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A loving trick


After a competiton in a Bowling before Halloween, the winner has to give trick for the losers who have to do it but will it lead them to become crazy and cry or will it lead to something romantic?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

It was one autumn afternoon, the 29th exactly. All was calm and silent in the city of Domino and in particular in one house, where was reunited a group of people a little bored with nothing to do. Indeed, Yugi, Atem and their friends, especially the boys, were quietly sat in the Muto's living room and they were bored so much. Everyone looked for an idea to do something in this boring afternoon.

It was three months that the duel between Atem and Yugi was over. By having finished the duel in a tie, Atem had seen his wish realised and he was able to live near his friends. Adopted by Mr Mutô, he lived with him and Yugi as a new member of the family Mutô. He could for the first time of his life, live like a normal being without fighting demons or others creatures. He has no more to worry about the world and fight to save the world. No more? It wasn't sure for the moment. Indeed everyone was in the living room and their minds began to boil.

"So…what we will do today?" Asked Jono uchi letting himself fall in the couch and sigh with boring "Someone has an idea?"

"Sure it's not you with your behavior and the absence of a brain in your head, that you will be able to find a solution!!!!" Said Honda to make fun of his friend.

"What?!!!! I don't allow you to make fun of me !!! » Said Jono uchi by almost standing and ready to put his fist in the face of his friend.

"I find he has perfectly right!!! A dog stays a dog and he makes only barking all the time!!!" Said SetoKaiba a beginning of a smile on his face.

Indeed, since the end of the duel and his travel in the memory of the pharaoh, Seto became a little closer of the gang to take advantage of his life. Because he had seen the loss of a dearest person in his ancient life and he didn't want to live this again. Of course he ran again his corporation and stayed a little arrogant, but he began to become more human. At least with almost everyone, because he continued to have fun with Jono uchi, even if it was more for fun than out of pure spite. And then he had another reason to be here, more sentimental and personal. He casted a glance toward this "reason" and this reason was a red head and so innocent person. Indeed Seto Kaiba began to have some sort of feelings for Shizuka the little sister of Jono uchi. But he took back his attitude when he heard the latter talking and who had turned toward Seto by frowning.

"AH Ah it's so funny ! You are going to see what a "dog" is able to do!!!!!"

"Humpf!!!! You think I'm afraid!!!!"Said Seto calmly, that put Jono uchi on a edge more than he was before and he was ready to fight.

Shizuka, Mokuba and Bakura who were there, tried to calm them, but without hope. Yugi watched them a little worried. He was sitting near Atem and looked at him.

"Atem! You don't think we should stop them!!!!" Asked Yugi, a little afraid of what it could happen.

"Hum… I know Yugi, but now I haven't an idea of what we could do to not be bored and so on calm down their minds!!" Said Atem who tried so desperately to find an idea.

It was at this moment that Yugi and Atem heard the door opening. Then after, a blond tornado flung herself around the neck of Yugi, who fell on the floor under the dumbfounded gaze of everyone.

"Yugi!!!! How I miss you!!!" Said the blond tornado.

Actually this blond tornado was simply Rebecca Hopkins who has just arrived.

"Yes… Yes, me too! But…. You can let me a little… Because I'm strangled by you!!!!"He tried to say, because he began to miss a little of air.

"Okay okay Rebecca!!! You should let him!!! You don't want to kill the one you love, do you ? » Said another blond older and more luscious, this time.

Indeed, Maï was going to make knowing that she was here, a teasing smile on her lips. The two young lied on the ground, reddened a little. Since the comeback of the pharaoh, Yugi had seen the connection between the former pharaoh and his childhood friend, Anzu Mazaki. He was sure that the two felt the same feelings, even if they didn't admit it. So Yugi became closer of Rebecca who had an unconditional love for him. No used of her demonstration of love before, he began to get used to this and he appreciated the young girl and loved her, at least when she didn't try to choke him with love.

They split up, Yugi lifting him first and helping Rebecca then.

"Well? What has happened here? We heard you from the outside !!!! » Asked Maï by looking at Jono uchi and Kaiba.

"Humpf!" Answered Seto.

« It's him ! He doesn't stop to taunt me!!!" Answered Jono uchi his arms crossed and in a bad mood.

"Don't blame the other for the fact you don't able to keep yourself busy and especially finding a brilliant idea!" Said simply Kaiba.

"What?!!!! And you !!! you have to find an idea too, since you think you are brilliant and so superior from the other!!!" Answered Jono uchi always angry.

A new horde of insult were almost heard, when a sweet voice could be heard from the entry of the living room.

"If we go to the Bowling and make some sort of competition with trick for the losers!!!" Said this voice.

Everyone turned toward this person who has talked. And this person was none other than Anzu Mazaki. This one looked at everyone with a smile, and Atem more particularly. He watched her coming in the living room with grace and coming near Jono uchi and Kaiba to separate them. He was in admiration toward her capacity to run the crisis. The more the days passed the more he couldn't live without her presence. He was always nicely surprised to see with so much easiness she could calm the mind and found ideas quickly. He was seduced by her keenness and intelligence, as much that her inside and outside beauty, like her wonderful blue eyes which reflected what she felt. She had the dignified quality to be a queen…. His queen, because he knew inside him that the feelings he had for her had changed to friendship to something deeper and stronger. He met the gaze of Anzu who smiled warmly and he gave her the same smile.

"Well, like I said, you know that it's Halloween in two days and who said Halloween said tricks. And the one, who makes the best score, could give the tricks to the other during this day. What do you think about that? Of course the tricks mustn't be nasty but funny!!!" Continued Anzu by watching everyone.

They all looked at her while thinking about what she had said.

"Yeah! It's great!!!!! I'm so strong at Bowling !!! » Said Jono uchi so excited and forgetting his bad mood.

"Yeah, it's clear that throwing a ball to knock flying a pin, you can do it perfectly, since you don't need to think!!!!" Said Kaiba with a mocking smile on his lips.

"Wait! You will see! You will laugh less when you will have to do your trick !!! » Said Jono uchi by rubbing his hands.

"And I'm supposed to be afraid!!!" Retorted Kaiba.

Everyone watched them and shook their head. Jono uchi and Kaiba didn't change at all.

Everyone thanked Anzu because thanks to her, they would finally have something to do and have a good afternoon. They began to go toward the hallway to be ready to leave.

Atem came near her and looked at her with admiration and a glimmer of tenderness in his eyes.

"You were great, Anzu! You are a genious!"

"Please, Atem! It was nothing!!!" She said a little embarrassed.

"Oh no! Without you I don't know what had happened, really…. You are someone so remarkable and surprising!!!" He said by staring at her so intensely.

Anzu looked at him and reddened a little. She lowered her head for not he saw her blushing. Atem always looked at her and didn't want to remove his eyes from her. Since three months, he had learnt to know and love her. She has the gift to surprise him and find the ideas which make everyone agree, but especially she cared about the other and she did everything for they gave the best of them. He was fond of this character in her. He had a lot of affection and tenderness for her. Indeed he was aware that he loved her so much.

The others, outside, called them for they came to join them. Atem looked at them, then he put his gaze on the object of his affection.

"Anzu, do you come? I think they are waiting for us!!!" He said tenderly.

Anzu lifted her head and looked at him with the same tenderness in her eyes. They smiled at each other, then Atem took her hand gently and took her away. Anzu looked at his strong and warm hand which held her hand in his, firmly but with softness; then she watched his back, this back so strong which freed a quiet and reassuring strength. She felt so in security near him.

Arrived outside, Yugi noticed that Atem held the hand of Anzu. He smiled at this. Atem noticed that Yugi watching him by smiling and looked at him and Anzu. He turned around and saw that he held her hand, the one of Anzu. He looked at her by removing his hand nicely.

« Excuse me…Anzu! I'm sorry!!!" He said with an embarrassed smile, despite deep inside he didn't regret what he did and on the contrary he would like to go on like this.

"Oh… It… was nothing!!! Don't worry !!! » She said by lifting her hands and smiling.

They smiled at each other like before with a strong bond and they decided to join the other.

But another person had noticed this. A mischievous smile appeared on his face. He crossed his arms by thinking that the former pharaoh and rival had discovered love too. This person was none other than Seto Kaiba.

Arrived at the Bowling, they went toward the counter to book shoes and register their name. They decided to split up in two groups. The boys one side and the girl plus Mokuba in the other side. They took a paper to write the score and so on determinate the winner.

Everyone was motivated, but not as much as Jono uchi.

"Ah ah ah! I will finally be able to show you what I can do and put you down, Ah ah ah!!" He said overwhelmed by walking toward one of the bowling alley.

Everyone looked at him by smiling. They went on the bowling alley too and began to play.

Jono began first and threw the bowl. Everybody watched this one rolled over. It reached the pins which all fell.

"YES!!!! Strike, Ah ah !!! You see that ? » Said Jono uchi making his dance victory.

"It's a lucky break!!!!" Said Honda.

"Hum! I agree!!!!" Retorted Seto.

Yugi was the next to throw the bowl and he mad fall eight pins in twice, then Honda who make fall seven pins, and Atem with eight pins and at least Seto with eight pins too.

"Ah ah! You see that! You are not able to surpass me, I'm the king of the throwing bowl!!!!" Said Jono uchi so happy.

"You should not think already that the victory is yours, because the game had just began!!!" Said Honda a little irritated by the behavior of his friend.

They heard some exclamation near them and looked at what had happened. Anzu had threw her bowl and she had made… a strike too.

The other girls approved heartily and they cheered Anzu who thanked them a little embarrassed. The boys was dumbfounded especially Jono uchi. His mouth was wide opened and he looked at her shocked.

"Ah!... Anzu! Since when you are so strong at Bowling," Jono uchi said as soon as he found his voice.

"Oh! Well! I come often here with my father and I manage well !! » She simply said by smiling.

"AHHH! But…But » He said without pursuing.

"You see Jono uchi you have to worry! And then you could take example from her because she stays modest toward her victory!" Said Honda by smiling.

"I agree and I think I will support Mazaki!" Kaiba said by smiling too.

"Grrrr, shut up you too!!!" Retorted Jono uchi.

"That's right Anzu!!! Good play ! » Said Yugi and Bakura who smiled proud of their friend.

Atem said nothing, but he looked at her carefully, a glimmer of admiration in his eyes. She was so beautiful with her angelic look and her tender smile. The victory fitted her so much.

"Ok… Anzu! I see that I have a great oponent. But don't you think that you will win so easily!" Jono uchi said "Eh! If you and me, we do a duel and the loser invite the winner to diner!" Proposed Jono uchi while coming near Anzu and held out his hand.

Anzu watched him and his hand. After a while she accepted the bet.

They smiled together and Jono uchi went back his place to throw a bowl.

"Good luck… Anzu!!!" Whispered Atem by coming near Anzu and smiling at her to cheer her up.

Anzu thanked him with her most beautiful smile and they looked at each other for a while, before Atem took his eyes off her to come back with the other boys.

After half and one hour of game, the score was in a tie between Jono uchi and Anzu, before their last throw.

"So Anzu! Ready to loose!!" Jono uchi said so confident.

"Jono uchi, the game is not over!!!" Answered Anzu by shaking her head.

"Go go Anzu!" Everyone cheered her up, especially the girls. Only Yugi and Atem said nothing. Yugi, because he didn't want to choose between his two friends and Atem, because he wanted to cheer his sweet Anzu up but didn't want to show up.

"Eh Boys! You could to cheer me up at least!!!" Jono uchi screamed a little angry.

"Sorry, but I'm up for Anzu!" Honda said by laughing.

"It's so evident!!!" Pursued Seto.

« WHAT ?!!! » Jono uchi said.

« Well, Jono uchi ! Do your best ! » Yugi, Shizuka and Bakura said to cheer him up.

"Thanks Yugi, little sister and Bakura! You're my friend!!!" Retorted Jono uchi by smiling.

Anzu looked at Yugi and smiled at him. She understood that he was not for her and not for him too and he said this only to cheer Jono uchi up and that he felt that he wasn't alone.

"Yes, good luck Jono uchi and do your best!!!" She said by looking at him and smiling wholeheartedly.

"Yeah… Good luck to you too Anzu and… Thanks!!!" Jono uchi said by giving back her smile.

They took each a bowl and Jono uchi let Anzu throwing her bowl first. This one thanked him and threw it. It went its way until nine pins fell.

"Yeah, it's good, Anzu!!!" Everyone screamed.

Jono uchi watched that and said nothing. He concentrated and threw his bowl. It pursued its way too and nine pins fell too.

"Oh Oh Oh!!! What a suspens !!! » Honda said.

"It's true! The next one will be conclusive!!!" Retorted Bakura.

Atem had his heart which beat very strongly. He wished that Anzu win, but also a little Jono uchi. He looked at her without losing her from his gaze. Anzu turned around because she felt the gaze of Atem on her. She smiled at him and he did the same thing.

« But if they are again in a tie, what will happen?" Rebecca Asked.

Everyone thought about that.

"Hum… Listen Jono uchi, if we are in a tie, we could invite each other to diner and we could decide for the tricks together, what do you think?" Proposed Anzu by looking at him.

Jono uchi looked at her too and thought about what she said, his eyes lifted toward the sky. Then he looked at her again and said :

"Ok! I'm in !!! »

They shook their hand and took again a bowl. Anzu threw it and everybody watched the bowl, a little anxious. This one nudged the pin but it didn't fall.

"YEAH!!!... Euh… It's a shame Anzu, it was almost done ! » Jono uchi said by trying to hide his joy.

"Don't worry!!!! I'm not angry and the game is not over !!" She simply said.

"It's true! So if you throw this bowl!!" Honda said a little impatient.

"Yeah, Yeah, I will!!!" Jono uchi answered.

He concentrated and took his elan to throw the bowl. Then he watched a little anxious. Everyone followed the way of the bowl. This one hit the pin and it fell in the hole.

"Yes! Ha ha!!" Jono explosed with joy while dancing like a crazy « I'm the best !!!! »

« Congratulation Jono uchi ! I'm so happy for you !!! » Anzu said with a radiant smile and she came near him to shake his hand.

"Thank you Anzu and… Sorry for my behavior, but I was so happy!!!"Jono uchi said by shaking her hand. He put his other hand behind his head, with a clumsy smile.

« Don't worry I understand !!! » Anzu said to reassure him.

Everyone came near them to congratulate Jon uchi, because despite what they had said they were happy for him. They congratulated Anzu too for her play.

Atem watched nothing else than Anzu. He had appreciated her behavior toward Jono uchi and he saw that she was sincere when she had said that. He was very fond of her personality, her sweetness, her devotion and her absence of superficiality and hypocrisy. She was simply true toward the other and toward her. He couldn't detach his gaze of her and he smiled tenderly for her attitude.

Seto who was behind, noticed the gaze of Atem for Anzu and he smiled maliciously one more time, then he took back his composure.

"Well, now that it was over! It's time for the tricks, isn't it?" Proposed Honda

"Yes, you're right! But we will make it at Yugi and Atem's home, because I think you will scream !!!! So we will be fine sheltered from view!!!" Jono uchi said by smiling maliciously and rubbing his hands.

Everybody has a lump in their throat and they wondered what Jono uchi had in mind.

They left the bowling to go at Yugi and Atem's home. During the way, each thought about what they would do and they were a little afraid, because they saw Jono uchi who had a big smile and he laughed alone with a strange glimmer in his eyes.

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