A loving trick

Chapter 6

Atem looked at Jono uchi with wided eyes, so dumbfounded. He had imagined all the possibilities, even the worst, and yet he didn't expected this one.

Jono uchi looked at his friend who was still, with a big smile of winner on his lips. He had succeeded to unsettle him, which was a big miracle.

Atem stayed silent during a long moment to take in what he had heard, then he took back his composure and he said with a non confident voice :

"NO...No... it's not possible, I must dream!"

"Hum, hum, No,you don't dream at all. This is what you have to do, my friend!" Jono uchi said with a so much happy tone "Well, it's not a so big deal and I'm sure that one day you will thank me! So, it's not i'm bored with you but I will let you because I have to see the others!" He said by going away while laughing.

Atem stayed here without moving, and he repeated endlessly "no".

Jono uchi arrived near Yugi and the rest of the gang. They have follow far away what had happened with the two boys and they seen the reaction of the former pharaoh.

"Well! He seems to be shocked, our pharaoh!" Maï said smiling.

"Yes, he is!" Retorted Jono uchi by coming near her and looking at her affectionately.

Yugi agreed with a smile. Of course he knew it was a big shock and a hard "test"for his "brother", but he knew too that the result of all of this and it would be so positive.

"So! Are you ready for the second part of the trick of Atem?" Jono uchi asked by watching everyone.

"What trick? And which second part?" A voice asked. Indeed it was Miho who arrived with Honda.

The gang explained all the meaning of this. Delighted with that she proposed to help them too. They accepted and decided to put in place the operation "the second part of the trick of Atem"

During this time, the three beautiful dancers left the room, dressed like before the show. They went in different direction, because Rebecca wanted to see her "adorable dancer" Yugi, Shizuka was thirsty so she went toward the buffet and Anzu has to join Atem to pursue her trick.

By arriving near the buffet, Shizuka took a glass. She began to drink when she was accosted by one of the boy who had flashed for her, because despite the glare he has get, he didn't renounce toward a so beautiful and gullible "prey".

"Hello, Milady! Can I tell you that you are absolutely adorable in this costume and which paid tribute to your beauty! And you are as sublime here than in the stage,and your show was amazing!" He complimented her.


"But please let me introduce myself. My name is Hiroshi Ayame and I would be pleased if you accepted to grant my favor with your presence near me during this party!" He continued.

« Well... I don't know! » She said with a blush in her face and a little embarrassed too.

Because even if what he told her was nice, she didn't feel comfortable with him very much.

Far away, Seto watched this and recognize the same boy who had said some words about her during the show and was interested by her. He frowned by seeing that he disregarded his "warning" He noticed too that Shizuka was a little afraid and she tried to escape from him. A low anger took over him toward this and with a quick pace he went toward them, a meaning gaze.

Shizuka tried to make him leave nicely, but this one insisted.

"Listen... I'm not inter..." She began to say. But she was interrupted by the young man.

"Don't say that my princess! Please accept to be with me tonight!" He told her by taking her hand.

Shizuka didn't know what to say, she began to desperate, tears in her eyes.

"I ..." She began to say. Then a powerful and deep voice interrupted her.

"I think this young lady wasn't interested by your speech and you annoy her enormously!"

Shizuka and Ayame turned in the direction of the owner of the voice and they had a different reaction. Shizuka had shining eyes of relief and gratitude, because she saw Seto in front of her and he was right. She didn't know how to leave the young man.

Ayame,he felt anger toward this man who ruined his chance to have the girl.

"And who you are to say this and especially who do you think you are for her... she is free to be with the one she wants!"He said angry in front of him who had interrupted him.

"I don't know if you can understand with the brain you don't possess apparently... but you see... this young lady don't bother what you said... Moreover, she was dressed like a Milady and who said Milady said a musketeer... what I'm it seems... So..." He began to say. The he turned toward Shizuka smiling tenderly and he gave her his arms gallantly "If my lady would grant me a dance?" He finished by saying. Inside him he was surprised to do this but at the same time he couldn't help but be happy.

Shizuka looked at him surprised, then she smile warmly and took his arms nicely.

"It will be my pleasure my brave musketeer!" She said shyly.

They went near Ayame, and Seto smiled mockingly toward the young man who stayed his mouth wide opened.

Shizuka followed Seto and she said while reddening :

Thank you.. I didn't know what have I done without you!"

"I noticed!" He simply said with a neutral voice, and for the first time without meaning or sarcasm.

Shizuka tightened his arm affectionately to show her gratefulness. Seto sketched a shy smile. The he moved from her and showed her his hand.

Shizuka looked at him, then his hand and put delicately her hand in his. He took her nicely in his arms to began the slow which was heard. Shizuka let him guided her and put sweetly her head on his chest. They were rocked with the music. They have their eyes closed to make the most of this intimate moment.

Mokuba looked at this, happy, because he could see that the thing between them was better than he expected. He wondered finally his brother would be happy. He smiled delighted, when he heard someone screamed far away a "What"

He turned around and he saw that Jono uchi, who have came back from where he was, so pale like a dead and with his mouth wide opened. Then he saw that the white disappear and the red color took place. He has the impression that Jono uchi went to explode from anger.

"No, I dream... But What the hell is going on?"Jono uchi screamed.

Maï who smiled too toward the couple, looked at his "man" and frowned.

"Well, now that's enough, Jono uchi Katsuya! Not a word!" She said severly.

"But this boy... he dance with my sister... he would pervert her!" He said alarmed.

"Well so! Don't you see that she seems happy? You want to waste that, maybe?" She said always severly.

"But..." Jono uchi began.

"I said that's enough alright. Instead of telling so silly thing, you must to shut up... if you don't I will break with you!" She said by menacing him.

"What?... No... that's ok... I shut up!" He said grumbling.

She smiled and put her gaze on the strange but charming couple composed by Seto Kaiba and Shizuka. Jono uchi decided to go back where the others were.

Mokuba blew, because he had feared that Jono uchi make a crisis and destroyed all. He smiled too by seeing that in their couple it was Maï who was the leader. Then he left too like Jono uchi.

During this time, Anzu has joined Atem who was on a corner, lost in his though. She came near him nicely by thinking about her trick. Atem felt someone near him and he left his though. He recognized Anzu in her Scheherazade outfit, so wonderful as always.

"Anzu.. . You were amazing in the show earlier! It was a success!" He said admiringly and lovingly.

Anzu reddened with his compliment. She smiled to him, with her special smile he was so fond of.

"Thank you... But you know it was thank to Shizuka and Rebecca too that all was possible..."My heart"!" She said blushing.

By hearing this, Atem stayed still. He had forgotten for a while that she has to call him by sweet name during the party. But especially it made thinking of the second part of his trick. He stayed like this, he wasn't at ease with this though and he shuddered.

Anzu looked at him and noticed his discomfort and shuddering. Unfortunately Anzu took this for her and for what she had said. She though that he didn't appreciate so much her sweet name and he was embarrassed. She wondered that she has lost what she had with him and she should go away not to bother him no more. With tears in her eyes, Anzu turned away from him and began to leave, heartbroken.

Atem began to react when he felt Anzu leaving him. He had just the time to see the tears in the eyes of the young lady and the despair in her blues eyes, before this one turned away. He understood that he had hurt her by saying nothing and especially by shuddering and so she has misunderstood his silence. 'She must think that I don't appreciate what she told me, when no, a thousand times no! She is the one who makes my heart beating and makes my life so wonderful! She couldn't no more fulfill me with happiness by telling me this' He though.

He caught quickly her arm, just before she left him. Anzu didn't move, neither turned around. She didn't want to show that she cried. Atem forced her to turn around him. He saw the tears flowing and his heat broke toward this because he though it was his fault. He came near her and hugged her affectionately in his arms.

Anzu taken aback firstly, put her arms around his waist and tightened her grip tenderly,by putting her face against his chest, her tears always flew. Atem caressed affectionately her back to calm her and make her understand that he was here.

Far away, Seto Kaiba noticed their position and smiled despite him. He though that he wasn't the one this night to have win the woman they love. Atem noticed too the smile from Seto and he gave him back seeing with whom he was. Then they returned at their occupation, Seto dancing with Shizuka and Atem comforting his Anzu.

They stayed in the arms of the other for a while, loving the warmth and affection they have for the other. Then Atem loosened his grip with a little regret and looked at her full of tenderness. He put his hands around her face and wiped lovingly some of tears which were there again on her face.

"Anzu... Don't cry please. I can't bear to see you crying and no I'm not angry with you, I told you once earlier, it seems, isn't it?"He said with his mellifluous voice full of tenderness and a little fun.

Anzu nodded not able to say anything, she was so lost in his deep eyes and with his so deep voice.

"Anzu... if I react like this it's not about you... or what you had said!" He began to say. Then far away he noticed Jono uchi who made sign for him to follow him. Closing his eyes he sighed a little. He reopened his eyes and looked at her by bringing his hands at his side.

"Anzu... I... In fact.. I have something to tell you... could you come with me please?" He asked with a non confident voice he had generally, but a serious and strong glimmer in his eyes.

Anzu looked at him baffled, but agreed at last.

He passed in front of her and turned his head to see if she followed him. Anzu followed him by wondering what Atem would told her.

Seto noticed that Atem went away with Anzu and he went outside along Anzu. He understood that the second part of his trick would begin. He meet again the eyes of the former pharaoh and he nodded to wish Atem good luck. This one nodded too to thank him. Then Atem looked outside.

"I have the feeling that his second part will began, don't you think?" Shizuka asked who had noticed too, their embrace and their departure.

"Hum... I think so!" Seto answered.

"I hope everything will be alright for them! They deserve so much happiness and they are so meant together! Do you think everything will be alright,Seto?" Shizuka asked by looking at him.

"Well... It belongs to him to do all he have for it works... but I think everything will be alright, except if the idiots meddled in it!" He said by lifting his eyebrows.

Shizuka didn't answer and put her head on his chest. She hoped so much that Anzu find happiness with Atem, but what had said Seto was true and if their friends meddled in it, it would be hard for them.

Seto tightened her in his arms and returned in his dance.

Atem and Anzu left the house and went toward the greenhouse which Jono uchi had indicated earlier. Atem went inside first and stopped by contemplating how it was inside. Indeed he could see fruit trees, a lot of different plants with so much colors around them, and flowers with multiple varieties, which emitted some pleasant perfumes. He saw a little far away a table with chairs around and a bench. This night, in the sky dotted of some stars, the moonlight light up the room with its warmth and sweet light and it was so enchanting. It was the ideal place for what he had to do. For once Jono uchi had a good idea, and for this Atem could admit it. He stayed dumbfounded in front of this.

Anzu went in it too and looked at the same spectacle, with her eyes shining with wondering. It was heavenly and magical at the same time. A safety heaven, like it ddidn't exist in town. She went further and turned around, dancing with wonder like a child in front of all of this. Atem watched her a smile on his lips and dumbfounded toward this "show". He was now more amazing by her than the greenhouse and he preferred seeing her like this than crying like earlier. He was so deeply in love with her now, it was why he came inside and followed his beloved, who was smelling some flowers. Anzu saw Atem went toward the center and she decided to follow him,because she just recalled that he has something to tell her. They stayed stood, his back in front of her. She didn't have any way to know what he though. Indeed the young man didn't turned to put some orders in his ideas and especially find some courage to do what he had to do. He had been delighted by Anzu and her enchanting beauty toward this enchanting spectacle so his heart beat strongly. He had to take back his mind to succeed.

He turned around when he felt that he was more calm and he looked at his goddess, straight in her eyes.

"Anzu... it was a long time since we know each other... and you are someone that I learnt to know and I appreciate so much for what you had done and especially for who you are!"

Anzu looked at him and wondered where all this thing went to come.

" Thank you... and you meant enormously for me too!"She said by smiling tenderly.

Atem was lost with her smile and he couldn't say a word for a while, because this smile affected him so much, as always.

"Listen... You know that you are important for me... and … finally.. you are VERY precious for me!"He said by insisting on the word "very", to make her understand the place she had in his heart.

"Yes, I know, as you are for me too... But Atem, what the purpose of all of this exactly?" Anzu asked, curious with all she had heard before.

He looked at her, a little afraid and he didn't know what telling her. He looked elsewhere, to have some courage. Suddenly he saw something, like a little light. Curious he examined the place where he had seen the light and he understood what it was. His eyes widened by understanding. It was the camera of Mokuba. He looked so intently all around the room. At first there was nothing but by looking better, he discerned behind the trees or plants even on the branche of the trees, some shadows, but not anybody shadows. It was human shadows with a smile on their lips, and if he was right it was shadows he knew well, very well indeed . He cocked his eyebrows and though 'No... they didn't dare still?' And yet he was forced to see that they did it unfortunately. He frowned with unhappiness and he looked daggers at them all.

Anzu didn't see anything because she couldn't see his face which was back lighting and so in the dark. She wondered what he had and why he had stop talking, but she waited he went on what he had to say.

If Anzu hadn't seen anything, the others saw his fury and understood that they were uncovered.

"Oups! I think he doesn't appreciate that we are here!" One shadow said.

"Well... So, we should do what we can and cheer him up with all we have!" Another shadow answered, perched on a tree.

"Yeah... everyone is ready?" A third shadow said by looking everyone.

They agreed. Since they were uncovered, they all wondered that they have nothing to loose and they made all they have to cheer him up, hoping he would be calm a little and apreciate.

Atem looked at them always with fury in his eyes, until he saw something which made him cocked his eyebrows again with astonishment. Indeed in front of him, he saw some placards full of encouragements from the boys who move it with their two arms execpt for Yugi, Jono uchi and Honda who made sign with their other arm while smiling to support him. In the placards of the girls there are some love declaration type that Atem could use for him. He closed his eyes a little annoyed. They were all there to spy on them and now they cheered him up by giving him advice and support. Of course all this thing was made heartily. Atem was in the same time embarrassed and a litle angry, even if he appreciated their suport, but it was something he wanted to do himself, and if unfortunately his felling wasn't reciprocal, he didn't want his friends to attend that.

Atem reopened his eyes by realising he didn't say anything for a while and Anzu waited that he pursued. He took a deep inspiration and he said with a deep and powerful voice, like he did during his duels :

"if the clowns, that pretended they were our friends could leave from here and let us alone, I could ,maybe, pursue ma conversation "alone" with you, Anzu!"

The "clowns" named, flinched by hearing this so they threw their placards after a moment. They left from their hiding place, behing a tree, on a branch or behind a bush, a tense smile on their lips.

Anzu, she looked at Atem, surprised by what he had just said, then she heard the noise behind her, and she saw all their friends who arrived a little nervous and annoyed.

They passed in front of Anzu by whispering a "sorry", then in front of Atem, all frightened looking toward his reaction earlier.

Atem looked at them one by one without being really angry, because he understood that they did this to help him and give him support, but he didn't smile either. His face didn't chow anything, except a little nervousness a little hiden.

Jono uchi was the last to come near Atem and he saw this nervousness. He decided to help his friend to made amend with all this thing. So he took his friend by the shoulders and went away from Anzu to discuss alone with him.

"Well Aem... Sorry... I know we made a mess but we leave you alone now! but please do it,don't think and tell her everything!" He said in a lower voice.

"I know what I have to do, but … if she... doesn't... feel the same way, you see?" He said feeling a twinge of sadness and being nervous too,what was rare for him.

"Listen! I will tell you something I think could help you to be more confident... You remember when you said to me that you though knowing what was her trick, right?" Jono uhci asked a smile on his lips.

"Yes.. ,But you told me it wasn't that,at least not excatly that!" Atem answered by looking straight in his eyes,while wondering where all this would go.

" And you can repeat what exactly what you think was her trick, please?" Jono uchi asked.

"Well... She has to call me "my love" or "my sweet",and another tender words, no?" Atem answered.

"Hum, yes. So here where you are wrong... that I never and never in my life, I can swear you, name someone whom she has to tell that...But only..." He began to say by smiling mischievously, because he stopped to let Atem wondered a little more.

"Only... Who?""Atem asked more and more intrigued.

"Well only... the one she was like or precisely the one she loves with all her heart" He said by smiling and moving his eyebrows a suggestive way for Atem understood all he had said.

Atem didn't move. He stayed like a statue with all he had heard.

"Yes, my friend! So you know why she had reacted like this when I gave her her trick. And oh surprise! Toward who she had gone?... So after everything I tell you, you can't do it, I couldn't do anything for you!" He said by smiling "So go and get a move on, my friend! You have all your chance!" He finished by saying while letting go of Atem and puching him toward Anzu.

This one lost his balance and he had to take his composure not to fell on his precious Anzu, so dumbfounded by what he had learnt. He looked at Jono uchi who raised his thumb and smiled, before he turned around and let his friends alone.

Atem let the news impregnated him. Then a huge euphoria took over him when he became aware of this. He stood up straight and looked at Anzu with more love in his eyes. His heart beat quickly and he felt all his body consummed by warmth and intense love. He saw that Anzu waited a little nervous what would happened and that she wondered what all the mess was for. But he saw too a little fear in her eyes, fear of being rejected. Wanting to reassure her, because he couldn't afford to see her like this, he came near her slowly by savouring his intense feeling of hapiness.

Anzu watching him approaching and her eyes widdened of surprise. Here, face her, she finally saw his face which showed serennity and intense happiness, with a smile on his lips like he had learnt a good news. She wondered what had happened for he was like this. She doubted that it was in relation wih what Jono uchi had said to him earlier, but she didn't know the meaning of this.

"Eh,Atem?.." She said before feeling a finger put on her lips.

"Anzu... Please, let me talking, do you mind?" Atem asked her with his hot and sweet voice.

Anzu agreed by moving her head without adding a word and waited he talked while looking at him straight in the eyes.

Atem nodded and looked at her intensely. They looked at each other with the same glimmer in their eyes. Then Atem closed his eyes for a while and reopened them by looking at her always in the same manner.

"Anzu... since I have the right to live a second time my life, I can finally live it like I want without preocupating by the world and like I always loved living it without protocol and others duties that I had as a pharaoh!" he began to say.

Anzu listened him without stopping him, curious to know what he wanted.

"Thanks to that I could learn to open my mind and heart,much more when I was a spirit, and so learn to know you more and be close of all of you!" He stopped a moment and looked at her more seriously.

"Anzu... since three months, I learnt to know Jono uchi, Honda... But you too, Anzu. I had seen how you are warmth, a trustworthy personn, so living and strong. Your heart is so pure and you are so devoted to the person around you!" He said a loving glimmer in his eyes.

Anzu looked at him her eyes glistening by what he had said about her. She waited the next part with impatience by holding her breath.

"What I want you to know... it's that each day passing with you made my day so wonderful, thank to your smile and your cheerfulness, Anzu... all I want to say it's that... that..I love you with all my heart, so deeply" He finished by saying in a whisper.

Anzy widdened her eyes of surprise, then realizing what she heard, the surprise turned into amazement. The words she waited for so long were told by Atem. Some joy tears ran on her face. She cleaned them quickly and smile lovingly.

Atem was blinded by her smile he loved so much. And her beautiful blue eyes, they shined so much. He found her so sublime. She was a goddess for him.

Anzu came near him and put her forehead and her hands against his strong and warm chest. She could hear the quick beat of his heart and how it beat like hers. She stayed there, so happy near him and she closed her eyes.

Atem was simply happy to feel her against him, feel her warmth, her scent so amazing, a melange of jasmine and rose. He closed his eyes again to savour more this moment. Then with a hand, he put the clothes off on his face. He put his hands on the back of his precious and sweet Anzu, to thighten their intimacy. Her curves fit perfectly his masculin form. The warmth of Anzu spread through his body. He savoured each time passed with her.

They stayed like this for a moment in this loving, romantic and intimist atmosphere.

Some minutes later, Anzu lifted her face and watched Atem, a glistening glimmer of love as glistening as him.

"I love you too, Atem and since a long time. I always loved you!"She said with a melodious voice and some tears running on her sweet face.

Atem smiled, softened and lifted his hands to clean tenderly the tears in her face with his two thumbs.

Anzu couldn't detach her eyes from his gaze. This eyes so deep and captivating which had an impressive strengh, but reassuring at the same time. Their warm color, an intense purple color which shined with a strong and sweet gleam too.

Atem watched her; lost too in the bluish color of her gaze. A blue so light and attractive he longed for drowning himself in it. He loved her so much, since a long time when he though about it, but he didn't be aware of that since now. But now he had understood , he couldn't live without her. She was his strengh, his reason of life, without her , her smile, her happiness he was like if he was empty, without soul.

All his feelings overhelmed him and he wanted to show her how much he loved her. That why he lowered his head slowly toward her and put delicately his lips on Anzu's lips, so sweet and warm.

Anzu closed her eyes and savoured this sweet moment. Then Atem lifted his head a little and they looked at each other for a short time. They saw the same gleam of love and anticipation too for what would come soon.

Indeed, they moved their head at the same time and they kissed again. Except this time the kiss was more passionate.

Atem nibbled gently her lower lip to be abble to deepen the kiss. Wihtout hesitating, Anzu opened her lips and she felt the tongue of Atem fondled hers in a sensual dance, which astonished her a little first,but she answered grantly with the same love and sensual way. A wave of intense feelings crossed them, when their tongues became entangled. This sensual ballet last for a while. They put all the love and passion they felt for the other one without losing their grip. Atem had his hand framing the face of Anzu and she had rolled her arms around his waist and she pressed her body against him more.

Out of breath but so happy, they detached their lips but didn't move for all that. Atem put his forehead against hers and they looked at each other while smiling lovingly and satisfied.

Then they closed their eyes for a moment to stay in the mood of this kiss so amazing and with the promise that this one wouldn't be the last. Then they decided to open their eyes and they looked again smiling.

"Anzu Mazaki, I love you more than anything!" Atem said with a so serious tone but a loving gleam in his eyes.

Anzu smiled and closed her eyes. Then reopened it she told him in the same tune and the same love :

"Atem Mutô, I love your more than my life!"

They smiled affectionately toward this bond and the love they shared. Then they laughed nicely before they calmed down and they looked at each other again. Moved by the same need they came closer and kissed again.

They were deep in their passionated kiss, when they heard far away, a mournful scream which seemed to be strangely familiar for them. Indeed they recognized the voice of Jono uchi. They broke the kiss and they looked at each other baffled.

Then Atem detached from Anzu, took her hand and together they went toward the place where the scream was.

Arrived outside they saw their friends who were outside too and formed a circle while watching something on the ground. Coming near they noticed that the something was a someone and it was Jono uchi, lying on the ground, his mouth big opened and a finger which seemed to show something.

« Oh my god, Jono uchi!.. But what had happened. » Anzu asked putting her hand on her lips.

Yugi and Honda watched her then Atem and showed them the window of the living room. Atem and Anzu looked at each other then they looked the place their friends showed them. Their eyes widdened with astonishment by the « show » there was inside. Then after the shock they understood the reaction of Jono uchi. Indeed, inside, faraway they saw Shizuka and Seto who talked and smiled lovingly.

« I understand now why Jono uchi is on the ground! » Atem said by smiling.

« Oh, it's not the fact they discussed nor they are so close, that shocked him... Oh no... but it was more the fact that he saw them kissing that shocked him the most! » Retorted Honda.

Anzu and Atem raised their eyebrows by hearing this while thinking that never they could imagine Seto had had the courage to do it and tell her his feelings. Atem had noticed that the young CEO was strongly attracted by the young Shizuka, and he was happy because even if Kaiba was his grand rival, he regarded him with esteem and he wished him to be happy. So they weren't the only couple to be formed this night. Atem and Anzu smiled by looking at each other because for them it was a good news. They though that Seto and Shizuka, even if a priori they were differents, they matched so much together and were so beautiful together. Of course, it was different for Jono uchi and he didn't be pleased him so much, seeing his reaction.

« We should maybe lay him somewhere for he takes in the news and when he will be better he will join us, don't you think so? » Anzu asked worried for his friend.

Atem shook her hand to tell her he agrees with her, the others nodded to agree too. The boys lifted Jono uchi discreetly at Honda without the other guests saw them, and they installed him in the bedroom of Honda.

Then they went to join the other guests to finish the party. This one passed without worry and the atmosphere was good and romantic for the new couples.

Atem and Anzu didn't split up, pressed themself against the other and she whispered in his ears the sweet words she had to tell to do her trick, without complain. Atem was in heaven without being tired of hearing his girlfriend called him like this.

Seto and shizuka stayed too near of each other and talked too, even if it wasn't as affectionate as Atem and Anzu, but for Shizuka it was enough. She was happy and nothing could threw away her happiness. Seto, he felt good near her and he came to relax. Of course it would take some time for him to be more romantic but he was ready to make efforts for her and his new life... no their life.

Honda and Miho has found each other and stayed together, laughing and dancing happy.

Bakura and Yugi had got used of their outfit and was no more aware of it. Rebecca didn't leave Yugi's side and they had fun very much.

Maï, began to be able to walk a little by taking care of it, but she could walk. She went to see her friends since her « boyfriend » was again in honda's room, so prostrate.

Then the party was over and almost the guest left. Only the gang stayed to finish the party between them. They talked and have fun together, exchanging their impression of the night. The girls told their differents stories about their couple and let out cry each time some « raunchy » details was said, while the boys talked... duel monsters of course. Each had fun until the arriving of Jono uchi who had come, his traits deformed by wrath.

« Well! Our sleeping beauty deign to get up and do honnor of his presence! » Honda said laughing.

Jono uchi looked at him with a black look and retorted :

« Don't get on my nerve, OK! »

Honda stopped laughing and the other watched Jono uchi by moving back, because they understood that things would be worse.

« Kaiba!.. I want to know what do you do with my little sister? » He asked by coming in front of Seto.

This one raised a brow, baffled,but didn't vacillate toward the anger of Jono uchi.

"Jono uchi, please..." Shizuka began to say a little afraid, but sad too because this last didn't seem to accept her relationship with the young CEO.

"Shizuka, please don't meddle with it!" He said without looking at her.

She didn't speak after this, because she didn't want to inflame things more it was already.

"So? I ask you what do you do with my little sister?" Jono uchi asked again.

"Well, What?... You can't see it maybe? I know your brain is almost non existent but still" Retorted Seto.

"You! I don't allow you to insult me! I understand perfectly that you are "with" my sister... but why her? I want to know?" He said by crossing his arms.

"Firstly it doesn't concern you what happened between me and Shizuka... All you have to know it is I will never hurt her!" He said by frowning to withstand his black look.

" But I expect this... Because if not I swear I will wrack your head even if you are a CEO!" Jono uchi said with a menacing tone.

"But who do you think I am? You think I will hurt the one I love deeply?" Seto said by lifting his voice.

Everyone let out a cry, but not as strong as Shizuka, because he had said in front of them that he loved her. With tears in her eyes, she turned toward Seto and put her hand on his arm.

He was suddenly aware of what he had said, so he reddened of frustration to have reveal his feelings. He saw that everyone watched him and his little brother and Atem and Yugi smiled. But it was a proud and tender smile and not to make fun of him. He turned his head for a while, didn't used of that, then he felt the sweet hand of Shizuka put on his arms and so he looked at her. He saw that she watched him tears in her eyes, happy and smiling. It was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. He let his gaze lost in her gaze and they stayed like this.

"I love you too so much!" She finished by saying after a while.

Seto nodded and sketched a smile.

"But... Shizuka, you understand that it's "him" you love... it's not possible..." He said angry.

Shizuka turned her head toward her brother, losing her smile, sad.

"Brother, please... I know that you are not in a good terms... but it's him I love... so accept it!" She said tears in her eyes, menacing to flow.

"But Shizuka... you don't understand..." He began to say because he was cut by a sharp voice that he knew so well.

"Well that's enough! Your role of big brother have to stop. Do you aware that not only you break the atmosphere since your arrived and more of that you are making your little sister crying! So yes she is in love with your worst "ennemy"and I understand what you feel... but don't you think that the happiness of her come first instead of this childish war that you have! And I can tell you that since she is with him she has never be as happy and he takes care of her, we all see it!" Retorted Maï who had stood up and came near his "man" her hands on her hips.

Jono uchi looked at her with wide eyes, then he turned toward his sister and see that she cried. He felt guilty to make her sad, like this, and cried. He blew a little and closed his eyes. Then he knelt down in front of his sister and took her in his arms.

"Forgive me,Shizuka... I was blind and I didn't search to understand you feelings... listen,excuse me... and if you are happy with him... so I will make an effort... but please stop crying..." He said tightening his grip on her.

She found consolation in his arms and let her tears ran. After a while she pushed from him nicely and cleaned her face. Then she looked at him and said:

It's true? You will make an effort? Because for me it's important that you agreed!"

"Yes... listen... all I want it is that you are happy!" He said smiling.

Shizuka smiled too and finished cleaning her face.

Then Jono uchi turned toward Seto and said :

"Well, I give you my sister... But if you hurt her... I will do what I told you earlier!" He said. Then he held his hand out to him as to make peace.

Seto looked at his hand a little then he decided to shake it too,because he knew that would pleased Shizuka.

The others watched this blowing with relief. They had really believed that it would finish with a fight. Fortunately Maï had some temper because they all felt helpless toward this problem.

Then Jono uchi took back his hand and stood up leting his place to Seto who took Shizuka in his arms. Then he turned toward Maï and smiled.

"Eh! Thanks Maï to scream on me like this, without you I would make my sister sad" He said.

"Hum! Someone had to do it to shake you a little! You are so impulsive!" She answered by putting her arms on her hips again.

"I know! But I catch up, no? So I think I could have a little reward, don't I?" He said by moving near her and trying to kiss her like he did earlier.

Execpt that she had seen this so she didn't let him do it. She send him a kick not so hard but which made him moving back away.

"Stop! I will not let you do what you want!it 's only me that give kiss and not the contrary! Moreover I think you don't deserve it!" She finished by saying, going away from him.

"What?! You kidding me... Maï... Wait please... one more kiss.." He said following her and trying to kiss her one more time.

But this one, imperturbable, gave him another kick.

The others watched this laughing hard toward this show, because they could see who was the boss in their couple,and it wasn't Jono uchi.

Anzu smiled and moved her head by looking them fight for a kiss.

"Oh my my! we are so softie beside them, don't you think Atem? " She said by looking at him so seductively.

Atem looked at her and smiled maliciously.

"Yes you are right... But I think it's so much better! And we could show them our way to love and that sweetness it's so great!" He said by coming near her and putting his lips on hers and with the end of his tongue he teased her lower lip.

Anzu smiled and opened her lips to receive all the love Atem wanted to give her by kissing her. Their tongues danced languorously and they were lost in it.

Jono uchi saw this and envied them :

"Oh he was so lucky! You see Atem kiss her without her complaining!" He said toward Maï.

"Well, they do what they want but I do what I want! And if you are not happy with that, find you another woman more docile" She said turning her head a little angry.

Jono uchi smiled and went in front of Maï.

"See... you know no woman is worth you and if it the way you want to love me well I will accept it because you are so important for me!"

she looked at him,touched. Then she smiled and aproached him more telling him :

"Ok, you win!" Then she curled up against him and kissed him too, and he replied grantly.

The others watched the two couples who were so opposed by the way they exprimed their loves, but the strengh was the same, it was only the way they show it which changed. One was tender whereas the other was hard, but for the two of them it was passionate and loving.

The party finished like this between laugh and romantic moment with cuddle.

What was certain it's nobody would forget this halloween and particularly this party so full of new development, and not especially Atem and Anzu which thank to their trick they had said their loves and they could live it. This party stayed in their head and heart for the rest of their life and it would be a great story they would told for their children and grand children.

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