A loving trick

Chapter 2

Arrived at the Mutô, they all settled in the living room again and looked at Jono Uchi who was standing in front of them, hands on his hips and with a big smile.

"WELL WELL ... It is time to start! " He said smiling.

"Yes ... yes! We know! So began that this horrible joke was over as soon as possible! "Said Honda lifting his eyes in the air, frustrated.

"Honda ... You're absolutely right! So here are my first victims of my genius for the pledge! ! "Said Jono Uchi smiling mischievously and watching everybody.

Then his eyes put on Yugi, Honda, Kaiba and Bakura. Seeing this, they swallowed hard and wondered what Jono Uchi had in mind.

"So I decided to divide into two groups for the trick! " He began with a smile " Gentlemen stand up! " He said indicating they have to do it.

They stood up while looking daggers at him, at least Kaiba and Honda, because Yugi and Bakura were a little frightened and curious at the same time.

"So! The first trick is easy! Two of you will go at the aerobics where the girls go and of course well dressed with a slinky dress and all the accessories! "He said looking at them straight in their eyes while laughing " And girls, I count on you ! But the boys are accepted, aren't they? "Asked Jono Uchi watching his friends.

"Hum! Yes do not worry Jono uchi! On the contrary, but none of them come! "Anzu said, smiling.

"Oh yes! I feel that the teacher will be nice with them ... And we will laugh so much! "May finished by saying and whispered to the girls for they heard her.

The boys opened their mouth wide, stunned. Seto, he only frowned.

"Well to the second trick, the other two will during the evening Halloween disguise ... in ballerina suit and with a little show! "Exclaimed Jono Uchi lifting his arms in the air and smiling, pleased to find this idea.

The boys have their mouths opened even bigger and this time even Kaiba responds.

The other tried to hide the giggles they have, but they held it so much when they crossed the eyes of the four victims.

"Well! To designate who does what, I let you decide! "Jono uchi said.

Yugi, Bakura, Honda and Kaiba are still looked stunned. Then Yugi spoke.

"I propose that we take four matches and then we break the end of the two matches and let the two other like they are. Those who take the shorter will make the first pledge and the two others will make the second. What do you think? "

The other three agreed. Yugi then went into the kitchen looking for the famous matches. He went back a few minutes later and handed the match to his former partner.

"You can break it please. So there will be no cheating! "Said Yugi still stunned by what had suggested Jono Uchi.

"Ok ... partner! "Said Atem trying to support him with a smile.

Atem took the matches and went on to make what he has to do. He returned a few moments later and went toward the four boys.

"It's ok! You can go! He said.

Yugi, Honda, Bakura and Kaiba looked at each other, and then they each took a piece of matches at the same time. They pulled on it and looked at the result, shocked.

"NOOOOO !... I had the long one ?! NO NO! "Cried Yugi and hiding his face in his hands.

The others showed their stupor.

Atem, who was near Yugi looked at him and sympathized. Anzu, who was sitting close enough to him and approached his friend. She laid her hand on his shoulder to show him she supported him. But Atem had the same idea and they had put their hands on one another at the same time. They reddened and removed their hands quickly. No one had noticed, except Jono Uchi. He smiled with a mischievous idea in his head then he became serious.

"Su Yugi! This is nothing! It's just for the party! "Said Jono Uchi smiling.

"Yes ... .. Yugi! And do not worry. I took it too "said Bakura a little shocked but also trying to see the positive side.

"No ... No! "Go on Yugi while crying who didn't get over this.

"Phew! I prefer the lesson of aerobics with the girls than disguise me in ballerina! "Said Honda a little relieved, even if he should slinky dress and moved in front of the girls.

"Hum! I agree! Otherwise what a shame for me! "Kaiba said with his usual air.

"Too bad! I would have liked to see the great Seto Kaiba in ballerina with a pink tutu! "Said May teasing him, which made Rebecca and Mokuba laugh a little.

"Mokuba ?! "Kaiba said by frowning.

"Sorry Seto! But it is true that it would have been funny! "Said Mokuba trying to take bask his composure.

Atem and Anzu watched all this, a little absent because they thought about what happened just before and especially what they felt. They were embarrassed, but at the same time, it was pleasant and some of them felt that this was their place and they wanted to stay there like this.

With the cacophony, they do not realize that Jono Uchi always watched them. Then he detached his regard from them and decided it was time for the distribution of the other tricks.

"Well! It's funny, but there are other tricks for the other! "He said smiling.

Everyone shut up and looked anxious.

"So! We will go on with you ladies! At least three of you! "He said while watching the ladies.

The girls looked at him and wondered who the three girls he talked were.

"So! ... I called Miss Mai, Rebecca and Shizuka! "

The three girls looked at him and waited the "punishment", with a little fear for his brilliant ideas with the tricks.

"As you know, we do a party and who said party said ... Show, of course! I charge you to make a dancing and singing show! But not a simple singing and dancing one! "Jono Uchi said stopping here to make a suspens.

Mai, Rebecca and Shizuka waited with apprehension and the two of the three had their eyebrows lifted.

"Well! I would like you to do this show on an old hit of the disco years, with the dress and accessories of course! "He began to say" Ah! And for the choreography you can count on our lovely and talented dancer, I named Anzu Mazak! He finished saying while watching the latter.

She looked at him and smiled.

"Hum ... Yes with pleasure! Girls you can count on me! "Said Anzu looking at the girls and smiling, sympathetically of their trick, but at the same time reassuring them that she would do all she has to support and help them.

"WHAT? Hey! We are not here to entertain people! "Said Mai fulminating.

"TSS! You have no choice, you lost the game! "Jono Uchi said smiling.

Mai snorted a little more. Shizuka then tried to calm her down by saying:

"Ma, it could have been worse! And then it can be funny "

"I totally agree with you Shizuka! I think we will laugh enormously! "Rebecca said with a full smile and lifting her arms.

"And you can't complain Mai! It is not worse than what Jono uchi had concocted for us! "Honda Said" Look at what will make Yugi and Bakura! "

Mai looked at him, then looked Yugi and Bakura. After a sigh, she decided that indeed it could have been worse.

"OK ... I will do ... Anzu, we rely on you! "She said by looking at her and lifting her thumb. The two other girls also looked at Anzu.

"Absolutely! We will show them what you are all able and then you're right, it will be fun! I am with you girls! "She said by smiling and putting her hand in front of the girls, inviting them to do the same.

Mai, Shizuka and Rebecca looked her hand, and after a few seconds, laid their hands on it and screamed a "YES" to motivate.

Atem looked at this and smiled inwardly, because he knew that if "his" Anzu was in charge of the choreography, no doubt that the show would be excellent. He also found her radiant. He knew that Anzu was a kind-hearted person and did not let down her friends or people who were important for her. He could not detach his eyes from her. Anzu felt someone looked at her and turned her head. She saw that it was Atem. She smiled softly and he gave her his smile. Then they stayed like this watching each other, lost in the eyes of others and recklessly the people around.

Kaiba also watched this from the corner of the eye, and especially a redhead person. Part of him also was eager to see this show. He began to smile briefly. Then he took off his eyes from her and resumed his impassive face.

Jono Uchi, but Yugi noticed the look of Atem and Anzu and exchanging smiles. Then they looked at each other mischievously and nod in connivance, having had the same idea.

"Good! Before pursuing I propose to drink something, do you agree? "Said Jono Uchi.

"Yes you're right! Atem ... you can go please? Asked Yugi with a smile "Ah ... Anzu ... You could go to help please? "

"Ah ... Yes, no problem! "She said by rising from her place.

Atem and Anzu came to take refreshments.

Meanwhile, Yugi and Jono uchi approached and exchanged words. They decided to develop a plan, but they would need help from everyone.

"Okay everyone! For the rest of my trick for Atem and Anzu, I will need you! "Said Jono Uchi by approaching everyone" So that's the plan! He finished by saying to the others.

After five minutes of guidance from Jono Uchi he finished by asking:

"So what do you think of that? "

"Oh it will be fantastic! "Approved Rebecca by clapping her hands.

"Totally agree! "Approved Mai smiling mischievously.

Everyone approved the plan of Jono Uchi he had with the complicity of Yugi.

"So everybody knows what he has to do, does not it? "Said Jono Uchi.

"YES, SIR!"Replied everyone by standing to attention.

"Shut up !... I hear them coming back! "Said Rebecca by hearing them coming back.

Indeed Anzu and Atem had just arrived from the kitchen with two plates with drink for everyone. After they distributed it they sat to their place and drank.

After the break, Jono Uchi stood up and went in front of everyone like before ad said.

"So for the last three remaining, here the trick! "He began to say.

"Mokuba ... Since you are the youngest, I'm going to be nice with you! And then I need an assistant to supervise the doing of the tricks. You'll have to follow my orders! He finishing by saying while taking a serious look.

"First! You will, with a camera film the aerobic session of the gentlemen from the beginning to the end! Here is your first mission! Then you must follow the training of the girls by filming them from the repetition to the final show, and asked them their impression ... as a sort of interview and documentary! "he said by looking at him.

Mokuba looked at him a little taken aback, then nodded with a smile. He had expected to have a worst trick.
"Ok, no problem ... chief! "He said by smiling mischievously.

"OH ... I like how you called me! Continue like that… and for the rest ... I will tell you later because it will happen during the party! So rest, soldier! "He said smiling.

Then turning to the two remaining, he looked at them, grinning from ear to ear. Anzu and Atem swallowed hard and waiting for their "trick".

"Well, well ... Let's begin with our dear Anzu ! For you I have noted your trick on paper and prohibition to talk to somebody, because your "mission" must not be known from everyone ! He warned her seriously.

Anzu agreed by shaking her head and wondered what could be her pledge. Knowing Jono uchi and his ideas a little feeble, she feared the worst. With apprehension, she took the paper he handed her and looked at it. Then she unfold it slowly and read what was written. As she read this, her eyes grew with dread and she screamed a little with fear, trembling slightly.

"It's ... Not Possible, Jono Uchi? ... This is a joke, right? "She said with a low and trembling voice.

Jono Uchi shook his head negatively, smiling. She looked at him incredulous, then she began to blush slightly understanding that she has to do it. She put both her hands on her forehead and remained motionless as well.

Atem, who was nearby, looked at her and wondered what could have given Jono Uchi. He saw that she was embarrassed and still shaking slightly, tears at the edges of her eyes. A glimmer of anger in his eyes went and he was angry a little toward Jono Uchi to feel her that to "his" sweet Anzu. But he knew that Jono Uchi would never do anything to make suffer Anzu, which prevented him to punish him by striking him. Any people in this room, Anzu was the one he wanted to see less suffering and he wanted to see her happy.

After a few minutes of silence, Jono Uchi turned to Atem and said with a smile:

"As for you dear Pharaoh ... ... .. I'll give you your trick, and the first part of your trick is on a piece of paper and with the same order that Anzu! For the rest of your trick, you will know it later!" He finished by saying, smiling and closing his eyes of happiness.

He handed the paper to Atem, who took and unfold it. He traveled his eyes on it, and looked at Jono Uchi eyes with interrogations.

"Jono Uchi ... What does it mean, I do not understand anything! "He said with a voice who he could discern a total disbelief.

"Look what you have to do is following what is put on! "He said simply.

Atem always looked at him incredulous and closed his eyes. Then he sighed and reopened them by saying:

"Ok, even if I do not understand all this! "Atem finished by saying.

"Even if you understand nothing you have to do it, it's a part of the game! "Said Yugi, smiling.

Everyone nodded his head to tell him he had no choice. Eventually almost everyone, because he saw from the corner of his eye that Anzu was still desperate and red like before. He can't bear to see the woman he loved like this and he wanted to comfort her by taking in his arms.

"Good! Now that everything is said, we must wait for the party... Apart from Honda and Kaiba! "Said Jono Uchi laughing.

Seto and Honda grumbled remembering their trick they had tried to forget.

"In fact girls! When is the next meeting aerobics? "Jono uchi asked.

"Hum ... Tomorrow at five o'clock! "Mai said after a moment of silence because she thought that Anzu would respond. But she was still in this state so she had to respond.

Rebecca and Shizuka nodded. Shizuka then placed a comforting hand on Anzu, who raised her head and crossed the heartening eyes of Shizuka. She smiled and decided to resume. She gave her smile and they began to laugh.

Atem was a little relieved to see her take back her usual confidence in life and he loved to see her laugh. A soft smile sketched on his face.

"Well, gentlemen, the appointment is made! "Said Jono Uchi.

"In fact Jono Uchi, the girls and I plan to repeat the show tomorrow morning at ten o'clock! "Said Anzu by looking straight in his eye.

"Oh ... Ok! So Mokuba you have to accompany her to make the documentary as I said, okay? And then you film the meeting of our friends! "Said Jono Uchi watching his young assistant.

He nodded his head to agree and by smiling. He was eager to film his brother too, even if he would never say it because he did not want his brother to know it. He laughed a little but seeing the eyes of his brother he stopped.

They spent the rest of the evening laughing and talking to prepare the party which would be given within two days.

Later in the evening, when everyone was back, Yugi went to see Atem who was in his room. He opened the door and saw him sat on his bed and thoughtful.

"So Atem, what do you think? At your trick? "

He lifted his head and looked at him before answering.

"Hum ... Yes, you can say that! "He replied only.

"Let's see, do not be afraid, you know? "Said Yugi by watching him and smiling.

"Let's say I do not know yet what my pledge, so I can only wonder what it will be! "Atem said.

"Listen, it can't be so terrible! "Said Yugi, who knew the contents of the trick of his former partner. But he owed to say nothing "And then, it can't be worse than mine! Can you imagine ... Me in ballerina ? "Said Yugi.

The former Pharaoh did not reply but merely smiled in compassionate.

"In any case I am keen to see the show orchestrated by Anzu. I'm sure it will be great because she is so talented and she is so smooth and graceful! "Said Yugi, smiling.

On hearing the name of Anzu, Atem began to smile tenderly.

"Yes ... You're right ! "he said with a soft and gentle voice.

Yugi noticed this and smiled mischievously.

"Hey Hey! Our dear pharaoh would not be insensitive to the charms of our promising young dancer? Asked Yugi by teasing him.

Atem began to redden and turned his head to the other side that Yugi does not see it. They remained silent a few minutes before Yugi teased even more Atem.

"So? Hum ... You didn't answered me yet? "he said by approaching his head and smiling in front of the embarrassed look of Atem" Will you fell in love with her, won't you? "

Atem became redder. Then he turned his head and looked at Yugi straight in the eye.

"Yugi! This is not your concern! "He said a little angry toward his insitence.

"Hum ... It's true, but ... you do not deny it! "Said Yugi.

Atem closed his eyes to calm down. But he knew that Yugi could be persistent and didn't leave him alone. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes to respond.

"Ok! You won! ... It is true I love her! ... you're happy? "

"I knew it! "He said with a smile" Now you must to tell her! "

Atem blushed by hearing this and didn't knew what to say.

Then Yugi, seeing that the Pharaoh didn't say anything, decided to leave him alone.

"Well I'll leave. Tomorrow I get up early to find my ballerina costume for the party. And you? You know what suit you will wear? Asked Yugi.

"Hum? Yes! But I can't say anything, it's part of my pledge! "Atem said.

"Ok no problem! It will be a surprise! Go good night, Atem, "said Yugi while getting up to leave the room of Atem.

He looked at him leaving after saying good night. Then he took the paper Jono uchi had given him and read some other time.

"For the party, you should dress in a desert prince suit and find your Shéhérazade with whom you spend the evening! "

He sighed and decided to lie to be ready tomorrow to find his costume.

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