Chapter 2

It's five in the morning when you and your friends on flying on Appa, heading straight for the capital.

And for some reason you're not panicking yet, you're calm, and resolute and that possibly scares you more than a panic attack.

You will find another way, death is and has never been the only option, despite what you're friends say.

"You have to kill my father Aang, even if you manage to capture him, he's powerful enough to gather an army even in jail, there is no other option." Zuko had sounded resigned to his father's fate, maybe he has been for longer than he has ever known.

"Aang, look, Ozai is not Zhao, he's not even Long Fai, he's worst. And people like that, they don't redeem themselves, they just do the same shit over and over again." Sokka tried to sound logical, but you were raised to believe everyone deserves a second chance, and those beliefs have gotten you through a lot, they can get you through a little bit more.

"Let's see, who do we want to see come out of this alive, I'm thinking you Twinkle Toes. So just don't let your guard down, because from what Zuko has told us, he won't hesitate to use any weakness he finds or even thinks he does. So do as all a favor and don't screw up!" You know it's a bad sign when you can clearly hear the worry Toph so often tried to hide, and you agree with her on some level, but why does everyone believe death is going to fix everything, wouldn't that only lead to more death?

"Aang, I can't tell you what to do, but if it comes down between you and Ozai, I-I you to end it, for good, no more losing you, no more losing family!" Katara had started to tear up midway, and you were so stunned that Katara, the one who you thought agreed with you on your views of life and death and balance, had just told you to kill Ozai.

You don't comfort her or any of them, after they each gave you they're own speech, in stead you or they walk or run off.

You will not kill, you will not kill, is your mantra as you approach the final battle.

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