A loving trick

Chapter 3

The night the gang went well and the next morning, each bustled about their occupation.
Anzu had given a meeting to the girls and Mokuba at half past nine. Five minutes before, the bells could be heard and Anzu went to the door to open it. Behind it, was a young man about ten years, with a smile and a camera in his hands.
"Anzu Hi! Are you okay? "
Anzu looked at him and gave him a tender smile, toward his candid and innocent look.
"Mokuba! I am delighted to see you and yes, I'm very well, thank you! But come in please! "She said by letting him pass.
Mokuba gave her his smile and went in. she led him in the living room and invited him to sit.
"So Do you have a good rest? "Mokuba asked" You're no more unsettled by your trick, because you had looked very shocked yesterday!"He finished by saying with a smile.
"Ah! I admit that yes I was! But now let's say that I'm a little better and then I told myself that this is only a trick so, we will see! "Said Anzu laughing.
Mokuba laughed to accompany Anzu. Then they looked affectionately. Anzu had a great affection for the boy. It is true that he was much more kind and attentive as his big brother even if Seto had changed.
Mokuba, he also appreciated Anzu, but it is true that he loved all the gang members.
Then the bell rang again and Anzu got up to open it. She found behind the door her friends who were all here, smiling and motivated as usual.
"Hey, Anzu! So ready to show us how to dance! "Said Mai approaching Anzu.
"Hum Hum! I hope you are too, girls! "Said Anzu smiling and motivated.
"Yes, coach! "Replied Mai, Rebecca and Shizuka in standing at attention.
Then they came in and went to the living room.
"Hey Mokuba. Are you okay? "Said Mai by welcoming him warmly.
"Yes, I'm going really well! "He said, smiling.
"It's true that you are here to film us! "Said Rebecca who had just arrived too.
"Yes, absolutely! "He said while showing his camera " Indeed I will soon begin! "He said by turn on his camera.
"Yes you're right! "Said Shizuka smiling" Well if we began, girls! "
"Yes you're right! "Said Anzu who had just arrived in the living room" Indeed you have think about something, girls? "
"Well, well! We thought of the song "Waterloo" by Abba! What do you think? It is possible? "Shizuka asked.
"Hum! It's not so bad, it's very good in fact! And I can make a good choreography and easy to remember! "Said Anzu, smiling" Well! if we began" She Finished by saying while getting up.
"Ok! "Replied the other three.
Mokuba got up and began to put in place to film.
Anzu went to the Hi fi, turn it on and put the CD inside. Meanwhile the girls pushed the sofa to have more place to dance. Anzu came to join them and began to show them the moves that Mai, Rebecca and Shizuka followed with their eyes and tried to memorize them. Mokuba who was filming the show, was amazing because he found that Anzu was really good with her moves and that the girls would be great.
They trained during more than two hours under the camera of Mokuba. During their break, Mokuba interviewed them as he was asked to do so. Girls answered him with grace and good humor. At noon, the girls knew the moves and were satisfied with the choreography that Anzu had concocted.
"You're really talented for that Anzu! If our show is not successful I will dress like a nun! "Said Mai who wiped her face and drank water.
"Thanks, it is nice! But you are also talented girls! "She said a little embarrassed and drinking water too.
"No, Mai was right! You're really talented! And so graceful too! If it will be successful it will be thanks to you, because you explained so well! "Said Shizuka smiling.
"Hum yes I agree! "Said Rebecca, grinning.
"Absolutely! I've filmed it so I can tell you Anzu! You're really made for that! When the boys will see that they will all agree with me! "Said Mokuba delighted by what he had seen.
"Yes I also think it, especially a young Egyptian who had only eyes for you! "Said Mai, smiling mischievously and raising her eyes repeatedly suggestively.
Anzu began blushing like a tomato and lowered her head a little.
"It's nonsense. First he is not in love with me! "She said blushing.
"Like I believed you! In any case you are not indifferent you, huh? "Continued Mai.
"But ... but ..." said Anzu without go on. Then she reddened even more.
The others laughed from her reaction. Then they decided to let her alone.
"Well if we go for shopping! We have to find our outfit for the show and also for the party, right? "Said Mai.
The three other girls and Mokuba agreed since he should follow them to finish his videotape.
They went into town and did all the clothes shops to find what they wanted to. They have fun so much, even Mokuba that they almost forgot they had to go to the aerobics session with the boys.
They returned at home to put their bags, and took their belongings to go to the gym. They gave an appointment to the boys near the building.
Arrived in front they saw Kaiba and Honda who waited the girl with no much enthusiasm.
"So Kaiba! Ready for your lesson? "Maï told him smiling.
Rebecca and Mokuba began to laugh. But when he saw the eyes of his brother, Mokuba stopped laughing, or at least in front of him, but in his head he could not stop the images of his brother wearing the outfit and dancing to the music. He drew the giggles who won him for his brother didn't reprimand him because Seto always had his eyes on him. Then he turned over to his younger brother and looked at Mai.
"Very funny, really! I'm so delighted as you can see. This is so an idea of this dog of Jono uchi! "Said Seto sarcastic.
"Hey! You should not say that, especially in front of his sister! "Said Rebecca by designating her.
Shizuka looked at him without anger or hatred, but with a little disappointment in her eyes. He looked away a little embarrassed in front of this regard. He would have preferred to have her blaming him that the look she gave him. Yet he was not the type to have remorse, but with her, he went to pieces.
Mokuba, he watched his brother because he had noticed, the strange attitude he has toward the girl, even if this strange behavior was barely visible, but he knew him so much. And what he had noticed was confirmed by what his said.
"OK !... Anyway ... He has strange ideas this Jono uchi" He finished by saying by becoming like before.
Shizuka smiled, because even if he did not apologize directly, he did it anyway in his own way and for the great Seto Kaiba it was a first. His brother also started to smile because he said that his brother changed for the better, although he has some improvements to make.
Seto noticed this and began to blush just a bit before returning to his normal attitude and sketching a small smile.
"Well ... If we would go inside? I can't wait to begin this lesson, not you girls? Asked Mai going first and followed by Mokuba.
Rebecca smiled and nodded by following closely. Anzu and Shizuka followed behind smiling in a compassionate way by passing in front of the boys who followed with a little bad mood.
They went to the locker room for changing, then they found themselves in front of the classroom where the teacher waited for her students.
Arriving near the room, Honda and Seto were quite embarrassed to be disguised like this, a slinky sportswear and tight tank top.
Mai, Rebecca, Shizuka, Mokuba and Anzu were waiting at the door as well. Rebecca and Mai laughed and applauded at what they saw. Mokuba laughed by hiding it because he knew that his brother would not love it. But seeing the great Seto Kaiba dressed like this was a show that he would not see every day.
"Wow! Well! You are quite beautiful, "girls"! "Said Mai, laughing more.
"Yes ... It's true! Ah! I have a stitch! "Said Rebecca holding her stomach and wiping the tears that appeared in her eyes.
Mokuba couldn't resist more. He also began to laugh despite the look that his brother gave him.
Anzu and Shizuka laughed a little, then resumed for not humiliating them.
"Well! The video is ready to film the meeting, Mokuba? "Asked Maï by resuming her composure.
"Hum ... Yes, do not worry girls! "He replied, smiling and showing the video in question.
"So if we go to shorten their sufferance! "Said Anzu, smiling sweetly.
"Yes, you're right! "Said Shizuka" They have suffered enough! "
"Ok! Becky you come? "Said Mai, laughing a little.
"I arrive. Mokuba you come too. We are going to explain all this to the teacher! "Said Rebecca calmed down, and going in front of the boys followed by Mokuba and Maï, they went to meet the professor.
"Thank you ... Girls! "Said Honda approaching them and laying his hands on their shoulders" You understand at least!"
"But it was nothing! I guess it is not easy! "Said Anzu, smiling.
"It's true! Anzu is right! But do not worry the teacher is someone nice. She will make you feel comfortable! "Continued Shizuka by smiling sweetly.
"Hum! ... Well let's do it! The sooner this done the better it will be! "Said Seto.
By passing toward Shizuka, he looked at her and smiled slightly as before without he could do nothing, and after he took back his composure.
Shizuka smiled even more then resumed. Anzu noticed this exchange of smile and began to smile too. It would be great, if either of them could be together, because despite appearances they were very well together and complemented each other.
She laid her hand on the shoulder of her friend. Shizuka turned around and saw the smile of encouragement and approval of Anzu. Shizuka also smiled and in her eyes a glimmer of gratitude could be seen. They decided to go to attend their classes.
By entering and going at their place, the professor saluted them then she talked.
"Hello ... Ladies and… gentlemen. Today we have special guests as you can see! As Rebecca and Maï explained to me they will attend this lesson and the young men you see over there, is here to film the lesson! "She said smiling.
All the girls turned over to watch them and they smiled. But when they saw Mokuba, they began to scream and rush to him to take him in their arms and telling him how he was cute.
Mokuba, embarrassed, could not almost breathe with this expression of love. Seto and Honda looked at him with eyes widened in stupor. They thought they would not be in his place.
"Ladies, let's see ... You suffocate him. Please return to your place so we can begin, please! "Said the professor mid amused mid severe.
All the girls just let go of him and returned to their place. Then the teacher went to the Hi fi installed on a shelf and press the button. A music was heard and the lesson began. The professor went toward the students and began the movements.
Mokuba watched all this with his camera. He was filming in particular his brother and Honda as he had been requested and who looked to suffer. Indeed, they not only have difficulty to be here surrounded by girls and especially dressed like that, but in addition they found it difficult to follow the lesson.
The more minutes passed, the more they sweated and their movements were less rhythmically, especially Honda, who was puffing and panting. Referring to Seto he could not say anything because Seto showed nothing, apart he sweated a lot and his movements were more in the rhythm than Honda, but less than girls.
He smiled deep inside to see his brother and Honda like this. His gaze was then moved on girls. They were in rhythm and did not seem to suffer. On the contrary, they seemed to have fun.
Anzu, was then one who moved the most gracefully and with ease. He remembered their conversation this afternoon and he could tell that the girls were right. Anzu was really made for dancing because all her body and her being showed the passion and joy of dancing. He decided to film her a little more to make a gift to Atem.
After ten minutes his eyes put on Shizuka. He had noticed the influence that the girl has on his brother and the latter although he hid it was not insensitive.
He smiled, thinking that these two would be a nice couple and they complemented each other. Of course he knew that if it was, Jono uchi might have a heart attack and a battle would take place.
Then he saw Rebecca and Mai the two blondes of the group. Both girls got along, despite the difference age. They danced, while discussing. He liked them because they were funny. Yet he felt closer to Anzu and Shizuka and he regarded them as sisters, because of their calm and kindness.
The end of the lesson came too quickly according to Mokuba, who had great fun to the detriment of the two boys.
When the teacher told them that it was finished and she has switched off the music, Honda collapsed near the wall Panting. Seto went to put against the wall to recover. Even if he did not want to admit, this lesson was exhausted and he wondered how the girls made not to be so tired. He also wondered that he might make sports back and that it would not hurt.
The girls of the lesson, before leaving wanted to say goodbye to Mokuba. He said to her goodbye too a little embarrassed by his success.
Rebecca and Mai with a cup of water at hand approached the boys.
"So, boys? How it happened, this lesson, huh? "Mai asked in a mocking air.
"It …was… super... exhausting! "Honda said between breaths.
Seto said nothing, but he didn't think less. Rebecca and Mai looked at them with a smile.
"Really? Yet I found that it was easy today. The teacher was nice! "Rebecca said with a smile.
"Huh ... you ... kidding? "Retorted Honda still breathing.
Mokuba who watched, joined the girls who laughed. Shizuka and Anzu then came with five cups of water.
"Honda ... ... Mokuba! You must be thirsty! "Said Anzu giving them their cup while smiling sweetly.
"Thanks Anzu! "Mokuba said with a smile.
"Yes ... ... You Are My Savior ... ... ... Thank you. Thank you! "Said Honda drinking all of this and therefore almost choked.
"Hey… Slowly! "Said Anzu a little worried.
While the others watched Honda who had swallowed too fast, Shizuka approached Seto.
"Here ... Kaiba! You must be thirsty! "She said too, smiling sweetly.
He looked at her for a while without moving then he took the cup of water gently without leaving her eye.
"Hum ... Thank you! "He said simply.
She then looked at him a little surprised, and then she smiled. They drank quietly and silently their water. But this silence was far from heavy and inconvenient. Anzu and Mokuba looked at this from the corner of their eyes and then looked at each other while smiling
They decided to go for a change in the locker room to return home and take a good shower.
In the locker room of the girls, while Mai and Rebecca talked about the lesson and the great fun they had, Anzu approached Shizuka.
"So Shizuka! I saw that Kaiba appreciated you! I am delighted for you two, you know! "She said, smiling sweetly.
She reddened, then she began to smile.
"Hum ... Yes, but you know he's not so bad you know! "She said by looking at her.
"I know! All I have to do is seeing the affection he has for his brother and I am sure that thanks to you he will open even more! And I hope that it will work for the both of you "she said.
"Thank you, Anzu. And I hope for you and Atem that it works too, because you love him, Don't you? "Said Shizuka smiling.
Anzu began to redden after hearing the name of the pharaoh.
"Hum ... Yes, yes, I do!"She finished by saying with a smile, embarrassed.
They all laughed and looked at each other.
"Hey Girls! You hide us something? "Said Mai approaching them and putting her arm around the neck of Anzu.
"But ... No Mai! We laughed about the lesson! "Anzu said.
"Yes, yes, we do! "Added Shizuka by laughing.
They began to laugh remembering the lesson that had taken place.
In the locker room of the boys, while Seto and Honda have changed, Mokuba looked at what he had filmed.
"So it was hard this lesso?! "He asked suddenly.
"Yeah, I'm stiff! I do not know how the girls make it! "Retorted Honda.
Mokuba laughed by hearing this.
"Mokuba! I see you laughing of our misery! "Said Seto watching him and frowning.
"Please, big brother! I'm sorry but it is not every day that I see you like this! "His little brother said, smiling sweetly and making him the puppy eyes.
Seto seeing this, could not blame his brother. After all it could have been worse.
"Ah I also filmed the girls and particularly Anzu. I think that Atem will appreciate the gift ! "Mokuba said, smiling triumphantly.
"Mokuba Well done! "Said Honda lifting his thumb.
Seto said nothing but smiled, thinking that he would like to see the reaction of the former pharaoh when he will give it the tape.
They continued to change. Then they all found out and separated to go rest. The girls decided to return at two o' clock tomorrow to rehearse with the costumes. Mokuba decided to join the girls to continue his "report".
They separated and all returned home.
Along the way, Mokuba who was in the limo with his brother, called Jono uchi to make the report of the day. He also said he had taken the initiative to film Anzu during the aerobics lesson.
"Oh ... Very good initiative Mokuba! Does it will be ready for tomorrow night? "Asked Jono uchi excited.
"Hum ... Yes, boss! "Retorted Mokuba.
"Good! This is perfect, so I'll leave and see you tomorrow! "Said Jono uchi.
"Ok, no problem! "Mokuba said.
They hang up and then continued to drive in silence.
Seto thought at this lesson and especially the younger sister of Jono uchi. She was really sweet and innocent. He realized that with her contact, he was becoming less "him". Of course it was bothered him, but a part of him appreciated this complicity, even minimal. Lost in thought, he didn't notice the smile of his brother.
On the way in her home, Anzu recalled her discussion with Shizuka. She had directly admitted she loved the former pharaoh. Of course she knew she could rely on the discretion of Shizuka, she was like her little sister. Anzu knew long ago that she had a crush for the pharaoh, but here she had confirmed that she had strong feelings for him. She smiled by thinking at this and felt free, even if she did not know if it was mutual. Finally she will be fixed during the party. Jono uchi and his idea! There was only him to imagine such trick for her. She came home and decided to take a good shower.
Among Muto, Yugi and Atem had just returned too. They had spent the day finding their costume. Yugi, also had the biggest shame of his life when he asked the owner of the store, a pink ballerina costume with everything you needed. He did not know where to go. The seller had laughed although it was not to be mean toward the young boy. He had met Bakura who also felt uncomfortable like he was. Atem also had laughed, even if a part of him understood what Yugi had felt and at the end he had supported him. He himself had rented his costume of desert prince, who was white. The seller had also said it would be perfect to him with his skin color. Atem had thanked the seller and he and Yugi were returned at home.
Once in his room, he put his costume on his chair, he approached the window and looked outside, with an absent mind. He wondered if the lesson girls should be finished and he wondered how it had happened to Seto and Honda. He laughed imagining the scene, and he was eager to see what it would be with the video of Mokuba. Then his thoughts went on a beautiful and graceful brunette with amazing blue eyes who danced with such grace and talent without doubt. He would have liked to be with them, to see her moves and especially the joy that emanated from her beautiful face, whenever it was about dance. He loved to see her, her eyes brightened with enthusiasm and desire. She was simply more divine. She was already in the life, but he could see her aura shined more when she danced. She was made for this and with all his heart he wanted her to succeed in this art. He knew that with all his heart and his soul he will support her forever. He smiled thinking about her and he was eager to be tomorrow night to see his precious Anzu. He also wondered what would be her costume.
He turned to the window and went to join Yugi and their grandfather to go to dinner. Then they went to bed to be fit tomorrow.
Everyone went to bed thinking about tomorrow night and also the one they loved, for the most part. One person thought in addition to the plan he had developed for two of his friends, a smile on his face, before falling asleep.

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