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Battle for the Citadel

When the Mako disappeared from our sensors my immediate reaction was to try and call Sabrina. "Sabrina? Sabrina, do you copy?" checking my console, I was surprised to see that she just… wasn't in range.

So she wasn't dead, she just wasn't on Ilos anymore. And neither was our Mako, or Garrus and Wrex.

"Talk to me CP," Jeff called, green eyes scanning his screens. "Where's Shepard?"

"Tracking the Mako now," I answered calmly, tapping a few buttons on my console. She was at… the Citadel? "Well, that's weird."

Pausing momentarily, the pilot turned to me, head tilted to the side in slight confusion. "What's weird?"

"It says that she's on the Citadel. Saren and the Geth he was with, they aren't on Ilos anymore either…" I bit my thumb, thinking hard. "The Conduit… it must be like, some kind of mini-relay to the Citadel!"

"Shit," Jeff cursed. "That means Saren's on the Citadel. There's probably one hell of a battle going on."

"And if he had the element of surprise…" I cringed. "He probably took down a ton of systems on the Citadel already, maybe even cut the communications to throw them into chaos so they can't fight back as quickly. Would at least explain why Sabrina can't call us from there."

"We need to get to the Citadel," Joker declared.

"Okay, get us to the Andura sector as fast as you can," I ordered, standing up from my seat, adrenaline pumping through my veins. "Patch me through to Admiral Hackett, I'm going to the conference room. Since Saren's attacking the Citadel with an army of Geth and Krogan, we're going to need as much help as we can get."

"What are you now, replacement Shepard?" Jeff called after me. I turned around to flip him off.

"I'm Flight Officer Kimberly Anne Kogan you loser!" I shouted back at him, dashing through the CIC. Some crewmembers and Pressly stared at me, flabbergasted as I ran by them. "Sabrina's at the Citadel with Saren and the Citadel's under attack!" I explained hurriedly to them, turning the corner that led to the Conference room and crashed into Kaidan. The two of us tumbled to the hard floor, the two of us groaning in pain before the older man helped me up.

"What's going on?" he questioned me, I stared back at him with determination written all over my face as I explained. Sabrina was on the Citadel, so was Saren. Geth and a Reaper were attacking the Citadel, we needed to get help. Kaidan nodded understanding. "Okay, Joker's patching you through to Admiral Hackett?" I nodded. "Let's go then."

The two of us entered the conference room, Hackett's hologram standing in front of us. We saluted, serious expressions on our faces.

Hacket stood straight, hands behind his back. He gave us a stern look. "Lieutenant Alenko, Officer Kogan," he greeted, looking a bit displeased. "Where's Commander Shepard? We received word that she and the rest of the Normandy's crew committed the crime of mutiny."

I gave Kaidan a look, the biotic giving me a nod. I stepped forward. "Commander Shepard's on the Citadel right now," I explained. "Saren's attacking it. We stole the Normandy to try and stop Saren, but we were too late. And we need help to stop them from attacking or the galaxy is going to be destroyed by a sentient machine race called the Reapers," I stated bluntly. My words caused Hackett to frown.

Yeah, I sounded like a crazy person.

"No offense Officer Kogan, but that seems a little far-fetched," the Admiral replied. Kaidan took a step forward.

"Ask anyone on this ship, and they'll give you the same story," Alenko spoke firmly. "Commander Shepard did what she knew to be the right thing to do. If you don't believe us, try contacting the Citadel. All communications are down."

Hackett turned away from us. "You, try and hail Citadel Control," he ordered someone we couldn't see. Kaidan and I stood, stiffly, waiting for him to confirm what we already knew. A few moments later, he turned to face us, frowning. "Well, my apologies. We've confirmed a distress signal from the Citadel, and all communications to them are cut."

I glanced at Kaidan, smiling, before returning my gaze to Hackett. "The Citadel's forces are in disarray right now. We're going to need as many ships as possible if we're going to have a shot at stopping them."

"Agreed," Hackett nodded. "Where's the Normandy heading?"

"We're heading to the Andura sector now," I told him.

"I'll send the whole Arcturus fleet there as well. We'll strike on your signal, Normandy," the Admiral stated, saluting. His hologram disappeared, and I let out a relieved breath, pulling Kaidan into a hug.

"I'm surprised that didn't take longer," I admitted, releasing him. Kaidan let out a laugh.

"Just be glad that they listened," the biotic smiled. "You should head back to the cockpit, I'll make sure the crew is ready."

I nodded, exiting the conference room and returning to the bridge. Jeff raised a hand in greeting. "Hackett's sending us the whole Arcturus Fleet as backup," I took my seat, activating my console. "Kaidan's getting everyone ready. How are we doing?"

"Going as fast as we can," he answered. "ETA's a little less than an hour. We're really pushing the Normandy now."

"Think we're going to make it in time?" I asked him.

"We have to."

The two of us worked in silence for most of the flight, and I calibrated the ships weapons to prepare for the upcoming battle. Arriving in the Andura sector, I stared in awe at the sheer amount of ships there to help save the Citadel.

"Transmission coming in from Admiral Hackett," Jeff noted. "Patching him through to your earpiece."

"Got it," I approved. "Admiral Hackett? This is Officer Kogan on the SSV Normandy," I greeted.

"Officer Kogan, the relay to the Citadel's locked down, we can't go through," Hackett notified.

Damn it, they just weren't making this easy for us.

"Thanks for letting us know, we'll try and contact Shepard now," I answered after a moment, shaking my head.

"Good luck Normandy, Hackett out."

I turned to Jeff. "Can you open up a communications channel? We need to try and get a hold of Sabrina. Or really, just anyone that can unlock the relay."

The pilot nodded, hands dancing across his controls. "We're close enough to the Citadel now that we should be able to pick up their distress signals." The moment he opened our communications; panicked voices blared through our earpieces.

"This is the Destiny Ascension. Main drives offline, kinetic barriers down forty percent. The Council is on board, I repeat, the Council is on board," a female voice cried before cutting out.

"Fuck," I cursed. "That's not good."

"Opening a channel now," Jeff called. I nodded. "Normandy to the Citadel. Normandy to the Citadel," he repeated. A notification appeared on our screens, letting us know that someone had joined the channel. "Please tell me that's you, Commander," Jeff requested over the comm, Sabrina answering quickly.

"I'm here Joker. Are the rest of you ok?"

I let out a breath of relief. Sabrina was okay.

Jeff gave me a thumbs up and a smile as he replied to the commander. "We're fine. We caught that distress call, Commander. We're sitting here in the Andura sector with the entire Arcturus fleet," Jeff told Sabrina seriously.

"We can save the Ascension Sabrina," I added. "You just have to unlock the relays around the Citadel and we're in."

The comm channel went silent for a moment. Jeff glanced at me, uncertain.

"What's the order, Commander?" the pilot inquired. "Come in now to save the Ascension or hold back?"

"Opening the relays now. We need to save the Ascension… No matter what the cost," Sabrina stated firmly.

We relayed the order to Admiral Hackett, and instantly blasted through the relay at FTL speeds.

It was the first time I'd kept my eyes open during FTL, and it was beautiful. The stars zooming by so fast that they turned into lines of light… like we were racing against them, and the falling feeling I normally got felt more like I was floating.

Then we were through.

Geth ships were shooting at the Destiny Ascension. Jeff had been right when he said that its size didn't matter… the Geth were tearing it apart. All the firepower in the world didn't matter if it couldn't avoid enemy attacks.

"You focus on the fancy flying; I'll blast these things to hell!" I told Jeff confidently, locking onto geth ships and firing. Jeff nodded at me, and flew strategically to allow me the best shots possible until the Destiny Ascension was safe.

"Destiny Ascension, you are all clear. Repeat – You are all clear." Jeff called over the comm, the two of us grinned at each other, ecstatic.

Hackett's voice rang through the Normandy's PA. All of our ships communications were linked now. "The Citadel's opening! All ships move in! Concentrate on Sovereign!"

"Ready for this Jeff?" I asked the pilot, readying the Normandy's weapons. Through the windows I could see the Reaper, monstrous in size and creepy looking like a lobster.

"You know it CP," he replied.

Every ship in the fleet began to fire at Sovereign, and I gaped in shock as it released a beam that tore some of our ships in half "Jeff, stay away from the beams!"

"Got it!"

Sovereign's too strong!" another ship's commander shouted. "We have to pull back!"

From the corner of my eye I could see Jeff scowl at the coward's words. If we pulled back, we were screwed. Before I could sass anyone however, Hackett replied. "Negative," he denied darkly. "This is our only chance, take that monster down no matter what the cost."

Eventually the Reaper began to release red sparks, and a flash of realization went through my mind. "It's shields are down! Now's our chance!" I exclaimed. "What's the order, Hackett?"

"Hit it with everything we've got!" Hackett commanded.

"Hard on my flank, we're going in!" Jeff shouted, turning the Normandy around and flying straight at the Reaper.

A million thoughts went through my head. Everything that had happened was because of this thing. Not Saren. This monster had brainwashed people, it was worshipped by the Geth.

If it wasn't for Sovereign, maybe Ashley wouldn't have died on Virmire. We wouldn't have even gone there. She would still be alive, her sisters wouldn't have lost her.

I wouldn't have lost her.

"This is for Ashley you son of a bitch," I growled, slamming my fist against the missile release.

Sovereign fell, a huge explosion of red and metal flying around. We'd won, Jeff and me cheering with the rest of the crew. Kaidan, Tali, and Liara ran into the cockpit, and I stood up to tackle Tali with a hug. Kaidan placed a hand on my head, the asari patting me on the back. Looking over at Jeff, I could see the proud look in his eyes, a gentle smile on his face.

"Let's dock and get the rest of our crew," I beamed.

We'd won.

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