just clapping like it was still a sophisticated costume designer. Gabriella was laughing and the tea cups were exchanging high fives with their cup handles. Even Tiara was shaking her hips and looking happier than ever. Their mission to protect the castle and their master had been a success.

"And stay outta here!" Jason declared from the top of the staircase, with Zeke waving his arms in victory as well. "Or you'll all have to deal with me and my stick again!"

"And in the spirit of France, I will thank you for helping to save us and me from the angry mob just like any other civilized French man would do!" Zeke declared happily to his friend.

"Wait, what are you...?" Jason started. But he was cut off when Zeke gave him a peck on each of his cheeks. Jason made a face and gently slapped Zeke on his own cheek. "Hey! Personal space much?"

But in all of their goofing off and celebration, even while Taylor rushed with Jimmie, Troy, Donny, Kelsi, and Ryan through the woods and towards the castle as fast as they possible could, they had forgotten one thing. Sharpay was still in the castle and getting closer to the Beast. And she was going to settle this once all this once and for all.

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