Beauty and the Beast HSM Style

Chapter 6

The Beast stormed up the stairway back to the tower, his paws pressing against the stone walls as assistance in the darkest area. Troy was gone and out of the picture. The coach would return him back to the town and he could go on living his pathetic little life. Pheh, he could go on living in the Sahara Desert for all the Beast cared. He had more important things to be concerned with. Why he ever let that girl negotiate with him, he'd never know. Either way the deal was done. Step after step up the staircase the thoughts of the previous fifteen or so minutes ran through his furry mind. That is, until his thoughts were disturbed.


The Beast growled and turned to the little light coming from the small window in the staircase. He had come across none other than Zeke. The Beast never knew why Zeke was kept around the castle, other than to assist the chef once in a while. But now he was nothing like that. The voice of reason, perhaps? But it made no difference. Nearly anything anyone would say would quite frankly disturb the monster.

Turning to the candelabra, he glared at him and bared his sharp teeth. "What?"

Zeke tapped his candle holding arms together, taking but a brief moment to bring together his thoughts. What better way to avoid getting into trouble?

"Well, I was thinking...the girl is going to be with us for a while. Maybe even longer than that," he started. Oh wait...the Beast's exact words were 'forever'. It was most definitely longer than a while. "So perhaps during her stay here in your castle, you might want to offer her a better room?"

Even though the suggestion came in more of the question form, it made no difference. The Beast's reaction was the same. Zeke chose his words right and he was polite about it, yet it only made the idea seem worse. The Beast growled, the harsh breath exiting his mouth brushing up against Zeke's candle flames and put them out. As the creature finished storming up the stairs Zeke just remained where he was, his eyes a bit wide. His arms were still clapped together and he stood in the exact same position.

"On second thought...never mind."

The Beast finished his way into the dungeon and entered the cold, hard room that his guest was staying in. His brown eyes watched her carefully. She sat with one of her sides directly next to the wall and under the window, most likely the same one that she had watched her brother leave through. Her legs were pulled into her chest tight and her head was resting on her knees. Amazingly enough, she wasn't sobbing. And although the Beast had no idea why, he could see the emotion in them as soon as she turned her head towards him. after all, it wasn't difficult to miss a six foot curly-haired monster stepping into a stone room.

"You didn't even let me say good-bye," she told him coldly, despite the fact that her voice was clearly cracking.

The Beast nearly took a step back. There was that emotion in her eyes. Like her icy tone, she was quite furious with him. But much like her cracking voice they were also full of pain and sadness. She really was a smart girl, not to show her emotions any other way and knowing he would return up there just moments after disposing of her brother. If anything, the Beast could now see why Zeke suggested she get her own room. There were more than enough of them in the castle even for the servants. And she wouldn't be much happier in the dungeon than she was now. Not to mention she would definitely know that if she had her own room she could act however she wanted without worrying about the Beast barging in on her. However, he wasn't one to show emotions easily either after what he had been through. So if she was going to be that stubborn, then he was more than happy to be just the same.

"I'll take you to your room," the Beast said in a similar tone to her cold one, heading back to the door.

Taylor raised an eyebrow. "But I thought this was..."

"Fine." he huffed, clearly sarcastic. "Stay in the dungeon. Rot out up here for all I care," He was barely five feet away from the door when he heard her speak again.


He turned on his heel and walked back over, standing in the doorway and impatiently waiting for her to continue. Taylor didn't seem pleased about it, but after staying silent for a moment she willed herself to talk.

"What was that you were saying about a room?"

"Follow me," the Beast ordered, his cool tone not changing.

Using Zeke as their light source through numerous darkened corridors, the pair walked through through the castle. All that bounced off the walls in echos were their footsteps. Neither said a single word and not even Zeke allowed himself to open his mouth. He started with merely watching them, which he was lucky enough to do from the angle he was being held at. Taylor had kept her head down and still refrained herself from showing anything other than anger. It was quite understandable; she had been through much in just one day. She must have been following the master just by looking at his hind legs or tail, as any other way her eyes were not taken off the floor. She refused to make eye contact with anyone or anything. Then taking a look at his master, Zeke could tell that there were only two words to describe their hour-long relationship: silent treatment. Surely this was no way to treat a guest, let along a young woman. But if Zeke was going to say anything he was going to have to be as quiet as possible so only the Beast could hear about it. After all he wasn't going to blurt anything out especially without thinking. He was no Jason.

Gently nudging one of the Beast's horns with his elbow, Zeke then lowered his voice. "Say something to her."

"Oh...right..." the master nodded slowly, just as quietly. He raised an eyebrow, knowing that at least in this case Zeke was right. But he was going to take credit for the idea of giving the girl her own room. Now, what to say to possibly comfort her and not get him thrown into a wall...? "I, um, think you'll like it here," he managed to say, turning his head slightly behind him to look at Taylor. He could now see what Zeke saw of her. Still, Taylor wouldn't pick up her head or even look around the hallway to get any bearings of the castle. Well, this was going well. Not even looking at the candelabra, the Beast knew his servant was signaling him to go on. "The castle's your home now so you can go anywhere you want. Except the West Wing."

For once Taylor took her eyes off of the floor, but rather than picking her head up to look at him or anything in front of her she let her gaze fall to the side, as though she were trying to look behind her. "And what's in the West Wing?"

The Beast stopped dead in his tracks and swung around to face Taylor. "It's forbidden," he scowled, his voice rising with anger. This caused Taylor to actually pick her head up and look at him, something she had tried not to do throughout the entire journey of the castle. She stopped neatly right behind - or in this case, in front of - him and just stared at him wide-eyed. She didn't realize how easy it was to hit a sensitive spot with him, assuming that was one, just by asking a minor question. She then decided to put her head back down and keep her eyes on the ground. Following the bit of his tail she could see from the corner of her eye and the sound of his footsteps, she continued following him as he began walking again. As for the Beast, he knew he shouldn't have snapped like that. But that was the one area of the castle where he didn't want a soul entering. He was merely just trying to emphasize his point. He saw no harm in that...technically speaking, anyway.

Finally, they stopped at a large doorway and the Beast opened it, revealing to Taylor what much have been her bedroom. It was fairly large in size and the walls were painted in a lavender shade and the carpeting was...well, a bit difficult to tell the exact shade with the lack of lighting there was in there at the moment. Across from the doorway was a queen-sized canopy bed with the headboard against the wall and what appeared to be a small balcony just feet away from it, also across from the door. Beside the bed was a small dresser and next to that was a fairly large wardrobe. On the side of the room opposite from those was another dresser, a much larger one to be exact, a dusty old trunk which most likely held items from the last occupant of the room, and a small mirror. Taylor cautiously stepped into the room as the Beast held the door open for her, though not in an intended gentlemanly manner.

"If you need anything just ask my servants. They'll take care of it for you," he explained to her.

And once again, he received a minor nudging from Zeke at his horn. "Dinner," the candelabra whispered into his tiny ear, "ask her out to dinner."

Like there was anywhere to go out for dinner. Nevertheless, the Beast saw his servant's point. He straightened his posture and raised his voice, taking the request a little too far. "You'll have dinner with me tonight. And I'm not taking no for an answer!"

Yup, the request was taken much further. He raised his voice almost high enough to snap at her. In other words, it was an order. And before Zeke could give him another nudge or suggestion, the Beast slammed the door shut. Not that he locked it or anything. The last sound that was heard of him was more storming away through the hallway.

Taylor turned to the door and just stared at it. She didn't want to look at this new room of hers more than she already had. Yes, it was much nicer than the room she had in her real home but she didn't care. This wasn't her home and this wasn't her family. This wasn't where she wanted to be. And now, better or worse than the dungeon, she was left to live there against her will. The things she did for her brother. But it wasn't Troy she was furious at. Taylor was angry at herself for letting that monster of a master tell her what to do and where she'd be spending her evening. She wanted nothing to do with him. She wanted nothing to do with the castle. All she wanted was to get out of there and go home. To her real home. But there was no hope of doing that now and she realized that. The Beast had made it clear that she was his prisoner, despite any temporary wording there must have been of calling her a guest. She was no guest. She was a hostage. What would happen if the Beast wanted something in return for her imprisonment? It was all too much to take in. She took deep breaths and looked around the room. There was no one else around. She wasn't being watched. No one was going to step in there without her permission. She was alone.

Taking the opportunity that she was given, Taylor pushed her way over onto the bed and sat in a similar way she had on the dungeon floor. Her back was up against the pillows, her legs were pulled into her chest, and her arms were wrapped around her legs as tight as they could be. Now she didn't have to worry about concealing her emotions because there was no one to hide them from. She buried her head in her knees and just let everything out. And if that wasn't a sign that any possible torture would begin soon, then surely the snow that was falling outside was.

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