Beauty and the Beast HSM Style

Chapter 20

Sharpay and the Beast were now seen on the roof as the fierce downpour continued. The roof may have been made slippery from the rain, but Sharpay and the Beast both seemed to be doing a good job of keeping their balance. What might have been helping, however, was that neither of them were moving. Their respective places atop the castle was where they had been practically since entering the outside. After Sharpay had knocked the Beast through the window with her shoe the Beast had tumbled forwards but was lucky enough to have not fallen off; in that space was now where he was standing, though it was nothing like a fighting stance. Sharpay, on the other hand, wanted nothing but a fight. Any kind of fight. As far as she was considered, if the Beast could fall off the roof and plummet down then victory would be hers. And nothing was going to get in her way. There was no more scheming. There was no more plotting. All there was now was the faint aura of tension in the air and nothing but suspense.

Sharpay took her first step forwards and eyed the Beast directly. Now why wouldn't he fight her? Surely he had enough power to easily dispose of her. Yet it didn't frighten Sharpay. And still the Beast didn't even raise a finger at her. What was his angle? Sharpay wasn't afraid of him; even if he moved an inch she didn't flinch. All that creature was doing was just standing there staring at her like he didn't even have any will to stand. This was not the Beast she saw in the magic mirror. This was not the monster that could turn a person's blood to ice. This was not the menace who could threaten to steal children and eat them in one gulp. She just wanted to know why. Why didn't he want to battle? Why was he no longer raising his voice? Why did he seem so weak and pathetic?

"What's the matter, Beast?" she questioned as thunder roared in the night sky. "Too kind and gentle to do anything?"

The Beast didn't respond. He was kind and he was gentle; he knew very well that he was capable of being both of those things. But he wasn't going to fight a girl. If he were a human he could thumb wrestle one...or at least he used to. The thumb wrestling thing was one of the reasons Tiara was even working there. Let's just say they had a bet, she beat him, and it completely sealed the deal to her working in the castle. But still, he would never actually fight a girl. And he just couldn't fight right now. He had no willpower to. There was nothing for him to fight for, nothing waiting for him when the battle would be through. What good reason was there for him to fight this chick?

"Answer me, Beast!" Sharpay demanded.

But he didn't. He just looked away from her and down towards the ground from their high-off place.

Sharpay scowled. No more stalling. There was far too much of it tonight. Searching the rooftop her eyes finally landed on a broken tree branch stuck up there. Now maybe she couldn't do much with it, but maybe it could get him started instead of just ignoring her. And Sharpay despised being ignored. Picking up the stick, she rose it in the air and prepared to strike...despite how pathetic and weak it might have really looked.

"Sharpay stop!"

Sharpay blinked hearing the familiar voice. Her eyes searched the skies for a minute before ending up looking down towards the front of the castle. Just as she thought; it was Ryan. He and Kelsi had just arrived on a pair of horses. While Sharpay was awfully high up, she was aware of her brother's powerful eyesight. It was like how she had a sensitive sense of smell that way; she had the strong nose and he had the strong sense of vision. It was no surprise he could see her up there. But the question was, what was he doing here? And to add to that, what was he doing here with Kelsi? Yes, she could just make out their figures from where she was.

"What are you doing here Ryan?" she yelled.

"Sharpay, stop what you're doing!" Ryan called back. "You're taking this too far!"

"Don't tell me what to do Ryan. It's none of your business!" she replied.

"But it is my business because you're my sister!" he called.

"Stay out of this!" she insisted.

Ryan held in a grunt at his sister's stubbornness. He knew she was taking this too far. Even he wasn't sure exactly what for, but it had to be stopped. And even more importantly, she was still on the roof. In this weather she could slip and fall.

"What are we going to do, Ryan?" Kelsi asked him, her more caring and sweet side easily outweighing any greed or anger she had felt.

"We have to get her down from there. Or at least I do." Ryan answered as he started pacing around.

"But how?" she asked.

The Beast listened to everything that was going on. So Sharpay had some people waiting for her. She actually had something to fight for. But what did he have? Absolutely nothing. He sighed sighed and kept his eyes off of as much as he could. So if she was going to finish him off now she might as well do it. And just as thunder boomed loudly, the Beast couldn't believe what he heard next.


The Beast turned his head slightly and he was in even more disbelief. But as hard as it was to believe what he saw, there it was in plain sight. There she was. Just entering the castle grounds from behind Sharpay's fan club was Taylor on Jimmie with her brother Troy. She was here...she came back... But how? When? Why? She was here!

"Taylor..." he said softly, still trying to believe it.

Sharpay growled. It wasn't bad enough that her own brother and what's-her-face was here to sabotage her master plan, but so was her own arch rival! And her own geek patrol, too! How dare she butt in again. Now she knew for sure. Sharpay could tell as clear as day what was going on. The Beast was picking that...that… Riff-raft? He was picking that riff-raft over her! What made him think she was worthy of him? There was no way Sharpay was going to let Taylor steal her spotlight again. Still looking very much on the pathetic side, Sharpay raised the broken branch again.

But it didn't even get the chance to strike. In a millisecond, the Beast raised his mighty paw and fiercely grabbed the stick, knocking it completely out of her hands and sending it flying across the sky. He was done just sitting back and being a pussy cat. He had a reason to put up some kind of fight now. He was done being pushed around by this Ice Princess.

But down below, that could have been interpreted as something completely different. To Ryan, he was thinking that the Beast truly was a monster and was going to destroy his sister. But Taylor knew the Beast would never do that. He had to only be trying to defend himself. He wasn't someone who would purposely hurt someone else - or worse.

"Let's go, Jimmie." she told the Shetland.

Jimmie then sped towards the door as Troy jumped down off of him and was able to easily kick them open with his front hooves. Once they were in the castle, Taylor hopped off of him and hurried as fast as she could up the stairs. There was only one way to get to them, and that was through the West Wing. She just hoped she could get there before it was too late.

"Taylor don't be reckless! What do you think you're doing?" Troy called after her even though she was well out of earshot from him by now.

Ryan didn't waste another minute. He ran into the castle and attempted to follow Taylor, even though he lost sight of her and got lost much quicker than anticipated.

"Ryan!" Kelsi gasped. Now he was the one being so reckless. Was this how bad everything was when she wasn't cooped inside a dark building or dark room? She groaned and turned to Troy, being that aside from the other horses he was the only one out there with her now and who she could turn to for questions. "What do we do now?"

Troy sighed. He really wished that there was another answer, but there wasn't. "We just have to wait and hope for a miracle, I guess." Because really, what else could that do? They couldn't interfere. If they tried following they'd easily get lost. The most they could do, aside from wishing for a miracle, was to stay where they were and watch what was going on. Who knows, maybe an idea would come to them somehow. More than anything else, Troy just hoped that someone wouldn't get hurt from this.

Donny watched all of this from Troy's shoulder. He looked at Troy and Kelsi, then back up towards the roof. He had been quiet all this time, but now seemed like a pretty good time to speak up.

"So...if this is like an action movie we're watching, who's got the popcorn?"

Sharpay was backing away from the Beast and it was getting to the point where they were moving all about the roof. But both were lucky enough to not be falling off. As scared as Sharpay looked right now, she wasn't going to be going anywhere without a fight. All she needed to do was keep him away somehow. If only she had that stupid sword....

Not looking where she was going, Sharpay tripped over something and rolled off where she was but landed on a separate section of the roof. She could see the Beast jumping down after her. Gasping, Sharpay stayed facing him and tried her best using her hands and feet to back away. But he kept ganging on her. There had to be something she could use to ward him off. Where was that arch enemy of hers she could use as a shield or something?

Then her eyes fell on something. It was a loose statue, its head almost compeltely broken off somehow. That was exactly what she needed. Sharpay had something to defend herself with now. All she had to do was pull the sweet and helpless act on this creature. She smirked to herself, and easily had her look turn to fright and horror as soon as the Beast was practically on top of her.

"Don't hurt me. Please, just please don't hurt me," she begged. "I'll do anything. I beg you, just please don't kill me!"

The Beast gritted his teeth and glared at her. He wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine right now. Part of him really did want to hurt her. But he was better than that. He knew it. So he couldn't hurt her, even though she was being a complete pest right just couldn't bring himself to strike her. So he slowly backed away from her, though he was still glaring at her.

Sharpay smirked at his movements. "That's a good monster. Too bad you're far too trusting!" Her voice quickly went from sweet to snappy in between the two sentences. Grabbing the statue's head and just able to pull it off, she flung it at the Beast. It struck him on the side of his face and he roared, flinching back and rubbing where it hurt. That son of a.... How could he fall for that so easily?

"Give it up Beast!" Sharpay declared as lightning struck again and she got back up to her feet. "I'll always think of a way to bounce back at you. Even if it's the most simple way, I'll bounce back and take what is rightfully mine. Do you hear me, Beast!"

The Beast turned to face her again and roared. He wasn't going to fall for her tricks again. He'd make sure of it. All he had to do was make her the one to back off, even for a minute. He growled and then got ready to gang up on her. But he was barely even able to get far.

"Stay away from my sister!"

The Beast stopped in his tracks and looked up where the voice was coming from. Sharpay did the same, breathing heavily and attempting to catch her breath. She almost pictured what could have happened to her if it wasn't for that voice. And once again, it was him. Not too far up above them on just a nearby area of the roof, Ryan was standing there with a sword in hand. Where he got that from, it could have been her own somehow or maybe he had stolen it from somewhere in the castle. But with more lightning, Ryan almost looked like someone to fear. But there was of course one major catch: Ryan would have to have enough guts to strike somehow. Just because he held any kind of weapon in his hands didn't mean that he would willingly use it. Ryan was no fighter and he hated for anyone to get hurt, especially by his hands. And even now the fear could be seen in his eyes just holding the sword. His hands were shaking and he was biting his lower lip, a sure sign that he wouldn't fight. And truth be told, Ryan was just hoping the Beast would fall for this bluff and back away from Sharpay.

But there was barely even a chance for anyone to react. Lightning struck again but this time, it struck right at the area of the roof where Ryan was. No, it didn't hit him thankfully. But it was awfully close. Ryan gasped at how close it came to frying him and he jumped back, almost falling off.

"Ryan!" Sharpay gasped as she struggled to get up and go check on him.

But what neither of them saw was that the weapon literally flew out of Ryan's gasp. It flipped high into the air before landing on the highest part of the roof, just at the corner of the tower, but looking awfully close to the edge. And the truth was, it was that close. It was so close to the edge that it was wobbling, looking like it was going to fall at an instant at any given moment. The problem with that, however, was that it was out of everyone's wouldn't know when it would strike or how. And now at the moment, the weapon was the last thing on any of their minds.

Sharpay continued forcing herself to climb up to reach her brother. The Beast had now become nothing to her.

"Ryan are you alright?" she gasped.

"I...I think so," he stammered, sitting up on his bottom as more lightning struck. Thankfully, it didn't strike in front of him again. "That thing almost baked me like our Thanksgiving turkey last year. And that turkey was huge!"

Sharpay had managed to make it up to him and sat down in front of him.

"Ryan don't scare me like that," she said breathlessly.

"Ok, I'm sorry," he apologized, calming down a bit. "Can we please get down from here?"

"Oh mon Dieu!" Zeke gasped as he heard footsteps in the hallway from inside the castle. "Is there more invaders?"

"Quick, we have to go back into battle mode! someone call the cavalry! The giant horses! something!" Jason exclaimed.

But moments later, the enchanted objects were suprised to find Tylor running through the castle as fast as she could.

"Holy caholy..." Jason's jaw dropped.

"Mademoiselle, wait!" Zeke called as the boys rushed to catch up to her.

Just down the hallway as Gabriella exited one of the rooms she could see Taylor run by. She gasped and did her best to catch up...which was a bit easier than it was for the boys, also considering that Gabriella was closer than them.

"Taylor you're back!" Gabriella exclaimed.

"Gabriella I need to find the Beast. I saw him on top of the castle with Sharpay," Taylor replied as she ran, barely making eye contact.

"Who's that?" Gabriella wondered. "The only other people we saw in here were invaders trying to destroy the castle. We just chased the last of them out."

"Well Sharpay was the one that brought them here. She's after Beast," Taylor replied.

"What?" Gabriella gasped.

"Just tell me the quickest way to get to the roof by the West Wing," Taylor insisted, knowing that the West Wing itself was on the other side of the castle.

Gabriella pointed her nozzle in the direction of some upcoming stairs. "Take those up. When you get to the second set of stairs hang a left and then run down that hall," she instructed. "Take it to the doorway, there's a balcony there. Take it out and follow the roof down to the balcony under it, it'll take you to the one by the west Wing."

"Thank you Gabriella!" Taylor exclaimed as she ran far ahead as fast as she could.

Taylor did exactly as she was told. Surely this had to be some kind of shortcut. Perhaps a bit more dangerous, but it was worth it if it would stop Sharpay from hurting the Beast. How stupid could she have been? This was all her fault! Why did she have to go and show the Beast through the enchanted mirror to everyone? Now because of her who knows what that she-witch was doing to him. She didn't even want to think about it! Anything was possible with Sharpay. Oh man that poor guy. Whatever happened to him it would be on her head. She just wanted him to be alright.

Finally making it out to the balcony she looked around, but didn't get a good view of anyone or anything around get. Carefully climbing out of the balcony, she cautiously slid down towards the balcony just below it, which thankfully wasn't too far down. Reaching the railing, Taylor then climbed over it and looked around frantically. For the Beast or Sharpay. But preferably the Beast. She wanted to know that nothing happened to him. Her eyes searched constantly, hoping to find some sign of him. But all she saw was the rain, a faint sight of the ground, the roof, and the sky. But she didn't see anyone. There was no sign of the Beast or Sharpay. where were they?

Finally, Taylor felt her breath get caught in her throat. In plain sight, just off the side, there he was. She could see the wind blowing his tail and his cape so she could get a good view of him. Standing just below on one of the other areas of the roof, there he was. He was in one piece and he didn't look hurt. He was there. He was alright.


The Beast's ears twitched hearing the voice. He looked around for a minute before slowly turning around. He thought he had a hard time believing it before but now he was really in disbelief. But now he had an even better view than he did before. Because he knew he wasn't just being hard of sight or anything. And it wasn't just the wind or something playing tricks on him. Because now, practically right in front of his eyes, there she was. She was there waiting for him. She came back to him. She was here.


His voice was just as soft and in shock as it was before, but he knew it was her. And it didn't change how delighted he was that she was back. His face lit up so easily and a smile easily appeared on his face. She was here. She was here for him. He watched as Taylor held her hand out to him, waiting for him to climb up the roof to her. The Beast slowly began climbing back upwards making his way to her in the storm. But even if the rain and wind got any stronger it wouldn't stop him. There was more lightning and the sound of thunder but it didn't faze him in the least. His eyes and mind were only on Taylor.

He got closer, practically being only a few inches away now. His smile was so bright and his eyes were so full of life. And he could see her coming into perfect view. She looked so worried about him, but something inside the Beast was just saying that if he got close enough to her then he could make her smile. And even now he could see the life in her eyes and how they were glowing. And even as he spoke her name again he was almost positive he saw a smile grow on her face.


And she did smile. It was so nice to hear his voice again. It was just so warm and welcoming. He was happy to see her. And he was coming to her. This was just like in a fairy tale. Oddly enough, it was so romantic. And the way he said her name. Tay. It rolled so nicely like that off his tongue.

The Beast reached further and he was able to take her petite hand in his rather large paw. Just his thumb was able to fit into her hands, but the Beast had a good balance and he was now right on top of the banister and right in front of Taylor. He had a good grasp of her hand and they were now standing face to face. They met eye to eye and smiled warmly at each other. Unable to resist, the Beast used his other paw and gently ran it through her hair.

"You came back."

Taylor sighed contently. As furry and huge as his paw was, something about it felt so comfortable. It just felt so right. She could feel as it moved down to caress her cheek. That was such a wonderful feeling. She really didn't want something to break them apart now. Things were ending the way they were supposed to. They were back together. Everything was right with the world. She didn't want this moment to be over. Using her free hand, Taylor placed it over the Beast's paw and could feel the warmth of his curly fur, even through the dampness of it all.

But unfortunately, not all good things were meant to last. Because a few moments later, lightning struck once more. And it hit the edge of the tower right where the sword was. Then it collapsed down with its sharpend facing downwards. And with the wind guiding it and the angle that it fell from, the sword only had one target.

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