A loving trick

Chapter 4

On the morning of October 31, Atem got up after a good night. He put his gaze on his costume and thought about the trick that Jono uchi had given to him. At least half of his trick, and he always wondered about the other half of that trick he did not know and he feared a little about what Jono uchi had in mind. He remembered too what Jono uchi had noted on the paper:

"For the evening, you should dress in desert prince and find your Shéhérazade with whom you spend the evening! "

He wondered who would be the princess in question. Deep inside him, a voice whispered him that would be perfect if it could be ... Anzu. He reddened thinking about it but he could not prevent. It would be an idyllic evening. But he shouldn't rely on.

He decided to stand and came out of his room to go to the bathroom. By passing the door of Yugi, he saw that the door was a little opened. He approached it and threw a quick glance. He saw Yugi kneeling on the ground and holding in his hands his ballerina outfit, an horrified air on his face.

"Yugi? "Said Atem entering.

He turned around and looked at him, heavy tears that flowed and his eyes wide opened like an unhappy dog.

"Atem ... sniff. It is not possible ... sniff ... I could never wear that! " He said by watching him with more tears that fell like a river flowing.

Atem was shared between laugh and between empathize. He chose the latter. He approached Yugi and sat beside him.

"Listen Yugi! ... I can understand ... But tell you it's that for an evening, only one" he began to say "And then you have known worse. I am sure you prefer to wear this suit to confront demons and monsters of all kinds!" He finished by saying trying to boost his morale.

"Well ... I'm not so sure! "He said grumbling.

Atem raised his eyebrows, surprised by his response. Yugi looked at him, then he blew by closing his eyes.

"Well ... ok! ... But still, what humiliation!" He finished by saying grumbling again.

"But no ... Your outfit will be original at least! And even if people laugh it will not to make fun of you! And it is better to laugh than to cry, don't you think my little ballerina? "He said, laughing a little.

Yugi looked at him stunned and a little angry. Then he thought about what had said Atem, lifting his eyes. He decided to see the bright side of things and finally he joined Atem in his laugh.

Having recovered from their giggles, they decided to descend to take their breakfast before arriving at Honda, where the evening took place.

At Anzu, it was soon two hours of the afternoon. She was waiting for the arrival of Mokuba and the girls. She heard the bell and decided to go open. Behind the door were her friends and Mokuba. She made them coming in and everyone went to the living.

"Well, girls! Are you ready? " Asked Anzu, smiling.

"Yeah! Of course we are ready! It will amazing tonight, right girls? "Said Mai who lifted her hand.
"Yeah! I agree with you! "Said Rebecca typing Mai's hand.

Shizuka nodded, smiling.

"Well, it's perfect! To change you , you can get into my room, I will wait for you here!" Proposed Anzu.

"Ok!" Answered the girls playfully. Then they went to the Anzu room, laughing and speaking.

Anzu and Mokuba pushed the couch to make a little place. Anzu then began the conversation.

"So Mokuba your video tape works? "

"Yes, the editing is done to the trick of Seto and Honda! "He said" And also the mounting of your dance for Atem! "He said to himself, laughing.

"What? "She asked by watching him.

"Huh! No nothing ... Poor Seto, he really was not comfortable last night! "Mokuba said.

"Yes, it's true! But what surprised me is that he still does it. And then I'm sure you noticed that he is ... nice toward Shizuka, am not I? "She said, smiling sweetly.

"Yes, I noticed ... And I hope it will work for them. Seto deserves to be happy ... because despite what you think about him... I am sure that Shizuka was made for him! "Mokuba said very seriously.

"Yes, me too, and you're right, you know. Your brother deserves to be happy, because I know that under his manner of CEO cold and arrogant, he is someone honest and nice! "She said by putting a caring hand on the shoulder of Mokuba and smiling.

Mokuba returned her his smile, happy that she thought that about his brother. Then they heard the girls back in the living room, dressed in their stage costumes.

"Wow Girls! You are great! "Exclaimed Anzu delighted.

"It's true! Already the costumes were sublime but on you it is even more! »Added Mokuba, who took his camera and filmed.

The girls were delighted by the compliments played on this and decided to take the pose for several seconds, then began to laugh.

"So girls, ready to repeat! "Said Anzu, smiling.

"Yeah, the show can start! "Said together Maï and Rebecca and under the accomplice and delighted look of Shizuka. They therefore put in place to dance and sing.

Mokuba turned on the music, and the girls began to dance, like the previous day. At the beginning they had to get used to dance with their costume, so that their movements were a bit awkward, and then they were more comfortable. And there Mokuba and Anzu could see how the show would be great. The flying sleeves of their costumes twirled in rhythm of the music and with the movements of grace done by the girls. The colors shimmered the senses with the reflection of light on them and sent back the light in different colors thank to the sequins that covered their costume. All this showed their charm and their femininity. No doubt they would make an amazing show and that their dance performance would be appreciated by everyone, especially some boys he knew.

They repeated this for two hours under the watchful and proud look of Anzu and Mokuba that didn't lose a piece of the show. When Anzu felt that the girls were ready, she announced the end of the rehearsal. Mai, Rebecca and Shizuka stopped breathless but delighted.

"Wow, girls ... you will do a wonderful job tonight! "Mokuba exclaimed ecstatic.

"Ah ah! It is true we will be so good tonight! But that's thanks to our genial Professor! Don't you think Anzu? "Said Mai putting affectionately her arms around the shoulders of Anzu.

"It's true, Mai was right! You're great! "Shizuka said, smiling.

"Yeah! And we will say it tonight for everyone knew, believe me! "Added Rebecca sending her a wink and a smile.

"Girls ... it's nice but if tonight will be a success is also thanks to you, because you are wonderful and I will not have succeeded without you! "Retorted Anzu a little embarrassed.

"Clearly, we are all so good! Launched Mai laughing.

The other three daughters accompanied her, and for a few minutes in the living room, could be heard four girls and one boy laughing.

Having calmed down, Anzu proposed them some drinks and cool off because they had taken their belongings as well as their costume to prepare for tonight and go to the party together.

Mokuba, had left since he had drank, to prepare well.

Among Muto, Atem and Yugi prepared as well. Atem took a shower and went to his room. Upon entering his room, he went in front of his costume and looked at it. It was true that it was cut well and the color would enhance the color of his skin and his eyes. And his eyes would only be visible because a large part of his face would be hidden behind the fabric.

He took the costume and dressed. Ten minutes later, he was finally ready. He looked in the mirror. As he thought the contrast between his tanned skin and the white color of his costume was clearly visible as when he wore his Pharaoh dress. He turned and went to his office. He looked again Jono uchi's paper that he had given to him. He wondered what it really meant. He wondered that Jono uchi had sometimes some strange ideas. Did he should spend the evening with a girl disguised as Scheherazade, he did not know when his heart aspirations was to spend the evening with Anzu. He sighed deeply and decided to leave his room to see Yugi.

He went to the door of Yugi and knocked at the door. He heard a growl behind the door before Yugi can tell him to enter the room. Atem grabbed the doorknob and turned it, and then he entered. His eyes grew surprise and his mouth was wide open. Fortunately it was hidden by his costume, because otherwise Yugi would scowling even more than he already was.

"Yu ... Gi! Hum ... you ... finally ... Are you okay?" Asked Atem who had found his voice and did not know what to say toward the spectacle in front of him.

Indeed in front of him stood Yugi, dressed in pink ballerina outfit with a pale pink tights and a tiara placed on top of his head. Even when he booked the costume, it was funny, but then on Yugi it was a comic side quite breathtaking. In addition Yugi stood embarrassed and grumbling. Atem has an irresistible need to laugh and tried so hardly to do it. But a huge smile was present on his face, but fortunately once again it was hidden.

"What do you believe? How do I feel dress like?! I swear for this party ends quickly!... Oh, and if you want you can laugh... As I get used! " Yugi said moving his head world weary.

Atem could not contain his laughter longer so he laughed deeply, standing on the wall. Yugi threw him a cold look, but at the same time seeing the former pharaoh laugh like this calmed him and soon he began to smile. After a few moments, Atem was calm and turned to his former partner and friend.
"Excuse me ... ... Yugi. Really! But it is true that dressed that way, it was too laughable! But it's good now! "He said wiping the last tear that was in his eye.

"Don't worry, I'm not angry! And it's rare to see you laugh like that! "He said with a smile" Well! If we go! I see you are ready! " He said by going next to Atem.

He agreed and preceded him to leave the room. Yugi followed closely by closing the door of his room.
They both came down and went to the entrance to put their coats and their shoes before leaving.

At Honda, the first guests were arriving. Honda supervised and watched all at the same time if his friends had arrived. He was discussing with one of his guests, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and saw Jono uchi arrive dressed in Gomez as in the film "Adams Family" dressed all in black, the cadaverous complexion and a thin mustache which was in over his upper lip and especially black hair. And he smiled delighted by his costume and the party which began.

"Hey Honda! So How do it happen? Asked Jono uchi.

"Very well Jono uchi! The guests arrive slowly. But you are the first for our group who is arrived! " Said Honda.

"Perfect! And, everything is in place for the second part of the trick of Atem? "Whispered Jono uchi approaching Honda.

"Yeah, do not worry! "He said lifting his thumb.

Jono uchi lifted his thumb too and decided to enter the living room to see others.

Moments later, it was the turn of Seto and Mokuba to enter. Mokuba wore a black tux with black sunglasses as in the film "Men in Black" with his camera ready for operation. Honda smiled seeing him dressed like this, thinking he was a spy. Then he turned to Kaiba and then the shock. With stupor he looked up and down to make sure he didn't dream. Seto was wearing a musketeer costume, blue and white with the hat and sword. He was really impressive and well dressed but that didn't feature him so that's why Honda remained speechless. Then taking back his composure he saw them coming and could not hold back a smile.

Mokuba went to Jono uchi and smiled seeing the costume of his "boss".

"Well, Jono uchi! What a costume! "He said, smiling.

"Hmm, yes, I find it too! Since it is me who had the idea of this trick a bit crazy I found this costume fitted me really well and especially in the party because this character is so crazy. You don't think so? "Jono uchi said, smiling.

"You're alrigth ! and me, Boss, does it fit me? "Mokuba asked by lifting his glasses.

"Oh yes, Mokuba. This is the perfect costume for you and your mission! "He said to him.

They both smiled by thinking about the party which was going to unfold.

Meanwhile other guests arrived and, in particular, Atem, Yugi and Bakura and for the last two were quite embarrassed.

"Hey, Atem, Yugi and Bakura, how are you? "Asked Honda.

"Very well Honda! "Atem said with a smile even though his smile couldn't be seen.

"Hum ... Pretty well! "Said Yugi who grumbling a bit.

"Yes, same here. In fact Honda it's a beautiful costume! It's very Halloween! "Said Bakura, smiling.
Indeed the latter was wearing a white suit with black stripes. His skin had been painted white and he was wearing a black lipstick on the lips to highlight the color of his cadaverous face, and he wore a wig with long white hair. In sum he had dressed up as Beetlejuice as in the movie of the same name.

"Yes I know. I am very proud of my outfit! "Told Honda by laughing" Even if I think it will never be worth the one you wear, Don't you think Yugi and Bakura!" He finished by saying while approaching them.

They reddened a little and whispered words a little inconsistent. Atem, he watched that laughing a little. Honda then turned to Atem and smiled mischievously.

"As for you, Atem, you're beautiful in this costume. Decidedly white highlighted the color of your skin and your eyes! I think that every girls will fancy yout !" He finished by saying.

Atem began to turn red, while Bakura, Honda and especially Yugi looked at him smiling mischievously.

Then he let them pass so they can go in the living room and see the crowd already present. When they saw the outfit of Yugi and Bakura, everyone began to smile, because they had removed their coats and let appear their ballerina outfit. They wanted to find anywhere than here and they lowered their head in shame. At that time, they would have wanted to cut the head of Jono uchi for giving them this ridiculous trick. Indeed they saw him in a corner discussing with Mokuba. They therefore went with him.

"Ah Yugi, Bakura! So how are you? You are so cute! "He said with a laugh.

"Hey shut up! We don't find it funny at all, I said you!" Said Yugi by grumbling.

"Relax Yugi, it's just for a party! "Said Jono uchi smiling" And then the best is yet to come, is not it! I can't wait that Anzu arrive and see the reaction of Atem! "Jono uchi said.

Yugi regained his smile and nodded before looking Atem who was a little further.

Honda was still near the entrance and looked the other guests. Suddenly he heard a voice soft and feminine that greeted him warmly.

"Hi, Honda or should I say Beetlejuice? "She said with a playful voice.

He turned around and came face to face with Miho, who with the greatest hazards was dressed in a sumptuous red dress with the drawing of a spider's web in front of his dress and a brown wig on the head attached in a half tail. In fact She was disguised as Lydia's friend of Beetlejuice. He smiled gently seeing her because he always hoped he would have a chance with her.

"You are beautiful, Miho, really!" He finished by saying.

"Thank you! "She said simply blushing a little.

"But ... You wear the costume of the girl character of the film which I am inspired to dress me ... Do you... do it on purpose? " He asked by stuttering a bit.

She reddened a little more, then approached him and she whispered slowly:

"Hum ... Maybe yes! "She said going away from him with a funny smile on the lips.

Honda looked at her with bright eyes because he understood that he had a chance with the girl of his heart.

He continued to watch her and so he didn't see the arrival of four wonderful creatures that had just arrived.

"So Honda, you dream or what? Moreover you should stop drooling like that! "Said one of them laughing.

He turned around and looked at them having recognized the voice of one of them. And there he remained speechless.

The one who had spoken was none other than Mai, who also wore a black dress notched mold and showing what it was necessary to see but not especially shocking and she wore black long hair and a very pale make up. She looked like Morticia in "the Adams family."

"Mai ... You are really splendid! "He said, smiling.

"Thank you Honda. Your costume is not bad either! "She said, smiling.

Then he turned his gaze to Rebecca who wore a very strange outfit. In fact she had dressed as Prince Charming as in fairy tales and Honda wondered why she had dressed that way.

"Rebecca ... ¨ Why are you dressed this way? " He asked curious.

"Oh that! Well since my Yugi is dressed as a ballerina so I told myself that if I disguised as a man we will be seen still as a couple, instead of two "girls"! "She said with a smile and super delighted with her idea.

"Yes, definitely! Why not indeed! You had a good idea, Rebecca! "He said by approving her.

"Yes, I know! Well that's not all but I leave you and I go in search of my little ballerina! "She said, laughing and starting to move away.

"Looks Beckie, I accompany you! "Said Mai who retired in turn.

Honda laughed and then turned to the other two girls who had just arrived. He remained speechless in front of them.

Indeed Shizuka was dressed like Milady in a dress with pale pink silk and a little puffed. Her hair was attached in a loose bun with some locks that framed her face. She was simply divine.

"Shizuka ... Wow! You're beautiful! "He said, smiling.

"Thank you! "She said blushing.

Then he let her go so that she can enter.

Arriving in the living room, she watched around the room and saw that everyone was there and seemed have fun. She saw Rebecca was glued to Yugi and discussed near Mai, Jono uchi, Mokuba and Bakura. She also saw Atem who was a little far away and had to look everywhere. Then her eyes saw an intense blue gaze that looked at her too. She immediately recognized him and remained there without moving. Then she began to smile.

Seto who was there for a while was watching people who were there, pretending looking for someone. This is where his gaze fell on the one he expected, although he did not want to admit. He saw that she had seen him too and kept their eyes on one another. There he saw her smile and his heart somewhere warmed. Then he saw her enterthe living room and he followed her with his eyes. He saw her coming near the group composed of Yugi and others. In fact he had decided to put this outfit because the day before in the car, Mokuba told him how the girls were planning to dress. When he heard what Shizuka wanted to disguise, he decided, unconsciously, to dress in the same style as to be a little his knight this evening. It's why from his limousine, he ordered a costume that would be like hers.

At the door, Honda looked at the last girl who was none other than Anzu. She wore a high-long sleeved and a little puffed and it came just above her navel. The bottom was composed of a long skirt split on one side and showing her leg. Everything was a blue and sequined which reflected the different color lights of the room. She had tied her hair in an american braid and some locks framed her face and let see her so blues eyes. She had a fine stroke of kohl around her eyes and was wearing a pink lipstick that underscored her pale soft lips. Honda found her radiant and he thought 'Oh Atem is the sacred lucky guy! We hope it does not make a heart attack 'He laughed thinking that.

"Well Anzu! You gonna make turn the heads of all the boys tonight! "He said watching her from head to foot in admiration.

"Well thank you! "She said, smiling warmly.

Then she went to the exhibition entrance, followed by Honda. Jono uchi saw her and went to her, a broad smile.

"Ah Anzu, we wait only for you! I hope you're ready for your trick, my dear? "He said with a smile.
She began to blush a lot. She lowered her head sighing. Then she looked at him falling straight in the eye and said:

"Yes I'm ready! "

"Well you must go, I think he is waiting for you! "He said by showing her the way.

She agreed, then take a deep breath and walked right in front of her, followed by Jono uchi and Honda who smiled mischievously.

Upon entering the room, she headed toward the one she looked for. And then she saw him immediately. She could recognize him anywhere, just by his presence and manly his strength, but mainly through his eyes. This color was so beautiful and so deep in what she could read power and wisdom. She reddened by looking the outfit he wore and how he suited him. He was really gorgeous and the color of his costume highlighted the color of his skin.

Atem looked everywhere since he came to look for the famous Shéhérazade with whom he was to spend the evening. As the guests arrived, he saw the costumes they wore and for some it was really pretty. But he did not see what he wanted. Until he saw Jono uchi coming toward the entry and talk to someone. Then when Jono uchi moved over, his eyes grew in surprise at seeing the person enter. she was wearing the costume he looked for from the beginning. By looking in, he recognized immediately her. How he could not recognize this grace and this fine and slender form, her female and soft presence. But mostly he recognized her eyes, a blue so intense and so living. His heart began to beat with intense happiness, because his dream had been fulfilled. He would spend the evening with the girl of his heart and nothing could fill more than that. He saw her coming close and he decided to come too.

Anzu have identified him, looked at him attentively before deciding to join him to execute her trick. She was divided between fear and joy. Scared because what she would do, could all change and destroy what she had with him. But at the same time she was happy because she would finally be fixed with what she had to do.

They met in the middle of the livingroom. They looked deeply in the eye and didn't say anything for a while. Atem could not detach his eyes from her and felt he could remain throughout his life to contemplate her lovingly. Anzu, it was the same thing. She loved the warm color of his eyes and she could drown in them. Then after a while, they detached their eyes a little against their will, and Atem spoke first:

"Anzu ... you ... oh my god you are so sublime! "He said, smiling.

She reddened under the compliment and lowered her head. Then she raised it and looked into his eyes before speaking:

"Thank you ... You look great too ... My love! "She said by blushing and lowering her head.

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