Beauty and the Beast HSM Style

Chapter 19

Sharpay continued searching through what felt like a never ending castle for the Beast. The castle was huge and probably had a ton of more rooms she'd have to go through than already done. And she was not going to rest until she found the Beast. Sharpay peaked through any door she could find and climbed numerous staircases. When she even got to a certain point, everything was quiet. There were no more sounds of what was the battle downstairs. There was no more screaming or any other actions of the sort. But that was the least of her worries. Who cared about how many enchanted objects there were in the castle? Who cared if they were all on a rampage fighting the villagers? Not Sharpay.

Finally, she found herself not too far from the West Wing. She was walking past the steps that led up to there. And as she walked by in what was now a casual manner, sure enough that she had nothing to worry about at this point, Sharpay couldn't help but look up the staircase and quirk an eyebrow. It seemed so dark and deserted. And from what she knew that meant two things - that it was the dustiest and most unkempt place in the castle, and that there had to be something up there. Certain that it was what she was looking for, the blond began to climb up the stairs. She was beginning to see all the same things that Taylor saw when she had ventured up there. Barely anything had changed. And even though Sharpay knew she had been to this castle once before, something was just telling her that it was so different. Why else would she have not known where to go? Yes, she knew exactly where she was going now. Sharpay was sure of it - she knew this place. She knew the direction she was going in. She knew this room. And yet, despite the mess and the dust it did not stop her from going on ahead. Nor did the wildcat-like doorknobs scare her off. Sharpay was still going for it. She could just feel something pulling her into the West Wing.

And surely enough, as soon as she stepped through the doors, she found what she was looking for. There he was, sitting in the darkness of the room just staring outside at the storm. Even if she was just looking at his back Sharpay still knew dang well what she was looking at. It was the Beast. And despite his huge looks and how hideous he must look from the front side, Sharpay was not worried. She didn't even look the least bit scared. All she did was smirk. Everything was going exactly according to plan. And now the Beast will pay for what he did to her.

Sharpay smirked and folded her arms, lightly tapping her foot against what felt like to her such a decrepit floor. "Hello Beast."

The Beast turned his head slightly in Sharpay's direction. He did not recognize the voice and quite frankly, he didn't care at this point. It wasn't who he was hoping for and it wasn't who he wanted. He looked at the blond woman for a few seconds before sighing and turning his head back towards what was now a window, the one thing that had been added to the West Wing. He was no longer staring outside and letting the heavy snow or raindrops cascade into his territory; he was now just staring out a large piece of glass outside as though he were a loyal puppy waiting for his own master to return.

But Sharpay took to this differently. Oddly enough she wasn't demanding his attention. In fact, part of her had been expecting this. If he wasn't going to willingly give his attention to her, then Sharpay would merely have to get his attention herself. On her own terms.

"Or should I say, 'hello prince'."

The Beast's head shot up at an instant. He didn't once take his eyes away from the window but he had heard the girl loud and clear. It was something he had never expected to hear. His tight curly fur almost seemed to loosen uncontrollably at her words, he gritted his teeth involuntarily at the response, and his disproportionate ears even twitched slightly as if to make sure they heard her correctly.

"What did you call me?" he asked quietly, but still in a cold voice.

Sharpay's smirk remained glued to her face. Now they were getting somewhere. But what fun would it be just to jump into an explanation? After all, they weren't in the village anymore. Perhaps it was time to bend the rules a little. Or secretly stick to her own. Only one way to find out what she was planning.

"Did you do something different with this place? I don't remember you having such ugly curtains hanging around," she stated, merely holding as little of one of the torn curtains as she could. Yes - Sharpay was going to beat around the bush. The Beast was the one who wanted answers now and she wasn't going to give them easily. She'd been kept waiting for her own answers all these years. So now it was payback time.

The Beast didn't take well to this. "What did you call me?" he repeated, his voice only rising slightly.

Yet she continued to stall. "My, my, my, you have let your quarters go. You really should hire a better cleaning service. You know, I did mention the last time I came here that you could use better maids, not those scrappy liars like what's-her-face from who-knows-where."

The Beast now turned to face her fully. His mind was temporarily off of his own problems. As heavy as his heart still was, he wasn't going to stand around and listen to some chick talk nonsense. He wanted to know what her angle was and what she was doing here. And more importantly, what kind of authority she had to question him and to go making accusations about his life...even if they were true.

"I will ask you again. What did you call me?" he demanded.

Aw, he was getting more than annoyed now. Sharpay would have to fix that...or not. She faced him and pointed to the window. "Now when did you get that put up in here? You know, I did tell you there was a slight breeze in here the last time I was around."

"It was a recent installation," he muttered.

Sharpay gasped sarcastically. "No, is it?"

"Yes. I had it put in about a week ago..." he started. Wait a minute, why was he wasting his time with this girl? Why was any of this her business? "What did you call me?" he questioned again, somehow managing to get back on track.

"Oh, not in much of a talking mood I see," Sharpay replied innocently. "Such a pity, actually. I was hoping for us to get reacquainted after all this time."

"What are you talking about?" the Beast hissed. "I've never seen you before."

"You'd like to think that wouldn't you?" Sharpay replied as she folded her arms. There was no more thinking. No more description of her thoughts. This was all pure dialogue now. Just the mere exchange of words between the two characters.

"You're not making any sense," he replied.

"Oh I'm sorry." Sharpay said innocently. "How about I try to make some sense for a monster like yourself to understand? I was one of the many girls you so rudely turned down."

"What?" he replied.

"So you don't remember? You don't remember how I came all this way with numerous other girls to win your heart and become your princess?" she interrogated, beginning to walk in circles around him. "Ok well I do understand how you were able to turn down all those other girls so easily. There was nothing special about them. But how could you turn down me? Me of all people? I'm one of the richest and most powerful people in the village. I am the most fashionable girl in that place there is. And I am the most gorgeous of them all. How could you turn down someone like me?"

"Why should I ever choose someone as selfish as you to be my princess?" the Beast scowled.

"Oh, you're calling me selfish?" she scoffed. "Think again, Beast. You're the one who's selfish! Getting everything handed to you on a silver platter. Being born into royalty and living in a castle ruling the whole land. Being able to do what you want when you want. Who could be prettier than me for you? Don't you get it, Beast? We are perfect for each other! We were made for each other!"

As Sharpay spoke lightning struck in the sky and thunder roared. It was clear that the storm was as harsh as her anger. And it wasn't about to slow down any time soon.

But the Beast wasn't going to sit around and listen to Sharpay yakking away. The answer to her original question was simple: he didn't love her. Maybe back then all he wanted was a pretty face. No, just a little more than that. Someone who could listen to him and take orders like a servant. That was the world he was raised in. He was born a spoiled prince, so he grew up a spoiled prince. It was that simple. None of the girls he ever saw in that world amused him. He was never attracted to any of them. Yes...yes, part of his memory was coming back now. It was even beginning to get to a point where he was reliving his childhood in his mind. The way everything looked to him was just as it all looked now. Bleak. Dark. Stormy. Cold. Lifeless.

One would think that most princes would be betrothed to a princess at a young age, or at least be set up with someone by their parents while growing up. But it was never like that for the Beast. He recalled as a teenager being told that the time would come where he would have to choose a suitable woman to rule the kingdom with him. His father had said that when he died it would be the time for the prince to marry. After all what good was a prince to rule the kingdom as a king when there was no queen by his side? As a result, numerous of his servants got together and called forth the best women from the land. All he would have to do was choose one of them.

That must have been where this blond girl came in. She had to have been one of the angry girls he had turned down. If anything good came out of that, the Beast could see now how he could have never chosen someone like that. She was just like him when he was younger...only more feminine. Something along those lines. But unfortunately, nothing came to mind exactly about that day. It was all a blur to him. Because the next big part of his memory that came after that was the curse.

It was a dark and stormy night. Rain came pouring down and there was a cold wind from outside. Servants were instructed to slam the doors shut so there wouldn't be a single breeze entering the castle. It must have been around the winter time. Jack had been preparing turkey in the kitchen with Zeke supervising and helping around. It was most easy to remember the expression on Jack's face, most likely depression from the fact that no one wanted his steaks for that day. No, turkeys weren't good enough for him. Lousy gobbling birds, Jack would normally say. That was besides the point.

Jason had been busy instructing everyone with the decorations in preparation for something...and failing at that. The poor guy had no eye for color; he kept putting yellow and purple together. While Jason was hard at work with that, Martha was putting together some music. It was the one thing that the Beast had approved of at the time. Even he knew that working in silence was rather boring. That's why whenever he had something important to take care of, even something as of little importance as signing a few papers, he had to have someone playing music or singing for him. He just couldn't focus in the quiet like that.

The Beast, at that time The Prince, had been observing everything from his throne. Gold, of course. At the time, Gabriella approached him with Donny who back then was much more child-like.

"What do you want?" The Prince demanded as they approached him. "Can't you see I'm busy?"

"I'm awfully sorry for the interruption, master," Gabriella apologized. Back then all she had been was sweet and sugary. It seemed so much harder for her to develop a backbone; that came after the transformation. Much like with Jason's newfound clumsiness. "But there is someone at the door asking for you."

"Well, tell them to leave," the Prince insisted. "There's too much work to be done around here!"

"But she's not goin away," Donny shook his head. "And she's really creepy too."

"Did I say you could speak?" he argued.

"Sowwy mastew," Donny apologized in a babyish voice.

Now that was probably the only other thing that worked on the Prince. But it usually only worked with the youngest members of the castle. At least he wasn't completely heartless.

"Never mind. I'll shoo her away myself," the Prince replied as he stormed down the stairs of his throne and over to the front door. He opened the large doors only to see an old woman standing in the rain. She had nothing but a large jacket on and a hood over her head. And even in the darkness of her cloak as well as the dark and stormy sky he could easily make out her face. It was pale and wrinkly, covered in warts and moles and such. And her hands, sticking out of the over sized sleeves, were thin and even more wrinkly if it were at all possible. One look at her and the Prince was easily disgusted with her.

"Didn't you hear my servants? they said to get out."

"I'm sorry to disturb you at this late hour," the beggar woman apologized, "but it's awfully horrid out here. I need a place to stay just for the night. Until the storm passes."

"And why should I let someone like you into my castle?" he questioned.

It was then that the woman held up a glowing rose. Even in the thunderstorm it glistened ever so brightly, though it was clearly not in full bloom yet.

"If you let me in I will give you this rose, sir. It's all I have to offer."

The young man scoffed at her. "An ugly, useless old woman with something just as useless to offer. There's no place in my castle for you. Be gone!" With that he slammed the doors right in her face. The Prince then began storming over to his servants and continue supervising all the action that was occurring in the main room. But he didn't get a chance to go very far. Seconds after he slammed the front doors, they curst open again and an even powerful breeze rushed in. It disturbed the workers and their attention was drawn the beggar woman, who was now floating in midair. The Prince turned and looked at her, shocked by this power she seemed to obtain from out of nowhere. Then, before his very eyes and in a bright flash of light, the beggar woman transformed into a beautiful enchantress. The Prince's mouth dropped in surprise at her appearance. Even the main group of the castle, Zeke, Jason, Gabriella, and Donny, got together to observe this and looked just as much in shock. Everyone else in the castle who had a view of the scene just froze in their place, eyes widened and mouths dropped open.

"You have been decieved by your own cold heart," the enchantress spoke, eyes straight on the prince as if she were staring into his very soul. "A curse upon your house and all who live in it. Until you have found one to love you as you are, you shall remain forever a Beast."

And with that numerous sparks of light began floating throughout the castle. Those who did not see what was going on would not have known what occurred, except for that the next thing they knew they had transformed. It was at that moment that everyone became the enchanted objects. Zeke's body became skinnier and his arms much more flabby; he could feel his head thinning and shrinking before collapsing down to the ground and rubbing his head only to see that his hands have been replaced with candles, and just moments later was able to see that the rest of his body was a candelabra. Jason felt as though he were becoming bloated when as a matter of fact he was growing smaller and his body transforming into more of a square shape; unaware at that moment that he had turned into a clock, as Jason tried to get to his feet he merely ended up stumbling down at his now fattened legs. All Gabriella felt was a bloating feeling as her body fattened and her nose grew, but rather upwards instead of outwards; slipping onto the floor she felt completely useless as she was now lacking in arms and legs. All Donny could tell that he was shrinking while everything else became bigger; he suddenly felt the urge to name round things, as becoming a teacup nearly every part of his body had some sort of round aspect to it.

As for the the Prince, the flickering lights completely surrounded him. The hair that was already on his body naturally began spreading and growing uncontrollable. His legs painfully shifted into what felt more like hind legs and his arms fattened with more hair and muscles. His fingernails grew long until they were nothing but sharp darkened claws. His jaw spread out and became part of a snout as even more hair grew around his body and his teeth shifted into hideous fangs. The curly hair on his head suddenly surrounded his entire face leaving only his eyes visible; that hair spread as his face shifted in structure until it completely blended in him and had become actual fur. And lastly, as his clothes ripped, unable to fit his much larger body, a furry tail grew painfully from his behind and spread around his legs. The last thing that was heard was not one mighty roar, not two from the pain and horror of the transformation, but a full three. That was when he truly became a monster.

Once the Beast snapped out of his flashback he could see the blond still standing there in his territory just staring at him. Her glare was icy and her arms were folded. She didn't even pay attention to his now heavy breathing or the slight sweat that he felt dripping down his face. All she wanted were answers. And from that girl's point of view, she wasn't getting any. So surely enough, she wouldn't leave until she got some.

"You don't remember anything do you?" she demanded.

No, that wasn't entirely true. The Beast did remember. He remembered the way he was brought up and what shame his life had brought him. He remembered everything that he and his servants had to go through not just by living with him, but by dealing with their current situation. But he didn't remember the exact story behind this girl. The only thing he knew for sure was that she was one of the women who had attempted, how would one say it, to hook up with him. All the Beast could do in response was turn his head away from her as his crestfallen expression returned. It had now completely dawned on him that they were never getting out of this mess. That the castle and everyone living in it would be under the curse forever because of him. But what might have been the worse part of it was that was that this woman would be the last person he would see, hear, or speak to, as the Beast was fully aware of the rose's approaching death. He knew there were a few mere petals left on it and this girl was going to make it worse for him. No, not because she was there demanding answers from him as the prince, but because she could never understand what was going on. And she was most certainly not any kind of person that he would want to spend any last minutes with, whether it be the minutes of hopelessly hoping to become human again before everything becoming permanent or the last minutes of life.

Sharpay scowled. This certainly wasn't going according to plan. There was only one thing to do now. "Well then I'll just have to refresh your memory!" she raised her voice, nothing but anger in her eyes. And she wasn't going to skip out on a single detail.

It was shortly after Sharpay and Ryan had gone their separate ways. Sharpay was anxiously awaiting her turn with the prince. She was sure that all of this was in the bag. If she could win him over with her charm and charisma hen she would most certainly become his queen. Princess Sharpay. Now that certainly had a nice ring to it. Queen Sharpay...even better.

As soon as she was given the signal to enter his quarters, Sharpay did just that. Yes at the time he still resided in the West Wing. There was no way this was all going to be held in the main room for some kind of audience. But even if she had heard massive yelling, Sharpay would certainly not be scared off. This was her chance to become royalty. And this castle of the prince's could most certainly use a tidying up. Sharpay took one look at the girl who gave her access to the West Wing. Looking all smiling and happy. Pheh. Whatever her job was, she was sure the girl was doing a lousy job of it. Sharpay looked at the girl for all of five seconds and she already disliked her. But that was of little importance. What mattered now was getting the prince to agree to marry her. But even in the brightness of day the West Wing appeared dark. A tad neater than it would eventually become, but still dark. As a result, Sharpay could not get a good look at the prince's face. But she distinctly remembered a few features of his.

His body sturcture. He stood tall and almost dignified. Sharpay could see the muscles he possessed and assumed he was definitely a strong person. Not too lanky, thin, or fat. An overall decent body structure. Most certainly worthy of the title 'prince' with that alone.

His hair. Even in a shadow she could see the curls poof out as they did so. With only a thin layer of light was Sharpay able to determine that his locks were some shade of brown. And while it was slightly distracting, it couldn't have made him any less attractive.

His eyes. Last but not least. Even in the darkest of shadows their brown shade just seemed to stick out. It didn't even matter what emotion they were full of, if any. All that mattered was that they were brown and purely it meant that the rest of his face had to be just as good looking as those eyes.

Deciding to put on her first best impression, Sharpay smiled sweetly and gave her usual curtsy. Yes, that was the proper way to greet anyone of authority. Men bowed and women curtsied. So old-fashioned they were.

"It's an honor to meet you. My name is Sharpay and it gives me great pleasure just to be in your presence, Prince Ch-"

But before she could finish, he held up a hand and cut her off. "That's 'Master' or 'Sir' to you. I'll even accept 'your highness'."

Sharpay scoffed. She couldn't help it, it was a natural reaction to an attitude like that. "What, no 'your majesty'?"

"That was my father," he replied coldly. "You do not call me by my first name, understand?"

Sharpay would have loved to debate over that. After all, she was never one to back down from a good argument. If someone told Sharpay that she was wrong then she would argue to the death to prove that she was right. But unfortunately, now was not the time to do so. What she had to focus on was getting this chance. Just by being princess...why, think of all the things she could do! She could change the world!

"Of course, sir," Sharpay responded. "Now if I may..."

"No you may not," he interrupted. "I've had a long day of talking to these girls so I want to make this quick. The sooner I meet someone the quicker we can all get on with our lives. I'm a very busy man."

What Sharpay would have loved to say is, 'you're a very stupid man'. But she refrained herself from doing so, knowing it would cost her this chance.

"My brother and I have traveled from the village. Everyone knows of this castle and what great political power resides within these walls, sir," she started. "But few have ever dared to see it for themselves. so I traveled here with my brother to see this power for myself. And I want to be a part of it. I want to give the people someone who would be perfect as ruler of a kingdom. I want to get out of that village and start the lief that I deserve. No...that everyone deserves to have."

Alright now maybe some of that was being a tad dramatic...but it is Sharpay. And hey, anything to win the prince over. He almost seemed interested in her, though his tone didn't prove it.

"So why should I let you be mine? Why should I have my time bothered by you for the rest of my life?" he questioned.

"Because deep down, I'm royalty," Sharpay stated simply. "My father is one of the richest men in all of this small town of France. And he started out by working in this very castle. He was the royal adviser of the king. Your father."

It was difficult to see the Prince's facial reaction, but his voice didn't sound thrilled at the memory. "Ah, yes. The man who turned his back on this castle and all who relied on him."

How dare anyone talk about her father that way! "He had better plans. Bigger dreams ahead. He got his start here and this was one of the very things that made him the man he was today. If he left this castle for no other reason, it was for my mother."

It was the Prince's turn to scoff. "So he left for a peasant woman?"

Now Sharpay was going to put up a fight. And she didn't care who it was with. "He fell in love!"

"There is no such thing as love!" the Prince fought. "The only thing in this world that even matters is yourself. And in my life, I'm all that matters. Because in this kingdom it is a prince's job to rule the land. But according to my father, the job of a king is a two-way street. He needs a woman by his side. And for what? They can't help with war. They don't know how to rule a kingdom! And who is it that does most of the work if not all? Not the Queen, but the King."

"So that's all we're here for? Just to be your eye candy?" Sharpay demanded. "Well I will not be treated to or spoken to that way. You, SIR, have just cost yourself the perfect woman for the job."

"Then get out of my castle!" the Prince bellowed.

"Oh I'll not only get out of your castle, but I'll leave and never come back." Sharpay yelled. "I swear on my brother's grave that one day, if I ever do return, then this castle and your kingdom will be mine!" And with that, she turned on her heel and stormed out of the West Wing. Sharpay pushed open the doors and made her way angrily down to the main room, removing anyone who got in her way. And as soon as she reached the first floor she easily came across her brother, who had no choice but to follow her.

"Wait...did you say my grave?" Ryan gasped as he followed his sister out. "But I'm not dead yet!"

Sharpay merely glared at the Beast as she finished her story. Yes, that's all exactly what happened. Despite whatever tale she fed to her comrades back in the village, that story was the whole truth. And why wouldn't she lie about the whole story? Sharpay didn't want to come out seeming like the bad guy...even if she sort of did serve as an antagonist. And she certainly didn't want to make people think the prince turned her down. But really, she turned him down. But word of that could never get out. Her reputation would be ruined. And because of that day, Sharpay vowed revenge on the prince. For the way he treated her and for the way his father treated hers. Because, even if Sharpay didn't know the entire story...or if she just heard it one-sided from her father's point of view and therefore making it biased...she was still sure that the previous ruler had treated her father with as much respect as the prince had given her. Sharpay deserved that throne and her family deserved the castle. She was merely taking what was rightfully hers.

But the Beast saw it completely differently. He didn't want to think about that day anymore, remembering how he acted. It was bad enough that he knew he had grown up his whole life being that cold. That was exactly why he was transformed into this hideous monster. He had become exactly what he'd been his entire life. But he wasn't like that anymore. He didn't want to be that rotten, spoiled, selfish prince. He knew better than that now. He could be a better person. And he knows he has been. Even his castle staff has seen it. They had proof that he had changed. The guy that the Beast had been for even a little time now, the guy that one girl helped him become, that was the person he wanted to the only one good thing about that day, about his whole life, is that if he hadn't acted that way then he wouldn't be where he was today and he would have never met the girl of his dreams. And if the Beast was sure of anything else it was this: he wouldn't take Sharpay back then, he certainly wouldn't take her now, and he most definitely would never take her in the future nor would he let her get her hands on his throne.

There was one minor issue, however. The Beast was not willing to actually fight. Argue maybe, but not fight. That was the old him. The new him wouldn't fight like that...and most certainly not with a girl. Only glancing at the falling rose from the corner of his eye, the Beast knew that there was little time left. So how could he do anything? How could he stop this girl from getting what she wanted? What point would there be to even put up a fight? There was nothing left to fight for. Sure, there was the castle staff. The kingdom itself. But there was no one person there for him. No one to give him that motivation he needed. no one person to fight for. But what caused the conflict was that if he didn't do something then the Beast would be letting the entire castle down. And he knew that everyone who lived in it wanted to be human just as bad as he did. But through his wrath and horror as a prince, the servants had each other. If anyone else, even the most evil person, took over then they would still have each other to lean on. Zeke and Jason would have their friendship. Gabriella would have her brother Donny. But who would the Beast have?

Sharpay scowled. This was not going well at all. He was completely ignoring her. This stupid spineless Beast...that's all he was! She could see right through him. He wasn't going to fight her at all. He wasn't even going to try. What was he? Too weak? Too pathetic? Too kind? Well Sharpay was certainly going to fix that. And what kind of climax would it be if there wasn't some kind of dramatic fight scene? All Sharpay needed was one weapon. With one weapon she could ward him off easily. Maybe even knock him off the castle roof if it came down to that. As a last result, of course. Who wanted a murderer as a ruler?

What probably irked Sharpay the most and what was driving her to put up some kind of fight - any kind of fight - was that he was disrespecting her again. He did that three years ago and it was happening again. Sharpay would have never imagined it. But she knew when she saw the Beast's face in that enchanted mirror, the same one that was still safely tucked in her jacket pocket, it was the Prince. There had just been something about him that seemed familiar. And so she journeyed to the castle, leading the angry mob. It wasn't just to show them the way or take charge of them. It was all a personal matter. And Sharpay knew when she took charge what going back to the castle meant.

Well...alright, she wasn't entirely sure. It could mean anything. An exchange of power in the throne, a battle between human and monster, getting revenge.... She pretty much would have suspected anything but dealing with fighting a bunch of living, breathing, objects. For common household use. Feather dusters and clocks and chairs...who knew those things could put up such a fight? But there was no need to get distracted now; they were wasting time. It was time, once and for all, to end this.

Hating the fact that the Beast had no completely forgotten about her existence, Sharpay slipped off one of her shoes from her feet. She squinted, attempting to get the best aim possible, and then threw her shoe with all her might at the Beast. What did you think she was going to do, take off her shoes and wait for a real man to return them to her like a fairy tale? So not likely. This was the furthest thing from a fairy tale now. This was an all-out battle; something with a big meaning to it that would ultimately affect the end of the story. Sharpay had the upper hand now. Her shoe smacked the Beast right in the face. A faint roar escaped him, which was most likely from shock or being caught off guard. Maybe it was more of a heavy pant. But not only did the shoe hit him in a sensitive spot, but Sharpay had thrown it hard enough to knock the Beast right off his feet - paws, rather. The back blow caused him to topple over and crash into the window. He slipped out of it and onto the castle roof in the pouring rain, taking numerous pieces of glass from the window with him and leaving a trail of pieced of it behind. And yet somehow there was barely a scratch on him. Fighting the wolves did more damage to him than taking a hit with the mirror. But luckily for the Beast, he did not get close enough to the edge to plummet to his doom. The claws on his hind legs dug into the roof and he was safe. For the time being.

Sharpay watched this, carefully examining the Beast's every move. She walked over to her shoe and slipped her foot back into it. The rain began pouring through the shattered wall and Sharapy could feel the faint drops on her face and the powerful breeze against her entire body. She glared at the Beast as he managed to stand up straight again, but it was as though she were watching him to conduct a strategy. Then she slowly stepped out of the west Wing and onto the roof. Every step she made was slow yet careful so she wouldn't be the one ending up slipping and plunging to her death. Even she was too smart to fall for that. There was an aura of drama and suspense in the air and creepy yet dramatic music could almost be heard, as it would be the perfect score for the scene.

There was only one thing it was time to do now. And Sharpay knew exactly what that answer was.

"We finish this now."

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