Across the Universe


After Feros, the Council had told Shepard they had some sensitive information for her and that we'd have to go to the Citadel to get it.

Really, I figured that they just didn't want to get hung up on again. Talking to Sabrina by comm link was incredibly unreliable.

"Keys! Change out of your Alliance fatigues and into normal clothes so we can head out!" Sabrina shouted, pushing me into her quarters before tapping her foot impatiently.

And since we were going to be at the Citadel anyways, Sabrina decided that today was the day she'd take us all out for karaoke.

And she outright refused to let me be seen in military issued fashion.

"Obviously Wrex would refuse to take off his armor so he can stay in his, and Tali needs to wear her enviro-suit, but that doesn't mean that we need to look like we're military," Sabrina stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "And I haven't been able to dress you up since you were a kid, so I'm taking full advantage of this situation," Sabrina announced.

I sighed, but allowed it. I now had a holo of the damage she'd caused to a mako, and I could use that in the future to get her to do my bidding. And besides, I didn't mind wearing different clothes. Sabrina herself was wearing black leggings and a navy hoodie, and I didn't want her to be the only one looking normal.

I dug through Sabrina's drawers to find something to wear, and breathed a sigh of relief when I felt denim. "Awesome, civilian clothes that don't look like rags," I joked, taking out a pair of blue capris (which I guessed Sabrina had bought especially for me, because I checked the tag and it was my size and not hers). "Just this and a tank top should be okay, right Sabs?"

"At least until I get you a dress."

"No." Dresses weren't really my thing.

"There's a T-shirt on the left side," Sabrina advised. I

I changed quickly and followed Sabrina up to the Command Deck to see Kaidan, Ash, Liara, Wrex, and Tali already there, standing by the galaxy map.

"Where's Garrus?" Sabrina asked them.

Our quarian friend placed a hand on her hip. "Vakarian didn't want to join us."

Sabrina's face darkened. "Well, I guess I'll have to convince him then."

"How are you going to do that?" I inquired, leaning against a nearby panel. "And where's Moreau?"

"Joker said he'll come when we're all ready. He didn't want to stand around and wait for everyone," Ash shrugged. "Makes sense though."

Sabrina opened her omni-tool to access Garrus's contact info. "Hey, Officer Pomegranate?"

"You're still calling me that?" Garrus sighed. "What did you need, Shepard?"

"Come with us to karaoke, and I'll stop calling you Officer Pomegranate."

There was a pause on the other end. "I'll be right up."

Ash and I let out a cheer, high-fiving. I gave Sabrina a thumbs up. "Great job Sabs!"

"Yeah Skipper, didn't think you'd be able to convince him so easily," Ash agreed. "But doesn't Vakarian kind of owe you for the whole 'Doctor Saleon' thing?"

"I'm saving that card for future play," the commander explained. "Kim! Go grab Joker, we can wait for Garrus outside."

"Wait for who now?" Garrus interrupted, coming up from the staircase.

Sabrina sighed. "Is the lift only slow for me?" The rest of us smiled at her and she shook her head. "Okay, let's all go to the decontamination chamber."

I eyed our group. "Sabs, it's going to be cramped," I stated bluntly. "You guys can go ahead, I'll go and grab Moreau."

Ash grabbed Tali and pulled me into a one armed hug. "We'll stick with Kim, Skipper! Why don't you guys start heading to the karaoke place and get a room for us? I'll bet that by having Wrex with you, we'll get a great room."

Sabrina scoffed. "What, and me being the first human Spectre won't?"

Kaidan placed a hand on my sister's shoulder, and I noticed Liara's expression darken at the innocent gesture. "Shepard, you can't always play that card," the man spoke gently. Sabrina sighed, visibly disappointed, but nodded.

"Okay, fine. We'll go on ahead," Sabrina sulked, taking Kaidan's hand and practically dragging him towards the decontamination chamber with everyone else following. Ash let out a whistle.

"Shepard breaks all the rules, right Kim?" Ash nudged me. "Her and Kaidan are a good match."

"The commander knows what she wants," Tali noted. I sighed.

"Too bad Liara can't accept it," I grumbled, running a hand through my short dark brown hair. "I wasn't the only one who spotted her face, right?"

"Don't worry Kim, we saw it too," Tali assured. "Keelah, she should know better."

I tapped a few buttons on my omni-tool, a tiny picture taking VI appearing in front of us. "Okay guys, let's begin recording this wonderful night. Say cheese!"

Quickly, I grabbed Tali's hands and kissed the side of her mask, Ashley laughing and placing a hand on my shoulder, pulling me off the cute quarian as soon as the photo was taken. "Come on Lover Girl," Ashley snickered. "We're supposed to get Joker, remember?"

"Aw, but look at this picture!" I whined, pulling up the holo from my omni-tool. It looked incredibly silly but cute. It even had Ashley in it laughing. The soldier ruffled my hair good-naturedly.

"Okay, it's cute. Tali, you okay?" Ashley questioned the girl, who shook off her shock.

"No, I mean yes, I mean…" Tali was very obviously flustered. "I'm fine. I was just surprised."

"I'll bet you're in love with me now," I sang, teasing her. Tali crossed her arms.

"I'm smiling under the mask," she told me. "Because you're so weird."

The three of us headed to the cockpit, with me letting them know to be quiet so we could take a sneaky holo with Moreau. They agreed, mostly to amuse me.

"What the-?" Moreau stared at my picture taking AI in confusion before the flash went off, with us girls posing goofily around his chair. He turned to glare at us. "What are you guys doing?"

"Preserving memories," I stated seriously. Then, I grinned. "Come on Moreau, Sabs already took everyone else to get a karaoke room! Let's go already!"

"Fine, fine," he took his crutches out from under the seat, pressing a button to extend them to the needed size. "So, what's the place called again? Pulse Karaoke?"

"Yeah," I nodded. "Their private rooms have these little stages, and they offer dance mode!" I cheered excitedly. Sabs and I had looked it up together, and decided it was the perfect place to gather everyone and sing. "Plus, their song lists are extensive. As in, they have all the classics," I added with a wink.

"Exciting," Joker grunted, getting to his feet. "Okay, let's go."

It didn't take too long for the four of us to get to the place, Kaidan standing outside of the establishment and waving when he spotted us. "Hey guys, the others are already inside."

"Cool! Did Sabrina start looking at the song list?" I inquired. Kaidan smiled and nodded.

"She's already planning what some of us should sing," he told me.

"Cool, Kaidan! Picture time!" I announced, pulling him into a one armed hug. Joker and the others crowded around us for the picture, and after it was taken I pulled up the holo. "Awesome!"

"Looks nice," Kaidan approved. "Also, Sabrina's ordering drinks."

Ashley let out a whoop. "Skipper's treating us right tonight!"

Kaidan led us to the room we'd gotten, and I gaped. It was truly amazing. Dim blue lights lit the place up, and the stage had actual stage lights. There were about 4 mics ready for use, and a screen at the bottom edge of the stage for lyrics and dance moves. There was even a bar! Sabrina sat at one of the couches by the coffee table where a screen with the song list was, everyone else just lounging around. I started jumping up and down in excitement, Ashley and Kaidan laughing at my reaction.

"Kimmy!" Sabs cheered, waving. "Here, take a shot with me!"

I screwed up my face in disgust. "I hate shots Sabs. I hate them," I repeated. "Offer me mixed drink? Sure. But I don't do straight alcohol."

"I'll take a shot with you Skipper," Ashley called, walking over to the commander. The two of them downed their drinks together, laughing and happy. Joker took a seat, and I sat next to him and pulled up the song list.

"So, who's going first?" I asked. Everyone shrugged, Sabrina smirked mischievously, darting forward and snatching my hand.

"Let's do this Kim!" Sabrina decided. I raised an eyebrow and shook my head.

"Nope. Let's let some noobies go first, I don't want to scare anyone off," I stated bluntly. Sabs pouted, hugging me dramatically.

"Kimmy's being shy guys," Sabrina cried. "So I guess I'm starting."

The commander stepped onto the stage, pulling up the aero-gel menu and selecting a song. I began clapping when I recognized the guitar.

"I thought that I'd been hurt before, but no one's ever left me quite this sore," Sabrina started.


She didn't do much during the song, just staying in one place with the mic. Thankfully she didn't dance, and her voice was nice for the song.

Sabrina stepped off the stage once she was done, bowing. "Thank you! Thank you!" We all clapped, amused and starting to get into the mood for karaoke. Just that Sabrina's first song wasn't really enough to get all of us pumped up. I went towards the bar while everyone discussed who was going next, finding some rum and mixing it in with some Coca-Cola. Hesitating for a moment, I turned to the group.

"Anyone want me to mix them a drink?" I called. Wrex punched his fists together.

"If they have any Ryncol over there then mix me one!" the krogan requested. Ashley and Sabrina called for more shots, while Kaidan, Liara and Moreau shrugged and left the decision for what they'd be drinking to me. I got Garrus some Turian Brandy, got some vodka shots prepared for the girls, and mixed everyone else some rum and cokes.

And a Ryncol and coke for Wrex. With extra Ryncol because I didn't know how it worked.

While I got all the drinks ready, it was decided that Kaidan would sing next. Tali came over to help me bring the drinks over, and I took a picture of the two of us, just me smiling and both of us holding up the numerous drinks. "Can Quarian's drink alcohol?" I asked my friend, and she nodded.

"We just need to be very careful, filter the drink multiple times… that sort of thing," Tali shrugged.

"Ah, doesn't sound worth it," I replied. "Well, I'll just take this one drink and stop! That way you and me can be sober together," I exclaimed.

Didn't seem fair if Tali was the only one that didn't drink. We handed out the drinks, Wrex trying his and telling me that I mixed drinks like a Krogan. When I got to Kaidan he was still scrolling through the song lists. I sighed.

"Kaidan, sing 'Sugar' by Maroon 5. I think you'll rock it," I told the man confidently. He smiled up at me.

"You think so? Okay," he nodded, selecting it and heading to the stage. A lightbulb went off in my head and I snatched Ashley's arm.

"Kaidan select dance mode with backup singers!" I ordered, beaming down at Ash. "Let's dance!"

Ashley looked a bit surprised, but nodded and grinned back at me. "Sure," she agreed. The two of us ran onto the stage and laughed together as the song started.

This was totally Kaidan's song.

Sabrina pressed a few buttons on her omni-tool and I smiled brighter when I saw her start recording.

"I'm hurting baby… I'm broken down," Kaidan started a bit awkwardly. Ash and I began following the dance instructions, simple side to side steps and claps. "I need your lovin', your lovin' I need it now," the man sang more confidently, laughing a bit when Sabrina cheered loudly. "When I'm without you, I'm something weak. You got me begging, begging I'm on my knees."

The three of us certainly put on a show, with Ash and me occasionally messing up on the dance moves as they changed up and Kaidan totally rocking the high notes. When the song ended, all of us were grinning and laughing, the three of us coming together for a group hug and cheering in victory.

"Say cheese!" Sabrina clapped, the three of us grinning at her as she took a holo of us, me and Ash on the sides and Kaidan grinning in the middle of us. The rest of the group clapped as the score came up.


High fives went around, and Sabs pushed me towards the stage. "Your turn! Time to show everyone what a real high score is."

I smirked. "Fine, just let me get a drink first. Dancing makes me tired," I turned to look at Garrus who was standing closer to the bar now. "Hey Vakarian! Toss me a water bottle?" He nodded, taking one from the mini fridge and tossing it to me. I had to lurch forward to catch it, and stumbled a bit before catching my balance. "Thanks Garrus!"

"No problem," the turian replied. I chugged the water, everyone else beginning to chat.

"Is Kim really that good?" Liara questioned my sister. Sabrina nodded confidently.

"She has a pretty voice," Sabrina announced, bragging about me. "Depending on the song, she won't even need to look at the lyrics."

"What are you going to sing Kim?" Ashley asked me. "Need a backup dancer?"

I shook my head. "Nah I got this Ash," I told her with a thumbs up and a smile. I was totally going to rock this. Taking a few deep breaths to calm me down, I glanced at Moreau, who was now sitting next to Kaidan. I walked up to him and snatched his hat off his head with a grin. "I'll need to borrow this," I explained. He rolled his eyes at me but smiled.

"This better be good CP. As in, either so good you get a standing ovation or so bad that I'll be able to laugh at you for days," the pilot stated. I stuck my tongue out at him and stomped onto the stage, selecting my song in freestyle dance mode.

"Ah la, un la la," I sang, placing the hat sideways on my head like an old school rapper. "Ah la, un, la la!"

"Yes!" Sabrina cheered, instantly recognizing my song choice. I didn't even need to look at the lyrics on the screen as I started singing.

"Met this girl late last year she said don't you worry if I disappear," I spun around and started moving to the beat. "I told her I'm not really looking for another mistake, called an old friend thinking that the trouble could wait." I jumped to the side. "But then I jumped right in a week later returned, I reckoned she was only looking for a lover to burn! But I gave her my time," I grinned, placing my other hand in front of me and putting two then three fingers up for the next part of the lyrics, "for two or three nights! Then I put it on pause until the moment was right," I pulled my hand back and flicked my head up.

Inwardly I cheered when everyone started nodding or clapping along to the beat. I knew this song by heart, and had practiced the little freestyle dance I was doing so many times with Sabrina when we were kids… too bad she couldn't do it too.

I kept singing confidently, walking off the stage and interacting with my 'audience', dancing with Garrus a bit, ruffling Moreau's hair… even spinning Tali around at one point. Really, I was just having fun. A ton of fun!

I returned to the stage only for the last bit, nodding my head along to the beat.

"Don't, with my love! That heart is so cold, all over my home… I don't wanna know that, babe!"

"Ah la, un la la!" Ash and Sabrina joined in.

I beamed. "Don't, with my love! I told her she knows, taking me home… I don't wanna know that babe! Ah la, un, la, la!" I finished, striking a pose.

I got a standing ovation.

And a score of 95.

Sabrina ran up to me and tackled me into a hug, taking a few pics. But after that song, I was out of energy. I practically collapsed next to Joker, laughing. He took his hat off my head and put it back on his.

"Nice job CP," he complimented. I grinned at him sheepishly. "So, when do you wanna do group mode with me?"

"After I'm done being dead," I answered between tired breaths.

I rested for quite a few songs. Sabrina sang The Lazy Song, Kaidan sang a couple more Maroon 5 songs. Ashley had been inspired by the soul song I had assigned her back when I was injured, and sang some Beetles songs. Liara even sang a couple Asari songs. And I convinced Tali to try singing some Taylor Swift.

It was adorable when she gave up, mostly because she didn't understand why the haters gunna hate hate hate hate hate.

The only two that outright refused to sing were Wrex and Garrus. Wrex because hearing a Krogan sing would be "a different kind of deadly" (his words) and Garrus didn't want to be in the same place as Tali, singing a song he didn't understand.

And then, Sabrina realized that Joker hadn't sung a single song… So I stepped forward.

"Sabs! You, me, and Moreau… Group mode!" I announced. I glanced at everyone else. "Liara, backup dancer," I decided, pointing my thumb towards the stage. Liara was baffled by the fact that I'd called her name.

Sabrina gave the asari a goofy grin. "Come on Liara!"

At that, the blue girl eagerly stood up and joined us onstage.

"Hey Ash, can you record this?" I asked my human friend. The soldier nodded with a smile, tapping on her omni-tool and giving me a thumbs up when she was ready.

"Here," I tossed my earpiece to Liara. "That one's linked so you won't need to carry a mic and dance. This is going to be quite the performance. Sabs, you're playing Iggy."

Opening up the custom mode on the console, I started assigning different parts to everyone. "Liara, transmitting the song to your earpiece so you can listen to it once. The screen will highlight your parts."

"Hey, what about me?" Moreau argued. "Shouldn't I get to listen to the song once too?"

Sabs and I grinned, slinging our arms around each other. "You have the easiest part," we told him in unison.

"It's the same line, over and over," Sabs explained further. "You'll be fine."

The two of us high fived and beamed at each other. Moreau rolled his eyes. "What kind of settings are you putting on that thing anyways?"

"I'm setting it so I get to dance with attractive women," I mumbled, returning my attention to the customize menu. "And so that you don't dance. Oh, and making whole room the stage for me so I get to make people dance."

"She has the heart of a performer," Kaidan commented to Garrus. "It's a human thing."

I winked at him. "You know it Alenko!" I tapped a final button. "Done! You ready girls?" I asked my backup dancers. Sabrina nodded, Liara looking a bit awkward but also nodding.

"I'd like to dedicate this song to all of you!" I spoke into my mic. "Because tonight's been awesome!"

Tali clapped for me first, the others joining in.

"I'd also like to apologize beforehand for Sabrina's dancing," I added seriously.

"Hey!" Sabrina snapped, slinging her arm around my neck and ruffling my hair. We laughed until she released me and I pressed the start button. The jazzy tune began, and I imitated the dance image on the screen, which was walking forward.

"It's Iggy Igz," Sabrina started. "I got one more problem with you girl!"

Liara sang her background part, imitating the dance moves on the screen. "One less one less problem,"

"Hey baby even though I hate ya, I wanna love ya!" I spun around and faced Liara, who effortlessly glided to my other side, the two of us pointing in unison and harmonizing. "I want you-ou-ou!" I grinned, Liara wasn't too bad. At karaoke. "And even though I can't forgive ya, I really want to!"

"I want you-ou-ou!" Liara harmonized, moving towards Sabrina.

"Tell me tell me baby, why did you leave me?" I walked to the beat off the stage and approaches Kaidan, he got the hint and spun me around. "Cause even though I shouldn't want it, I gotta have it" I quickly jogged to Garrus, poking his… nose? "I want you!"

The turian chuckled, shaking his head down at me. "Humans are strange," he voiced to Wrex while I returned to the stage to dance with my girls for a bit.

"Head in the clouds got no weight on my shoulders! I should be wiser and realize that I've got!" Sabrina and I both pointed to Joker, who looked slightly puzzled for a moment before realizing that it was his turn.

"One less problem without ya! I got one less problem without ya! I got one less problem without ya! I got," He sang, slightly off key and off the beat.

"One less one less problem!" Sabrina and I sang through giggles.

Joker shot us a glare which didn't look scary at all thanks to the smile on his face, but now he seemed to get into the rhythm of the song. "One less problem without ya! I got one less problem without ya! I got one less problem without ya!"

I gave him a wink, Sabrina and Liara singing the next part while I decided that Moreau would be my next target. "I got one less one less problem!"

"I know you're never gonna wake up, I gotta give up!" I sang, looking Joker straight in the eyes, basically overflowing with mischief. He smirked back at me, raising an eyebrow.

And from the corner of my eye, I could see Sabrina's horrible dancing as she and Liara sang backup vocals. "But it's you-ou-ou!"

With a grin, I ran my finger along his chest. "I know I shouldn't ever call back, or let you come back," His eyes widened, and I snatched his hat off his head, placing it on mine.

"But it's you-ou-ou!"

I dashed off the stage and snatched Tali's hand, as she was my girl crush. "Every time you touch me, and say you love me! I get a little bit breathless, I shouldn't want it! But it's you!"

The rest of the song, I cheerfully danced with the aliens and Ash, staying away from Kaidan because he was Sabrina's territory and also because I didn't want more rumors to spring up. Sabrina totally killed the rap, and once the song came to a close I ran into Sabrina's arms, the commander spinning me around and laughing with me. Then she started planting sloppy kisses all over my face until I shoved her over and we both ended up on the floor.

"You're such a freak!" I laughed.

"You're the weirdo here!" Sabrina countered, Kaidan coming over to help her up. Garrus was nice enough to help me up, though he basically lifted me up off the floor.

I stuck out my tongue. "Well, fine then!" I really just could not come up with a good comeback.

"And what was with you and basically everyone tonight?" the commander questioned me, wiggling her eyebrows. "Namely Garrus, Tali, and Joker."

"I love Tali," I stated, as it was actually the most obvious thing in the universe. I had explained and declared my love for the quarian on numerous occasions, however jokingly.

"And Joker?" Ash pressed, a spark in her eyes. Joker limped towards me with his crutches, taking his hat back with a glare. I hugged the pilots arm and beamed at the soldier.

"He's totally in love with me," I joked. "Alas, my heart belongs to Tali."

Moreau rolled his eyes. "Come on Williams, why are you always trying to push me and CP together? It's against regulations for one, and she's basically the little sister I never wanted."

"He's in denial, he's totally in love with me," I whispered loudly, snickering when the man gently shook me off. I was still pumped off from singing, so I felt like absolutely nothing would bring me down.

"Well what about Garrus then?" Kaidan inquired, wrapping an arm around Sabrina. "You were interacting with him quite a bit too."

I shrugged. "Well, what can I say? I like my dextro alien friends."

"Sorry Kim, I don't think it would work between us," Garrus purred. I placed my hand on my heart as if I'd been stabbed.

"But Gare-bear!" I whined. "I thought we had something special going on!"

Everyone had a good laugh at the dumb nick-name I'd come up with on the spot. Garrus shook his head, chuckling. "If you were a turian, I'd have to admit that I'd be a little interested. As it stands now though, you're just too short."

I crossed my arms, huffing. "I'm not that short!" I turned to face my quarian friend. "Tali, you'd be in a relationship with me right?"

"Of course I would," Tali confirmed with a nod. "However, my suit would make it difficult for us to be… physically intimate."

I let out a dramatic sigh, draping myself over Tali. "Well, there goes my dreams of having my first time be with the light of my life."

Moreau snorted. "You're a virgin?"

Well, my good feelings got thrown out the airlock.

My cheeks instantly burned bright red. "T-there's nothing wrong with that!" I stuttered. Sabrina gushed and pulled me into a hug.

"My baby girl's just waiting for the right person to come along!" Sabrina stated, cuddling me. "Kimmy's just too good for flings! And none of you can have her!"

"Sabs," I whined. "Let go!"

"Never, you're all mine!" Sabrina insisted. When she finally released me I dashed behind Ashley.

"Protect me Squire!" I cried, our companions laughing at the unfolding events. The soldier patted my head and grinned at Sabrina.

"Sorry Skipper, looks like Kim's mine now."

"I'd rather lose her to Wrex!" the commander declared. At her words, I darted to Wrex.

"Uncle Wrex! Lift me up!" I ordered. The Krogan did as I asked, chuckling all the while. He lifted me easily with one arm, and I ended up sitting on his shoulder.

"Uncle Wrex?" Kaidan raised an eyebrow.

"Kaidan, if Sabrina's my sister and mom figure, then Wrex is obviously my cool uncle," I told the biotic.

After that, we sang for a little bit longer before Sabrina decided to call it a night and head back to the Normandy. Ashley, Joker, Tali and I decided we'd like to walk around the Citadel a bit longer, so the others went on without us.

"I still can't believe you're a virgin," Joker commented as we walked. Tali flicked him in the head. "Ow," the pilot whined. "What was that for Tali?"

"You shouldn't speak to a lady like that," she chided.

Moreau scoffed. "Come on Tali, we both know Kim's not a lady."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Ashley questioned with a raised eyebrow. I crossed my arms.

"Really? None of you are going to flick him for saying that I'm not a lady?" I sighed loudly.

Joker gave me a sheepish look, limping along. "Well, come on CP. You're… different."

I gave him a look. "Explain."

"Well, Tali's a lady. Ashley's a lady. Hell, Shepard's a lady," he stated. "You're basically a kid. You're fun, and childish, and you just don't really do a ton of things that the other girls on the ship do. I mean, I guess you cook…"

"Sexism," Ashley sang.

Joker shot her a glare. "Trying to make a point here Williams," he returned his gaze to me. "Look, I guess you're just not what I think of when I think of a lady. You're just… you're Kim."

"Fine," I huffed. "I guess I'm just one of the guys then."

"Not a bad thing to be," Moreau grinned cheekily.

We passed by a shop, Ashley stopping in her tracks. "Hey guys, I'm just going to slip in here for a sec, go on ahead."

"Okay!" I beamed at the soldier. "I'm hungry, let's go grab some food while we wait for Ash!"

Ash grinned. "I'm not going to take too long. I'll message you when I'm done so I can find you."

Joker, Tali, and I ended up finding a burger place not too far from the shop Ash went in, Tali snacking on some dextro paste while we waited for Ash to finish whatever it was that she was doing. Tali also got the opportunity to experience some epic banter between me and the pilot, the two of us taunting each other relentlessly until Ash walked in. Our group now reunited, we decided to head back to the ship. Since we were docked on the Citadel, all of us headed towards the sleeper pods for some much needed rest. Of course, I was going to sleep in Sabrina's bed because I could, but before I could enter her room, Ash pulled me aside.

"Hey Kim, I got you something," she told me with a soft smile. My eyes shone brightly, and I instantly placed my hands on her shoulders.

"A present? You got me a present?" I asked her, awed. Ashley's smile turned sheepish, and she scratched the back of her head.

"It's nothing much," she coughed. The girl handed me a CD. "I just thought you'd appreciate it. It has all the songs that were sang tonight, and some that I found and thought you'd like from my own searches after you showed me some songs," she told me. "I even asked Skipper about songs that you liked. Its old school, and I figured you'd be a sucker for this kind of thing."

"You're the most wonderful human being in the whole wide universe," I declared. Ash took one look at my face and smiled, ruffling my hair.

"I see what Joker was talking about now. Sometimes the stars really are in your eyes."

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