Beauty and the Beast HSM Style

Chapter 7

The largest house in town was filled nearly to its complete occupancy. While the fireplace was going high and mighty, keeping everyone warm inside, outside it was snowing fairly harshly and a cold breeze kept going. The sound of the snow pounding against the house was only silenced out by the music from inside. Guys and girls of numerous ages, though most were closer to their low twenty's, were either dancing or eating. Their boots and heels tapped against the tiled floor and there were tables with chairs and foods all around with various foods and drinks. The room the apparent party was in was mostly covered with bright colors. There was a large cushion chair facing the fireplace and not too far from it by one of the corners was a large pink wardrobe. Currently occupying the chair was none other than Sharpay, who has yet to be put out of her bad mood. Her original plan of getting rid of her so-called problem had gone less than well-planned and it had put her in a slump. She had no idea how to deal with it and she had other things on her mind. And yet she was the one hosting the party, which had originally been planned to celebrate Ryan's 'marriage'. Some marriage it turned out to be. Ryan was still not off the market for all of the girls in town who adored him, and Taylor would continue to awe all the guys that should be awing Sharpay, even if the girl didn't know it.

"Who does she think she is?" Sharpay demanded. "No girl ever turns down a chance to marry Ryan Evans. I tried to help her and this is the thanks I get."

Ryan walked over and handed her a cup full of soda pop. "Good point."

But that wasn't enough for Sharpay. She kept going on. "Pushed aside! Lost the fight! It's more than I can handle," she went on as she grabbed the glass from him. She wasn't one to keep opinions to herself, that was for sure. If Sharpay was feeling any type of bad feelings at all she was going to let them out, no questions asked. And right now, after what had happened that afternoon, Sharpay couldn't feel more inferior to Taylor. She despised the feeling so much. Sharpay was in such a bad mood she had drunk ever bit of soda from its glass and tossed the now empty object behind her.

"More pop?" Ryan asked, offering his own glass to her.

"Why bother? It's not gonna help," Sharpay complained, moving her chair so she wouldn't have to face him.

Now in a way, Ryan may be considered Sharpay's sidekick. But he was still her brother first and he hated seeing her like this. "Not a chance!" he said walking over to her and putting his hands on her shoulders. "Come on Shar, pull yourself together." He was trying to be as encouraging as he could. And Ryan figured he knew just the way to lift her spirits. The best way to do that? Sing. So even when she tried moving her chair away from him again, Ryan just ended up facing her once more. He put an arm around her and then tried to help but a smile on her face.

"Gosh it disturbs me to see you Sharpay

Looking so down in the dumps."

But when he tried to put the smile on her, Sharpay just shoved him away from her. Ryan lost his balance and fell back, being caught by a small group of girls. They were mostly dressed in pink attire to separate themselves from the others. The ones in pink were her admirerers, as well as most of the guys there. The remainder of the girls there just envied her and were only there for some free food and drinks. The pink girls helped Ryan back up to his feet and he slipped his arms around them, then took a few steps forward away from them and puffed up his cheeks.

"Every girl here'd love to be you, Sharpay

Even if you've had the mumps

There's no girl in town as admired as you

You're ev'ryone's favorite gal."

While Sharpay once again tried to turn away from her brother, he just took her hand and spun her around so she'd get off of her chair and turned her to face the crowd. He then spun himself around and signaled to the group around them, then bowed down to her.

"Ev'ryone's awed and inspired by you

And it's not very hard to see why."

As if right on cue, numerous buff guys surrounded her and a small smile appeared on Sharpay's face. Now that was something she quite enjoyed. As that happened, Ryan slowly got back up to his feet at the first note. He struck a pose similar to what Sharpay normally would, one of his legs out in front of him and his hand behind his head. Then he did like what Sharpay had just done to him and shoved someone who was trying to get a drink away from the table and into a very creepy person's lap. Getting back up to his feet, he changed his tone to what an angry Sharpay would sound like and walked by her in the same way which she would walk past anyone, used for emphasis.

"No one's good as Sharpay

No one's rude as Sharpay

No one's ever put in a mood like Sharpay."

Ryan then got behind Sharpay and kept his hands inches away from her, moving them around and down her body to highlight her curves. He then gestured to a photo on the wall of Sharpay during their last trip to the beach in a bikini and skirt striking one of her most famous poses with her usual golden smile. Ryan moved over towards a group of what could be Sharpay's followers, all with names sounding about as popular as Sharpay's did. He jumped up, the three girls being taller than him, so he could be seen between two of their heads at a time before turning back to Sharpay.

"For there's no girl in town half as gorgeous

Perfect, a pure paragon

You can ask any Emma, Jackie, or Lea

And they'll tell you which girl they'd prefer to hang out with."

Before he could go on anymore, the three girls grabbed him by the hands, then spread out so they could each get in a scene with him. Ryan highlighted all the qualities they mentioned about Sharpay with his voice as they sang together.

"No one's been like Sharpay

A queen pin like Sharpay."

Ryan managed to get away from them and got behind his sister. He ran his hand across her chin from behind her, something Sharpay had established loud and clear that only Ryan would be able to do and not any guy who was trying to come onto her. That, and in case she ever had any zits around the area Ryan would be able to help cover it up much better than Sharpay would without the use of a mirror.

"No one's got smooth skin on her chin like Sharpay."

Sharpay smiled proudly at that fact and straightened her position so she stood up tall. Her voice rang high throughout the house and it was clear that the singing was working its charm and bringing nothing but flattery to her.

"As a young woman, yes, I'm quite the looker."

The girls joined in the chorus once again, clapping their cups of soda together for cheers. Even the guys around their table joined in and faint voiced from numerous other guests could be heard as well.

"My what a gal, that Sharpay

Give five 'tada's'

Give twelve 'toodles'."

Ryan grabbed a microphone and a bowl of food, spinning it around on the counter.

"Sharpay's number one,

The rest is all noodles."

Reaching in the bowl with his chops sticks, Ryan pulled out the noodles that were in there. From the corner of his eye he could see Sharpay glaring at him. Ryan smiled sheepishly and quickly turned on a spotlight so Sharpay stood as though she were on center stage. She gave her golden smile and stuck one of her best poses, to be exact, starting out with strutting forward with a hand on her hip, then stopping and standing tall and proud, waving her wrist - not her hand. And with one of the buff guys walking past her Sharpay smiled coyly and circled him slowly, which caused the guy ready to melt right there in his place.

"No one models like Sharpay

Cuddles nice as Sharpay."

One of Sharpay's girls, Jackie, walked over to a closet and opened it. Upon contact, what looked like over twenty bags fell outside and on top of her, only her head sticking out of the miniature mountain.

"In a mall no one buys as much as Sharpay."

The strong boys walked over and each picked up a bag. One of them, what looked like a Disney Store bag, was the innocent looking bag and the other one was more of a Victoria's Secret bag which much have had at least three perfume bottles inside.

"For there's no one as sweet and girlie."

Sharpay smirked and walked over to them, pulling a package of lip gloss out of one of the bags. She snapped it open and showed it off to the girls standing nearby.

"As you can see I've got make-up to spare."

Ryan folded him arms and nodded, smiling proudly at his sister. She was always so confident and acting so in charge. It was no reason so many people could adore her or hate her. And anyone who would hate her in the least was clearly all from jealousy. Sucked for them. One more reason for Ryan so happy to call her his sister.

"Not a bit of her's ugly or hated."

Sharpay snapped her fingers and another spotlight came on from out of nowhere, ending up right on top of her. The spotlight had a pink highlight in it so she looked pink all over.

"(That's right)

And I always cover myself with pink."

Everyone joined in again and Sharpay went through every action as they spoke it. With her usual smile, Sharpay gave a wink. Strutting across the room when someone almost spilled some salt on a table she flicked it away from them with her fingers before a single scrap of it could touch the table top.

"No one winks like Sharpay

Stops a jinx like Sharpay"

Ryan tossed his microphone over to Sharpay, which she caught right on target. He sang first, followed directly by Sharpay right into the microphone.

"In karaoke no one hits high notes like Sharpay."

"I'm especially skilled in screaming"

Taking in a quick breath, Sharpay let out a screech at the highest possible note. The vibrations from her voice must have been too high because nearly every glass cup in a close range to Sharpay broke upon contact with such vibrations. The guys grinned widely and quickly held up notepads with scores on them reading a nine and three ten's.

"Ten points for Sharpay!"

Sharpay grabbed a photo album from a bookshelf nearby and slid it aross the table so everyone could get a good look at it. The page it opened up to had Sharpay as a little girl in it wearing low heels. She then stepped onto the table top and strutted across it in her high heeled shoes. She made her way from one side of the table to the opposite side close to the other side of the room and was able to look the tallest guy in the room, much taller than her by a good foot at least, and not only stared him right in the eye but poked him in the chest. Her long polished nails caught him off guard, nearly making him lose his balance and fall over.

"When I was little I'd wear low heels

Ev'ry day to practice walking

And now I always leave my house in high heels

So I can really face someone and give them a good poking"

Everyone watched her strut her way down from the table using the hands of one of the strong guys and stepping down the chairs near the table like they were stairs. She twirled herself around and ended up doing a backwards cartwheel to the tune of everyone's singing. Not only that but she attempted a move she hadn't done before - a flip. Grabbing the hands of two buff dudes, they helped her back up a little and lifted her off the ground slightly before gently plunging her forward as she let go of their hands and ended up doing a perfect flip, landing on her feet.

"So one dances like Sharpay

Takes chances like Sharpay"

Ryan turned on a fan which made her hair flow in the gentle breeze, making it look like a completely different hair style, as she walked back over to her comfortable chair.

"Then goes wearing a new hair style like Sharpay"

Sharpay snapped her fingers and getting a better look, eveyone could see most, if not all, of her furniture had sparkles on them.

"I use sparkles in all my decorating"

Everyone clapped their cups together with cheers as nearly every spotlight that must have been installed in the house went on and made Sharpay seem like she was glowing.

"My what a gal!


Everyone began cheering. They felt so fortunate to have someone as great as Sharpay in their presence. Somehow the whole party seemed to be turning around. Sharpay was now enjoying herself and feeling much more content than she had been all day. Ryan was...most likely blinded by all the light that went on, but still feeling much better with Sharpay being all happy. And everyone was having their good time just dancing around or eating their seemingly tasty gourmet food. Such a nice party for such a snowy night, but it made everything seem so much better. But unfortunately, it wasn't made to last all night. The party was about to be crashed.

All of a sudden, the front doors burst open. A freezing Troy stepped inside with snow covering his head, shoulders and feet. He was cold enough for people to see air escape his mouth when he breathed. He couldn't even say anything at first upon entering. Maybe it was from all the stares people were suddenly giving him or maybe it was because of the slam he had accidentally cause the doors to make. But most likely it was because he was out of breath after running all the way across town to get there. And even for someone as crazy as Troy was, or at least called, he knew where the big groups would be around town. Luckily for him, he came to the right place. But when Troy did manage to speak, his voice was nothing but panicky and breathless still.

", please. Someone help me," he begged.

Emma raised an eyebrow as she, Jackie, and Lea looked over at Troy who was doing his best to rush all the way across the room. Even for girls a few years his minor like themselves, they still knew very well who he was. "Troy?" she raised an eyebrow.

She gasped upon almost being dragged off of her seat when Troy temporarily shook her, still asking for help. Jackie and Lea got their hands on Emma's shoulders to help her in her place as Troy ran across over to Sharpay and Ryan. Surely the man was nothing but cuckoo. But no one could ignore the worriment in his voice, one of the main reasons they were still staring at him. Their first assumption was that another wacky invention went wrong. But this was totally different.

"Please, you've got to believe me. He's got her...he's got her locked in the dungeon," he continued, still moving as quick as he could.

Lea shrugged her shoulders and cocked one of her eyebrows from confusion. "Who?"

Troy turned back to the three girls at an instant. "Tay," he answered. "We have to go. Now."

Sharpay giggled at Troy's antics. Crazy as he was, he was also fairly entertaining. She might as well play along with him. After all, what harm was there in it? And who knew, maybe by some ironic change of events Troy could prove himself to her and maybe the less than slim chance of Sharpay noticing him as something other than crazy yet attractive would become slightly above that slim chance and she could see him as something different.

"Take it easy Troy, slow down." She playfully rolled her eyes, pondering what game he must have been playing. "Who's got your sister locked in a dungeon?"

Troy's eyes widened as soon as she asked. He scurried over to Sharpay and held his arms in the air for emphasis. "A beast!" he gasped. "An awful monstrous beast!"

He said nothing else at first, pausing for the dramatic effect. The dramatic effect was there. If there was still music in the background it would have mostly sounded like "da da da dun ba ba bum" in a really deep tone. But there was no music and there was no dramatic tone. There was nothing but silence as Troy stood completely still. It was all silent for a moment until everyone started laughing. They knew that Troy could be wacky but they never knew he could be like this. It was a whole new level for him. There was no way his story could have been true. Everyone knew beasts were just like elves and unicorns - they didn't exist. Too much smoke from the last explosion of an invention must have gone to his head. Let the teasing begin.

"So it must be a huge beast then," Jackie said holding in her giggles.

"Huge!" Troy nodded his head rapidly as he looked at the girls. "Even taller than that guy!" he pointed at the tallest guy in the room.

"With a snout uglier than a pit bull's?" Emma added.

"Or a fire-breathing dragon?" Lea added for emphasis.

"Even worse than those put together!" Troy exclaimed. "It was more like a lion's and a bear's snout!"

"Oh so then he must have had sharp yellow fangs to match," Jackie assumed, still playing along.

"Yes, yes!" Troy continued. "He could rip through solid wood without flinching!"

The buff guys started laughing, as well as the girls. One of the strong ones knocked Troy down so he fell backwards and looking up at Sharpay like she was upside-down.

"Will you help me?" Troy begged.

The guys continued laughing as they began surrounding Troy, ready to take him down upon Sharpay's command.

"Alright Troy, calm down," Sharpay said ever so sweetly. It was time to end his antics for good and she was going to make sure he would shut up now. "We'll lend you a little hand." She smirked to the guys and nodded. They took him by the arms and lifted him up, carrying him back towards the doors. But Troy was caught in Sharpay's words, saying how they'd all help him. He was overjoyed to hear that. He'd be able to take down the beast and get his sister back and put his family back together. Oh what a happy day that would be.

"Oh thank you, thank you. Thank you so much," he replied eagerly as he was carried towards the doors. But then wait a minute... Where were they taking him? Why wasn't anyone following them? "Wait...wait a minute..." But before he could say anything else, Troy was thrown out of the house and into a large pile of snow outside and in the cold weather. "Whoa!" he gasped before he fell face first into it, the frozen water able to cover more than half of his body and he was now buried in it.

The buff guys just laughed as they closed the doors so the warm air from the fireplace would stay in. One leaned up against the other laughing as they walked back to their places in the house. It was almost too much for them.

"Kooky old Troy, huh?" one of them chuckled, despite the fact that Troy was no older than his early twenty's as well.

"Yeah," the other laughed, "always count on him to lighten the mood with a laugh and a tall tale."

They walked by Sharpay and she laced her fingers together. She raised an eyebrow. Now that was definitely something interesting to hear. "Kooky old Troy, huh?" she asked herself. She thought about it for a minute and nodded to herself, just pondering the idea for a moment. "Kooky old Troy, huh?"

At that point, Ryan walked back over to her with a fresh cup of soda pop. "So what'd I miss?" he asked, apparently gone to the bathroom throughout Troy's entire appearance. Now technically, he would have missed everything. But Sharpay was going to tell him differently. So she smiled slightly and took the cup from him gently, moving it to a coffee table not too far from her chair.

"Ryan I'm afraid I've been thinking"

Ryan blinked as he watched the cup disappear from his grasp and looked at his sister.

"Something you don't enjoy"

Sharpay nodded. She then pointed towards the door that Troy had been 'escoreted' out of and held her hand just barely above the ground, most likely a centimeter away from the floor at the highest.

"I know

But that crazy, hot guy is Tay's brother

And he's only sane by this much"

She slipped her arm around her brother even though he was completely confused as to what was going on. When had Troy even walked inside? Butt hat didn't stop Sharpay from continuing. She used him to help her get out of her seat and she used her song to spell everything out to Ryan so he would be able to follow her. And if that didn't work, she'd have to resort to good old fashioned explaining.

"Now the wood in my mind has been burning

Since I looked at that guy's eyes

See I promised myself I'd get Tay out of the way

And right now I've got the perfect plan"

With a confused Ryan, she pulled him in closer and started whispering in his ear. Yup, she was going the old fashioned way to try and get everything into his head by talking. Maybe Sharpay was getting tired of having to do that road every time but she was going to need Ryan's help and she knew he wouldn't say no to his own twin.

"If I..." she lowered her voice and started whispering.

"Yeah?" Ryan asked eagerly as she kept whispering.

"Then we..." she continued, starting to whisper again. No way she was going to let everyone else in the room know about her diabolical plan.

"No! Really?" Ryan gasped.

Sharpay whispered a little more and then smiled slyly and nodded. "Guess."

"Now I get it!" Ryan exclaimed.

Sharpay nodded at her brother, a little more content now. "Let's go!" they exclaimed at the same time, practically reading each others' minds. The grabbed each others' hands and started doing a partner dance to a fast pace, causing everyone around to watch them. Their voices joined once again, matching harmony for harmony.

"No one schemes like Sharpay"

Sharpay's voice took over, leaving Ryan's out in the cold as he dipped her.

"Makes quick lies like Sharpay."

Ryan scooped Sharpay up and helped her dance under his arm, then back under his arm, his voice taking temporary control.

"Plans to eliminate her enemies like Sharpay."

Everyone joined in for one final verse and watched as Sharpay strutted towards the window and let all of her guests bask in her glory while Ryan walked behind her like a real gentleman and...well let a few people who were interested in him bask in his glory as well.

"So her revenge we'll soon be celebrating

My what a gal! Sharpay"

And while everyone inside was all cheering and having the time of their lives, Troy was wandering around outside in the freezing weather. He continued looking all around, wondering if he could ever find someone to believe him. Everyone in that house had shut him out and now it was up to him to find someone else who could help him...anyone else.

"Please...someone help me."

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