A loving trick

Chapter 5

That's it she had said it. Her heart was beating very strong and she couldn't resist leaving him from here. She dared not look at him, scared to see his reaction. Why Jono uchi gave her this trick. Because if she lost what she had built with Atem cause Jono uchi, she would never recover from that. She waited for the reaction of him.

When Atem had heard what had just said Anzu, his heart stopped a second. Then he began to beat wildly. 'She just had said ... My love?' He could not believe it. His brain made a mental note of it slowly. These two words were repeated endlessly and he couldn't react. He could not either believe it, because even in his dream he would ever imagine hearing this words. He had his mouth wide open and began to blush but fortunately that his face was hided His hands became moist. Then slowly resuming, he wondered he had probably dreamed and decided to check what he had heard.

Anzu was still waiting and the silence was beginning louder. She felt that her nerves would drop. Then she felt that Atem reacted because she heard him saying:

"Anzu ... What have you just ... said …at the end ? "

She raised her head and saw in his eyes some misunderstanding, but also a strange glow of hope.

"I just said ..." My love", my darling! "She said by blushing even more. She cursed a little more Jono uchi to oblige her to do that.

Atem remained stunned and did not know what to say. He had understood very well what she had said. He looked at her deeply and saw she was blushing, despite her head down, but he noticed how she was shaking. He understood that she waited a response from him and she was afraid. But mostly he understood why she did that. So here is the trick she had to do. He finally understood why she was reacting like these two days ago.

He put two fingers under her chin and gently lifted her face. He could see the tears that threatened to fall. He couldn't bear to see her like this. He brought his two hands around her face and he smiled, although she could not see.

"Anzu ... You have to know that I am not angry to hear you say that, on the contrary ... "He said with his deep voice and gentle at the same time.

She looked at him, surprise, as she expected anything but that. She felt his hands around her face and the heat they gave off. And although his face was hidden, she guessed he smiled. She could not help but smiled too and also closed her eyes to savor the moment.

Of course it was not counting on Jono uchi, aka "Gomez" who took his role of "master of the party" seriously. He approached them, a smile, as he understood that Anzu began her trick and Atem was more than surprised but pleased and especially it confirmed what he thought about the feelings of Anzu for their friend.

"Hey you two! In fact Anzu ... girls are looking for you because they need you for their show! "He said with a smile " But I hope I do not bother you at least Hum?" He Finished by saying by moving his eyebrows several time in suggestive manner.

Atem took off his hands from the face of the one he loved so much with regret and looked at Jono uchi, with a small glimmer of anger, even tiny , he had ruined a chance for him to tell her.

Anzu, she reopened her eyes, a little taken aback and especially 'why he had to come at this moment' she thought. Yet she began to smile and said:

"Very well Jono uchi, I will go! " She said by coming away from them.

Atem looked at her leaving his heart a little torn because he wanted her to stay here with him. He didn't see the look and the mischievous smile of Jono uchi.

"So Atem, what do you think of the trick of our dear Anzu? "He said by watching him.

He put his look on Jono uchi. He closed his eyes and sighed a little. Then he reopened and looked at him again.

"Really Jono uchi ... you did not need may be to do that to her anyway. Forcing her to call me "honey" or "my love"! "He said with his deep voice.

"Tss tss, do not tell me that you do not like it anyway? "Asked Jono uchi moving his finger several times.

Atem blushes a bit, because it was true that he has loved hearing these sweet words from her. But he didn't want that Anzu did it by obligation but with love.

"And who said that it was an obligation? " Pursued Jono uchi, smiling.

Atem looked at him in utter amazement as he did not understand what would insinuate Jono uchi.

"But Jono uchi ... her trick was to force her to call me" honey "or" my love "was not it? "Said Atem.

"Well you're wrong my dear ... At least for a part of her trick. But you will know it later, man. For now it's time for the show of the girls and I must reach the stage! "Said Jono uchi smiling and going away from Atem.

He wondered what Jono uchi meant by this, but he had no time to say something he saw him going away. He said to himself that he would ask him later, because he did not want to miss the show, that his sweet Anzu had put in place.

In the room where the girls could change, Mai, Rebecca and Shizuka had just arrived and were waiting Anzu. They were discussing the early evening and the different costumes worn by the gang.

Anzu arrived at that moment and went to meet the girls.

"Well! This is the big night! I hope you're ready? "Anzu asked a smile on her lips.

"Yes, we just have to change our outfits ! "Mai said, smiling.

They began to take their bag where their costumes and accessories were to change, when Mai made a small cry.

"Oops! I forgot the hairspray for our hairstyles! Did you have yours? "She asked by bumping the front of her forehead with frustration.

"Well no, you said that you will take yours! "Said Rebecca.

"Yes, I either don't have it! "Shizuka said.

Mai still get excited and said some bad words because she has forgotten the hairspray.

"Hey, do not worry, Mai, I'm sure Honda will lend us a little hairspray of his mother! "Anzu said with a smile trying to calm her friend.

"Yes, you're right. I will ask him! "She said by rushing out of the room.

The other three girls looked at her going as quickly and smiled. A few minutes later, they saw her coming back, a smile on her lips and she said:

"It's ok, he told me where she was. I will therefore look for it now! "She said by going back as quickly.

The girls laughed by seeing her like this. Mai was unique and that it didn't surprise them to see her like that.

Then a few minutes later, they heard a scream and a noise like a small drop. They rushed to see what had happened. They arrived in the hallway and found Mai on the floor holding her ankle.

"Oh my god, Mai? You okay, you have nothing? "Said Anzu by rushing towards Mai, followed by Rebecca and Shizuka.

"Hum ... Yes it's hurt a little but it's nothing! But what a blockhead anyway! "She said.

"Maï, be carefull! You may be have a sprained ankle? "Said Shizuka a little worried.

"But no, it's fine! "She said. She tried to stand up but made a small cry of pain and had to sit on the floor again.

"You see, I told you! "Said Shizuka.

"It's not true ! I have no luck tonight! "She said while punching the ground with her hand.

The girls looked at her, sorry for their friend. Anzu then decided to talk so she turned toward Rebecca and said:

"Please, look for Jono uchi, but don't say what happened to everybody, do it when you will be alone with him. Everyone don't need to know it! "

"Ok, I'm going! "Said Rebecca who went by running.

Anzu and Shizuka stayed with Mai and tried to reassure her.

Jono uchi and Rebecca arrived shortly thereafter. On the face of the young man could read a little concern.

"So Mai, are you okay? "He asked rushing near her.

"Hum ... Yes I think I had to tread my ankle! "She said while watching it.

Rebecca went beside her, and touched her ankle.

"Hum ... Apparently this is it! I do not feel that the bone was broken ... You should get to walk a little ... But the show is damn! " She said finishing to check.

"But how do we do? "Asked Mai by watching them.

Everybody thought. Jono uchi then spoke:

"Listen because you can not dance, I think we should cancel it! "

"You kidding? We worked for it too much ... I can not do that to the girls "Said Mai by losing her temper.

"You have a solution? "He said by losing his temper too.

"Calm down, both! "Said Shizuka trying to calm them down.

Anzu who said nothing had an idea.

"Listen! Mai is right! The girls have worked so much to give up! So this is what I propose ... Rebecca you stay with Maï and you take care of her ankle. Then you join us, right? "She said while watching her.

"Okay, but we'll do the show just Shizuka and me, then? "Said Rebecca watching Anzu.

"Of course not! Since Mai can not go, well ... I would go in her place ... I know the choreography since I was there to help you to repeat !» Said Anzu seriously.

"Ok! "Agreed Rebecca, smiling.

"I'm really sorry girls! "Said Mai lowering her head.

"Do not worry, we are not mad at you! Take a rest! And we're relying on you to support us! "Said Anzu, smiling, and Rebecca and Shizuka too.

Mai looked at them the tears in her eyes, touched. Then she wiped away tears and smiled like she always do.

"Yeah girls! I will be with you! You will hear me! She finished by saying.

"Well I see it resolved! Well Shizuka, Anzu ... ... get ready to go by waiting Rebecca…. Rebecca. you can pick the kit aid please? "Proposed Jono uchi, smiling.

They agreed and they all went to do what they had to do, leaving Jono uchi and Maï alone.

"Mai Mai ... Since you can't do your part of the trick ... I have to give you another one, Don't you think? "He said, smiling mischievously because he came to think of something and at the wonderful opportunity offered to him.

Mai looked at him a little perplexed. She had forgotten the trick and wondered what he was going to propose.

"I do not know if you noticed but we wear the outfit of the movie" The Adams Family " both ! I would ask you if you want to be my Morticia for the evening ... even the entire life "He finished by whispering and reddening a little.

Mai looked at him stunned and wondering if he didn't make fun of her. But she saw in his eyes a glimmer of tenderness and love. She realized that he was really serious and for the first time in her life, she began to redden and didn't know what to say. They stayed together a few seconds to watch the other. Then Mai began to smile and approached her hand to his face, she caressed him gently. Then she approached his ear and whispered softly:

"I woul be granted to share my life with you, my dear Gomez! "Then she went a little away of him to look at him in his eyes.

Jono uchi didn't move for a few seconds, then he fixed her intensely in her eye to see if she was also serious. He saw in the eyes of the young woman the same glimmer he has. He realized that she had the same feelings like him and wanted to develop their relationship. He smiled like a child who had been given a wonderful present and put his forehead against hers. They closed their eyes to savor this new relationship. Jono uchi then approached her and laid his lips on hers so soft. A little surprised at the beginning, Mai reacted and answered to his kiss. They kissed until they lost their breath, and then separated with regret but with their eyes shined with love. They would live without being alone with the promise of a future full of love but also bickering because it was just their way of love.

Rebecca arrived shortly thereafter and began to deal with the ankle of Mai by being careful not to hurt her and under the look of Jono uchi.

Meanwhile, Anzu and Shizuka prepared to get dressed. Anzu had borrowed the outfit of Maï. They dressed without speaking for a moment, then Shizuka turned toward Anzu and said:

"Anzu ... You think it will be fine to Mai? "She askeda little worried.

"Yes, I do, Shizuka. Mai is strong and voluntary. And then I suspect that your brother will take care of her very well, you do not think? "Said Anzu watching her and smiling mischievously.

"Yes, yes you're right! "Shizuka said, smiling also" Thank you being there, because without you the show would be canceled! She finished by saying.

"Hey! I did not waste all the work you have done anyway! Now all we have to do is having fun and entertaining the others and everything will be fine! "She said by approaching Shizuka and puting a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

She smiled grateful because she knew that Anzu was right and was reassured to really make this show with her.

They finished to dress up to be ready.

Meanwhile, the ankle of Mai was treating and bandaged. Rebecca got up and said while watching:
"Well done! I think we should take her to the living room and install her nicely on a chair! "

"Yes, you're right, Rebecca! "Said Jono uchi agreeing. Then he looked at Mai, smiling mischievously.

She looked at him wondering what he had in mind when she saw him look towards her and put an arm behind her back and another under her thighs. Then she felt gently lift in the air. She pushed a little cry of surprise and looked surprised.

"But Jono uchi ... ... what do you do finally? She asked.

He smiled before he answered:

"It's obvious, isn't it? I lift you from this uncomfortable ground for a more appropriate place. I can'tconsent to let my "woman" on the floor, right? "

She widened her eyes more and didn't know what to say, which was the second time in one evening, a true miracle for her.

Rebecca looked at this, surprised. Then she began to chuckle at this show, because she realized that something had happened between them during her absence.

They went to the living room where the party took place. Rebecca went looking for a chair to install Mai. Jono uchi put its lighter burden on the chair and remained close to her. Mai had said nothing. Rebecca then rushed into the room where the girls were to prepare too.

When the gang saw them arriving, they rushed towards them and asked what had happened.
"So the show is canceled? Asked Yugi.

Jono uchi smiled mischievously and looked at everyone.

"Of course not see, I said that there will be a show, so there will be one? "

"But ... Shizuka and Rebecca are going to do it without Maï? "Asked Bakura perplexed.

Jono uchi smiled again and closed his eyes a few seconds before reopening them and watching everyone again especially Atem.

"Maybe, but you will see ! "He said mishievous.

"In any case I am relying on you to support them! "Jono uchi finished by saying with a smile.

"Of course, what do you think!? Answered Honda and Yugi, smiling.

Everyone smiled to confirm what had just said Yugi and Honda.

"Well I think you should go in front, they will need courage and cheering and seeing our faces will help I think! "Said Jono uchi.

Everyone approved what Jono uchi said. Mokuba watched his brother and began to smile too.

"I think Jono uchi is right ... We should move to encourage them, shouldn't we? "He asked by smiling.

Seto said nothing and remained in his thoughts. Atem, he followed the others and huried to see the show his precious Anzu had made.

Mokuba also smiled as he saw his brother also move towards the front of the backstage at the same time than Atem.

Jono uchi turned to Mai and looked at her lovingly.

'Maï I come back! I am announcing their entry and I come back,ok?! "He said by lowering his head toward her and putting a soft kiss on her lips. This one surprised, once again, looked at him going away without having the time to say something.

Meanwhile, Atem, Seto and the others were in front and waited for the show to begin. They were a little nervous for their two friends who found themselves only two to dance and they hoped that this would be fine for her. They therefore saw Jono uchi, alias "Gomez" up on the stage and taking a microphone.

"Dear guests ... I am delighted to announce for this evening and tonight only, a magnificent show ... done by our beautiful and lovely creatures ... on a tube of ABBA "Waterloo"! Here coming Rebecca Hopkins… Shizuka Kawaï ... ... "He began to say by lifting his arm.

The door opened and came Rebecca and Shizuka, who settled at the left and right of the stage.

"... And finally ... Anzu Mazaki ! " Jono uchi finished by announcing by shouting.

The gang widened their eyes of surprise, but not as much as Atem who had opened their eyes in astonishment but also delight. Because there, on stage stood Anzu, radiant and luminous in her costume. All three were standing on the stage and smiled to the public. Atem have the impression to be in heaven because she was there in front of him resplendent and so happy. Happy to be in her element and his heart beat so fast because he could admire her without restraint and see her dance so graciously.

They wore spangled clothes of the 70's , Shizuka in pink, yellow for Rebecca and blue for Anzu. The light reflected on the sequins, which made shine their costume. They wore light makeup that made their eyes and lips so adorable. They stood there in front of everyone and especially in front of the three boys of their heart, a smile on her face and what a smile, a smile that radiated their angelic face. Atem and Seto were speechless and had the impression that the gods had sent two angels, not goddesses. They were never tired of watching them.

Anzu climbed on stage, smiling, looking at the crowd that had advanced to see the show. Her gaze looked around the room and that was here she saw "him". He was in front to contemplate her, his eyes so bright. She started smiling tenderly while looking him with affection.

Atem who watched her admiringly and lovingly, Saw that she looked everywhere. Then he saw that she had finally seen him. He also saw the look and smile that she sent him. His heart gave a leap in his chest because it was the most beautiful smile she had done and it was sent to him. He began to smile with the same affection to cheer her up.

Despite she couldn't see his face, she guessed the smile that he sent her to encourage her. She smiled again to thank him and put her gaze on the crowd with a little regret.

Seto also did not lose a crumb of the arrival of the young girl, despite him. He saw how she was so resplendent and angelic.

Shizuka had just come and also looked the crowd with her eyes. She also saw the object of his affection in front of the stage and she also smiled, happy that he was there to watch.

Seto saw her smile and his heart warmed. He outlined a draft smile and nodded his head to show his support.

Shizuka noted the little smile he had done and noded. She was happy because for the great Seto Kaiba it was something rare. She was therefore even more pleased that he had smiled to show her he was there. She put her gaze on the crowd.

Rebecca, she looked at her Yugi and send him a wink a little naughty to show him her love. Yugi reddened a little but he smiled to encourage her and show her the love he had for her.

Then the three girls smiled and looked for each other and start the show.

Jono uchi put the music and they began to move and sing.

My, my, at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender

Oh yeah, and I have met my destiny in quite a similar way

The history book on the shelf

Is always repeating itself

Waterloo - I was defeated, you won the war

Waterloo - Promise to love you for ever more

Waterloo - Couldn't escape if I wanted to

Waterloo - Knowing my fate is to be with you

Waterloo - Finally facing my Waterloo

They danced in rhythm and their voice was melodious. They were really fantastic. And the crowd was delirious and clapped their hands and sang the chorus to accompany them.

Atem watched Anzu with admiring eyes and marvel. He could not detach his eyes from her and he followed her and any of her movements, so graceful. She was radiant and her eyes shone a bright glow of joy that if he felt the same joy went through his whole body.

Seto, he either could not detach his eyes from Shizuka. She was so gracious, even if it was a little less than Anzu but she shone as well. He followed the slightest movement of her despite him.

In fact the three girls matdhed very well, there was no better trio as her for this song. Their voices were complementary and mingled very well. They had all three melodious and clear voices, although that the one of Anzu was a little deeper than Shizuka and Rebecca. Their movements were also superb and synchronized. They were conducting their gestures at the same time without either one was behind the others. People could see how they were dancing and took pleasure in doing so.

My, my, I tried to hold you back but you were stronger

Oh yeah, and now it seems my only chance is giving up the fight

And how could I ever refuse

I feel like I win when I lose

Waterloo - I was defeated, you won the war

Waterloo - Promise to love you for ever more

Waterloo - Couldn't escape if I wanted to

Waterloo - Knowing my fate is to be with you

Waterloo - Finally facing my Waterloo

So how could I ever refuse

I feel like I win when I lose –

The song ended. Yet they seemed to be in great shape, as if they only began to dance.

Atem and Seto were still focused on the girl of their heart. But suddenly they heard several young men in the crowd talked about them. They widdened their ears to hear very well what they were saying.

"Hey! You have seen? They are great! "Said one of them.

"Oh yes! In addition they are too good, especially the brunette, she looks too hot! I think I'll go to see her just after the show and invite her! And then the little blonde is taken anyway !» Said the second.

"Yes you are right, but I prefer the beautiful redhead, She seems so innocent and so easy to seduce! "Told the first with a smile.

They both laughed, when suddenly they felt two inflammatory gazes on them. They lifted their head and saw two faces that looked so terrifying, as if they could disappear from Earth.

Indeed, Atem and Seto had heard their conversation and when they heard that the two boys had said about the girls they loved and above all they wanted to go and take their loved ones, the reaction was immediate. Their eyes were launching burning flames and only a fool would dare to challenge them. A black has emerged of their whole body and sent waves of destruction against them.

The two young men realized that the two girls in question were not free either and therefore decided to drop.

Atem and Seto calmed down when they realized that the danger was rejected. They turned their gaze on the two beautiful creatures they loved, who danced with the same expression of delight that they had from the beginning.

Waterloo - Couldn't escape if I wanted to

Waterloo - Knowing my fate is to be with you

Waterloo - Finally facing my Waterloo

The song ended with a thunderous applause general and more particularly by Mai, and Jono uchi who hissed for cheer. Rebecca Anzu and Shizuka made a reverence to thank them. They cast a quick glance at the boys and saw that they didn't clap their hands, however a glimmer of admiration and affection was reflected in their eyes, and more Atem raised his thumb to congratulate Anzu with a smile. Anzu offered him the most beautiful smiles, and quietly turned to exit the stage with Shizuka and Rebecca, under the applause of the crowd.

The crowd scattered again to continue the celebration. Atem and Seto remained a little in front of the stage, as if the two girls were still there. Seto then turned around and went to a corner of the wall. Atem continued to stay there. He thought of what he had seen and he felt like he was in full dream and didn't particularly want to wake up. He also thought about what had happened early in the evening when Anzu had called him "my love" and "darling". He shivered from the pleasure he felt by thinking about this and he wondered it would be wonderful if she could call him like this forever and especially if his feelings could be reciprocal. He sighed, thinking that this probably not happen.

He stayed here a moment when suddenly he felt a hand landing on his shoulder. He turned and saw next to him Gomez, aka Jono uchi, a smile on his face.

"So Atem! Did you enjoy the show? "He said, smiling even more" You seem to have trouble dropping your gaze from the scene while girls have left the stage for a long time! Did you miss Anzu? "

Atem did not reply but reddened. Fortunately, again his face was concealed. Jono uchi did not see his face but he doubted that much that he had scored a point because he felt him tensed a little, under the evocative name of the beautiful Anzu.

"In fact, I hope you enjoyed my trick? "He said, smiling even more.

Atem looked at him and not always answered nothing. Of course he appreciated it and he didn't thank enough Jono uchi, but he also knew that this was only the tip of the iceberg and he doubted that he was preparing a "bad blow" for the following of his trick. He waited patiently for Jono uchi to speak.

"Finally, trick, I would say an half! But it is time that you do the other half! So here's the other half of your pledge! "He said to Atem by approaching him and whispering in his ear.

As Atem was listening what Jono uchi said, his eyes widened of amazement and in the end, he began to redden as he ever did so.

"How ?! It .. ... It's Impossible! " He said by stuttering and didn't move at all.

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